Welcome to the Event Detection Sample Application!

This sample application is a NodeJS (version v0.12.18) application bound to the Streaming Analytics service.


The purpose of this sample application is to show how a NodeJS application can utilize the Streaming Analytics service via its REST API. See the NodeJS application code that you downloaded for examples of REST API calls.

The Event Detection sample application uses the Streaming Analytics service to a analyze a stream of weather information from NOAA weather stations around the world. A variety of simple and complex event detection techniques are used to identify events as they occur.

Application Flow

The Event Detection sample application performs a series of steps using the Streaming Analytics service. The table below lists the tasks the application is performing and the status of each step.

1Extract the environment information required to use the Streaming Analytics REST API. Completed
2Check if the Streams instance is running and start the instance if necessary using the Streaming Analytics REST API.Completed - Instance was already running
3If the instance was already running, check if there is a Streams event detection job already running. If a job is running, cancel it.Completed - Existing job cancelled
4Deploy a Streams Application Bundle to the Streaming Analytics service using the Streaming Analytics REST API. The bundle contains a Streams application the analyzes weather data and performs event detection. Completed
5Process events detected by the Streams application, and display them on this web page. Processing Events
6Cancel the job corresponding to the Streams application that was submitted in step 4 after events are processed. Pending

Event Types

There are four types of events that the Streams application is monitoring for in the weather stream. Two of them are complex events, where patterns are recognized involving both the current data values for a weather station and previously analyzed values. The other two are simple events, which only require analyis of a weather station's current values.

M-Shape TempThis event occurs when the graph of the temperature readings from a weather station form an "M" shape. Detecting M-shapes in graphs illustrates the power of the Complex Event Processing toolkit in Streams, but it really has no use in a weather application. However, recognizing M-shape patterns in securities trading applications is very useful. An M-shape is called a double-top stock pattern in the trading world. See Partition and Compose: Parallel Complex Event Processing for more information on this complex event detection method, the double-top pattern and other patterns.
Steady TempThis event occurs when the temperature reported by a weather station changes by 1 degree or less per hour for eleven consecutive hours. In addition, the net change during the 11 hours cannot exceed 3 degress.
Dry HeatThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 105 degrees (F) and a relative humidity of less than 10%.
SaunaThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 90 degrees (F) and a relative humidity greater than 75%.

Application Results

Results from the Streams application are listed below. Weather data from the prior 24 hours is available when the Streams application is started. The application analyzes this data so event patterns that occur over multiple hours can be recognized. After this initial set of existing data is analyzed by the application, new data is processed in real-time as it is published by NOAA. Most weather stations update their readings only once per hour, so after the initial burst of events, new events will be detected less frequently.

In addition to detecting events, the Streams application also determines the highest and lowest current temperature reading from any weather station.

Max Temp (F)Weather StationMin Temp (F)Weather Station
100.4GOOD -29.199997CWEU
Event NumberEvent TimeEvent TypeWeather Station
19508Fri Nov 17 20:55Steady TempKMXO
19507Fri Nov 17 20:53Steady TempKCMX
19506Fri Nov 17 20:47Steady TempK7BM
19505Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempLGAD
19504Fri Nov 17 20:50M-Shape TempENHD
19503Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempENKR
19502Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempEDJA
19501Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempENAN
19500Fri Nov 17 20:53Steady TempKRHI
19499Fri Nov 17 20:53M-Shape TempKIWI
19498Fri Nov 17 20:53M-Shape TempKBDE
19497Fri Nov 17 20:53M-Shape TempKFPR
19496Fri Nov 17 20:53M-Shape TempKFAR
19495Fri Nov 17 20:47Steady TempCYXQ
19494Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempEGPH
19493Fri Nov 17 20:52M-Shape TempKNRB
19492Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempEFUT
19491Fri Nov 17 20:50M-Shape TempBGSF
19490Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempEDDN
19489Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempHELX
19488Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempLSGG
19487Fri Nov 17 20:50Steady TempEFOU
19486Fri Nov 17 20:50M-Shape TempHLLM
19485Fri Nov 17 20:48Steady TempETEB
19484Fri Nov 17 20:25Steady TempEHSA
19483Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempKY23
19482Fri Nov 17 20:41M-Shape TempKJES
19481Fri Nov 17 20:30Steady TempUUDD
19480Fri Nov 17 20:30M-Shape TempUSSS
19479Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempKMDZ
19478Fri Nov 17 20:35M-Shape TempKI16
19477Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempKBCK
19476Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempKPZQ
19475Fri Nov 17 20:35M-Shape TempKPAN
19474Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempKOLE
19473Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempK2D5
19472Fri Nov 17 20:35Steady TempPADK
19471Fri Nov 17 20:30Steady TempFMEE
19470Fri Nov 17 20:30M-Shape TempUCFM
19469Fri Nov 17 20:34Steady TempKAIT
19468Fri Nov 17 20:33Steady TempKTOB
19467Fri Nov 17 20:30Steady TempLFST
19466Fri Nov 17 20:33Steady TempCYSC
19465Fri Nov 17 20:30Steady TempLQBK
19464Fri Nov 17 20:31Steady TempCYKL
19463Fri Nov 17 20:30Steady TempCYMH
19462Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempETSI
19461Fri Nov 17 20:15Steady TempLIPR
19460Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempENLA
19459Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempENLE
19458Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEDMA
19457Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempESST
19456Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEGNH
19455Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEGNT
19454Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEFKS
19453Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEKCH
19452Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempLSZH
19451Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempEFMA
19450Fri Nov 17 20:20Steady TempKQEY
19449Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempAYNZ
19448Fri Nov 17 20:15Steady TempKUNU
19447Fri Nov 17 20:17Steady TempKLXV
19446Fri Nov 17 20:15Steady TempKRZN
19445Fri Nov 17 20:15M-Shape TempKLOT
19444Fri Nov 17 20:15M-Shape TempKBMT
19443Fri Nov 17 20:15Steady TempKCQF
19442Fri Nov 17 20:15Steady TempK3D2
19441Fri Nov 17 20:13Steady TempKTWM
19440Fri Nov 17 20:12Steady TempK0CO
19439Fri Nov 17 20:13Steady TempKDTL
19438Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSBLS
19437Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSBGR
19436Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSBCC
19435Fri Nov 17 20:15M-Shape TempKBAC
19434Fri Nov 17 20:13Steady TempKSGS
19433Fri Nov 17 20:10Steady TempKLVN
19432Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempFQLC
19431Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempFZAA
19430Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempHUEN
19429Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOEYN
19428Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOETR
19427Fri Nov 17 19:55M-Shape TempLIRE
19426Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempURMT
19425Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempFYWH
19424Fri Nov 17 19:50M-Shape TempEGOP
19423Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempCXMY
19422Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempCWRN
19421Fri Nov 17 19:55M-Shape TempLIPS
19420Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLPHR
19419Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempCYOC
19418Fri Nov 17 19:50M-Shape TempOIKO
19417Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempUKOH
19416Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempDTTG
19415Fri Nov 17 19:50M-Shape TempLIRZ
19414Fri Nov 17 20:04Steady TempCYNA
19413Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempFAWB
19412Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempFAHS
19411Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempLELL
19410Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLFGA
19409Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempLFBD
19408Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOIZI
19407Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOIFM
19406Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOIMN
19405Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempOISY
19404Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLKPD
19403Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLQTZ
19402Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLZZI
19401Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempTBPB
19400Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSBJP
19399Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLBWN
19398Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempYWHA
19397Fri Nov 17 20:00Steady TempLUKK
19396Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSEQM
19395Fri Nov 17 20:00M-Shape TempSPZO
19394Fri Nov 17 19:50M-Shape TempLTAY
19393Fri Nov 17 19:55Steady TempKPVB
19392Fri Nov 17 19:55Steady TempKRPJ
19391Fri Nov 17 19:55SaunaKQKG
19390Fri Nov 17 19:56Steady TempKEAU
19389Fri Nov 17 19:55Steady TempKRGK
19388Fri Nov 17 19:55Steady TempKPBH
19387Fri Nov 17 19:56M-Shape TempKSFM
19386Fri Nov 17 19:56M-Shape TempKRKD
19385Fri Nov 17 19:54Steady TempKOWA
19384Fri Nov 17 19:51Steady TempK9MN
19383Fri Nov 17 19:48Steady TempK5SM
19382Fri Nov 17 19:47Steady TempKCCU
19381Fri Nov 17 19:54Steady TempKRKS
19380Fri Nov 17 19:50M-Shape TempEGLL
19379Fri Nov 17 19:53Steady TempPANN
19378Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempLGKO
19377Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempLOWW
19376Fri Nov 17 19:53Steady TempPAPB
19375Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempESNS
19374Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempESSL
19373Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempESPE
19372Fri Nov 17 19:50Steady TempEFVA
19371Fri Nov 17 19:45Steady TempCMGB
19370Fri Nov 17 19:40Steady TempETOU
19369Fri Nov 17 19:39Steady TempKASX
19368Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKLRO
19367Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempYBTL
19366Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKDUB
19365Fri Nov 17 19:35M-Shape TempKDTA
19364Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKDKB
19363Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKPDC
19362Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKEMK
19361Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKEFT
19360Fri Nov 17 19:35Steady TempKHHV
19359Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempCZSP
19358Fri Nov 17 19:35M-Shape TempKOBE
19357Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempKVWU
19356Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempUKKM
19355Fri Nov 17 19:34Steady TempKMSP
19354Fri Nov 17 19:31Steady TempKCPW
19353Fri Nov 17 19:35M-Shape TempKWYS
19352Fri Nov 17 19:35M-Shape TempKSOW
19351Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempWAMM
19350Fri Nov 17 19:33Steady TempKGHW
19349Fri Nov 17 19:34Steady TempKFBL
19348Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempZGGG
19347Fri Nov 17 19:32Steady TempPANT
19346Fri Nov 17 19:30M-Shape TempLECO
19345Fri Nov 17 19:30M-Shape TempLFOP
19344Fri Nov 17 19:30M-Shape TempLFBU
19343Fri Nov 17 19:30M-Shape TempLFBM
19342Fri Nov 17 19:32M-Shape TempLKPR
19341Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempLYKV
19340Fri Nov 17 19:30Steady TempLKTB
19339Fri Nov 17 19:30M-Shape TempHECA
19338Fri Nov 17 19:20Steady TempETHN
19337Fri Nov 17 19:20M-Shape TempETWM
19336Fri Nov 17 19:18M-Shape TempKFEW
19335Fri Nov 17 19:25Steady TempCYMO
19334Fri Nov 17 19:20Steady TempLOWL
19333Fri Nov 17 19:23Steady TempPAVA
19332Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempDIOD
19331Fri Nov 17 19:20M-Shape TempEGMD
19330Fri Nov 17 19:20Steady TempLSZC
19329Fri Nov 17 19:20M-Shape TempSBGO
19328Fri Nov 17 19:20Steady TempCYRV
19327Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempHTKA
19326Fri Nov 17 19:15Steady TempKXPY
19325Fri Nov 17 19:15Steady TempKRNH
19324Fri Nov 17 19:15Steady TempKOEO
19323Fri Nov 17 19:15Steady TempKHQI
19322Fri Nov 17 19:16Steady TempKMZH
19321Fri Nov 17 19:12Steady TempKVTP
19320Fri Nov 17 19:15Steady TempKCBG
19319Fri Nov 17 19:15M-Shape TempK33V
19318Fri Nov 17 19:11Steady TempK21D
19317Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempSBAN
19316Fri Nov 17 19:14Steady TempKDYT
19315Fri Nov 17 19:11Steady TempCYGV
19314Fri Nov 17 19:09Steady TempPAOH
19313Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempOEKM
19312Fri Nov 17 19:07Steady TempKMFI
19311Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempUHPP
19310Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempUSRR
19309Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempFYGB
19308Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempEGUB
19307Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempSKUI
19306Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempSLRQ
19305Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempCYHE
19304Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempCYVM
19303Fri Nov 17 18:52M-Shape TempAZUH
19302Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempDAAT
19301Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempUKLN
19300Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempUKLI
19299Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempLEBR
19298Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempRKPC
19297Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempLRCV
19296Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempLROP
19295Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempLJMB
19294Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempLFBO
19293Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempLETL
19292Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempGOTT
19291Fri Nov 17 18:54Steady TempKMVL
19290Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempGMTA
19289Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempWSAP
19288Fri Nov 17 19:01M-Shape TempOPMT
19287Fri Nov 17 18:58Steady TempETIK
19286Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempLDZA
19285Fri Nov 17 19:00Steady TempYMTG
19284Fri Nov 17 19:00M-Shape TempSBVT
19283Fri Nov 17 18:56Steady TempKHIF
19282Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempLTBQ
19281Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempKFWZ
19280Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempEHFZ
19279Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempKEFK
19278Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempKRPD
19277Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempKMZG
19276Fri Nov 17 18:55M-Shape TempKLCG
19275Fri Nov 17 18:55Steady TempK82C
19274Fri Nov 17 18:56Steady TempETIC
19273Fri Nov 17 18:56Steady TempPAMK
19272Fri Nov 17 18:56Steady TempPAIN
19271Fri Nov 17 18:56Steady TempPFKW
19270Fri Nov 17 18:56M-Shape TempPAZK
19269Fri Nov 17 18:54Steady TempKC07
19268Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempEGYP
19267Fri Nov 17 18:53Steady TempPASN
19266Fri Nov 17 18:53Steady TempPASC
19265Fri Nov 17 18:53M-Shape TempPAKV
19264Fri Nov 17 18:53M-Shape TempPABT
19263Fri Nov 17 18:50Steady TempEDTY
19262Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempENRM
19261Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempLGEL
19260Fri Nov 17 18:54Steady TempCYNA
19259Fri Nov 17 18:50M-Shape TempFHAW
19258Fri Nov 17 18:50Steady TempEDDS
19257Fri Nov 17 18:50Steady TempEKRN
19256Fri Nov 17 18:51Steady TempKRCA
19255Fri Nov 17 18:50Steady TempEYPA
19254Fri Nov 17 18:43Steady TempPAGS
19253Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempDIMN
19252Fri Nov 17 18:40Steady TempKQFX
19251Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempUUDL
19250Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempWBKK
19249Fri Nov 17 18:35M-Shape TempKSYF
19248Fri Nov 17 18:35Steady TempKRRL
19247Fri Nov 17 18:34Steady TempKCKC
19246Fri Nov 17 18:32Steady TempKACQ
19245Fri Nov 17 18:35Steady TempKRWL
19244Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempDIBK
19243Fri Nov 17 18:35Steady TempKADC
19242Fri Nov 17 18:29Steady TempK4BM
19241Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempUAKK
19240Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempLEHC
19239Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempLEAS
19238Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempLRBS
19237Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempLEVC
19236Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempLFQB
19235Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempEPMO
19234Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempUKLL
19233Fri Nov 17 18:30Steady TempCYHK
19232Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempYABA
19231Fri Nov 17 18:30M-Shape TempOBBI
19230Fri Nov 17 18:25Steady TempEHMA
19229Fri Nov 17 18:25Steady TempEHFD
19228Fri Nov 17 18:20Steady TempBGKK
19227Fri Nov 17 18:20M-Shape TempENZV
19226Fri Nov 17 18:20M-Shape TempENVA
19225Fri Nov 17 18:15M-Shape TempLIRP
19224Fri Nov 17 18:20Steady TempEGCK
19223Fri Nov 17 18:23Steady TempCYPO
19222Fri Nov 17 18:20Steady TempCYPR
19221Fri Nov 17 18:19Steady TempKJMR
19220Fri Nov 17 18:15Steady TempKEHY
19219Fri Nov 17 18:15Steady TempKD25
19218Fri Nov 17 18:15Steady TempKEGV
19217Fri Nov 17 18:14Steady TempKERY
19216Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempYNBR
19215Fri Nov 17 18:13M-Shape TempKSMP
19214Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempCAHR
19213Fri Nov 17 18:09Steady TempKBFW
19212Fri Nov 17 18:11Steady TempCYSF
19211Fri Nov 17 18:10Steady TempCYYR
19210Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempDGAA
19209Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempYLHI
19208Fri Nov 17 18:09Steady TempUMMS
19207Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempGABS
19206Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempUSHH
19205Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempVVNB
19204Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempFABL
19203Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGXZ
19202Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGXS
19201Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGXE
19200Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempCWZW
19199Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempCXTD
19198Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempDAOY
19197Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempCYMH
19196Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempCYPY
19195Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempFBSK
19194Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempDTTK
19193Fri Nov 17 18:03M-Shape TempKCAG
19192Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempFALA
19191Fri Nov 17 17:55M-Shape TempLICT
19190Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempFAKN
19189Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempNGTA
19188Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempLERS
19187Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempLEAG
19186Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempLFPN
19185Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempLFBA
19184Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempLFSN
19183Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempLFJL
19182Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempLFLX
19181Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempLFRL
19180Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempLFSO
19179Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempOIBB
19178Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempOIZB
19177Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempLYUZ
19176Fri Nov 17 18:01M-Shape TempKTVF
19175Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempGMML
19174Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempGMAD
19173Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempEPLL
19172Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempORNI
19171Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempKQEV
19170Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempKQEP
19169Fri Nov 17 18:00M-Shape TempOMDW
19168Fri Nov 17 18:00Steady TempYSNF
19167Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempLTCS
19166Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKOCQ
19165Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGPB
19164Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKUBE
19163Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKTKV
19162Fri Nov 17 17:55M-Shape TempKHTH
19161Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKARV
19160Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGXV
19159Fri Nov 17 17:50Steady TempEDSB
19158Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempLGTG
19157Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempLCRA
19156Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKY19
19155Fri Nov 17 17:56M-Shape TempPAGA
19154Fri Nov 17 17:56M-Shape TempPMDY
19153Fri Nov 17 17:56Steady TempPANA
19152Fri Nov 17 17:56Steady TempKPQI
19151Fri Nov 17 17:50Steady TempKWYS
19150Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKEVM
19149Fri Nov 17 17:55Steady TempKADU
19148Fri Nov 17 17:54Steady TempK04W
19147Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempOAMS
19146Fri Nov 17 17:53Steady TempPASV
19145Fri Nov 17 17:54Steady TempKPNM
19144Fri Nov 17 17:53Steady TempKHYR
19143Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempLGHI
19142Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGCN
19141Fri Nov 17 17:50M-Shape TempEGTE
19140Fri Nov 17 17:53Steady TempCYYY
19139Fri Nov 17 17:52M-Shape TempCYQK
19138Fri Nov 17 17:50Steady TempEVLA
19137Fri Nov 17 17:47M-Shape TempETHF
19136Fri Nov 17 17:48Steady TempETEB
19135Fri Nov 17 17:40Steady TempPABL
19134Fri Nov 17 17:30Steady TempYBCS
19133Fri Nov 17 17:30Steady TempUUBW
19132Fri Nov 17 17:30Steady TempUNOO
19131Fri Nov 17 17:35Steady TempKATP
19130Fri Nov 17 17:35Steady TempPAUT
19129Fri Nov 17 17:35Steady TempK5SM
19128Fri Nov 17 17:34M-Shape TempK2V6
19127Fri Nov 17 17:30Steady TempUKWW
19126Fri Nov 17 17:30Steady TempEIDL
19125Fri Nov 17 17:32Steady TempKSYN
19124Fri Nov 17 17:34M-Shape TempKROX
19123Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLECH
19122Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLPPT
19121Fri Nov 17 17:32Steady TempKRKS
19120Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLEAM
19119Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLEZL
19118Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLEMG
19117Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLEMD
19116Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLFRT
19115Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLFRH
19114Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLFMN
19113Fri Nov 17 17:30M-Shape TempLFYR
19112Fri Nov 17 17:26Steady TempCYYC
19111Fri Nov 17 17:28Steady TempKEVW
19110Fri Nov 17 17:25Steady TempCYHZ
19109Fri Nov 17 17:20M-Shape TempETSB
19108Fri Nov 17 17:20M-Shape TempEGSH
19107Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempENUG
19106Fri Nov 17 17:20M-Shape TempENQA
19105Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempLIBD
19104Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempEDFM
19103Fri Nov 17 17:20M-Shape TempEGHI
19102Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempEDDF
19101Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempEVVA
19100Fri Nov 17 17:21Steady TempCYEK
19099Fri Nov 17 17:20Steady TempEFRO
19098Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempHTSU
19097Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempHTAR
19096Fri Nov 17 17:17Steady TempPACZ
19095Fri Nov 17 17:17Steady TempKBYG
19094Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKVAF
19093Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKOLG
19092Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKBQX
19091Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKBBF
19090Fri Nov 17 17:11Steady TempEHVL
19089Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempHEBA
19088Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKCDD
19087Fri Nov 17 17:15Steady TempKGIC
19086Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFGSL
19085Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempUTSA
19084Fri Nov 17 17:11Steady TempCYGV
19083Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFVBU
19082Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempDBBB
19081Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempOEAO
19080Fri Nov 17 17:08Steady TempCYXT
19079Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLPOV
19078Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempULAA
19077Fri Nov 17 17:06Steady TempKBYI
19076Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempVVPQ
19075Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFYWW
19074Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempCWSD
19073Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempDABT
19072Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempDAAD
19071Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempDAUB
19070Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempDAOB
19069Fri Nov 17 16:55M-Shape TempLIPA
19068Fri Nov 17 16:55M-Shape TempLICZ
19067Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempCYUX
19066Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempCYYW
19065Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempCYNA
19064Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempCYKO
19063Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLECV
19062Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempUATT
19061Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempZLXY
19060Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLICA
19059Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLIMP
19058Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLPCS
19057Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFYWB
19056Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFBKE
19055Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFBFT
19054Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFAWK
19053Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFAUP
19052Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFAPE
19051Fri Nov 17 17:03Steady TempKWMC
19050Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLESA
19049Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLEST
19048Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLEGR
19047Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLEVX
19046Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLFRZ
19045Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLFPT
19044Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempLFBG
19043Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempEIKN
19042Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempVOTV
19041Fri Nov 17 16:54M-Shape TempKEAN
19040Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempGMMX
19039Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempGMTN
19038Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempGMMW
19037Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempGMFO
19036Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempEPSY
19035Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempFMMT
19034Fri Nov 17 16:55Steady TempKW43
19033Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLTCR
19032Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLTCE
19031Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLTBF
19030Fri Nov 17 16:55Steady TempKPOY
19029Fri Nov 17 16:55Steady TempKMDZ
19028Fri Nov 17 16:55Steady TempKLNL
19027Fri Nov 17 16:55Steady TempKGUL
19026Fri Nov 17 17:00M-Shape TempSBRJ
19025Fri Nov 17 17:00Steady TempNIUE
19024Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempEGXC
19023Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempEGVP
19022Fri Nov 17 16:56Steady TempPAGM
19021Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempEGWU
19020Fri Nov 17 16:56Steady TempPAHP
19019Fri Nov 17 16:54Steady TempKALO
19018Fri Nov 17 16:49Steady TempKCPW
19017Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempENNO
19016Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempENOL
19015Fri Nov 17 16:50Steady TempENBO
19014Fri Nov 17 16:53Steady TempPAYA
19013Fri Nov 17 16:53Steady TempPAKT
19012Fri Nov 17 16:53M-Shape TempPAHO
19011Fri Nov 17 16:53Steady TempKPGA
19010Fri Nov 17 16:53Steady TempKCUT
19009Fri Nov 17 16:53Steady TempKCAG
19008Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLIML
19007Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLIPH
19006Fri Nov 17 16:45Steady TempLIBR
19005Fri Nov 17 16:52Steady TempKRIV
19004Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempEGKK
19003Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLLSD
19002Fri Nov 17 16:50M-Shape TempLSZB
19001Fri Nov 17 16:50Steady TempEYVI
19000Fri Nov 17 16:44Steady TempCYWK
18999Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempYBMA
18998Fri Nov 17 16:36Steady TempETOU
18997Fri Nov 17 16:35Steady TempKRZN
18996Fri Nov 17 16:35Steady TempKFOT
18995Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempUSSS
18994Fri Nov 17 16:29Steady TempPAFB
18993Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempDAON
18992Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempVTSP
18991Fri Nov 17 16:33Steady TempKTWM
18990Fri Nov 17 16:28Steady TempKCCU
18989Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLEBG
18988Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLEBB
18987Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLEBL
18986Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFTH
18985Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFSD
18984Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFOB
18983Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFKJ
18982Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFKB
18981Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFBP
18980Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFBL
18979Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFBI
18978Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFBH
18977Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFRU
18976Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFMH
18975Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFMD
18974Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFJR
18973Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFGJ
18972Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFBE
18971Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFMO
18970Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempLFPV
18969Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempLFOA
18968Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempOIBB
18967Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempEPRZ
18966Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempFMCZ
18965Fri Nov 17 16:24M-Shape TempROAH
18964Fri Nov 17 16:26Steady TempETAR
18963Fri Nov 17 16:30M-Shape TempSAZM
18962Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempCYHE
18961Fri Nov 17 16:30Steady TempDIAP
18960Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLTFC
18959Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLTAZ
18958Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLTAG
18957Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempETNW
18956Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempETHS
18955Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempETHB
18954Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempETNN
18953Fri Nov 17 16:25Steady TempCYFC
18952Fri Nov 17 16:20Steady TempENLK
18951Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempENHM
18950Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLIPX
18949Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLIEO
18948Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempENRO
18947Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempENAL
18946Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEBLG
18945Fri Nov 17 16:20Steady TempLOWI
18944Fri Nov 17 16:22Steady TempKHIB
18943Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempFIMR
18942Fri Nov 17 16:20Steady TempESCF
18941Fri Nov 17 16:20Steady TempESSP
18940Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGMC
18939Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGLF
18938Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGKA
18937Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGJJ
18936Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGGD
18935Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempEGGW
18934Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempCXBR
18933Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempESTL
18932Fri Nov 17 16:20M-Shape TempLSZA
18931Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempHTMU
18930Fri Nov 17 16:18Steady TempCZSJ
18929Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempHTMW
18928Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempHTIR
18927Fri Nov 17 16:15M-Shape TempKONP
18926Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempFALW
18925Fri Nov 17 16:15Steady TempKRGK
18924Fri Nov 17 16:15Steady TempKPBH
18923Fri Nov 17 16:15M-Shape TempKPAN
18922Fri Nov 17 16:11Steady TempK9MN
18921Fri Nov 17 16:15Steady TempKHNR
18920Fri Nov 17 15:55Steady TempEHJR
18919Fri Nov 17 16:15Steady TempKFKA
18918Fri Nov 17 16:14Steady TempKFFM
18917Fri Nov 17 16:08Steady TempKDLF
18916Fri Nov 17 16:11Steady TempETIH
18915Fri Nov 17 16:10Steady TempKQFV
18914Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempFCBB
18913Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempUSNN
18912Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempUWKS
18911Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempUWKE
18910Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempCYZH
18909Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempCZUM
18908Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempCYSK
18907Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempCYXS
18906Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempCYDB
18905Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempRJTT
18904Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempZUCK
18903Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempEIKY
18902Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFQG
18901Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempFAGG
18900Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempFACT
18899Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempZBSJ
18898Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempVECC
18897Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempLFSG
18896Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFKF
18895Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLEPP
18894Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFOP
18893Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFMT
18892Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFLU
18891Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFCR
18890Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLEVS
18889Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFSX
18888Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFKS
18887Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLEVT
18886Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFBT
18885Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempLFRC
18884Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempOIIE
18883Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempOIBL
18882Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEGDR
18881Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempVERC
18880Fri Nov 17 15:55M-Shape TempEHFS
18879Fri Nov 17 16:01Steady TempPAKF
18878Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempYAYE
18877Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempEPSC
18876Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempEPKK
18875Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempGMMN
18874Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempOLBA
18873Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempOMSJ
18872Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempOMFJ
18871Fri Nov 17 16:00Steady TempYBRM
18870Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempORMM
18869Fri Nov 17 15:56Steady TempPAEI
18868Fri Nov 17 16:00M-Shape TempSCIP
18867Fri Nov 17 15:56Steady TempPGUA
18866Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLTCB
18865Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLTAU
18864Fri Nov 17 15:55Steady TempKY23
18863Fri Nov 17 15:55Steady TempEHDV
18862Fri Nov 17 15:56M-Shape TempKQRH
18861Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEGDX
18860Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLGLR
18859Fri Nov 17 15:56Steady TempKCOD
18858Fri Nov 17 15:55Steady TempKGPI
18857Fri Nov 17 15:56M-Shape TempKRDR
18856Fri Nov 17 15:56Steady TempPAPH
18855Fri Nov 17 15:48Steady TempKC07
18854Fri Nov 17 15:54Steady TempKEUG
18853Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempENNA
18852Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKUAO
18851Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKTWF
18850Fri Nov 17 15:54Steady TempKROS
18849Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKRNT
18848Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKORB
18847Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKJER
18846Fri Nov 17 15:55Steady TempKHZX
18845Fri Nov 17 15:53M-Shape TempKGFK
18844Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKELO
18843Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempKBFI
18842Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempENSD
18841Fri Nov 17 15:53Steady TempPANN
18840Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempEDMO
18839Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLIPQ
18838Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEBCI
18837Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempESSD
18836Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempESNQ
18835Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempESNK
18834Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEGTC
18833Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEGHH
18832Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempEDDM
18831Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEDDL
18830Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEDDP
18829Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempEDDC
18828Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempESMS
18827Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLSZL
18826Fri Nov 17 15:50M-Shape TempLSGS
18825Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempEGNO
18824Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempCYPY
18823Fri Nov 17 15:50Steady TempEYKA
18822Fri Nov 17 15:40Steady TempKQES
18821Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempHEAX
18820Fri Nov 17 15:38Steady TempKLXV
18819Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKDWX
18818Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempURWI
18817Fri Nov 17 15:38Steady TempCYRV
18816Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKHQI
18815Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKCDA
18814Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKAUH
18813Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempPATC
18812Fri Nov 17 15:30Steady TempLPFR
18811Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKOWA
18810Fri Nov 17 15:35Steady TempKMZH
18809Fri Nov 17 15:30Steady TempVVCI
18808Fri Nov 17 15:36Steady TempKAUM
18807Fri Nov 17 15:32Steady TempKBJI
18806Fri Nov 17 15:34Steady TempLFPO
18805Fri Nov 17 15:34Steady TempKGYL
18804Fri Nov 17 15:34Steady TempKTOB
18803Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempUTDL
18802Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempUTDD
18801Fri Nov 17 15:20Steady TempEDJA
18800Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLEGE
18799Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFMU
18798Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFAT
18797Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFRN
18796Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFMC
18795Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFRJ
18794Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempLFOE
18793Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCXHD
18792Fri Nov 17 15:30Steady TempCMGB
18791Fri Nov 17 15:30Steady TempLYBE
18790Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempLGBL
18789Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempLTAC
18788Fri Nov 17 15:25Steady TempEHAK
18787Fri Nov 17 15:30M-Shape TempFMMI
18786Fri Nov 17 15:25Steady TempUKLN
18785Fri Nov 17 15:25M-Shape TempEHBK
18784Fri Nov 17 15:25M-Shape TempEHAM
18783Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempETSH
18782Fri Nov 17 15:25M-Shape TempEHVK
18781Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempENOV
18780Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempENBR
18779Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEDLW
18778Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEDLP
18777Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEDLN
18776Fri Nov 17 15:20Steady TempENRY
18775Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempENHD
18774Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempLGAD
18773Fri Nov 17 15:20Steady TempELLX
18772Fri Nov 17 15:20Steady TempESKN
18771Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEGLL
18770Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempLHPA
18769Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEDDB
18768Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEDDK
18767Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempESMQ
18766Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEKRK
18765Fri Nov 17 15:20Steady TempKHYR
18764Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempLSZS
18763Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempESUD
18762Fri Nov 17 15:20M-Shape TempEKVG
18761Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKRPD
18760Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKRNH
18759Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCXSR
18758Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKLUM
18757Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKCBG
18756Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKRXE
18755Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKFBR
18754Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKECS
18753Fri Nov 17 15:14Steady TempKGCC
18752Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKCQM
18751Fri Nov 17 15:15Steady TempKAEJ
18750Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempVAID
18749Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempYGTH
18748Fri Nov 17 15:11Steady TempPATE
18747Fri Nov 17 15:10Steady TempKQFW
18746Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempUTSB
18745Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempFQQL
18744Fri Nov 17 09:22M-Shape TempKU16
18743Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempLGIO
18742Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempVMMC
18741Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempOEWJ
18740Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempOEPA
18739Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempURKK
18738Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempVTCT
18737Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempYPCC
18736Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCWXA
18735Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCWDJ
18734Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempCYHD
18733Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCYJF
18732Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCYHI
18731Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempCYBC
18730Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempCYYR
18729Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCYDA
18728Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempCYXS
18727Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempCYAZ
18726Fri Nov 17 14:58M-Shape TempKQD3
18725Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempZSNJ
18724Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempRPVD
18723Fri Nov 17 14:55M-Shape TempRKSO
18722Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempFQTT
18721Fri Nov 17 14:55M-Shape TempLIRL
18720Fri Nov 17 15:02M-Shape TempKAPC
18719Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempLRTC
18718Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLRBC
18717Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLROD
18716Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempYMDG
18715Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempGCRR
18714Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempLFAQ
18713Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempLJPZ
18712Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempOIFS
18711Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLYVR
18710Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempKQFU
18709Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempKQEX
18708Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLQBK
18707Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLZZI
18706Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempUGKO
18705Fri Nov 17 14:45Steady TempLHUD
18704Fri Nov 17 14:45Steady TempLHPR
18703Fri Nov 17 14:55M-Shape TempEBBL
18702Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempEPLB
18701Fri Nov 17 15:01Steady TempYSNW
18700Fri Nov 17 14:55M-Shape TempKEAT
18699Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempFMNM
18698Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempLBPD
18697Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempYPKG
18696Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempYBHM
18695Fri Nov 17 15:00M-Shape TempYTEF
18694Fri Nov 17 14:47M-Shape TempKPAO
18693Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempLTBJ
18692Fri Nov 17 14:58M-Shape TempK1DW
18691Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKY49
18690Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKSEZ
18689Fri Nov 17 14:58M-Shape TempK1AW
18688Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempEHMG
18687Fri Nov 17 15:00Steady TempPLCH
18686Fri Nov 17 14:47M-Shape TempKPOC
18685Fri Nov 17 14:56Steady TempKSLE
18684Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKRRL
18683Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKAZC
18682Fri Nov 17 14:56Steady TempPAIN
18681Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempKVWU
18680Fri Nov 17 14:56Steady TempPAGN
18679Fri Nov 17 14:52Steady TempKACQ
18678Fri Nov 17 14:56Steady TempCYGV
18677Fri Nov 17 14:55M-Shape TempEHGG
18676Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKCSQ
18675Fri Nov 17 14:54Steady TempKCFE
18674Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKBVU
18673Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempLGIR
18672Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempKTTD
18671Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempKTIW
18670Fri Nov 17 14:53M-Shape TempKPDT
18669Fri Nov 17 14:52Steady TempKONZ
18668Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempKSEA
18667Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempKPEX
18666Fri Nov 17 14:54Steady TempPAIW
18665Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempPABE
18664Fri Nov 17 14:53Steady TempKBWG
18663Fri Nov 17 14:55Steady TempKAIT
18662Fri Nov 17 14:53M-Shape TempPAOR
18661Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempENWV
18660Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempENLA
18659Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempEDOP
18658Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempEDVK
18657Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempLGKL
18656Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempESSV
18655Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempESSB
18654Fri Nov 17 14:50Steady TempEGNH
18653Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempEDDT
18652Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempEKSP
18651Fri Nov 17 14:50M-Shape TempEYSA
18650Fri Nov 17 14:48Steady TempCYRV
18649Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCWMZ
18648Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKBMC
18647Fri Nov 17 14:40Steady TempKQER
18646Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempYSDU
18645Fri Nov 17 14:39Steady TempKJMR
18644Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKHHG
18643Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKRCR
18642Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKHHV
18641Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKL35
18640Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempPALU
18639Fri Nov 17 14:37Steady TempKSJX
18638Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKRCX
18637Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKI68
18636Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKTBX
18635Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKAFO
18634Fri Nov 17 14:31Steady TempK21D
18633Fri Nov 17 14:30M-Shape TempVIAR
18632Fri Nov 17 14:34Steady TempKHCD
18631Fri Nov 17 14:35Steady TempKEKX
18630Fri Nov 17 14:34Steady TempKDYT
18629Fri Nov 17 14:33Steady TempK5SM
18628Fri Nov 17 14:34Steady TempKRRT
18627Fri Nov 17 14:32Steady TempKFOZ
18626Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempLRAR
18625Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempLRSB
18624Fri Nov 17 14:30M-Shape TempGCXO
18623Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCXVM
18622Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCXMG
18621Fri Nov 17 14:25M-Shape TempEBFS
18620Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempLQTZ
18619Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempLQSA
18618Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempBIKF
18617Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempPAHN
18616Fri Nov 17 14:30Steady TempKBFW
18615Fri Nov 17 14:31Steady TempCYKP
18614Fri Nov 17 14:30M-Shape TempEPBY
18613Fri Nov 17 14:30M-Shape TempEPPO
18612Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempLHSM
18611Fri Nov 17 14:29Steady TempKCAR
18610Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempLTAT
18609Fri Nov 17 14:20Steady TempLTAP
18608Fri Nov 17 14:28Steady TempCYYW
18607Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempENCN
18606Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempENQC
18605Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempLICC
18604Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempESNV
18603Fri Nov 17 14:20Steady TempESPE
18602Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempEKCH
18601Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempLLBG
18600Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWHP
18599Fri Nov 17 14:21Steady TempPHLI
18598Fri Nov 17 14:20M-Shape TempEDDG
18597Fri Nov 17 14:20Steady TempESGG
18596Fri Nov 17 14:20Steady TempKQEQ
18595Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKDVK
18594Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKGDJ
18593Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKHLB
18592Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKUBE
18591Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKPLU
18590Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKC35
18589Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempCWPF
18588Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKF46
18587Fri Nov 17 14:12Steady TempKSBS
18586Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKCNC
18585Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKBDH
18584Fri Nov 17 14:15Steady TempKPNM
18583Fri Nov 17 14:14Steady TempCYHE
18582Fri Nov 17 14:05Steady TempKDLF
18581Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempFSPP
18580Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempUUOB
18579Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWII
18578Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCWHT
18577Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCWGT
18576Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCXBK
18575Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWRZ
18574Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWQV
18573Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWAF
18572Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCWTG
18571Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWNH
18570Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCYUB
18569Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCWSW
18568Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCYKL
18567Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCYZV
18566Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCYQM
18565Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCYVV
18564Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempCYQZ
18563Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempCYCG
18562Fri Nov 17 13:52M-Shape TempOIHH
18561Fri Nov 17 13:51M-Shape TempOICS
18560Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempUCFL
18559Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempUARR
18558Fri Nov 17 14:03Steady TempKDLH
18557Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempFALE
18556Fri Nov 17 14:04Steady TempCYRV
18555Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempUMMS
18554Fri Nov 17 14:01Steady TempCYMO
18553Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOISF
18552Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOIMB
18551Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOISL
18550Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOINN
18549Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOIAG
18548Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOIMD
18547Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOIIK
18546Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOINZ
18545Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOICC
18544Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOIBK
18543Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempOITT
18542Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempKQEJ
18541Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempYBDV
18540Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempYARG
18539Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempUTAK
18538Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempPAKW
18537Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempEPSY
18536Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempVOBZ
18535Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempLDRI
18534Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempLDOS
18533Fri Nov 17 14:00Steady TempUKLL
18532Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempKSXT
18531Fri Nov 17 13:50M-Shape TempLTCC
18530Fri Nov 17 14:00M-Shape TempYEML
18529Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKMRJ
18528Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempK57C
18527Fri Nov 17 13:58M-Shape TempKBKF
18526Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempEHJA
18525Fri Nov 17 13:58M-Shape TempK1FW
18524Fri Nov 17 13:58M-Shape TempKM63
18523Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKTYQ
18522Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKSCF
18521Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKOZA
18520Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKEFT
18519Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKDCY
18518Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKAPY
18517Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKHTO
18516Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKFSO
18515Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempKSFO
18514Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempK6I2
18513Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempKSKF
18512Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKJWY
18511Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKI67
18510Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKOXI
18509Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempKMQJ
18508Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempPASA
18507Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempPAPO
18506Fri Nov 17 13:56Steady TempPAIK
18505Fri Nov 17 13:56M-Shape TempPATQ
18504Fri Nov 17 13:56M-Shape TempKEGE
18503Fri Nov 17 13:40Steady TempKMHV
18502Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKMGG
18501Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKSLH
18500Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKRST
18499Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempK4BM
18498Fri Nov 17 13:55Steady TempKN03
18497Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKMRY
18496Fri Nov 17 13:51Steady TempKI23
18495Fri Nov 17 13:54M-Shape TempKDYL
18494Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKD39
18493Fri Nov 17 13:54Steady TempKBKB
18492Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempPANC
18491Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempPADE
18490Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempPABI
18489Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKSYN
18488Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKPUW
18487Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKMWL
18486Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKLAW
18485Fri Nov 17 13:53M-Shape TempKLAR
18484Fri Nov 17 13:54M-Shape TempKHCO
18483Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKEEO
18482Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKBPI
18481Fri Nov 17 13:53M-Shape TempKBNO
18480Fri Nov 17 13:53Steady TempKBKL
18479Fri Nov 17 13:50M-Shape TempLGSO
18478Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempENKR
18477Fri Nov 17 13:50M-Shape TempENFL
18476Fri Nov 17 13:50M-Shape TempENOA
18475Fri Nov 17 13:50M-Shape TempEEKA
18474Fri Nov 17 13:52Steady TempKPQI
18473Fri Nov 17 13:51Steady TempKACT
18472Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempESTA
18471Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempESMT
18470Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempEFMA
18469Fri Nov 17 13:45M-Shape TempKCGE
18468Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempKQEY
18467Fri Nov 17 13:50Steady TempKQEV
18466Fri Nov 17 13:45Steady TempKANE
18465Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKFGX
18464Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKGYI
18463Fri Nov 17 13:39Steady TempCZSJ
18462Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKT65
18461Fri Nov 17 13:30Steady TempUEEE
18460Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUNAA
18459Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempURSS
18458Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempURRR
18457Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKMDD
18456Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKNY0
18455Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKJDD
18454Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempK18H
18453Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKGLE
18452Fri Nov 17 13:36Steady TempKEVM
18451Fri Nov 17 13:35M-Shape TempKE80
18450Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKCDD
18449Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKGYB
18448Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKSHR
18447Fri Nov 17 13:25Steady TempKWYS
18446Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKTSP
18445Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKOLE
18444Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKMXO
18443Fri Nov 17 13:33Steady TempKPWC
18442Fri Nov 17 13:34Steady TempKFBL
18441Fri Nov 17 13:35Steady TempKTEX
18440Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUDSG
18439Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUADD
18438Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUCFM
18437Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempVOCB
18436Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCWXL
18435Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempLYTV
18434Fri Nov 17 13:30Steady TempLKMT
18433Fri Nov 17 13:30Steady TempKAPN
18432Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUKDD
18431Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUKHH
18430Fri Nov 17 13:30M-Shape TempUGSB
18429Fri Nov 17 13:20M-Shape TempLTAI
18428Fri Nov 17 13:25Steady TempEHFZ
18427Fri Nov 17 13:20Steady TempENAN
18426Fri Nov 17 13:23Steady TempKHOP
18425Fri Nov 17 13:20Steady TempEKRN
18424Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCXKM
18423Fri Nov 17 13:20Steady TempEFKE
18422Fri Nov 17 13:20Steady TempKQFW
18421Fri Nov 17 13:21Steady TempCYET
18420Fri Nov 17 13:20Steady TempESNL
18419Fri Nov 17 13:15M-Shape TempKJYR
18418Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKGGP
18417Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKPNT
18416Fri Nov 17 13:18Steady TempCYFC
18415Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempLFLL
18414Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKPOY
18413Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKMZG
18412Fri Nov 17 13:16Steady TempKIRS
18411Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKM33
18410Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKFKR
18409Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKETB
18408Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempK82C
18407Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKFSE
18406Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKMGN
18405Fri Nov 17 13:13Steady TempKDRM
18404Fri Nov 17 13:12M-Shape TempKBDU
18403Fri Nov 17 13:12Steady TempK20V
18402Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempSBGM
18401Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempOOSH
18400Fri Nov 17 13:15Steady TempKROX
18399Fri Nov 17 13:14Steady TempKMJQ
18398Fri Nov 17 13:13Steady TempKLJF
18397Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempYDBY
18396Fri Nov 17 13:11M-Shape TempMMEP
18395Fri Nov 17 13:12Steady TempPPIZ
18394Fri Nov 17 13:11Steady TempKSMX
18393Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempHTMT
18392Fri Nov 17 13:04M-Shape TempVYYY
18391Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempMHLE
18390Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempMHPL
18389Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempVEGY
18388Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempYHID
18387Fri Nov 17 13:05M-Shape TempEHLW
18386Fri Nov 17 13:09Steady TempCYZH
18385Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempURML
18384Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempUUEE
18383Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempWBKW
18382Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempCWYL
18381Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCZDB
18380Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCWJB
18379Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCXMY
18378Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCWDK
18377Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCWCF
18376Fri Nov 17 13:07Steady TempCYQW
18375Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYVM
18374Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYGW
18373Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCZBF
18372Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYMJ
18371Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYCY
18370Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCWEU
18369Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempCYSC
18368Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYQB
18367Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempCYMA
18366Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempOINB
18365Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempZHHH
18364Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempVOHS
18363Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempLPHR
18362Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempYSSY
18361Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempRKTN
18360Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempLRCV
18359Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempLJCE
18358Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempOIMC
18357Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempOIZH
18356Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempOIGG
18355Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempOIKQ
18354Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempVERP
18353Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempVABP
18352Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempVAAH
18351Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempMGHT
18350Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempYBBN
18349Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempEPWR
18348Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempNTAA
18347Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKBYL
18346Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempYSNF
18345Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempYBWP
18344Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempOOMS
18343Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempSERB
18342Fri Nov 17 13:00Steady TempSCRM
18341Fri Nov 17 13:00M-Shape TempSPYL
18340Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKW43
18339Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKO22
18338Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKCEY
18337Fri Nov 17 12:55M-Shape TempKPVW
18336Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKMWC
18335Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKW22
18334Fri Nov 17 12:58M-Shape TempK1CM
18333Fri Nov 17 12:58Steady TempKVBG
18332Fri Nov 17 12:58Steady TempKHOP
18331Fri Nov 17 12:58M-Shape TempK1BM
18330Fri Nov 17 12:30M-Shape TempVASU
18329Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempEHFD
18328Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKSCX
18327Fri Nov 17 12:55M-Shape TempKIBM
18326Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKCQF
18325Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKCMY
18324Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKF44
18323Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKBBF
18322Fri Nov 17 12:55M-Shape TempKFFZ
18321Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempMSAC
18320Fri Nov 17 12:56Steady TempKIAB
18319Fri Nov 17 12:56Steady TempKADF
18318Fri Nov 17 12:56Steady TempKILE
18317Fri Nov 17 12:56Steady TempKJRB
18316Fri Nov 17 12:56M-Shape TempPAZK
18315Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKCLS
18314Fri Nov 17 12:56Steady TempPASH
18313Fri Nov 17 12:56M-Shape TempMMCL
18312Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKCMR
18311Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKEOK
18310Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempPAEH
18309Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKRNP
18308Fri Nov 17 12:54Steady TempKPLN
18307Fri Nov 17 12:54Steady TempKULM
18306Fri Nov 17 12:54Steady TempKTWM
18305Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempKHYX
18304Fri Nov 17 12:54M-Shape TempKEIK
18303Fri Nov 17 12:54Steady TempKDEC
18302Fri Nov 17 12:48Steady TempKC07
18301Fri Nov 17 12:55Steady TempCYRV
18300Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempENAL
18299Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKSBA
18298Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKPUB
18297Fri Nov 17 12:53Steady TempKMBS
18296Fri Nov 17 12:51Steady TempKLXL
18295Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKLVM
18294Fri Nov 17 12:53Steady TempKLFK
18293Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKGUY
18292Fri Nov 17 12:53Steady TempKIAH
18291Fri Nov 17 12:53Steady TempKHLG
18290Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKHLN
18289Fri Nov 17 12:53Steady TempKFVE
18288Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempENHF
18287Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempENRM
18286Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKATY
18285Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempKP68
18284Fri Nov 17 12:42Steady TempLHPP
18283Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempOAKB
18282Fri Nov 17 12:53M-Shape TempMMPN
18281Fri Nov 17 12:50Steady TempESNG
18280Fri Nov 17 12:50M-Shape TempKAEG
18279Fri Nov 17 12:55M-Shape TempKJNX
18278Fri Nov 17 12:51Steady TempK14Y
18277Fri Nov 17 12:50Steady TempKQFU
18276Fri Nov 17 12:49Steady TempCYBU
18275Fri Nov 17 12:46M-Shape TempMMCS
18274Fri Nov 17 12:43Steady TempCYNA
18273Fri Nov 17 12:40Steady TempKJST
18272Fri Nov 17 12:30Steady TempK0VG
18271Fri Nov 17 12:39Steady TempPAYA
18270Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMNBL
18269Fri Nov 17 12:30Steady TempYLHI
18268Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKT35
18267Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKSTE
18266Fri Nov 17 12:39Steady TempKI69
18265Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKXIH
18264Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKVBS
18263Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKLCK
18262Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKIZA
18261Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKAHQ
18260Fri Nov 17 12:36Steady TempKGZH
18259Fri Nov 17 12:36Steady TempKESF
18258Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKEHC
18257Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKW13
18256Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKSLO
18255Fri Nov 17 12:36Steady TempKPHN
18254Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKGWB
18253Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKDRI
18252Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempK22N
18251Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKL18
18250Fri Nov 17 12:30M-Shape TempVOTP
18249Fri Nov 17 12:36Steady TempKVTP
18248Fri Nov 17 12:34Steady TempKTYR
18247Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKJFX
18246Fri Nov 17 12:32Steady TempKIMS
18245Fri Nov 17 12:32Steady TempKAEL
18244Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKCGC
18243Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKBKN
18242Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempSBNM
18241Fri Nov 17 12:30M-Shape TempUAOO
18240Fri Nov 17 12:30M-Shape TempUTDT
18239Fri Nov 17 12:35Steady TempKMCJ
18238Fri Nov 17 12:30M-Shape TempZSPD
18237Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCXCD
18236Fri Nov 17 12:30Steady TempLYUZ
18235Fri Nov 17 12:25M-Shape TempKFQD
18234Fri Nov 17 12:30Steady TempKQEQ
18233Fri Nov 17 12:30Steady TempKQEI
18232Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCXTH
18231Fri Nov 17 12:25Steady TempLKPR
18230Fri Nov 17 12:20M-Shape TempENSO
18229Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKFWB
18228Fri Nov 17 12:20M-Shape TempENZV
18227Fri Nov 17 12:20Steady TempLOWG
18226Fri Nov 17 12:22Steady TempKLVJ
18225Fri Nov 17 12:20Steady TempESNN
18224Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempVOBM
18223Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCXPA
18222Fri Nov 17 12:21Steady TempPAQT
18221Fri Nov 17 12:21Steady TempKMSO
18220Fri Nov 17 12:20Steady TempESUT
18219Fri Nov 17 12:20Steady TempEFTU
18218Fri Nov 17 12:10M-Shape TempVCRI
18217Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempK17J
18216Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKT20
18215Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKRGA
18214Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKRFI
18213Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKFWC
18212Fri Nov 17 12:15M-Shape TempKJZP
18211Fri Nov 17 12:16Steady TempKCAR
18210Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKFOA
18209Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempK3AU
18208Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKATP
18207Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKALN
18206Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKS32
18205Fri Nov 17 12:13Steady TempKORB
18204Fri Nov 17 12:13Steady TempKMOX
18203Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKMGC
18202Fri Nov 17 12:12M-Shape TempK04V
18201Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKGOV
18200Fri Nov 17 12:14Steady TempKGHW
18199Fri Nov 17 12:15M-Shape TempKFLY
18198Fri Nov 17 12:13Steady TempKELO
18197Fri Nov 17 12:15M-Shape TempK46D
18196Fri Nov 17 12:15M-Shape TempKPSO
18195Fri Nov 17 12:14Steady TempKOSC
18194Fri Nov 17 12:12Steady TempKONA
18193Fri Nov 17 12:15Steady TempKHZX
18192Fri Nov 17 12:11Steady TempPAEI
18191Fri Nov 17 12:10Steady TempKGKY
18190Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempUTST
18189Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempUTSS
18188Fri Nov 17 12:10Steady TempKQEL
18187Fri Nov 17 12:10Steady TempKQEJ
18186Fri Nov 17 12:08Steady TempPASY
18185Fri Nov 17 12:09Steady TempCYQV
18184Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempWMKE
18183Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempUUOO
18182Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMRLM
18181Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempVEBN
18180Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempFMCH
18179Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCWOY
18178Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCXWN
18177Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCXGH
18176Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCYLC
18175Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempCYGV
18174Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempCYQL
18173Fri Nov 17 12:05Steady TempRODN
18172Fri Nov 17 12:03Steady TempKRND
18171Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempOIII
18170Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempOPRN
18169Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempVOMD
18168Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMGES
18167Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMGRT
18166Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMGMM
18165Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempMRPV
18164Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempVANP
18163Fri Nov 17 12:02Steady TempKHWD
18162Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempYMAY
18161Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempLYKV
18160Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempBIRK
18159Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempBIEG
18158Fri Nov 17 12:01M-Shape TempKMCE
18157Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempRPLI
18156Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempKQEV
18155Fri Nov 17 11:54M-Shape TempKEAN
18154Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempK3T5
18153Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempOPPS
18152Fri Nov 17 12:00Steady TempLHBP
18151Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempYWGT
18150Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempSCJO
18149Fri Nov 17 11:55M-Shape TempKHVS
18148Fri Nov 17 12:00M-Shape TempSEST
18147Fri Nov 17 11:50M-Shape TempLTCS
18146Fri Nov 17 11:58M-Shape TempK1KW
18145Fri Nov 17 11:50M-Shape TempMSSS
18144Fri Nov 17 11:55M-Shape TempKSAA
18143Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKRYV
18142Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKRPJ
18141Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKDKB
18140Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKLNP
18139Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKJKA
18138Fri Nov 17 11:58Steady TempKGRK
18137Fri Nov 17 11:58M-Shape TempK1OW
18136Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempEHQE
18135Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKJWN
18134Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKFWS
18133Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKFOT
18132Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKVQT
18131Fri Nov 17 11:55M-Shape TempKHCR
18130Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKDLL
18129Fri Nov 17 11:55M-Shape TempKCNI
18128Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKC65
18127Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempKBJJ
18126Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKBEC
18125Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempK9A5
18124Fri Nov 17 11:56M-Shape TempKNPA
18123Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKDLF
18122Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKUYF
18121Fri Nov 17 11:56M-Shape TempKSGJ
18120Fri Nov 17 11:54Steady TempKMCD
18119Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKCZL
18118Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempKARG
18117Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempK1K1
18116Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempPAOH
18115Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempMUGM
18114Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempKRDR
18113Fri Nov 17 11:56M-Shape TempK1KN
18112Fri Nov 17 11:56M-Shape TempK1MN
18111Fri Nov 17 11:51M-Shape TempMMVR
18110Fri Nov 17 11:56Steady TempKHAI
18109Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempENSL
18108Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempENSB
18107Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempENEV
18106Fri Nov 17 11:53M-Shape TempPAWD
18105Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKRKP
18104Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKMSN
18103Fri Nov 17 11:50M-Shape TempKOMN
18102Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKMTO
18101Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKCLL
18100Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKDRT
18099Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKGKJ
18098Fri Nov 17 11:53Steady TempKEYE
18097Fri Nov 17 11:54Steady TempCYEK
18096Fri Nov 17 11:55Steady TempKPEA
18095Fri Nov 17 11:51M-Shape TempKELP
18094Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempEVLA
18093Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempK2G4
18092Fri Nov 17 11:51Steady TempCWSA
18091Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempKQEX
18090Fri Nov 17 11:50Steady TempKQEP
18089Fri Nov 17 11:48Steady TempPAGY
18088Fri Nov 17 11:47Steady TempPAKP
18087Fri Nov 17 11:47M-Shape TempKGYH
18086Fri Nov 17 11:45Steady TempKSHR
18085Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempVTCC
18084Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempVTBU
18083Fri Nov 17 11:43Steady TempKDEW
18082Fri Nov 17 11:41Steady TempKSXT
18081Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempKSME
18080Fri Nov 17 11:40Steady TempKAWO
18079Fri Nov 17 11:40Steady TempKQEY
18078Fri Nov 17 11:40Steady TempKQER
18077Fri Nov 17 11:38Steady TempKMLP
18076Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempPAAD
18075Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKTIP
18074Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKSEE
18073Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKRPD
18072Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKOLG
18071Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKN38
18070Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKJAS
18069Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKPCZ
18068Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKHQI
18067Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKCIR
18066Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempK4A9
18065Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempK3F3
18064Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempUNKL
18063Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempUNEE
18062Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempURMO
18061Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCWDT
18060Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKY51
18059Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKSUW
18058Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKPSN
18057Fri Nov 17 11:35M-Shape TempKPRS
18056Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKMQB
18055Fri Nov 17 11:37Steady TempKLWA
18054Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKFSW
18053Fri Nov 17 11:35M-Shape TempKFBR
18052Fri Nov 17 11:25M-Shape TempPAFB
18051Fri Nov 17 11:35M-Shape TempKMMI
18050Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempKI19
18049Fri Nov 17 11:35M-Shape TempK06D
18048Fri Nov 17 11:35Steady TempKCQM
18047Fri Nov 17 11:32Steady TempKCPW
18046Fri Nov 17 11:32Steady TempKBJI
18045Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempUCFO
18044Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempUASP
18043Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempUAII
18042Fri Nov 17 11:33Steady TempKOVL
18041Fri Nov 17 11:34Steady TempKHCO
18040Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCXAG
18039Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempCMGB
18038Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempLZPP
18037Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempVOBG
18036Fri Nov 17 11:25M-Shape TempKGEV
18035Fri Nov 17 11:30M-Shape TempVOCI
18034Fri Nov 17 11:30Steady TempLBGO
18033Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempLTCG
18032Fri Nov 17 11:26Steady TempKLOR
18031Fri Nov 17 11:25Steady TempKAUS
18030Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempENBO
18029Fri Nov 17 11:24Steady TempKTEW
18028Fri Nov 17 11:23Steady TempKAAT
18027Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempESPA
18026Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempEFKU
18025Fri Nov 17 11:22Steady TempCYTL
18024Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempKQFX
18023Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempKQFW
18022Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKWDG
18021Fri Nov 17 11:19Steady TempKVLL
18020Fri Nov 17 11:19Steady TempKSBD
18019Fri Nov 17 11:18Steady TempKBYG
18018Fri Nov 17 11:15M-Shape TempKRMN
18017Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKY49
18016Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKNOW
18015Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKFWZ
18014Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKEMK
18013Fri Nov 17 11:15M-Shape TempKAJR
18012Fri Nov 17 11:15M-Shape TempKMNV
18011Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKI63
18010Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKHFY
18009Fri Nov 17 11:20Steady TempKGRY
18008Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKD25
18007Fri Nov 17 11:20M-Shape TempVNKT
18006Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKLUM
18005Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKLHB
18004Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKCOQ
18003Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKPUJ
18002Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKLDM
18001Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKOZW
18000Fri Nov 17 11:13Steady TempKDTL
17999Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKCPT
17998Fri Nov 17 11:14M-Shape TempKCNB
17997Fri Nov 17 11:13Steady TempKBBB
17996Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKBAX
17995Fri Nov 17 11:14Steady TempKAXV
17994Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKASW
17993Fri Nov 17 11:13Steady TempKONZ
17992Fri Nov 17 11:10M-Shape TempKGDB
17991Fri Nov 17 11:15Steady TempKFFM
17990Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempYPBO
17989Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempYLIS
17988Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempYCOM
17987Fri Nov 17 11:12Steady TempRKSG
17986Fri Nov 17 11:13Steady TempKDYR
17985Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTCH
17984Fri Nov 17 11:11Steady TempKEND
17983Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempWMKB
17982Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTSS
17981Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTSG
17980Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTPP
17979Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTBO
17978Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTUV
17977Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempVTUD
17976Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempZYCC
17975Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempZLLL
17974Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempVEBS
17973Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSKVV
17972Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSKUI
17971Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSKMR
17970Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempUWOO
17969Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempUUWW
17968Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempUNTT
17967Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempCWNE
17966Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCZMJ
17965Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCWHQ
17964Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempCWNH
17963Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCXDW
17962Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSBTT
17961Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempCYQM
17960Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempCYXJ
17959Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempCZSJ
17958Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempCYTH
17957Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempRJEC
17956Fri Nov 17 10:50Steady TempOIBB
17955Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempEIDL
17954Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempUACK
17953Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempZGNN
17952Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempZWWW
17951Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempZSPD
17950Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempRKSS
17949Fri Nov 17 11:03Steady TempKLPC
17948Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempOMRK
17947Fri Nov 17 11:01Steady TempCWLY
17946Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSLVM
17945Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempTKPN
17944Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempYMEK
17943Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempKQFU
17942Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSEMC
17941Fri Nov 17 10:50Steady TempKMFV
17940Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempMMMT
17939Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSECO
17938Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempMPTO
17937Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSESM
17936Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSCTN
17935Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempSEMT
17934Fri Nov 17 11:00Steady TempSEQM
17933Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempMDBH
17932Fri Nov 17 10:58Steady TempKVBG
17931Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKUNI
17930Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKS52
17929Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKLUD
17928Fri Nov 17 10:59Steady TempKJMR
17927Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKHHG
17926Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKARV
17925Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKRCR
17924Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKPPQ
17923Fri Nov 17 10:58Steady TempKHLR
17922Fri Nov 17 10:56M-Shape TempK1LN
17921Fri Nov 17 10:57M-Shape TempMMRX
17920Fri Nov 17 10:56Steady TempKVPZ
17919Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKTRK
17918Fri Nov 17 10:56M-Shape TempKTPH
17917Fri Nov 17 10:56Steady TempKSDF
17916Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKRNH
17915Fri Nov 17 10:55M-Shape TempKM75
17914Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKL35
17913Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKHHV
17912Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKGHB
17911Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKEBG
17910Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKC29
17909Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempK6R3
17908Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempK1H2
17907Fri Nov 17 10:56Steady TempKFTK
17906Fri Nov 17 11:00M-Shape TempSKBG
17905Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKGPM
17904Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKDLO
17903Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKCFJ
17902Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKCDH
17901Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempK4O4
17900Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKMNE
17899Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKJSV
17898Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKHQZ
17897Fri Nov 17 10:56M-Shape TempKHFF
17896Fri Nov 17 10:57M-Shape TempCYBW
17895Fri Nov 17 10:50Steady TempKEFD
17894Fri Nov 17 10:56Steady TempPAGM
17893Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempPAUT
17892Fri Nov 17 10:56Steady TempPAMK
17891Fri Nov 17 10:55M-Shape TempKHON
17890Fri Nov 17 10:51M-Shape TempKGDP
17889Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKTKX
17888Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKIIB
17887Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKOLZ
17886Fri Nov 17 10:54Steady TempKOLM
17885Fri Nov 17 10:54Steady TempKAQP
17884Fri Nov 17 10:52Steady TempK9MN
17883Fri Nov 17 10:54Steady TempPAFR
17882Fri Nov 17 10:53Steady TempPANN
17881Fri Nov 17 10:53M-Shape TempKSDM
17880Fri Nov 17 10:53Steady TempPABI
17879Fri Nov 17 10:50Steady TempENRA
17878Fri Nov 17 10:53M-Shape TempKHUF
17877Fri Nov 17 10:53Steady TempKGCC
17876Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempKEKX
17875Fri Nov 17 10:55Steady TempK8B0
17874Fri Nov 17 10:53M-Shape TempKABR
17873Fri Nov 17 10:53M-Shape TempKDAN
17872Fri Nov 17 10:53M-Shape TempKBFF
17871Fri Nov 17 10:52M-Shape TempKBML
17870Fri Nov 17 10:52M-Shape TempKALS
17869Fri Nov 17 10:52Steady TempKSGF
17868Fri Nov 17 10:52Steady TempKMFD
17867Fri Nov 17 10:52M-Shape TempKIEN
17866Fri Nov 17 10:25Steady TempEHJR
17865Fri Nov 17 10:25Steady TempEHSC
17864Fri Nov 17 10:30M-Shape TempVILK
17863Fri Nov 17 10:40Steady TempKHBG
17862Fri Nov 17 10:41Steady TempCYQX
17861Fri Nov 17 10:39Steady TempKMCW
17860Fri Nov 17 10:40Steady TempKQEQ
17859Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKDVK
17858Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKPVF
17857Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKPVB
17856Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKOCQ
17855Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKJAQ
17854Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKVAF
17853Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKUBE
17852Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKMDZ
17851Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKHLB
17850Fri Nov 17 10:35M-Shape TempKDVO
17849Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKAIG
17848Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempURMG
17847Fri Nov 17 10:30M-Shape TempVLVT
17846Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKI68
17845Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKF46
17844Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKAZC
17843Fri Nov 17 10:37Steady TempKSJX
17842Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKRGK
17841Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempKSQL
17840Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKPZQ
17839Fri Nov 17 10:33Steady TempKMRT
17838Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKM40
17837Fri Nov 17 10:35M-Shape TempKHZE
17836Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKFPK
17835Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKFMH
17834Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKCVX
17833Fri Nov 17 10:31Steady TempK21D
17832Fri Nov 17 10:30M-Shape TempK1V6
17831Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKBDH
17830Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSBPC
17829Fri Nov 17 10:34Steady TempKPNM
17828Fri Nov 17 10:35M-Shape TempKLMO
17827Fri Nov 17 10:34Steady TempKDYT
17826Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempK2J9
17825Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCXCS
17824Fri Nov 17 10:31Steady TempKMLI
17823Fri Nov 17 10:35Steady TempKFXY
17822Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempLZZI
17821Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempVOTV
17820Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempKTOI
17819Fri Nov 17 10:20Steady TempKRCZ
17818Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempPAMH
17817Fri Nov 17 10:30Steady TempTFFR
17816Fri Nov 17 10:30M-Shape TempVTUU
17815Fri Nov 17 10:25Steady TempEHDV
17814Fri Nov 17 10:24Steady TempPASC
17813Fri Nov 17 10:20M-Shape TempENHD
17812Fri Nov 17 10:24Steady TempCYGV
17811Fri Nov 17 10:10Steady TempKHFJ
17810Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKBBG
17809Fri Nov 17 10:21Steady TempCYHD
17808Fri Nov 17 10:20Steady TempEYPA
17807Fri Nov 17 10:20Steady TempKQEL
17806Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKUES
17805Fri Nov 17 10:18Steady TempKTTD
17804Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKTAZ
17803Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKPRG
17802Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKPNA
17801Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKCFD
17800Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempK57C
17799Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempK2G9
17798Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKVER
17797Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKSCF
17796Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKPBX
17795Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKMWO
17794Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKMOR
17793Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKMNZ
17792Fri Nov 17 10:15M-Shape TempKLKU
17791Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKINJ
17790Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKIGQ
17789Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKGUL
17788Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKFSO
17787Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKEFT
17786Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempK6I2
17785Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKAXH
17784Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKOXI
17783Fri Nov 17 10:16Steady TempKMQJ
17782Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKENL
17781Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKBAM
17780Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKARW
17779Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKRCX
17778Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKI67
17777Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKGPC
17776Fri Nov 17 10:15M-Shape TempKGIC
17775Fri Nov 17 10:14Steady TempKY31
17774Fri Nov 17 10:07Steady TempKC07
17773Fri Nov 17 10:15M-Shape TempK5H4
17772Fri Nov 17 10:12Steady TempK4BM
17771Fri Nov 17 10:16Steady TempCYED
17770Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSBAX
17769Fri Nov 17 10:12Steady TempKSYN
17768Fri Nov 17 10:15M-Shape TempSBPP
17767Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYLEC
17766Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYNAR
17765Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYCDU
17764Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYRMD
17763Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYBHI
17762Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempSBMT
17761Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKPTS
17760Fri Nov 17 10:15Steady TempKM25
17759Fri Nov 17 10:15M-Shape TempK1P1
17758Fri Nov 17 10:08Steady TempPASY
17757Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempWABB
17756Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempTRPG
17755Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempUWWW
17754Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempUWLW
17753Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempUHPP
17752Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempROYN
17751Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempRJSR
17750Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempRJSC
17749Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempRJOW
17748Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCWVI
17747Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCWPD
17746Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCMFM
17745Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCXFR
17744Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCWPO
17743Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCWIW
17742Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempVTBS
17741Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempVTBD
17740Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempVTUL
17739Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCYQU
17738Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCYHZ
17737Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCYBG
17736Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCYFT
17735Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempCYVL
17734Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempCYHE
17733Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempCZVL
17732Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempCYYG
17731Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempRJCM
17730Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempZJHK
17729Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempFMCZ
17728Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempRKPK
17727Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSLSI
17726Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSLCP
17725Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSLYA
17724Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSLJO
17723Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKFGX
17722Fri Nov 17 10:01Steady TempKLTS
17721Fri Nov 17 10:00Steady TempKQEX
17720Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempSLET
17719Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYFRT
17718Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYTNK
17717Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempMROC
17716Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYCCY
17715Fri Nov 17 10:00M-Shape TempYCAR
17714Fri Nov 17 09:59Steady TempCYYL
17713Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKIDP
17712Fri Nov 17 09:58M-Shape TempKBIF
17711Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempEHAK
17710Fri Nov 17 09:58M-Shape TempK1BW
17709Fri Nov 17 09:54M-Shape TempK1V4
17708Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKONL
17707Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKDUA
17706Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKJOT
17705Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKAQR
17704Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempK18H
17703Fri Nov 17 09:56M-Shape TempK1HN
17702Fri Nov 17 09:56Steady TempKEAU
17701Fri Nov 17 09:56M-Shape TempKDIK
17700Fri Nov 17 09:54Steady TempRODN
17699Fri Nov 17 09:57Steady TempKY63
17698Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKRRL
17697Fri Nov 17 09:56Steady TempKOTH
17696Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKORG
17695Fri Nov 17 09:56Steady TempKOKK
17694Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKGYB
17693Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempKEQA
17692Fri Nov 17 09:55Steady TempK3R7
17691Fri Nov 17 09:56Steady TempPAIN
17690Fri Nov 17 09:56M-Shape TempKNJK
17689Fri Nov 17 09:56Steady TempPMDY
17688Fri Nov 17 09:56M-Shape TempK1BN
17687Fri Nov 17 09:54M-Shape TempKMOT
17686Fri Nov 17 09:54Steady TempKIMT
17685Fri Nov 17 09:54Steady TempK04W
17684Fri Nov 17 09:54Steady TempKRRT
17683Fri Nov 17 09:54Steady TempKROS
17682Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempKPWC
17681Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKPIH
17680Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempKOVS
17679Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKLHX
17678Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKHRI
17677Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKHQM
17676Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempKHOT
17675Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempKMKO
17674Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKASE
17673Fri Nov 17 09:53M-Shape TempKLXV
17672Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempPAMC
17671Fri Nov 17 09:53Steady TempPAEG
17670Fri Nov 17 09:50M-Shape TempENQC
17669Fri Nov 17 09:50M-Shape TempENSK
17668Fri Nov 17 09:50Steady TempENMS
17667Fri Nov 17 09:52M-Shape TempKN60
17666Fri Nov 17 09:45Steady TempLHPA
17665Fri Nov 17 09:51Steady TempCYNA
17664Fri Nov 17 09:50Steady TempKQES
17663Fri Nov 17 09:46Steady TempKBLV
17662Fri Nov 17 09:42M-Shape TempKMVL
17661Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKTVK
17660Fri Nov 17 09:43Steady TempKFVE
17659Fri Nov 17 09:44Steady TempKPOV
17658Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKFYG
17657Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempKAQO
17656Fri Nov 17 09:30M-Shape TempYPKU
17655Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKEDC
17654Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKUNU
17653Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKTGI
17652Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKMZG
17651Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempK82C
17650Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKHMZ
17649Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKBCK
17648Fri Nov 17 09:35M-Shape TempKEZF
17647Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempULMM
17646Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKK88
17645Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKCDD
17644Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKPMU
17643Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKHAF
17642Fri Nov 17 09:35M-Shape TempKFMM
17641Fri Nov 17 09:35M-Shape TempKDUX
17640Fri Nov 17 09:36Steady TempPAUN
17639Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKOLE
17638Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKMGN
17637Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKACB
17636Fri Nov 17 09:35M-Shape TempK9D7
17635Fri Nov 17 09:34Steady TempK5SM
17634Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempK20V
17633Fri Nov 17 09:29Steady TempKCCU
17632Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempUACP
17631Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempSBBI
17630Fri Nov 17 09:33Steady TempKSGS
17629Fri Nov 17 09:34Steady TempKPQN
17628Fri Nov 17 09:33Steady TempKMRY
17627Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKKY8
17626Fri Nov 17 09:35Steady TempKFKA
17625Fri Nov 17 09:34Steady TempCYKL
17624Fri Nov 17 09:34Steady TempCYSC
17623Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempLFOB
17622Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempLFPG
17621Fri Nov 17 09:32M-Shape TempKNSE
17620Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempCZOL
17619Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempCXMG
17618Fri Nov 17 09:32M-Shape TempYESP
17617Fri Nov 17 09:30Steady TempKQFX
17616Fri Nov 17 09:26Steady TempCWLY
17615Fri Nov 17 09:20M-Shape TempENSF
17614Fri Nov 17 09:24Steady TempPAPO
17613Fri Nov 17 09:20M-Shape TempENHF
17612Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempESSV
17611Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempESNQ
17610Fri Nov 17 09:21M-Shape TempKMGM
17609Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempKQFT
17608Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempKQEY
17607Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempKQER
17606Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKBYL
17605Fri Nov 17 09:20Steady TempEYSA
17604Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKW22
17603Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKMZZ
17602Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKMWC
17601Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKIOB
17600Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKRZN
17599Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKOKM
17598Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKBBF
17597Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKAYS
17596Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKF44
17595Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempK6P9
17594Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempK3LF
17593Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKCMY
17592Fri Nov 17 09:12Steady TempKACQ
17591Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKGZL
17590Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKGMJ
17589Fri Nov 17 09:14Steady TempPALU
17588Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKHYX
17587Fri Nov 17 09:14Steady TempKRZT
17586Fri Nov 17 09:15Steady TempKCLS
17585Fri Nov 17 09:10Steady TempKSYM
17584Fri Nov 17 09:14Steady TempPAOO
17583Fri Nov 17 09:14Steady TempKGYL
17582Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYNWN
17581Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYNTN
17580Fri Nov 17 09:15M-Shape TempKRUG
17579Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCXEG
17578Fri Nov 17 09:10Steady TempK14Y
17577Fri Nov 17 09:08Steady TempKVUO
17576Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempWBKS
17575Fri Nov 17 08:56M-Shape TempKMIB
17574Fri Nov 17 09:07Steady TempPAGS
17573Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempVVNB
17572Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempRJOR
17571Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempRJSI
17570Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempRJBD
17569Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempWBKK
17568Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempWBGG
17567Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempCWCT
17566Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempCXSH
17565Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempOIII
17564Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempCYXS
17563Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempCYQZ
17562Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempCYBR
17561Fri Nov 17 09:05Steady TempKRVS
17560Fri Nov 17 09:05Steady TempKFSM
17559Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempETAR
17558Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempZBHH
17557Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempZSQD
17556Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYPTN
17555Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYPLM
17554Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempLFAQ
17553Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempLFLX
17552Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempLFRJ
17551Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempSACO
17550Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYMOR
17549Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYCIN
17548Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYBAS
17547Fri Nov 17 08:53M-Shape TempPATK
17546Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempEBLB
17545Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKVES
17544Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempYCBA
17543Fri Nov 17 08:51M-Shape TempMUCC
17542Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKY23
17541Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKSTE
17540Fri Nov 17 08:55M-Shape TempKPPA
17539Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKI16
17538Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKDTA
17537Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKXIH
17536Fri Nov 17 09:00Steady TempKUSE
17535Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempKSAW
17534Fri Nov 17 08:55M-Shape TempKGVE
17533Fri Nov 17 08:55M-Shape TempKLRU
17532Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKLCK
17531Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKJXI
17530Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKEHC
17529Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKCWF
17528Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKC35
17527Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempK3S8
17526Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempRODN
17525Fri Nov 17 08:55M-Shape TempPTTP
17524Fri Nov 17 09:00M-Shape TempSKBQ
17523Fri Nov 17 08:56M-Shape TempKGSB
17522Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKUKT
17521Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKSLO
17520Fri Nov 17 08:56M-Shape TempKSKX
17519Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKLNA
17518Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKJYG
17517Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKGWB
17516Fri Nov 17 08:55M-Shape TempKCAO
17515Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempKBHB
17514Fri Nov 17 08:56Steady TempKGUS
17513Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKRZL
17512Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKOBE
17511Fri Nov 17 08:54Steady TempKCRW
17510Fri Nov 17 08:54Steady TempKCNB
17509Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKAEL
17508Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKIMS
17507Fri Nov 17 08:50M-Shape TempENFB
17506Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempPAPB
17505Fri Nov 17 08:53M-Shape TempKRWI
17504Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKOGD
17503Fri Nov 17 08:51Steady TempKLVN
17502Fri Nov 17 08:53M-Shape TempKDGW
17501Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKCKB
17500Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKARA
17499Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKBYG
17498Fri Nov 17 08:52Steady TempKARR
17497Fri Nov 17 08:55Steady TempKMCJ
17496Fri Nov 17 08:53Steady TempKLSE
17495Fri Nov 17 08:52Steady TempKGLS
17494Fri Nov 17 08:51Steady TempKHTS
17493Fri Nov 17 08:51Steady TempKBAZ
17492Fri Nov 17 08:51Steady TempKAGS
17491Fri Nov 17 08:50Steady TempEDDN
17490Fri Nov 17 08:50Steady TempEDDK
17489Fri Nov 17 08:50Steady TempKLFT
17488Fri Nov 17 08:50Steady TempLSZB
17487Fri Nov 17 08:51M-Shape TempPTKR
17486Fri Nov 17 08:51M-Shape TempPTYA
17485Fri Nov 17 08:45M-Shape TempKTTA
17484Fri Nov 17 08:45M-Shape TempKEHO
17483Fri Nov 17 08:46M-Shape TempCYYD
17482Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKFWB
17481Fri Nov 17 08:41Steady TempKVOK
17480Fri Nov 17 08:35M-Shape TempKCTJ
17479Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKCHK
17478Fri Nov 17 08:40Steady TempKQEW
17477Fri Nov 17 08:40Steady TempKQEP
17476Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKSEF
17475Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKRQO
17474Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKPNT
17473Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKUNV
17472Fri Nov 17 08:39Steady TempKI69
17471Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKHBV
17470Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKGGP
17469Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempUSNN
17468Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKSCX
17467Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKMIS
17466Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKMEV
17465Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKGBG
17464Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKFEP
17463Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKATP
17462Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempK3AU
17461Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCWIX
17460Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKTQH
17459Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKHZL
17458Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempK3I2
17457Fri Nov 17 08:34Steady TempKFSE
17456Fri Nov 17 08:30M-Shape TempFMEE
17455Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKWYS
17454Fri Nov 17 08:34Steady TempKOWA
17453Fri Nov 17 08:33Steady TempKMOX
17452Fri Nov 17 08:34Steady TempKCKN
17451Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKCBG
17450Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKAUM
17449Fri Nov 17 08:33Steady TempPASV
17448Fri Nov 17 08:33Steady TempKTOB
17447Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKHZX
17446Fri Nov 17 08:33Steady TempKELO
17445Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempLEAS
17444Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempUMMS
17443Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempLFQB
17442Fri Nov 17 08:31Steady TempKDEQ
17441Fri Nov 17 08:32Steady TempCWLY
17440Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempKQEI
17439Fri Nov 17 08:25Steady TempEHJA
17438Fri Nov 17 08:28Steady TempCYGV
17437Fri Nov 17 08:30Steady TempLWSK
17436Fri Nov 17 08:35Steady TempKRID
17435Fri Nov 17 08:35M-Shape TempKLUL
17434Fri Nov 17 08:35M-Shape TempKCQW
17433Fri Nov 17 08:27Steady TempCYSC
17432Fri Nov 17 08:27M-Shape TempYCBB
17431Fri Nov 17 08:20M-Shape TempENFL
17430Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempENLE
17429Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempEDTY
17428Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempEDJA
17427Fri Nov 17 08:20M-Shape TempENSE
17426Fri Nov 17 08:20M-Shape TempENQR
17425Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempESOE
17424Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCWVU
17423Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempEFKS
17422Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempPKWA
17421Fri Nov 17 08:18Steady TempKSAC
17420Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKDUB
17419Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKCUH
17418Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKATW
17417Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKT35
17416Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKSJS
17415Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKRPJ
17414Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKLCG
17413Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKJVL
17412Fri Nov 17 08:06Steady TempLKMT
17411Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempGOSS
17410Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKVQT
17409Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKVKY
17408Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempK46U
17407Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKBEC
17406Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKLNN
17405Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKIMM
17404Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKFWC
17403Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKE16
17402Fri Nov 17 08:18Steady TempKDLZ
17401Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKDKB
17400Fri Nov 17 08:20Steady TempKCVW
17399Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKC65
17398Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKUYF
17397Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKOWP
17396Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKGCM
17395Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKGAF
17394Fri Nov 17 08:15M-Shape TempKBQK
17393Fri Nov 17 08:15M-Shape TempKBPC
17392Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKARM
17391Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempK1K1
17390Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKN03
17389Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKLHM
17388Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKLBE
17387Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKJRB
17386Fri Nov 17 08:16Steady TempKHAI
17385Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKAFO
17384Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKSNC
17383Fri Nov 17 08:15M-Shape TempKCDN
17382Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempSBTA
17381Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempSBGW
17380Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempSBES
17379Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempSBBH
17378Fri Nov 17 08:15M-Shape TempKATS
17377Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempYNBR
17376Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempYKRY
17375Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempYBOK
17374Fri Nov 17 08:11Steady TempKFSI
17373Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKDEH
17372Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKCCY
17371Fri Nov 17 08:09Steady TempKMLP
17370Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempWMKD
17369Fri Nov 17 08:10Steady TempKQEL
17368Fri Nov 17 08:15Steady TempKLBO
17367Fri Nov 17 07:56Steady TempPAED
17366Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJCN
17365Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJBT
17364Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJNW
17363Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempUHMA
17362Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempEHEH
17361Fri Nov 17 08:07Steady TempCYYL
17360Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempCWSR
17359Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempCWQO
17358Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCWWE
17357Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCWLP
17356Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCWEQ
17355Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJCK
17354Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJSF
17353Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRJSA
17352Fri Nov 17 07:55M-Shape TempLIBY
17351Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempVTBU
17350Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempVVDN
17349Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempCYBU
17348Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCYYC
17347Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempCYEG
17346Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempCYGP
17345Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempWAMM
17344Fri Nov 17 08:04Steady TempKCWN
17343Fri Nov 17 08:04Steady TempETAD
17342Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRCSS
17341Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempRCTP
17340Fri Nov 17 08:03Steady TempKHIF
17339Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempZSAM
17338Fri Nov 17 08:03Steady TempKANJ
17337Fri Nov 17 08:03Steady TempKARG
17336Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempLFQA
17335Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempLFAT
17334Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempLFBA
17333Fri Nov 17 07:57M-Shape TempKNYL
17332Fri Nov 17 08:01Steady TempKSMF
17331Fri Nov 17 08:01Steady TempKAAO
17330Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempKPQL
17329Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempKLMT
17328Fri Nov 17 07:50Steady TempKCQB
17327Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempKQES
17326Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempYCAS
17325Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempYBUD
17324Fri Nov 17 08:00Steady TempTLPL
17323Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempSCCH
17322Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKVYS
17321Fri Nov 17 07:59Steady TempKDVP
17320Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempK5C1
17319Fri Nov 17 08:00M-Shape TempNCPY
17318Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKBAB
17317Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKRPD
17316Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKRGA
17315Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKPCZ
17314Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKOLG
17313Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKHHW
17312Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempK1ON
17311Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKVOA
17310Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKO86
17309Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKHQI
17308Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempK1FN
17307Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempKSPD
17306Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempKYKN
17305Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKY51
17304Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKW75
17303Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKOZS
17302Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKOSA
17301Fri Nov 17 07:56Steady TempKSLG
17300Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempKCWI
17299Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKCKC
17298Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKAJG
17297Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKAAT
17296Fri Nov 17 07:56M-Shape TempPARS
17295Fri Nov 17 07:57M-Shape TempWAAA
17294Fri Nov 17 07:54M-Shape TempKECG
17293Fri Nov 17 07:54Steady TempKD95
17292Fri Nov 17 07:54Steady TempKC07
17291Fri Nov 17 07:53M-Shape TempPASO
17290Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempPACV
17289Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKSEA
17288Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKRXE
17287Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKPKB
17286Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKOVL
17285Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKENW
17284Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKDUJ
17283Fri Nov 17 07:55Steady TempKLDJ
17282Fri Nov 17 07:53Steady TempKFLD
17281Fri Nov 17 07:53M-Shape TempKMSO
17280Fri Nov 17 07:50M-Shape TempENSS
17279Fri Nov 17 07:50M-Shape TempPTRO
17278Fri Nov 17 07:52Steady TempKBLU
17277Fri Nov 17 07:52M-Shape TempKBLH
17276Fri Nov 17 07:52M-Shape TempKMEB
17275Fri Nov 17 07:50Steady TempEGPL
17274Fri Nov 17 07:50M-Shape TempEGKK
17273Fri Nov 17 07:50Steady TempEFKE
17272Fri Nov 17 07:51M-Shape TempKSAD
17271Fri Nov 17 07:51Steady TempKPIT
17270Fri Nov 17 07:50Steady TempEDDS
17269Fri Nov 17 07:50Steady TempKQEJ
17268Fri Nov 17 07:51Steady TempCYHE
17267Fri Nov 17 07:45M-Shape TempKISO
17266Fri Nov 17 07:49Steady TempCYEK
17265Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempCWZQ
17264Fri Nov 17 07:40Steady TempKW29
17263Fri Nov 17 07:44Steady TempKCWN
17262Fri Nov 17 07:42Steady TempEHWO
17261Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempK3T5
17260Fri Nov 17 07:29Steady TempRODN
17259Fri Nov 17 07:40Steady TempETIH
17258Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKJYR
17257Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempK11R
17256Fri Nov 17 07:30M-Shape TempYAMB
17255Fri Nov 17 07:30M-Shape TempYMML
17254Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKF17
17253Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempUEEE
17252Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKTYQ
17251Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKSLR
17250Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKOEO
17249Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKBVS
17248Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKLOT
17247Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKHTO
17246Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKEMK
17245Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempK2C8
17244Fri Nov 17 07:36Steady TempKETH
17243Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKEGV
17242Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKMZH
17241Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKMQB
17240Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKLXY
17239Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKLUM
17238Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKLHB
17237Fri Nov 17 07:35M-Shape TempKS25
17236Fri Nov 17 07:36Steady TempCYGV
17235Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempK4BM
17234Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempKVTP
17233Fri Nov 17 07:33Steady TempKDTL
17232Fri Nov 17 07:35M-Shape TempKDNA
17231Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKCIC
17230Fri Nov 17 07:36Steady TempKBAX
17229Fri Nov 17 07:35Steady TempKMXO
17228Fri Nov 17 07:31Steady TempKLXL
17227Fri Nov 17 07:34Steady TempKANE
17226Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempLPMA
17225Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempZSSS
17224Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempLFMK
17223Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempLFMN
17222Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempLFPV
17221Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCXCD
17220Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempUKLI
17219Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempKPWT
17218Fri Nov 17 07:25M-Shape TempKPGV
17217Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempKQFW
17216Fri Nov 17 07:30Steady TempKQEY
17215Fri Nov 17 07:25Steady TempEHFD
17214Fri Nov 17 07:20M-Shape TempETNT
17213Fri Nov 17 07:26Steady TempKCWN
17212Fri Nov 17 07:25Steady TempEHGR
17211Fri Nov 17 07:20M-Shape TempENNA
17210Fri Nov 17 07:20M-Shape TempENGM
17209Fri Nov 17 07:20M-Shape TempENOA
17208Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempEDTL
17207Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempEDSB
17206Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempEDFM
17205Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempLOWS
17204Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempEHVK
17203Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempESNV
17202Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempESNG
17201Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCXPA
17200Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempEKSB
17199Fri Nov 17 07:10Steady TempKGVT
17198Fri Nov 17 07:10Steady TempKBUU
17197Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKHHG
17196Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKRFI
17195Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKRND
17194Fri Nov 17 07:13Steady TempETOU
17193Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKUNI
17192Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKRCR
17191Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKPPQ
17190Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKJAS
17189Fri Nov 17 07:16Steady TempKIRS
17188Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKHSD
17187Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKHHV
17186Fri Nov 17 07:20Steady TempKGRY
17185Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKGHB
17184Fri Nov 17 07:16Steady TempKFVE
17183Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempK6R3
17182Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempK5A6
17181Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKC29
17180Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCWEK
17179Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempPAUT
17178Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKPPO
17177Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKJSV
17176Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKMNE
17175Fri Nov 17 07:15M-Shape TempK18A
17174Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKEBG
17173Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKMEZ
17172Fri Nov 17 07:14Steady TempKVLL
17171Fri Nov 17 07:10M-Shape TempKSQL
17170Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempK6B9
17169Fri Nov 17 07:16Steady TempK4I3
17168Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKHZE
17167Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKEOK
17166Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempNSFA
17165Fri Nov 17 07:15Steady TempKOLZ
17164Fri Nov 17 07:14Steady TempKJKJ
17163Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempKQEP
17162Fri Nov 17 07:12Steady TempCZUM
17161Fri Nov 17 07:10Steady TempKQEQ
17160Fri Nov 17 07:08Steady TempETEB
17159Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempWIBB
17158Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempYPGV
17157Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempUMKK
17156Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempUUBW
17155Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempRJTO
17154Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempRJEB
17153Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempCWPR
17152Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCWAF
17151Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempCWJW
17150Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempCWJI
17149Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempCWLB
17148Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempCWKO
17147Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCWQV
17146Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCYFC
17145Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempCYNE
17144Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempRJSK
17143Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempROIG
17142Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempRJCH
17141Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempYBCV
17140Fri Nov 17 07:03Steady TempKMYL
17139Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempYMEN
17138Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempYMDG
17137Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempLPPT
17136Fri Nov 17 06:50M-Shape TempLIRU
17135Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempLIQW
17134Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempZGGG
17133Fri Nov 17 07:03Steady TempKCWN
17132Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempLJCE
17131Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempLEBB
17130Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempLFSI
17129Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempLFOE
17128Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempSAME
17127Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempLKTB
17126Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempEPZG
17125Fri Nov 17 06:45Steady TempLHUD
17124Fri Nov 17 06:45Steady TempLHSM
17123Fri Nov 17 07:00Steady TempUKLL
17122Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKSME
17121Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKO22
17120Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKDVK
17119Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempKONM
17118Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKMRJ
17117Fri Nov 17 06:59Steady TempKJMR
17116Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKJAQ
17115Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempEHHW
17114Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKPDC
17113Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKDUC
17112Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKUBE
17111Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKTKV
17110Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKGYY
17109Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKADS
17108Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKMDZ
17107Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKM30
17106Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempPHBK
17105Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempKJMS
17104Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempKARW
17103Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempK8W2
17102Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKTZR
17101Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKRGK
17100Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempKOKV
17099Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKAUN
17098Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKHVE
17097Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempKHQG
17096Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempK1IN
17095Fri Nov 17 06:56Steady TempPAMK
17094Fri Nov 17 06:56Steady TempPAMH
17093Fri Nov 17 06:56Steady TempPFKT
17092Fri Nov 17 06:56Steady TempKIAB
17091Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempKVIS
17090Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempKSDY
17089Fri Nov 17 06:56Steady TempPAKK
17088Fri Nov 17 06:56M-Shape TempYHUG
17087Fri Nov 17 06:49M-Shape TempMMTO
17086Fri Nov 17 06:50M-Shape TempKMWN
17085Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempETAR
17084Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKPZQ
17083Fri Nov 17 06:54M-Shape TempPGSN
17082Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKSUA
17081Fri Nov 17 06:49Steady TempKMYP
17080Fri Nov 17 06:54Steady TempKMGG
17079Fri Nov 17 06:54M-Shape TempKINT
17078Fri Nov 17 06:55Steady TempKFPK
17077Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempKD50
17076Fri Nov 17 06:48Steady TempK5SM
17075Fri Nov 17 06:52Steady TempK21D
17074Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempK2D5
17073Fri Nov 17 06:54Steady TempKAKR
17072Fri Nov 17 07:00M-Shape TempGVBA
17071Fri Nov 17 06:55M-Shape TempCYDN
17070Fri Nov 17 06:50M-Shape TempENHM
17069Fri Nov 17 06:54Steady TempKRMY
17068Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempPAOM
17067Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempPACD
17066Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKTCS
17065Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKPIR
17064Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempKPAE
17063Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKRQE
17062Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKMVY
17061Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempKMGW
17060Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKDVT
17059Fri Nov 17 06:53M-Shape TempKDNL
17058Fri Nov 17 06:50M-Shape TempENVR
17057Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempLOWK
17056Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempLOWG
17055Fri Nov 17 06:52M-Shape TempKTRM
17054Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempKRHI
17053Fri Nov 17 06:53Steady TempCYBQ
17052Fri Nov 17 06:50M-Shape TempESNS
17051Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempKSUU
17050Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempEDDE
17049Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempLSZR
17048Fri Nov 17 06:49Steady TempKCWN
17047Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempESUT
17046Fri Nov 17 06:50Steady TempKQEW
17045Fri Nov 17 06:47Steady TempPASA
17044Fri Nov 17 06:46Steady TempCYYD
17043Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempFNMA
17042Fri Nov 17 06:41M-Shape TempMMMM
17041Fri Nov 17 05:54M-Shape TempMMCM
17040Fri Nov 17 06:44Steady TempKBAB
17039Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempFNSA
17038Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKMUT
17037Fri Nov 17 06:30M-Shape TempWAPP
17036Fri Nov 17 06:40Steady TempKQEI
17035Fri Nov 17 06:41Steady TempPAMD
17034Fri Nov 17 06:38Steady TempKCWN
17033Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKUES
17032Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKLOM
17031Fri Nov 17 06:30M-Shape TempYBCS
17030Fri Nov 17 06:39Steady TempCYQZ
17029Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKCFD
17028Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempK2G9
17027Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKRWV
17026Fri Nov 17 06:37Steady TempKVCB
17025Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKSCF
17024Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKRYW
17023Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKPBX
17022Fri Nov 17 06:37Steady TempKJAC
17021Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKGUL
17020Fri Nov 17 06:35M-Shape TempKCXE
17019Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKAPY
17018Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKAIG
17017Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKGBK
17016Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKEFT
17015Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCWDT
17014Fri Nov 17 06:35M-Shape TempKW31
17013Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKMKN
17012Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKIGQ
17011Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKEZS
17010Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKENL
17009Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKCWC
17008Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempK4O4
17007Fri Nov 17 06:34Steady TempKMRT
17006Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKGPC
17005Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempKFSW
17004Fri Nov 17 06:35Steady TempUMMS
17003Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempK7BM
17002Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempK0CO
17001Fri Nov 17 06:33Steady TempKSYN
17000Fri Nov 17 06:30M-Shape TempLPFR
16999Fri Nov 17 06:30M-Shape TempGEML
16998Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLRSV
16997Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLRCL
16996Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLEAM
16995Fri Nov 17 06:32M-Shape TempKSFO
16994Fri Nov 17 06:32Steady TempKFOZ
16993Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLFPM
16992Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLFLN
16991Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempCXAJ
16990Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempLZZI
16989Fri Nov 17 06:40M-Shape TempKONX
16988Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempKMTN
16987Fri Nov 17 06:25Steady TempKDMW
16986Fri Nov 17 06:26Steady TempKCGS
16985Fri Nov 17 06:30Steady TempKQFX
16984Fri Nov 17 06:10M-Shape TempENDR
16983Fri Nov 17 06:29Steady TempCYHU
16982Fri Nov 17 06:25Steady TempEHQE
16981Fri Nov 17 06:25Steady TempPABI
16980Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempETSI
16979Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempEDDF
16978Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempHEIS
16977Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempENWV
16976Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKW99
16975Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCWJO
16974Fri Nov 17 06:20M-Shape TempEKOD
16973Fri Nov 17 06:21Steady TempKIZG
16972Fri Nov 17 06:20M-Shape TempEDDH
16971Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempEFOU
16970Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempKQFB
16969Fri Nov 17 06:20Steady TempKQEL
16968Fri Nov 17 06:18Steady TempKMCE
16967Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKU68
16966Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKIJX
16965Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKI63
16964Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKPTT
16963Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKPLU
16962Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKD25
16961Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempPAAD
16960Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKORG
16959Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKLNL
16958Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKEQA
16957Fri Nov 17 06:15M-Shape TempKDNN
16956Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKJDD
16955Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKINJ
16954Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKIKG
16953Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKHSP
16952Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKOWX
16951Fri Nov 17 06:12Steady TempKI23
16950Fri Nov 17 06:13Steady TempKY70
16949Fri Nov 17 06:15M-Shape TempKD60
16948Fri Nov 17 06:13Steady TempKCCR
16947Fri Nov 17 06:13Steady TempPPIZ
16946Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempGOOK
16945Fri Nov 17 06:15Steady TempKMCX
16944Fri Nov 17 06:10Steady TempKQEV
16943Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempLIRX
16942Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempLIBQ
16941Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempDNKN
16940Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempGQNO
16939Fri Nov 17 06:05Steady TempETAD
16938Fri Nov 17 06:03Steady TempUNNT
16937Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempUUDD
16936Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempURMO
16935Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempLIVD
16934Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempLICL
16933Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempOJAQ
16932Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempLIMS
16931Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempCWTT
16930Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempYMLT
16929Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempCYQR
16928Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempCYEN
16927Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCYOY
16926Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCYZV
16925Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCYYY
16924Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempCYCB
16923Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempLFLW
16922Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempYBCG
16921Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempLRCV
16920Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempKQEJ
16919Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempLEVD
16918Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempLEST
16917Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempSULS
16916Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempLYBE
16915Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempLZPP
16914Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempFDMS
16913Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempKQFU
16912Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempGMFK
16911Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempLDZD
16910Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempFNKU
16909Fri Nov 17 06:00M-Shape TempYTRE
16908Fri Nov 17 05:58Steady TempKFFO
16907Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKWDG
16906Fri Nov 17 05:58M-Shape TempK0J4
16905Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKUNU
16904Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKSFY
16903Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempKSEE
16902Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKARV
16901Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempKCWN
16900Fri Nov 17 05:58M-Shape TempK1NW
16899Fri Nov 17 05:58M-Shape TempKLOR
16898Fri Nov 17 05:58M-Shape TempK1JW
16897Fri Nov 17 06:00Steady TempKVBS
16896Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKN38
16895Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKMZG
16894Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempKFYM
16893Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempK82C
16892Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKBCK
16891Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempKAJR
16890Fri Nov 17 05:56M-Shape TempKDUG
16889Fri Nov 17 05:57Steady TempCYRV
16888Fri Nov 17 05:56Steady TempKSGH
16887Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKRRL
16886Fri Nov 17 05:56Steady TempPASD
16885Fri Nov 17 05:56Steady TempPAPO
16884Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKADM
16883Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKMER
16882Fri Nov 17 05:56M-Shape TempKAJO
16881Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKAHQ
16880Fri Nov 17 05:56M-Shape TempPANW
16879Fri Nov 17 05:54M-Shape TempMMHO
16878Fri Nov 17 05:55M-Shape TempKEGI
16877Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKMGC
16876Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempKPIA
16875Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempKJST
16874Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKMWT
16873Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKSTP
16872Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKPWA
16871Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempKRRT
16870Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKPDX
16869Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKPDT
16868Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKMLP
16867Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKMLC
16866Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKMGY
16865Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKMAF
16864Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKLBF
16863Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKHQM
16862Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKHBG
16861Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempKFKA
16860Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKDNS
16859Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempKEKX
16858Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKDBQ
16857Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKCRE
16856Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKAGC
16855Fri Nov 17 05:55Steady TempK96D
16854Fri Nov 17 05:53Steady TempKAUG
16853Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKAOH
16852Fri Nov 17 05:53M-Shape TempKCDR
16851Fri Nov 17 05:50M-Shape TempENBV
16850Fri Nov 17 05:54Steady TempCYNE
16849Fri Nov 17 05:52M-Shape TempKMBG
16848Fri Nov 17 05:52M-Shape TempKDDC
16847Fri Nov 17 05:50M-Shape TempBGSF
16846Fri Nov 17 05:50Steady TempEFKU
16845Fri Nov 17 05:51Steady TempKYNG
16844Fri Nov 17 05:51Steady TempKSCK
16843Fri Nov 17 05:51M-Shape TempKELP
16842Fri Nov 17 05:50Steady TempKQFT
16841Fri Nov 17 05:46Steady TempKCBE
16840Fri Nov 17 05:45M-Shape TempKVUJ
16839Fri Nov 17 05:50M-Shape TempKGWW
16838Fri Nov 17 05:50Steady TempEFVA
16837Fri Nov 17 05:47Steady TempETOU
16836Fri Nov 17 05:45Steady TempCYGV
16835Fri Nov 17 05:42Steady TempKBFW
16834Fri Nov 17 05:42Steady TempPAYA
16833Fri Nov 17 05:40Steady TempKSXT
16832Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKBBG
16831Fri Nov 17 05:40Steady TempKQFV
16830Fri Nov 17 05:40Steady TempKQEY
16829Fri Nov 17 05:38Steady TempKPQL
16828Fri Nov 17 05:30M-Shape TempYBRK
16827Fri Nov 17 05:39Steady TempCZSJ
16826Fri Nov 17 05:39Steady TempCYED
16825Fri Nov 17 05:38Steady TempPASM
16824Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKT20
16823Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKOUN
16822Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempK57C
16821Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempUWGG
16820Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKTAZ
16819Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKRYV
16818Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKMZZ
16817Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKFOA
16816Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKF44
16815Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKETB
16814Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKAAA
16813Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempK05U
16812Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKCMY
16811Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKBBF
16810Fri Nov 17 05:34Steady TempPALU
16809Fri Nov 17 05:29Steady TempKVWU
16808Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKPBH
16807Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKOKM
16806Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKLUA
16805Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKGMJ
16804Fri Nov 17 05:32Steady TempKACQ
16803Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempKSYM
16802Fri Nov 17 05:30M-Shape TempKSTK
16801Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKRZT
16800Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKCDD
16799Fri Nov 17 05:35Steady TempKBKN
16798Fri Nov 17 05:30M-Shape TempKFTG
16797Fri Nov 17 05:33Steady TempKSGS
16796Fri Nov 17 05:30M-Shape TempUMMM
16795Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempZSPD
16794Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLRTR
16793Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLRCK
16792Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLJLJ
16791Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLFRB
16790Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLFRL
16789Fri Nov 17 05:30Steady TempLQTZ
16788Fri Nov 17 05:25Steady TempKFDK
16787Fri Nov 17 05:27Steady TempKCAK
16786Fri Nov 17 05:28Steady TempCYMO
16785Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempETNW
16784Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempETND
16783Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempENRO
16782Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempDIGA
16781Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempDITB
16780Fri Nov 17 05:20Steady TempEDNY
16779Fri Nov 17 05:20Steady TempLGPA
16778Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempLGZA
16777Fri Nov 17 05:20Steady TempLIPH
16776Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempEGNM
16775Fri Nov 17 05:21Steady TempCYHZ
16774Fri Nov 17 05:20M-Shape TempYGEL
16773Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKVES
16772Fri Nov 17 05:19Steady TempCZUM
16771Fri Nov 17 05:13Steady TempEBLB
16770Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKY23
16769Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKXIH
16768Fri Nov 17 05:15M-Shape TempKSRB
16767Fri Nov 17 05:10Steady TempKRTS
16766Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKJXI
16765Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKEHC
16764Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKADH
16763Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempK3L4
16762Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKDLL
16761Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKMCD
16760Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKUKT
16759Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKFKR
16758Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKASW
16757Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempK3D2
16756Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKRKR
16755Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKC35
16754Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKHAF
16753Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKRZL
16752Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempPAMH
16751Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKHYX
16750Fri Nov 17 05:13Steady TempKDRM
16749Fri Nov 17 05:07Steady TempKCPW
16748Fri Nov 17 05:15Steady TempKCKZ
16747Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempEHSA
16746Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempEHJR
16745Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempEHSC
16744Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempSBUR
16743Fri Nov 17 05:15M-Shape TempKSVC
16742Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempFQVL
16741Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempFNBG
16740Fri Nov 17 05:11Steady TempCYGV
16739Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempLIRT
16738Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempUWKE
16737Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempEGXU
16736Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempCWEL
16735Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCMFM
16734Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempCYXC
16733Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCYEV
16732Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCYDB
16731Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempCYDL
16730Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCYPD
16729Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCYBG
16728Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempCYET
16727Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempYSTW
16726Fri Nov 17 05:04Steady TempUMMS
16725Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempYABA
16724Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempLIRH
16723Fri Nov 17 05:04M-Shape TempYPJT
16722Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempUMII
16721Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempLFSG
16720Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempLFSB
16719Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempLFMO
16718Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempLFKS
16717Fri Nov 17 05:00Steady TempLYKV
16716Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempSKRG
16715Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempKRAP
16714Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempENTO
16713Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempLTCW
16712Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempKBLV
16711Fri Nov 17 04:58M-Shape TempK1IW
16710Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKIOB
16709Fri Nov 17 04:59Steady TempKI69
16708Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKRZN
16707Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKGGP
16706Fri Nov 17 04:57M-Shape TempKNFG
16705Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempEHKV
16704Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempEHDV
16703Fri Nov 17 04:58M-Shape TempK1NM
16702Fri Nov 17 04:58M-Shape TempKRIV
16701Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKVAF
16700Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempKPVE
16699Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKMQS
16698Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKJOT
16697Fri Nov 17 04:56Steady TempKTIK
16696Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempKTPH
16695Fri Nov 17 04:56Steady TempKDAY
16694Fri Nov 17 04:57M-Shape TempYCOM
16693Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKTQH
16692Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempKPHP
16691Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKOJA
16690Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempKLZU
16689Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempKLIC
16688Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKBIE
16687Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKAQR
16686Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKGYB
16685Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempKGXY
16684Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKGWB
16683Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKEDJ
16682Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempKECS
16681Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempK3I2
16680Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempKFEP
16679Fri Nov 17 04:52M-Shape TempKNRB
16678Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempKMGE
16677Fri Nov 17 04:56Steady TempPAOU
16676Fri Nov 17 04:56M-Shape TempPAJZ
16675Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempPACZ
16674Fri Nov 17 04:54Steady TempKOWA
16673Fri Nov 17 04:54Steady TempKSLH
16672Fri Nov 17 04:54M-Shape TempKGSO
16671Fri Nov 17 04:53Steady TempKFFX
16670Fri Nov 17 04:54Steady TempKC07
16669Fri Nov 17 04:54Steady TempK4BM
16668Fri Nov 17 04:54Steady TempK20V
16667Fri Nov 17 04:55Steady TempK06D
16666Fri Nov 17 04:53Steady TempPANN
16665Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempPAHO
16664Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempPABT
16663Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempPADQ
16662Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKTUS
16661Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKSNY
16660Fri Nov 17 04:53Steady TempKTOB
16659Fri Nov 17 04:53Steady TempKOVE
16658Fri Nov 17 04:53Steady TempKORB
16657Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKMTJ
16656Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKMFR
16655Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKMCB
16654Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKLFK
16653Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKGUY
16652Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKDRT
16651Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKINK
16650Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKBFF
16649Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKCDS
16648Fri Nov 17 04:53M-Shape TempKBTR
16647Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempENHV
16646Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempLIPX
16645Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempLIMC
16644Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempLOWI
16643Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempLGKO
16642Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempESNU
16641Fri Nov 17 04:52Steady TempKPWK
16640Fri Nov 17 04:52Steady TempKOKC
16639Fri Nov 17 04:52M-Shape TempKHRL
16638Fri Nov 17 04:50M-Shape TempEKEB
16637Fri Nov 17 04:51M-Shape TempKAHN
16636Fri Nov 17 04:55M-Shape TempK20U
16635Fri Nov 17 04:51M-Shape TempKSAT
16634Fri Nov 17 04:51Steady TempKORD
16633Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempEDDP
16632Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempESTA
16631Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempSCVM
16630Fri Nov 17 04:51Steady TempCYEK
16629Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempLSGG
16628Fri Nov 17 04:45M-Shape TempKEHO
16627Fri Nov 17 04:50Steady TempEYPA
16626Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempMHLC
16625Fri Nov 17 05:00M-Shape TempMHRO
16624Fri Nov 17 04:48M-Shape TempKRYY
16623Fri Nov 17 04:46Steady TempKBIX
16622Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempHCMM
16621Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempHBBA
16620Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempHCMH
16619Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempHCMF
16618Fri Nov 17 04:40Steady TempKQER
16617Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKRBO
16616Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKCPU
16615Fri Nov 17 04:30M-Shape TempWMKK
16614Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKT35
16613Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKFWZ
16612Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKDKB
16611Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempDIDK
16610Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempDIAD
16609Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempURML
16608Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempUWWW
16607Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKVQT
16606Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKGOO
16605Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKGHG
16604Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKEDU
16603Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKE16
16602Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempKHTH
16601Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKHLB
16600Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKC75
16599Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKC65
16598Fri Nov 17 04:36Steady TempPAFR
16597Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKPSN
16596Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempKAFO
16595Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempK1K1
16594Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKFRR
16593Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKDUA
16592Fri Nov 17 04:36Steady TempKMQJ
16591Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKLHM
16590Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKAXH
16589Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempFWKI
16588Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempK7L2
16587Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKLBE
16586Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKGOV
16585Fri Nov 17 04:34Steady TempKMLT
16584Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKCQM
16583Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKBNW
16582Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempVEBS
16581Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLRBS
16580Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKHZX
16579Fri Nov 17 04:34Steady TempKFBL
16578Fri Nov 17 04:33Steady TempKONZ
16577Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempDTTJ
16576Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLPPS
16575Fri Nov 17 04:25Steady TempEBBE
16574Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLFST
16573Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLFGA
16572Fri Nov 17 04:30M-Shape TempLFJR
16571Fri Nov 17 04:30M-Shape TempLFMU
16570Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLFJL
16569Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempSBTE
16568Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLQBK
16567Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempETSA
16566Fri Nov 17 04:35Steady TempKFXY
16565Fri Nov 17 04:30Steady TempLDZA
16564Fri Nov 17 04:22Steady TempRODN
16563Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempKLQK
16562Fri Nov 17 04:24M-Shape TempKSNS
16561Fri Nov 17 04:20M-Shape TempETHB
16560Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempKVNC
16559Fri Nov 17 04:35M-Shape TempKGGE
16558Fri Nov 17 04:20M-Shape TempENQC
16557Fri Nov 17 04:20M-Shape TempEDOP
16556Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempOEAO
16555Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempEGAC
16554Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempEGAA
16553Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempCWWF
16552Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempEFKK
16551Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempEFJY
16550Fri Nov 17 04:22M-Shape TempCWLI
16549Fri Nov 17 04:19Steady TempCYMO
16548Fri Nov 17 04:19M-Shape TempYGTE
16547Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKW22
16546Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKTMK
16545Fri Nov 17 04:15M-Shape TempKPVW
16544Fri Nov 17 04:20Steady TempKCVW
16543Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempK2P2
16542Fri Nov 17 04:16Steady TempKSAW
16541Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKRPD
16540Fri Nov 17 04:15M-Shape TempKRNV
16539Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKRGA
16538Fri Nov 17 04:10Steady TempKMCC
16537Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKHQI
16536Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKHHW
16535Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKGOP
16534Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKBML
16533Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKY51
16532Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKOSA
16531Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKGCM
16530Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKAOO
16529Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKLNA
16528Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKJYG
16527Fri Nov 17 03:59M-Shape TempKDLF
16526Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKSDA
16525Fri Nov 17 04:10Steady TempKWYS
16524Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempKJVW
16523Fri Nov 17 04:15Steady TempK33V
16522Fri Nov 17 04:14Steady TempK04W
16521Fri Nov 17 04:14Steady TempKCFE
16520Fri Nov 17 04:13Steady TempKAXV
16519Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempSBRB
16518Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempSBIZ
16517Fri Nov 17 04:13Steady TempKOVL
16516Fri Nov 17 04:09Steady TempKCWN
16515Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempCXSE
16514Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempCYWL
16513Fri Nov 17 04:10Steady TempCYBU
16512Fri Nov 17 04:06Steady TempETOU
16511Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempURSS
16510Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempULMM
16509Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempCXEC
16508Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempCWRA
16507Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempCYQB
16506Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempCYOD
16505Fri Nov 17 03:55M-Shape TempLIPA
16504Fri Nov 17 03:55M-Shape TempLIBA
16503Fri Nov 17 03:51M-Shape TempAZUH
16502Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempYBHM
16501Fri Nov 17 04:06Steady TempCZVL
16500Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempSASJ
16499Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempUACC
16498Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempUTDK
16497Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempUMOO
16496Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempLFOK
16495Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempLFLY
16494Fri Nov 17 04:03Steady TempCYYB
16493Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempLFYR
16492Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempLFPO
16491Fri Nov 17 03:59M-Shape TempLTCK
16490Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempSABE
16489Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempFQTT
16488Fri Nov 17 04:00Steady TempLZSL
16487Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempUKON
16486Fri Nov 17 04:00M-Shape TempUKLR
16485Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKHAE
16484Fri Nov 17 03:50M-Shape TempLTCP
16483Fri Nov 17 03:50M-Shape TempLTCC
16482Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempLTBU
16481Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempLTFJ
16480Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKCUH
16479Fri Nov 17 03:53Steady TempKMDW
16478Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKIDP
16477Fri Nov 17 03:58M-Shape TempKM63
16476Fri Nov 17 03:58M-Shape TempKHLR
16475Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempEHFZ
16474Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKLOT
16473Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKJYO
16472Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKJXN
16471Fri Nov 17 03:55M-Shape TempKJAU
16470Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKMLE
16469Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempK6R6
16468Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKD07
16467Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKF46
16466Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKEGV
16465Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKEBS
16464Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempK2C8
16463Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKPVJ
16462Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKOWP
16461Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKOOA
16460Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKMQB
16459Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKUYF
16458Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKAXS
16457Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKWRB
16456Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKLHW
16455Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempPHNY
16454Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKVAD
16453Fri Nov 17 03:56Steady TempPAKP
16452Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempPADK
16451Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempPAAK
16450Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKPIB
16449Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKMYR
16448Fri Nov 17 03:56M-Shape TempKEHR
16447Fri Nov 17 03:56Steady TempKCWI
16446Fri Nov 17 03:56Steady TempKAFJ
16445Fri Nov 17 03:54M-Shape TempPHMK
16444Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKSDL
16443Fri Nov 17 03:53Steady TempKMOX
16442Fri Nov 17 03:54M-Shape TempKMEM
16441Fri Nov 17 03:54M-Shape TempKLBT
16440Fri Nov 17 03:52Steady TempK5SM
16439Fri Nov 17 03:47Steady TempK0CO
16438Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKBAX
16437Fri Nov 17 03:54M-Shape TempKAKH
16436Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKADU
16435Fri Nov 17 03:55Steady TempKCBF
16434Fri Nov 17 03:54Steady TempKCAR
16433Fri Nov 17 03:50M-Shape TempENMH
16432Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempPHKO
16431Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempPHNL
16430Fri Nov 17 03:53Steady TempPAWI
16429Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKLAR
16428Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKRBG
16427Fri Nov 17 03:52Steady TempKONA
16426Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKHKA
16425Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKHEI
16424Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKGLD
16423Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKMCE
16422Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKCEW
16421Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKAKO
16420Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKBPK
16419Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempEDMA
16418Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempEDVK
16417Fri Nov 17 03:50M-Shape TempEDLV
16416Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempLOWL
16415Fri Nov 17 03:52M-Shape TempKSPS
16414Fri Nov 17 03:52M-Shape TempKBIS
16413Fri Nov 17 03:53M-Shape TempKBIL
16412Fri Nov 17 03:52M-Shape TempKATL
16411Fri Nov 17 03:52M-Shape TempKIEN
16410Fri Nov 17 03:53Steady TempPAIN
16409Fri Nov 17 03:50Steady TempESIB
16408Fri Nov 17 03:51M-Shape TempKPHX
16407Fri Nov 17 03:50M-Shape TempKDAG
16406Fri Nov 17 03:45M-Shape TempKSVH
16405Fri Nov 17 03:48M-Shape TempKGCC
16404Fri Nov 17 03:48Steady TempCYQI
16403Fri Nov 17 03:48Steady TempPATE
16402Fri Nov 17 03:46Steady TempKSAC
16401Fri Nov 17 03:46Steady TempKMLP
16400Fri Nov 17 03:44M-Shape TempKIZG
16399Fri Nov 17 03:44Steady TempKDLH
16398Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKBUU
16397Fri Nov 17 03:42Steady TempPPIZ
16396Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempKUNI
16395Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempKHFJ
16394Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempKGVT
16393Fri Nov 17 03:41Steady TempCYGV
16392Fri Nov 17 03:37Steady TempPAEI
16391Fri Nov 17 03:37Steady TempKCWN
16390Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempK5M9
16389Fri Nov 17 03:35M-Shape TempKIIY
16388Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKIKK
16387Fri Nov 17 03:37Steady TempKFVE
16386Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempUHMD
16385Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKSEF
16384Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKRCR
16383Fri Nov 17 03:35M-Shape TempKMNV
16382Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKHSD
16381Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKHHV
16380Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKGYY
16379Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKGHB
16378Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKBVS
16377Fri Nov 17 03:36Steady TempKIRS
16376Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKRNH
16375Fri Nov 17 03:35M-Shape TempKW81
16374Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKBAM
16373Fri Nov 17 03:35M-Shape TempKY19
16372Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempKBDU
16371Fri Nov 17 03:27Steady TempKMYP
16370Fri Nov 17 03:34Steady TempKPNM
16369Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKGWR
16368Fri Nov 17 03:31Steady TempEHGR
16367Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempLRTC
16366Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempLRBC
16365Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempLFLP
16364Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempLFLL
16363Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempCXMG
16362Fri Nov 17 03:35Steady TempKRUG
16361Fri Nov 17 03:30Steady TempKQEQ
16360Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempETSN
16359Fri Nov 17 03:30M-Shape TempLLET
16358Fri Nov 17 03:28Steady TempPASC
16357Fri Nov 17 03:20M-Shape TempLTAF
16356Fri Nov 17 03:24Steady TempKSUU
16355Fri Nov 17 03:27Steady TempCYXR
16354Fri Nov 17 03:26Steady TempCYBQ
16353Fri Nov 17 03:26Steady TempCYNA
16352Fri Nov 17 03:25Steady TempEHVL
16351Fri Nov 17 03:23Steady TempCYDB
16350Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempCXTV
16349Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempEDDN
16348Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempEDDL
16347Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempEDDK
16346Fri Nov 17 03:20M-Shape TempESMQ
16345Fri Nov 17 03:22Steady TempCYRQ
16344Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempLHSN
16343Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempLHPA
16342Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempLSZC
16341Fri Nov 17 03:20Steady TempEYSA
16340Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempK3N8
16339Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKMRJ
16338Fri Nov 17 03:19Steady TempKJMR
16337Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKJAQ
16336Fri Nov 17 03:15M-Shape TempKDUB
16335Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKLCG
16334Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKVKY
16333Fri Nov 17 03:18Steady TempKDLZ
16332Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempK6I2
16331Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSANT
16330Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempLYTV
16329Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKLZZ
16328Fri Nov 17 03:16Steady TempKFKS
16327Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKHVE
16326Fri Nov 17 03:14Steady TempKRQB
16325Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKOLZ
16324Fri Nov 17 03:14Steady TempKLSE
16323Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKEVM
16322Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKEOK
16321Fri Nov 17 03:16Steady TempK4I3
16320Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSBRF
16319Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSBMO
16318Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSBSC
16317Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSBMN
16316Fri Nov 17 03:14Steady TempKROS
16315Fri Nov 17 03:11Steady TempKLXL
16314Fri Nov 17 03:14Steady TempKFFM
16313Fri Nov 17 03:15Steady TempKFFL
16312Fri Nov 17 03:14Steady TempPAHL
16311Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempSBUL
16310Fri Nov 17 03:09M-Shape TempPAEH
16309Fri Nov 17 03:11Steady TempCZUM
16308Fri Nov 17 03:09M-Shape TempYSNW
16307Fri Nov 17 03:10Steady TempKLEW
16306Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempOENG
16305Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempUUEE
16304Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempCWPD
16303Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempCWLM
16302Fri Nov 17 03:05Steady TempPASY
16301Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempCYYE
16300Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempEIME
16299Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKTVK
16298Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLRTM
16297Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempGCLA
16296Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLFBU
16295Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempLFTH
16294Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLFSN
16293Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLFSX
16292Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempOIMC
16291Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempOIIP
16290Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLQSA
16289Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempLKMT
16288Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempKMPV
16287Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempKQES
16286Fri Nov 17 03:00Steady TempEPWR
16285Fri Nov 17 03:00M-Shape TempSCCF
16284Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempKMEI
16283Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempKHIO
16282Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKDHT
16281Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempKSLI
16280Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKSTE
16279Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempK2G9
16278Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempKSHM
16277Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempEHAK
16276Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempKFCS
16275Fri Nov 17 02:58M-Shape TempK1OW
16274Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKSCF
16273Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKAIG
16272Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKEFT
16271Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKGUL
16270Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKSHV
16269Fri Nov 17 02:56Steady TempKSFO
16268Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKCHS
16267Fri Nov 17 02:40M-Shape TempK46U
16266Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKNXP
16265Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKNID
16264Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKSOP
16263Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKSKX
16262Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKOKV
16261Fri Nov 17 02:50M-Shape TempKJQF
16260Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKGDV
16259Fri Nov 17 02:56Steady TempKFKL
16258Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKFAM
16257Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKCOQ
16256Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKAIZ
16255Fri Nov 17 02:55M-Shape TempKAAT
16254Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempK4O4
16253Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempK22N
16252Fri Nov 17 02:56Steady TempKBTP
16251Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKILE
16250Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKLPC
16249Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKEKO
16248Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKBAD
16247Fri Nov 17 02:56M-Shape TempKRCA
16246Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKLDM
16245Fri Nov 17 02:50M-Shape TempKSTK
16244Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKCLW
16243Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKCIC
16242Fri Nov 17 02:47Steady TempKCCU
16241Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKCBG
16240Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKCAV
16239Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempPHOG
16238Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempKMWN
16237Fri Nov 17 02:55M-Shape TempKBYS
16236Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempKWAL
16235Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempKEVV
16234Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempKRIC
16233Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempKOFP
16232Fri Nov 17 02:45M-Shape TempKMER
16231Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKVIH
16230Fri Nov 17 02:52Steady TempKSYN
16229Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKSHN
16228Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKSAV
16227Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKPNS
16226Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKRIL
16225Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKRDK
16224Fri Nov 17 02:54M-Shape TempKPSF
16223Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKONO
16222Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKMKL
16221Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKMFE
16220Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKLOL
16219Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKLAA
16218Fri Nov 17 02:54Steady TempKJKJ
16217Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempKICL
16216Fri Nov 17 02:53Steady TempKHLG
16215Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKGLH
16214Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempKGDB
16213Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKGEG
16212Fri Nov 17 02:53Steady TempKBLI
16211Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKBMG
16210Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKAWM
16209Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKAPF
16208Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKALW
16207Fri Nov 17 02:55Steady TempK8B0
16206Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempPHLI
16205Fri Nov 17 02:48M-Shape TempMMCP
16204Fri Nov 17 02:50M-Shape TempENBO
16203Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempENLE
16202Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempEETU
16201Fri Nov 17 02:52Steady TempKDPA
16200Fri Nov 17 02:52Steady TempPATA
16199Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempESNQ
16198Fri Nov 17 02:53M-Shape TempKHLC
16197Fri Nov 17 02:51M-Shape TempKVCT
16196Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempESMT
16195Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempESGG
16194Fri Nov 17 02:50Steady TempLSMA
16193Fri Nov 17 02:52Steady TempCYGV
16192Fri Nov 17 02:48M-Shape TempKJDN
16191Fri Nov 17 02:42Steady TempETAR
16190Fri Nov 17 02:45Steady TempCYNE
16189Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKW99
16188Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempVOTK
16187Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempK1F0
16186Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKPVB
16185Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKPLU
16184Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKATP
16183Fri Nov 17 02:40Steady TempKGRY
16182Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempUUWW
16181Fri Nov 17 02:36Steady TempPAGK
16180Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKPPO
16179Fri Nov 17 02:36Steady TempKPHN
16178Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKPCZ
16177Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKMZH
16176Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKIGQ
16175Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKAUN
16174Fri Nov 17 02:34Steady TempKTWM
16173Fri Nov 17 02:35Steady TempKMEZ
16172Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempKMDS
16171Fri Nov 17 02:31Steady TempKI23
16170Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempKI19
16169Fri Nov 17 02:32Steady TempKCPW
16168Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempVIDP
16167Fri Nov 17 02:35M-Shape TempKJHN
16166Fri Nov 17 02:30M-Shape TempUAUU
16165Fri Nov 17 02:34Steady TempCYFC
16164Fri Nov 17 02:34Steady TempCYSC
16163Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempLFQA
16162Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempLFMH
16161Fri Nov 17 02:30Steady TempLFBA
16160Fri Nov 17 02:32Steady TempCBBC
16159Fri Nov 17 02:25Steady TempEBFS
16158Fri Nov 17 02:31Steady TempPFYU
16157Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempLHPR
16156Fri Nov 17 02:31Steady TempPFSH
16155Fri Nov 17 02:28Steady TempKDAW
16154Fri Nov 17 02:25M-Shape TempLTCJ
16153Fri Nov 17 02:25Steady TempEHMG
16152Fri Nov 17 02:27Steady TempKDUJ
16151Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempHEMA
16150Fri Nov 17 02:20M-Shape TempETNH
16149Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempETHB
16148Fri Nov 17 02:24Steady TempKPQI
16147Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempEDFH
16146Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempENLA
16145Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempEBCI
16144Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKFGX
16143Fri Nov 17 02:20M-Shape TempESKN
16142Fri Nov 17 02:22Steady TempPFNO
16141Fri Nov 17 02:21Steady TempCYOY
16140Fri Nov 17 02:10Steady TempKGBG
16139Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempKHSB
16138Fri Nov 17 02:16Steady TempETOU
16137Fri Nov 17 02:20Steady TempKVBS
16136Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKSFY
16135Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempK46U
16134Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKC29
16133Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKRRL
16132Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKOXI
16131Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKOBE
16130Fri Nov 17 02:15M-Shape TempKSLC
16129Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKHZL
16128Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKS32
16127Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKORS
16126Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKCFS
16125Fri Nov 17 02:14Steady TempKERY
16124Fri Nov 17 02:11Steady TempKLVN
16123Fri Nov 17 02:15Steady TempKFKA
16122Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBPJ
16121Fri Nov 17 02:11Steady TempPAUN
16120Fri Nov 17 02:05M-Shape TempKSIF
16119Fri Nov 17 02:05M-Shape TempKHNZ
16118Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempOAKB
16117Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempVELP
16116Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempGGOV
16115Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempOEGT
16114Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempHSOB
16113Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempUUBP
16112Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempCWYY
16111Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempCWPK
16110Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempCYPQ
16109Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempCYMH
16108Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempCYQQ
16107Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempCZVL
16106Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempCYVC
16105Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempCYOJ
16104Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempYAYT
16103Fri Nov 17 02:06Steady TempCYGV
16102Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLRIA
16101Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLRSB
16100Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLFPV
16099Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLYUZ
16098Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempVOCB
16097Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempKSNL
16096Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempKPDC
16095Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKSCH
16094Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKEAT
16093Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLDDU
16092Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempLWSK
16091Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempPATK
16090Fri Nov 17 02:00Steady TempSCRM
16089Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempSEGU
16088Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempLTCV
16087Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKNMM
16086Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempLGIR
16085Fri Nov 17 01:58M-Shape TempKCVS
16084Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKOEO
16083Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKMZZ
16082Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKM75
16081Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKBBF
16080Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKETB
16079Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKDIK
16078Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempEGQM
16077Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKPAM
16076Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKNLC
16075Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKOZR
16074Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKUGN
16073Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKFSE
16072Fri Nov 17 01:52Steady TempKACQ
16071Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempK3J7
16070Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempPAKI
16069Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKRND
16068Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKGSB
16067Fri Nov 17 02:00M-Shape TempSBGO
16066Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempEHBK
16065Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKPWG
16064Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKOCH
16063Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKMQY
16062Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKMKY
16061Fri Nov 17 01:56M-Shape TempKM19
16060Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKCNW
16059Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempMMQT
16058Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempKSYM
16057Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKSHL
16056Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKRZT
16055Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKMWM
16054Fri Nov 17 01:54M-Shape TempKEUG
16053Fri Nov 17 01:48Steady TempKC07
16052Fri Nov 17 01:54M-Shape TempKAVP
16051Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempORBD
16050Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKTVY
16049Fri Nov 17 01:55M-Shape TempKATS
16048Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempPANT
16047Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKTRI
16046Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKTPA
16045Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempKPKD
16044Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKSFF
16043Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKRTN
16042Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempKZZV
16041Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKYIP
16040Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKODO
16039Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempKPWC
16038Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKPOF
16037Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempENFB
16036Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempEDSB
16035Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempLGKP
16034Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKLXV
16033Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempKLPR
16032Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKHLN
16031Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKDTO
16030Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKDLS
16029Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKDEN
16028Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempKDYT
16027Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKBNA
16026Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKCPS
16025Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKCOT
16024Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempLOWS
16023Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempELLX
16022Fri Nov 17 01:53M-Shape TempKNUI
16021Fri Nov 17 01:52Steady TempKFOZ
16020Fri Nov 17 01:53Steady TempPASV
16019Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempEBLB
16018Fri Nov 17 01:47Steady TempKRHV
16017Fri Nov 17 01:52Steady TempKBLU
16016Fri Nov 17 01:51M-Shape TempNSTU
16015Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempBGKK
16014Fri Nov 17 01:55Steady TempKDEH
16013Fri Nov 17 01:51Steady TempKCON
16012Fri Nov 17 01:43M-Shape TempMMMZ
16011Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempKESN
16010Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempESNL
16009Fri Nov 17 01:50M-Shape TempCYHE
16008Fri Nov 17 01:46Steady TempPAIM
16007Fri Nov 17 01:50Steady TempK14Y
16006Fri Nov 17 01:47M-Shape TempKGYR
16005Fri Nov 17 01:36M-Shape TempKCBM
16004Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempHTKA
16003Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempHTAR
16002Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCXDE
16001Fri Nov 17 01:40Steady TempPAFA
16000Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempKCQB
15999Fri Nov 17 01:41Steady TempCYBC
15998Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKVES
15997Fri Nov 17 01:25M-Shape TempOAHR
15996Fri Nov 17 01:37Steady TempKSCK
15995Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKC09
15994Fri Nov 17 01:35M-Shape TempKBPG
15993Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempK57C
15992Fri Nov 17 01:39Steady TempKLYV
15991Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempUWSS
15990Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempUWUU
15989Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKRPJ
15988Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKY23
15987Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKXIH
15986Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKASL
15985Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKEHC
15984Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKEFK
15983Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKAAA
15982Fri Nov 17 01:36Steady TempKXVG
15981Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKFKR
15980Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKOKM
15979Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKN03
15978Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKLNN
15977Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKRZL
15976Fri Nov 17 01:35M-Shape TempKCUL
15975Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKCDA
15974Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKHAF
15973Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKASW
15972Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKUCP
15971Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKOLE
15970Fri Nov 17 01:34Steady TempKMRT
15969Fri Nov 17 01:34Steady TempKMGG
15968Fri Nov 17 01:33Steady TempKD39
15967Fri Nov 17 01:34Steady TempKCNB
15966Fri Nov 17 01:34Steady TempKGYL
15965Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempEHVK
15964Fri Nov 17 01:34Steady TempCYXS
15963Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempLJCE
15962Fri Nov 17 01:35M-Shape TempKM25
15961Fri Nov 17 01:35Steady TempKBWW
15960Fri Nov 17 01:31Steady TempPASK
15959Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempVERC
15958Fri Nov 17 01:30Steady TempLZIB
15957Fri Nov 17 01:24Steady TempEBBL
15956Fri Nov 17 01:28Steady TempKMLP
15955Fri Nov 17 01:25Steady TempEHHW
15954Fri Nov 17 01:27Steady TempCYQW
15953Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempEDLP
15952Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempLGSO
15951Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempLOWK
15950Fri Nov 17 01:20M-Shape TempEGGP
15949Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempEDDR
15948Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempEDDT
15947Fri Nov 17 01:20M-Shape TempESMX
15946Fri Nov 17 01:20Steady TempKI69
15945Fri Nov 17 01:07Steady TempPAFB
15944Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKHHG
15943Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKRZN
15942Fri Nov 17 01:18Steady TempPAIW
15941Fri Nov 17 01:17Steady TempPABR
15940Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKVAF
15939Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKUCY
15938Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKTRK
15937Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKPHT
15936Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKMZG
15935Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKJOT
15934Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKJAU
15933Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKHZD
15932Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempK0A9
15931Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKCRX
15930Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKC65
15929Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempK3I2
15928Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempK3D2
15927Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempK2F5
15926Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKGWB
15925Fri Nov 17 01:13Steady TempEBBE
15924Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKIIB
15923Fri Nov 17 01:14Steady TempKELZ
15922Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempKAXA
15921Fri Nov 17 01:14Steady TempKADC
15920Fri Nov 17 01:15Steady TempK06D
15919Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBCA
15918Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBAF
15917Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSBDN
15916Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSBJU
15915Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCWDM
15914Fri Nov 17 01:13Steady TempCYYL
15913Fri Nov 17 01:11Steady TempKTIK
15912Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempORMM
15911Fri Nov 17 01:15M-Shape TempKLKR
15910Fri Nov 17 01:09Steady TempPANI
15909Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempLICF
15908Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempOEGS
15907Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCWGW
15906Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCWLE
15905Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempCWLC
15904Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCWEH
15903Fri Nov 17 01:07Steady TempCYFC
15902Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempCYQV
15901Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempCYMM
15900Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCYLW
15899Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempCYVL
15898Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempCYZV
15897Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempVTPM
15896Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempOIGG
15895Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempZSOF
15894Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempLEBR
15893Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempUAUU
15892Fri Nov 17 01:02Steady TempKBFW
15891Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempLRCL
15890Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempLRAR
15889Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempLEAG
15888Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKMUI
15887Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempLYBT
15886Fri Nov 17 01:02Steady TempPAHX
15885Fri Nov 17 01:00Steady TempLZZI
15884Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBBR
15883Fri Nov 17 01:01Steady TempPAFS
15882Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSELT
15881Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKLRO
15880Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBPL
15879Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempYMAV
15878Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSBGL
15877Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempSCCI
15876Fri Nov 17 00:50M-Shape TempLTCD
15875Fri Nov 17 00:58M-Shape TempKBKF
15874Fri Nov 17 01:00M-Shape TempMZBZ
15873Fri Nov 17 00:58M-Shape TempKSKA
15872Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKVYS
15871Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKGGP
15870Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKDKB
15869Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempEHQE
15868Fri Nov 17 00:50M-Shape TempLGSY
15867Fri Nov 17 00:57Steady TempPAMH
15866Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKWJF
15865Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKVQT
15864Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKSWW
15863Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKSOA
15862Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKS52
15861Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKOLG
15860Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKLWS
15859Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKLCK
15858Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKCEC
15857Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKINW
15856Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKGNC
15855Fri Nov 17 00:57Steady TempCYGV
15854Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKNQI
15853Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKPBH
15852Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKFMM
15851Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKEOE
15850Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKLHM
15849Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKDQH
15848Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempVAAU
15847Fri Nov 17 00:56Steady TempPAIK
15846Fri Nov 17 00:56Steady TempPABL
15845Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKDAA
15844Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKRNO
15843Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKPVE
15842Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKMVN
15841Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKLLJ
15840Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKSGT
15839Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKADW
15838Fri Nov 17 00:56M-Shape TempKBOK
15837Fri Nov 17 00:54Steady TempKULM
15836Fri Nov 17 00:52Steady TempKBBB
15835Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKMQJ
15834Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKDTL
15833Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKCDI
15832Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempKBDH
15831Fri Nov 17 00:46M-Shape TempMMZO
15830Fri Nov 17 00:47M-Shape TempMMLT
15829Fri Nov 17 00:55Steady TempPATL
15828Fri Nov 17 00:54M-Shape TempKRBL
15827Fri Nov 17 00:54Steady TempKOLM
15826Fri Nov 17 00:54M-Shape TempKCEU
15825Fri Nov 17 00:50M-Shape TempENML
15824Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempPACV
15823Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempPAAQ
15822Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKVPC
15821Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKTYS
15820Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKTVR
15819Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKSSF
15818Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKSIY
15817Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKSGS
15816Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKSDM
15815Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKPSX
15814Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKPSC
15813Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKPMD
15812Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKOXB
15811Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKLMT
15810Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKLJF
15809Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKLHQ
15808Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKLAX
15807Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKGUP
15806Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKHFD
15805Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempLGRP
15804Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKFTW
15803Fri Nov 17 00:53Steady TempKFPR
15802Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKFDR
15801Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKDAB
15800Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKCRQ
15799Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKBKE
15798Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKELN
15797Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKAPA
15796Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKBUR
15795Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKBOI
15794Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKBMQ
15793Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempENWV
15792Fri Nov 17 00:50M-Shape TempENQR
15791Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempLGSR
15790Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKP68
15789Fri Nov 17 00:55M-Shape TempKGXA
15788Fri Nov 17 00:53M-Shape TempKOLF
15787Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempETNG
15786Fri Nov 17 00:52M-Shape TempKREO
15785Fri Nov 17 00:45M-Shape TempKATW
15784Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEFKI
15783Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEFSI
15782Fri Nov 17 00:40M-Shape TempMMAN
15781Fri Nov 17 00:44M-Shape TempMMSL
15780Fri Nov 17 00:43M-Shape TempMMSD
15779Fri Nov 17 00:40M-Shape TempMMLP
15778Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEDDV
15777Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEDDF
15776Fri Nov 17 00:51M-Shape TempKVNY
15775Fri Nov 17 00:51M-Shape TempKORF
15774Fri Nov 17 00:51M-Shape TempKHDO
15773Fri Nov 17 00:46M-Shape TempMMPQ
15772Fri Nov 17 00:49Steady TempKSJC
15771Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempCZBF
15770Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEFOU
15769Fri Nov 17 00:50Steady TempEYPA
15768Fri Nov 17 00:46Steady TempPAKP
15767Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempVABP
15766Fri Nov 17 00:41Steady TempKGTB
15765Fri Nov 17 00:44Steady TempCYBN
15764Fri Nov 17 00:43Steady TempUMMS
15763Fri Nov 17 00:40Steady TempPKWA
15762Fri Nov 17 00:39M-Shape TempKMEH
15761Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKA39
15760Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempYPCC
15759Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKTIP
15758Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKEMV
15757Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKBKD
15756Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKOPN
15755Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempUWKS
15754Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempULAA
15753Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKONM
15752Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKBDG
15751Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKAYS
15750Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKAPY
15749Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKW22
15748Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKUBE
15747Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKTYQ
15746Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKRQO
15745Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempPAAD
15744Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempUSNN
15743Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKY51
15742Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKRCX
15741Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKEDJ
15740Fri Nov 17 00:33Steady TempKJYG
15739Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKHFY
15738Fri Nov 17 00:29M-Shape TempKHIF
15737Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempPAOU
15736Fri Nov 17 00:33M-Shape TempKIMS
15735Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKD60
15734Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKCVX
15733Fri Nov 17 00:34Steady TempKCFE
15732Fri Nov 17 00:35M-Shape TempKBNL
15731Fri Nov 17 00:33Steady TempKBJI
15730Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKACB
15729Fri Nov 17 00:34Steady TempK04W
15728Fri Nov 17 00:34Steady TempKOSC
15727Fri Nov 17 00:34Steady TempKMJQ
15726Fri Nov 17 00:34Steady TempKHCD
15725Fri Nov 17 00:35Steady TempKAIT
15724Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempLFOT
15723Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempLYBE
15722Fri Nov 17 00:30Steady TempVOBL
15721Fri Nov 17 00:27Steady TempCYKL
15720Fri Nov 17 00:25Steady TempKGRF
15719Fri Nov 17 00:27Steady TempCYBU
15718Fri Nov 17 00:20M-Shape TempETGG
15717Fri Nov 17 00:20Steady TempENAN
15716Fri Nov 17 00:20Steady TempEBLG
15715Fri Nov 17 00:20M-Shape TempESOK
15714Fri Nov 17 00:20Steady TempESNV
15713Fri Nov 17 00:20M-Shape TempEKRK
15712Fri Nov 17 00:20Steady TempEFLP
15711Fri Nov 17 00:20Steady TempEDDM
15710Fri Nov 17 00:20M-Shape TempKTKI
15709Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKBMC
15708Fri Nov 17 00:17Steady TempKBFD
15707Fri Nov 17 00:08Steady TempPAFB
15706Fri Nov 17 00:14Steady TempKSUU
15705Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKLRU
15704Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKLOT
15703Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKDNV
15702Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCWAV
15701Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCXLL
15700Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKRGK
15699Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKPVJ
15698Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKGLE
15697Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKGIC
15696Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKF46
15695Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempK4V0
15694Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKEGV
15693Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKMGC
15692Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKEBS
15691Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKCQM
15690Fri Nov 17 00:11Steady TempK21D
15689Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSBJV
15688Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSBYS
15687Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSBAQ
15686Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempCZUM
15685Fri Nov 17 00:15M-Shape TempKDNA
15684Fri Nov 17 00:13Steady TempPAMC
15683Fri Nov 17 00:12Steady TempKONA
15682Fri Nov 17 00:15Steady TempKHZX
15681Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCXDK
15680Fri Nov 17 00:13Steady TempCYMO
15679Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempFYRU
15678Fri Nov 17 00:05Steady TempEHEH
15677Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempUWGG
15676Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempUUDL
15675Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempWBKT
15674Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCWFJ
15673Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCWQH
15672Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempCYRJ
15671Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempCYOY
15670Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempVTBU
15669Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempCYQL
15668Fri Nov 17 00:04Steady TempPANN
15667Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempVMMC
15666Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSUMU
15665Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempMHNO
15664Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempMROC
15663Fri Nov 17 00:05Steady TempKPOV
15662Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempZWWW
15661Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempVOTV
15660Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempLJLJ
15659Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempLFBL
15658Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempLFSI
15657Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKAQV
15656Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempKHUL
15655Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempPASN
15654Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempMGQZ
15653Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempMGSJ
15652Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempGMTN
15651Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKNKX
15650Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSLVR
15649Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSLLP
15648Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempLBPD
15647Fri Nov 17 00:00Steady TempLDOS
15646Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKCEY
15645Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSPRU
15644Fri Nov 17 00:00M-Shape TempSEGS
15643Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempEFMI
15642Thu Nov 16 23:51M-Shape TempMUCC
15641Thu Nov 16 23:50M-Shape TempLTBZ
15640Thu Nov 16 23:41M-Shape TempMMZC
15639Thu Nov 16 23:41M-Shape TempMMIA
15638Thu Nov 16 23:41M-Shape TempMMMY
15637Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempKEOD
15636Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempK1BW
15635Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempK1DM
15634Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempK1CM
15633Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempKDMA
15632Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKUNI
15631Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKRWV
15630Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKMWO
15629Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKIKK
15628Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKHMZ
15627Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKHDE
15626Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKGHB
15625Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempK5C1
15624Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKEHA
15623Thu Nov 16 23:58M-Shape TempKPOE
15622Thu Nov 16 23:58Steady TempPASY
15621Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKNUC
15620Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKVPS
15619Thu Nov 16 23:50M-Shape TempTJBQ
15618Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKRDM
15617Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempEDNY
15616Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKMQE
15615Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKNRS
15614Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKALK
15613Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKNPA
15612Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKSNK
15611Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKSYF
15610Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKMDD
15609Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKLZZ
15608Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKBGF
15607Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKAVQ
15606Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKDLO
15605Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKCZT
15604Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempPAIN
15603Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempPATE
15602Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKQHY
15601Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKQGE
15600Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempETIH
15599Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKSKF
15598Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempCYAH
15597Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKSMN
15596Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempPFNO
15595Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKPTN
15594Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempKJAC
15593Thu Nov 16 23:54Steady TempKIZG
15592Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKHRT
15591Thu Nov 16 23:56M-Shape TempKLTS
15590Thu Nov 16 23:45M-Shape TempMMZH
15589Thu Nov 16 23:47M-Shape TempMMTJ
15588Thu Nov 16 23:56Steady TempKLWA
15587Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKBAX
15586Thu Nov 16 23:54Steady TempKAQP
15585Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempK46D
15584Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKGWR
15583Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKFLY
15582Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKFIN
15581Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempEHVK
15580Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKAKQ
15579Thu Nov 16 23:54Steady TempKVTA
15578Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKSJN
15577Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKSBN
15576Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKOLS
15575Thu Nov 16 23:47Steady TempKPAO
15574Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKLWT
15573Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKVEL
15572Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKTYR
15571Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKTCL
15570Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKTCC
15569Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKSHR
15568Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKRWL
15567Thu Nov 16 23:54M-Shape TempKRMY
15566Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKRIW
15565Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKPUB
15564Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKPIL
15563Thu Nov 16 23:53Steady TempKOVE
15562Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKNEW
15561Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKMTH
15560Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKMSO
15559Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKLWV
15558Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKLVS
15557Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKLCH
15556Thu Nov 16 23:55M-Shape TempKKY8
15555Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHVR
15554Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHSV
15553Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHRI
15552Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHJO
15551Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHHR
15550Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKHBR
15549Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKFOK
15548Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKDTS
15547Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKCYS
15546Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKBTM
15545Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKBRO
15544Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKBPT
15543Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKBCE
15542Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKAMA
15541Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKAFW
15540Thu Nov 16 23:53M-Shape TempKABY
15539Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempENBN
15538Thu Nov 16 23:50M-Shape TempENAL
15537Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempLGPA
15536Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempLGKV
15535Thu Nov 16 23:52Steady TempKMFD
15534Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempEGPK
15533Thu Nov 16 23:50Steady TempEKYT
15532Thu Nov 16 23:51M-Shape TempKDAW
15531Thu Nov 16 23:51M-Shape TempKCRP
15530Thu Nov 16 23:51M-Shape TempKAVX
15529Thu Nov 16 23:55Steady TempKFXY
15528Thu Nov 16 23:50M-Shape TempWSSL
15527Thu Nov 16 23:48M-Shape TempKASG
15526Thu Nov 16 23:45Steady TempCMGB
15525Thu Nov 16 23:47Steady TempKSQL
15524Thu Nov 16 23:47Steady TempLKPR
15523Thu Nov 16 23:47Steady TempPAKK
15522Thu Nov 16 23:25Steady TempEHJR
15521Thu Nov 16 23:41Steady TempYPAD
15520Thu Nov 16 23:43Steady TempCYET
15519Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKTMA
15518Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKPEQ
15517Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKMGR
15516Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKJYR
15515Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempK11R
15514Thu Nov 16 23:30M-Shape TempRJTF
15513Thu Nov 16 23:39M-Shape TempCYYN
15512Thu Nov 16 23:30M-Shape TempOPSK
15511Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempKPNT
15510Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKPNA
15509Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempK0F2
15508Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempKVKY
15507Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKLXN
15506Thu Nov 16 23:38Steady TempKDLZ
15505Thu Nov 16 23:36Steady TempKCLE
15504Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKPEZ
15503Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKOOA
15502Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKAUH
15501Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempK3R7
15500Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKECS
15499Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKE80
15498Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKBWD
15497Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKBQK
15496Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKBPC
15495Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempKBAM
15494Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKAXS
15493Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempKJST
15492Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKFTN
15491Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempCYLJ
15490Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKSRR
15489Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKPAN
15488Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKOXV
15487Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempKCKN
15486Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKBDN
15485Thu Nov 16 23:32Steady TempK9MN
15484Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempK9D7
15483Thu Nov 16 23:36Steady TempK4I3
15482Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempK33V
15481Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKHZE
15480Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempCYQB
15479Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempCYKF
15478Thu Nov 16 23:30M-Shape TempLPPR
15477Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempKVVV
15476Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKSXU
15475Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKSOW
15474Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempKRRT
15473Thu Nov 16 23:35Steady TempKOLZ
15472Thu Nov 16 23:32Steady TempKMVE
15471Thu Nov 16 23:31Steady TempKLXL
15470Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempKGHW
15469Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempKFFM
15468Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKAJZ
15467Thu Nov 16 23:30M-Shape TempUCFM
15466Thu Nov 16 23:34Steady TempCYPA
15465Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKPTS
15464Thu Nov 16 23:35M-Shape TempKGLY
15463Thu Nov 16 23:30Steady TempLFSG
15462Thu Nov 16 23:32M-Shape TempCYLL
15461Thu Nov 16 23:31Steady TempPAMH
15460Thu Nov 16 23:30Steady TempKAUG
15459Thu Nov 16 23:30Steady TempVOMM
15458Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempDIKO
15457Thu Nov 16 23:28Steady TempETAD
15456Thu Nov 16 23:30Steady TempKQEX
15455Thu Nov 16 23:30Steady TempKQES
15454Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempMNRS
15453Thu Nov 16 23:25Steady TempEHKV
15452Thu Nov 16 23:23Steady TempPAFB
15451Thu Nov 16 23:25Steady TempKSHN
15450Thu Nov 16 23:21Steady TempRCSS
15449Thu Nov 16 23:20Steady TempETHF
15448Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempMNJU
15447Thu Nov 16 23:22Steady TempKBRD
15446Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempMNPC
15445Thu Nov 16 23:20Steady TempESDF
15444Thu Nov 16 23:23Steady TempCZVL
15443Thu Nov 16 23:23Steady TempCYBN
15442Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempLHKE
15441Thu Nov 16 23:10Steady TempKCHK
15440Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempVTSH
15439Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKMYZ
15438Thu Nov 16 23:19M-Shape TempSVBM
15437Thu Nov 16 23:19M-Shape TempCYSF
15436Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKU68
15435Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKF70
15434Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempK2G9
15433Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKVOA
15432Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKSCF
15431Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKPVW
15430Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKPOY
15429Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKLCG
15428Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKBVN
15427Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKAPY
15426Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKADH
15425Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempK9V9
15424Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempK82C
15423Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempK19S
15422Thu Nov 16 23:17Steady TempCYMT
15421Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKSEP
15420Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKPYX
15419Thu Nov 16 23:10Steady TempKTTF
15418Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKOZA
15417Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKL18
15416Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKHQG
15415Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKHHF
15414Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKEBG
15413Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKDZB
15412Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKAHQ
15411Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempK6A1
15410Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempK3K3
15409Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKDRI
15408Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKCOQ
15407Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKBEA
15406Thu Nov 16 23:18M-Shape TempKEIK
15405Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKCBG
15404Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKBNW
15403Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKAUM
15402Thu Nov 16 23:15Steady TempKIDI
15401Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSBVH
15400Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSBQV
15399Thu Nov 16 23:13Steady TempKSYN
15398Thu Nov 16 23:15M-Shape TempKRDK
15397Thu Nov 16 23:13Steady TempKPEX
15396Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBME
15395Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBTK
15394Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempFAPN
15393Thu Nov 16 23:14Steady TempCYFS
15392Thu Nov 16 23:12Steady TempCYZY
15391Thu Nov 16 23:08Steady TempEHGR
15390Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempDIBK
15389Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempVEBS
15388Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempOEHL
15387Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempOEAB
15386Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempOEPA
15385Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempUWLW
15384Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempUNOO
15383Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempFYML
15382Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSKIB
15381Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSKRH
15380Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSKSM
15379Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempCWRT
15378Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempCTCK
15377Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempDAAY
15376Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempVTBD
15375Thu Nov 16 23:05Steady TempETOU
15374Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempCYHY
15373Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempCYZH
15372Thu Nov 16 23:05Steady TempCYQA
15371Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKNBG
15370Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempLPPS
15369Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSLCA
15368Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSLSA
15367Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempFYWH
15366Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempFYWB
15365Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempZYTX
15364Thu Nov 16 22:59Steady TempEHWO
15363Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempLRTR
15362Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempLFGA
15361Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempLFCR
15360Thu Nov 16 23:03Steady TempKASH
15359Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSAZS
15358Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSASA
15357Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempOIKQ
15356Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSBCY
15355Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempLQBK
15354Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempFMCZ
15353Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempKLVK
15352Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempKHFJ
15351Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKCPU
15350Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempEPPO
15349Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempOPRN
15348Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempMHTE
15347Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempLDZA
15346Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempKFEW
15345Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKNOG
15344Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKGYI
15343Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempYMER
15342Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSCNT
15341Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSCAT
15340Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempENDR
15339Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempKQRD
15338Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSPME
15337Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSPHO
15336Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSPCL
15335Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSPQU
15334Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSPHI
15333Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempOEDR
15332Thu Nov 16 23:00Steady TempDIAP
15331Thu Nov 16 23:00M-Shape TempSULS
15330Thu Nov 16 22:59Steady TempPAHX
15329Thu Nov 16 22:58Steady TempKMLP
15328Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempK1GM
15327Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempTXKF
15326Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKNTD
15325Thu Nov 16 22:58Steady TempKBAB
15324Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempK1JM
15323Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempK1IM
15322Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempK1AW
15321Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempCYSM
15320Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempKXMR
15319Thu Nov 16 22:58M-Shape TempKHOP
15318Thu Nov 16 22:54Steady TempPATC
15317Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKY49
15316Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKPRO
15315Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKM30
15314Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKISP
15313Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKIJX
15312Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKHYW
15311Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKCAE
15310Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKBIJ
15309Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKBCK
15308Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKFVX
15307Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKFOA
15306Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKFMM
15305Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKATP
15304Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKAND
15303Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempK5A6
15302Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempMUGM
15301Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKQKR
15300Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKMCF
15299Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKTVI
15298Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKSUW
15297Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKRSV
15296Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKPPO
15295Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKOZS
15294Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKIGQ
15293Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKASN
15292Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKCUL
15291Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKBIX
15290Thu Nov 16 22:56Steady TempPAMM
15289Thu Nov 16 22:56Steady TempPAUN
15288Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKAUO
15287Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempK1M4
15286Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKISM
15285Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKOTH
15284Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKMZH
15283Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKMKG
15282Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKMJX
15281Thu Nov 16 22:56Steady TempPAHP
15280Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKDYR
15279Thu Nov 16 22:56M-Shape TempKLFI
15278Thu Nov 16 22:56Steady TempKGUS
15277Thu Nov 16 22:51Steady TempKI23
15276Thu Nov 16 22:50Steady TempKI19
15275Thu Nov 16 22:53Steady TempKAEL
15274Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKADU
15273Thu Nov 16 22:54Steady TempKTWM
15272Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKTKX
15271Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKSDA
15270Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKCNC
15269Thu Nov 16 22:55Steady TempKPZQ
15268Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKMNH
15267Thu Nov 16 22:55SaunaKQKG
15266Thu Nov 16 22:54M-Shape TempKISW
15265Thu Nov 16 22:54Steady TempKBOS
15264Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempENHF
15263Thu Nov 16 22:53Steady TempPAWI
15262Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKPIE
15261Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKPBG
15260Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKOSH
15259Thu Nov 16 22:52M-Shape TempKORE
15258Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKMSY
15257Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKMMK
15256Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKLOZ
15255Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKLIT
15254Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKLEE
15253Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKHVN
15252Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKFXE
15251Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKFMY
15250Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKGZH
15249Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKGTF
15248Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKGPT
15247Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKCRS
15246Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKEQY
15245Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKEET
15244Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKBWG
15243Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKBHM
15242Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKAAF
15241Thu Nov 16 22:43M-Shape TempMMTM
15240Thu Nov 16 22:53M-Shape TempKP92
15239Thu Nov 16 22:53Steady TempCYOY
15238Thu Nov 16 22:52M-Shape TempKDVN
15237Thu Nov 16 22:52M-Shape TempKBLF
15236Thu Nov 16 22:52M-Shape TempKBDR
15235Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKMAO
15234Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempESIB
15233Thu Nov 16 22:55M-Shape TempKLRY
15232Thu Nov 16 22:51M-Shape TempKPVD
15231Thu Nov 16 22:50M-Shape TempMSSA
15230Thu Nov 16 22:42M-Shape TempMMTP
15229Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBCF
15228Thu Nov 16 22:50Steady TempEETN
15227Thu Nov 16 22:45M-Shape TempKSWF
15226Thu Nov 16 22:46Steady TempPPIZ
15225Thu Nov 16 22:46Steady TempCYHU
15224Thu Nov 16 22:45Steady TempKCGF
15223Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKFGX
15222Thu Nov 16 22:40M-Shape TempKVDI
15221Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKACP
15220Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKEHY
15219Thu Nov 16 22:38Steady TempPAQH
15218Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK8A0
15217Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKRNV
15216Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKPIM
15215Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKLUD
15214Thu Nov 16 22:38Steady TempCYXS
15213Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKHLX
15212Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKGUL
15211Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKETB
15210Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKPPQ
15209Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKARW
15208Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKALX
15207Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK40J
15206Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKLNP
15205Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKLGC
15204Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKI63
15203Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKELA
15202Thu Nov 16 22:37Steady TempCYZY
15201Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKPCD
15200Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKDUA
15199Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKBYY
15198Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK82V
15197Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK7W4
15196Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK4A9
15195Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK3J7
15194Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKTNB
15193Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKSCD
15192Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKIKG
15191Thu Nov 16 22:37Steady TempKY63
15190Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKTVL
15189Thu Nov 16 22:33Steady TempKCKC
15188Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempCYXE
15187Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKX60
15186Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKVTP
15185Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKUOX
15184Thu Nov 16 22:30M-Shape TempKRCV
15183Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKPLR
15182Thu Nov 16 22:33Steady TempKIMS
15181Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempKGCD
15180Thu Nov 16 22:34M-Shape TempKFLD
15179Thu Nov 16 22:34Steady TempKERY
15178Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK54J
15177Thu Nov 16 22:35M-Shape TempK2J9
15176Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempRJTT
15175Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempVVCI
15174Thu Nov 16 22:30M-Shape TempVAAH
15173Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKTVY
15172Thu Nov 16 22:33Steady TempKTOB
15171Thu Nov 16 22:32Steady TempKSAZ
15170Thu Nov 16 22:32Steady TempKOVL
15169Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempKLVN
15168Thu Nov 16 22:35Steady TempKFKA
15167Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempLPMA
15166Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempUMMS
15165Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempLROP
15164Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempLFYR
15163Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempLFLY
15162Thu Nov 16 22:32M-Shape TempSBCG
15161Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempLZSL
15160Thu Nov 16 22:22Steady TempRJSA
15159Thu Nov 16 22:25M-Shape TempKTTA
15158Thu Nov 16 22:20M-Shape TempKRHP
15157Thu Nov 16 22:25M-Shape TempKMWK
15156Thu Nov 16 22:25M-Shape TempKHNZ
15155Thu Nov 16 22:25M-Shape TempKFQD
15154Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempCYAH
15153Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempLTBU
15152Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempLTFJ
15151Thu Nov 16 22:30Steady TempWAAA
15150Thu Nov 16 22:25Steady TempEHFZ
15149Thu Nov 16 22:26Steady TempCYCP
15148Thu Nov 16 22:25Steady TempEHEH
15147Thu Nov 16 22:25Steady TempPASK
15146Thu Nov 16 22:20M-Shape TempENRO
15145Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempEDMA
15144Thu Nov 16 22:23Steady TempCYBD
15143Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempLOWL
15142Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempESNZ
15141Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempEDDE
15140Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempHESN
15139Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempMNMG
15138Thu Nov 16 22:10M-Shape TempKVVG
15137Thu Nov 16 22:20Steady TempKJMR
15136Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKD73
15135Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempK3N8
15134Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKHOE
15133Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKAZE
15132Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK66R
15131Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK42J
15130Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKW78
15129Thu Nov 16 22:08Steady TempPAFB
15128Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKWDR
15127Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKOEO
15126Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKMZZ
15125Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKGRN
15124Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKFZG
15123Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKFYJ
15122Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKFWC
15121Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKMTV
15120Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKMLJ
15119Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKMBO
15118Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKLCQ
15117Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKJKA
15116Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKJCA
15115Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKHQU
15114Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKBHC
15113Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKBBF
15112Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempK3F3
15111Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKDCY
15110Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKCTY
15109Thu Nov 16 22:21M-Shape TempKCLI
15108Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKBVS
15107Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempCWPF
15106Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKW63
15105Thu Nov 16 22:15Steady TempKUYF
15104Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKTQH
15103Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKREG
15102Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKJYL
15101Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKINF
15100Thu Nov 16 22:14Steady TempKFSE
15099Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKEZS
15098Thu Nov 16 22:12Steady TempKACQ
15097Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK9A5
15096Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK6A2
15095Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK1A9
15094Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempK18A
15093Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKMMI
15092Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKFFL
15091Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKEOK
15090Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKCDN
15089Thu Nov 16 22:10M-Shape TempKHEQ
15088Thu Nov 16 22:14M-Shape TempKGON
15087Thu Nov 16 22:10Steady TempKSYM
15086Thu Nov 16 22:12Steady TempKMOX
15085Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBSJ
15084Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBSN
15083Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBHT
15082Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSBNT
15081Thu Nov 16 22:13Steady TempPASV
15080Thu Nov 16 22:15M-Shape TempKTME
15079Thu Nov 16 22:13Steady TempKPWC
15078Thu Nov 16 22:13Steady TempKDYT
15077Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempCWVP
15076Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBMG
15075Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBJR
15074Thu Nov 16 22:09M-Shape TempKCEF
15073Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempKAFP
15072Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempLIBH
15071Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempKTDF
15070Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempKSIF
15069Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempKSCR
15068Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempKRCZ
15067Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempKPGV
15066Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempKMQI
15065Thu Nov 16 22:10M-Shape TempKIXA
15064Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempKHRJ
15063Thu Nov 16 22:05M-Shape TempK1A5
15062Thu Nov 16 22:09Steady TempPASM
15061Thu Nov 16 22:10Steady TempK14Y
15060Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempWBKK
15059Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempOEAH
15058Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempOETF
15057Thu Nov 16 22:08Steady TempCYKF
15056Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempURKK
15055Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempUSHH
15054Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempUNEE
15053Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempUSPP
15052Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempRORS
15051Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSKVP
15050Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempCWWB
15049Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempCXKE
15048Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempCWHL
15047Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempDAUK
15046Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempCYWK
15045Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempCYYH
15044Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempCYKD
15043Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempVTBS
15042Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempVTUD
15041Thu Nov 16 21:50M-Shape TempOIGK
15040Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempTTPP
15039Thu Nov 16 22:05Steady TempPAMK
15038Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSLRI
15037Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempUAKK
15036Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempZSPD
15035Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempFAUP
15034Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempLRBC
15033Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempLEGE
15032Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempLFOH
15031Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempLFLP
15030Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempLFLL
15029Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSAWG
15028Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSARF
15027Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSARE
15026Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSADF
15025Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSACO
15024Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempOING
15023Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempEBDT
15022Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempEBBE
15021Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempLKTB
15020Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSLTR
15019Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempTNCB
15018Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempKQFW
15017Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempKQEP
15016Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempGMMZ
15015Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempEPSC
15014Thu Nov 16 21:58Steady TempETIK
15013Thu Nov 16 22:00Steady TempLBWN
15012Thu Nov 16 21:59Steady TempKMPV
15011Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSCEL
15010Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSCTE
15009Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSCIE
15008Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSERO
15007Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSESA
15006Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKTMT
15005Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKSME
15004Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKGLW
15003Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKDBN
15002Thu Nov 16 21:52M-Shape TempMUCU
15001Thu Nov 16 21:51M-Shape TempMUHG
15000Thu Nov 16 21:50M-Shape TempMUSC
14999Thu Nov 16 21:58M-Shape TempK1KW
14998Thu Nov 16 21:59Steady TempCYBC
14997Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKMKS
14996Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKCXP
14995Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempK5C1
14994Thu Nov 16 21:58Steady TempKSUU
14993Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempEHJA
14992Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSLCB
14991Thu Nov 16 21:58Steady TempCYYL
14990Thu Nov 16 21:58Steady TempCYGV
14989Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKLVL
14988Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKY23
14987Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKXIH
14986Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKEBA
14985Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKCJR
14984Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKPBX
14983Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKEZF
14982Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempK1A6
14981Thu Nov 16 22:00M-Shape TempSPJC
14980Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKDOV
14979Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKHFF
14978Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKXIF
14977Thu Nov 16 21:56Steady TempKGTB
14976Thu Nov 16 21:56Steady TempPASH
14975Thu Nov 16 21:56Steady TempPAFM
14974Thu Nov 16 21:56Steady TempKXVG
14973Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKW81
14972Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempKVWU
14971Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKPUJ
14970Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKEMM
14969Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKJFZ
14968Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKLUA
14967Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKLNN
14966Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKOMH
14965Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKHAF
14964Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKGAD
14963Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKPOB
14962Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKFBG
14961Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKDQH
14960Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKCVC
14959Thu Nov 16 21:56M-Shape TempKCOD
14958Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKCDA
14957Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKBCB
14956Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKAVC
14955Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempK5R8
14954Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempK0V4
14953Thu Nov 16 21:56Steady TempETAD
14952Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKRZT
14951Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKOLE
14950Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKMRT
14949Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKMGG
14948Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKBGF
14947Thu Nov 16 21:53Steady TempKAXV
14946Thu Nov 16 21:55Steady TempKEVM
14945Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKD39
14944Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKVAY
14943Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKBWI
14942Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKBTV
14941Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKSBY
14940Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKPHL
14939Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKMIV
14938Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempKEWN
14937Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKMVL
14936Thu Nov 16 21:54M-Shape TempK12N
14935Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKUUU
14934Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKRMY
14933Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKPOU
14932Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKHUF
14931Thu Nov 16 21:54Steady TempKGYL
14930Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKFAY
14929Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKDXR
14928Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKDWH
14927Thu Nov 16 21:53M-Shape TempKDGW
14926Thu Nov 16 21:55M-Shape TempKCKI
14925Thu Nov 16 21:53Steady TempKARB
14924Thu Nov 16 21:53Steady TempPACD
14923Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempESNN
14922Thu Nov 16 21:52M-Shape TempKIJD
14921Thu Nov 16 21:52M-Shape TempKNHK
14920Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempBGJN
14919Thu Nov 16 21:50M-Shape TempEFUT
14918Thu Nov 16 21:51M-Shape TempKTEB
14917Thu Nov 16 21:51M-Shape TempKSLK
14916Thu Nov 16 21:51M-Shape TempKHSE
14915Thu Nov 16 21:51M-Shape TempKBKW
14914Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempKQEQ
14913Thu Nov 16 21:45M-Shape TempKSUT
14912Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempLSZC
14911Thu Nov 16 21:45Steady TempLHSN
14910Thu Nov 16 21:45M-Shape TempKVUJ
14909Thu Nov 16 21:50Steady TempCYMO
14908Thu Nov 16 21:45M-Shape TempKMMU
14907Thu Nov 16 21:40M-Shape TempKLHZ
14906Thu Nov 16 21:47Steady TempPAGL
14905Thu Nov 16 21:44Steady TempKYNG
14904Thu Nov 16 21:38Steady TempRCMQ
14903Thu Nov 16 21:40M-Shape TempKFPR
14902Thu Nov 16 21:40Steady TempKQEX
14901Thu Nov 16 21:40Steady TempCYBU
14900Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKOPN
14899Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKHVS
14898Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempRCNN
14897Thu Nov 16 21:39Steady TempKI69
14896Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKCPK
14895Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKSFQ
14894Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKRZN
14893Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempUUBW
14892Thu Nov 16 21:30M-Shape TempUIAA
14891Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempUNNT
14890Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKCNI
14889Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKHHW
14888Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempKGRY
14887Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKFKN
14886Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempK5M9
14885Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempK49A
14884Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKJZP
14883Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKJOT
14882Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempCXAT
14881Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKW96
14880Thu Nov 16 21:34Steady TempKADC
14879Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKI67
14878Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKRPD
14877Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKCMD
14876Thu Nov 16 21:35M-Shape TempKBBP
14875Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempPAUT
14874Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKOAK
14873Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempPFSH
14872Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKORS
14871Thu Nov 16 21:34Steady TempKPNM
14870Thu Nov 16 21:35Steady TempKEKX
14869Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempZSSS
14868Thu Nov 16 21:25Steady TempEBLB
14867Thu Nov 16 21:25Steady TempEBBL
14866Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempLFSN
14865Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempLFQB
14864Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempLFJL
14863Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempLKMT
14862Thu Nov 16 21:20M-Shape TempKW29
14861Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempKQEW
14860Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempKQEN
14859Thu Nov 16 21:25M-Shape TempK7W6
14858Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempHEMM
14857Thu Nov 16 21:30Steady TempLUKK
14856Thu Nov 16 21:25Steady TempEHAK
14855Thu Nov 16 21:20M-Shape TempLGAV
14854Thu Nov 16 21:20Steady TempEDVK
14853Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempRJOB
14852Thu Nov 16 21:20M-Shape TempEKVD
14851Thu Nov 16 21:20M-Shape TempEKBI
14850Thu Nov 16 21:20Steady TempEFHA
14849Thu Nov 16 21:20Steady TempEFKU
14848Thu Nov 16 21:20Steady TempEDDS
14847Thu Nov 16 21:22Steady TempCYQA
14846Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKSBO
14845Thu Nov 16 21:20Steady TempKQFU
14844Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempKSEF
14843Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempKRMN
14842Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKPRG
14841Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKGGP
14840Thu Nov 16 21:17Steady TempKDAW
14839Thu Nov 16 21:17Steady TempPAVL
14838Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKHQI
14837Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKEFT
14836Thu Nov 16 21:15Steady TempKOLG
14835Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempHTKJ
14834Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempKVBW
14833Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempKOKM
14832Thu Nov 16 21:16Steady TempKMQJ
14831Thu Nov 16 21:15M-Shape TempK4A6
14830Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBBQ
14829Thu Nov 16 21:13Steady TempKSGS
14828Thu Nov 16 21:14Steady TempKROS
14827Thu Nov 16 21:12Steady TempKLJF
14826Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempFYOW
14825Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempFYOO
14824Thu Nov 16 21:12Steady TempCYSF
14823Thu Nov 16 21:10Steady TempKFVE
14822Thu Nov 16 20:54M-Shape TempKRSP
14821Thu Nov 16 21:05Steady TempKEDE
14820Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempTLPC
14819Thu Nov 16 21:08Steady TempKPSM
14818Thu Nov 16 21:09Steady TempPATQ
14817Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempOERR
14816Thu Nov 16 21:08M-Shape TempSPQT
14815Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSKLC
14814Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempURML
14813Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempURKA
14812Thu Nov 16 20:55M-Shape TempLIED
14811Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempCYPY
14810Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempCYHE
14809Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempCYZS
14808Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempCYSC
14807Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempDAOL
14806Thu Nov 16 21:05Steady TempKCDI
14805Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempDABC
14804Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempLEBR
14803Thu Nov 16 21:05Steady TempCYMO
14802Thu Nov 16 21:04Steady TempPAPO
14801Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempFYKT
14800Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempDTTG
14799Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempLKKB
14798Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempLPMT
14797Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempLFST
14796Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempLFMH
14795Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempLKPD
14794Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempOIZB
14793Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSAVC
14792Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempLKKV
14791Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBCT
14790Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempUTAT
14789Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempTAPA
14788Thu Nov 16 20:45Steady TempLHPR
14787Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempEPBY
14786Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSPJL
14785Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBRJ
14784Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempFQMA
14783Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSLCO
14782Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempLBGO
14781Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBTF
14780Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSBVT
14779Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSECU
14778Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempSEQM
14777Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempLTCN
14776Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempLTAW
14775Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempLTAY
14774Thu Nov 16 20:58M-Shape TempK1EM
14773Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKTIP
14772Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKEMV
14771Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempTVSA
14770Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempTQPF
14769Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempEHDV
14768Thu Nov 16 21:00M-Shape TempOPPS
14767Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKRQO
14766Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKGHG
14765Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKGBK
14764Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKEMK
14763Thu Nov 16 21:00Steady TempKCVW
14762Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempPAAD
14761Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSKIP
14760Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSKPS
14759Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSKMD
14758Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKHSB
14757Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempKEDJ
14756Thu Nov 16 20:56Steady TempPAKP
14755Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempLGTG
14754Thu Nov 16 20:54M-Shape TempKSYR
14753Thu Nov 16 20:54M-Shape TempKPTW
14752Thu Nov 16 20:54Steady TempKCFE
14751Thu Nov 16 20:54Steady TempKBUF
14750Thu Nov 16 20:55Steady TempK8B0
14749Thu Nov 16 20:50Steady TempENLE
14748Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempENML
14747Thu Nov 16 20:50Steady TempEDFH
14746Thu Nov 16 20:45Steady TempKWYS
14745Thu Nov 16 20:53Steady TempKUUU
14744Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKTTN
14743Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKRME
14742Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKPIH
14741Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKJKL
14740Thu Nov 16 20:53Steady TempKHZY
14739Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKHGR
14738Thu Nov 16 20:53Steady TempKHCD
14737Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKDLN
14736Thu Nov 16 20:53M-Shape TempKCDW
14735Thu Nov 16 20:54Steady TempKAIT
14734Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempEGGP
14733Thu Nov 16 20:51M-Shape TempKALB
14732Thu Nov 16 20:45Steady TempKGEV
14731Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempEVVA
14730Thu Nov 16 20:50Steady TempKQFB
14729Thu Nov 16 20:50Steady TempKQEY
14728Thu Nov 16 20:50Steady TempLSZR
14727Thu Nov 16 20:50M-Shape TempFHAW
14726Thu Nov 16 20:45Steady TempKMWK
14725Thu Nov 16 20:48Steady TempPAPB
14724Thu Nov 16 20:43Steady TempKMLP
14723Thu Nov 16 20:41M-Shape TempKPNE
14722Thu Nov 16 20:42M-Shape TempMUVR
14721Thu Nov 16 20:40Steady TempKQEV
14720Thu Nov 16 20:39Steady TempKBLU
14719Thu Nov 16 20:38Steady TempPATL
14718Thu Nov 16 20:35Steady TempKDVK
14717Thu Nov 16 20:35M-Shape TempKJYO
14716Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempURMT
14715Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempUSTR
14714Thu Nov 16 20:36Steady TempKPHN
14713Thu Nov 16 20:35Steady TempKOXI
14712Thu Nov 16 20:35M-Shape TempKFRR
14711Thu Nov 16 20:35Steady TempKEGV
14710Thu Nov 16 20:35M-Shape TempKIBM
14709Thu Nov 16 20:35Steady TempKDNV
14708Thu Nov 16 20:35Steady TempKAUN
14707Thu Nov 16 20:34Steady TempKOZW
14706Thu Nov 16 20:35M-Shape TempKJZI
14705Thu Nov 16 20:33Steady TempKDRM
14704Thu Nov 16 20:31Steady TempK21D
14703Thu Nov 16 20:35M-Shape TempKCLS
14702Thu Nov 16 20:28Steady TempKCCU
14701Thu Nov 16 20:34Steady TempPAIW
14700Thu Nov 16 20:31Steady TempKONA
14699Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempEDFM
14698Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempLRSB
14697Thu Nov 16 20:30M-Shape TempLEZG
14696Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempOIKB
14695Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempLYUZ
14694Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempLZPP
14693Thu Nov 16 20:25Steady TempEHFS
14692Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempKQEJ
14691Thu Nov 16 20:30M-Shape TempOIFM
14690Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempPAOU
14689Thu Nov 16 20:30Steady TempWIII
14688Thu Nov 16 20:20M-Shape TempLTCC
14687Thu Nov 16 20:25Steady TempEHBK
14686Thu Nov 16 20:25Steady TempPFEL
14685Thu Nov 16 20:24Steady TempPAHC
14684Thu Nov 16 20:20M-Shape TempENRY
14683Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempEDSB
14682Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempLOWG
14681Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempLOWS
14680Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempLGKP
14679Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempELLX
14678Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempEBAW
14677Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempEGNH
14676Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempSBNF
14675Thu Nov 16 20:22Steady TempCYBC
14674Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempKQES
14673Thu Nov 16 20:20Steady TempCYPA
14672Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKIKK
14671Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempFDJR
14670Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKVQT
14669Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKUNI
14668Thu Nov 16 20:15M-Shape TempKHHV
14667Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKGHB
14666Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKMWO
14665Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKJAQ
14664Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKMGC
14663Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKLUA
14662Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKFMH
14661Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKEZS
14660Thu Nov 16 20:14Steady TempKJYM
14659Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKDUH
14658Thu Nov 16 20:15Steady TempKBDH
14657Thu Nov 16 20:10Steady TempKBAB
14656Thu Nov 16 20:11Steady TempKNUQ
14655Thu Nov 16 20:10Steady TempKQFW
14654Thu Nov 16 20:11Steady TempCYHU
14653Thu Nov 16 20:08Steady TempCWHN
14652Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempOESK
14651Thu Nov 16 19:55M-Shape TempLIPL
14650Thu Nov 16 20:07Steady TempKPVC
14649Thu Nov 16 20:06Steady TempKJER
14648Thu Nov 16 19:50M-Shape TempENHK
14647Thu Nov 16 19:55M-Shape TempLIRE
14646Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempUWSS
14645Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempUHHH
14644Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempULMM
14643Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempCWMJ
14642Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempCWBZ
14641Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempDAUO
14640Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempDABT
14639Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempDAUB
14638Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempCYQA
14637Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempCYSM
14636Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempCYSY
14635Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempCYQW
14634Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempCYYT
14633Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempCYQY
14632Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempTTCP
14631Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempOIZH
14630Thu Nov 16 20:05Steady TempPAWN
14629Thu Nov 16 20:05Steady TempCYMT
14628Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempZSQD
14627Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempZSNB
14626Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempLRSV
14625Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempLFAQ
14624Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempLQMO
14623Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempORER
14622Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempOSKL
14621Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempKBKL
14620Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempSETN
14619Thu Nov 16 20:00Steady TempLZIB
14618Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempSCBA
14617Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempOEDF
14616Thu Nov 16 19:58Steady TempKGRF
14615Thu Nov 16 19:55M-Shape TempTJPS
14614Thu Nov 16 19:55Steady TempKVKY
14613Thu Nov 16 19:57Steady TempKDLZ
14612Thu Nov 16 19:55M-Shape TempKAZC
14611Thu Nov 16 19:56Steady TempPAMK
14610Thu Nov 16 20:00M-Shape TempOKBK
14609Thu Nov 16 19:54M-Shape TempKFZY
14608Thu Nov 16 19:54Steady TempKFPK
14607Thu Nov 16 19:56Steady TempK4I3
14606Thu Nov 16 19:53Steady TempPABI
14605Thu Nov 16 19:53M-Shape TempKMLB
14604Thu Nov 16 19:53Steady TempKGHW
14603Thu Nov 16 19:53Steady TempKDEW
14602Thu Nov 16 19:50M-Shape TempENBR
14601Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempEDLP
14600Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempLOWK
14599Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempESSD
14598Thu Nov 16 19:50M-Shape TempEKAH
14597Thu Nov 16 19:51M-Shape TempKEKN
14596Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempEFSA
14595Thu Nov 16 19:48Steady TempEHVK
14594Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempKQFV
14593Thu Nov 16 19:50Steady TempKQER
14592Thu Nov 16 19:49Steady TempKEWB
14591Thu Nov 16 19:48Steady TempKSAW
14590Thu Nov 16 19:43Steady TempPATA
14589Thu Nov 16 19:44Steady TempEBCV
14588Thu Nov 16 19:43Steady TempKDAW
14587Thu Nov 16 19:40M-Shape TempKFWN
14586Thu Nov 16 19:40Steady TempKQEN
14585Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSBCP
14584Thu Nov 16 19:35M-Shape TempKW99
14583Thu Nov 16 19:38Steady TempPAVC
14582Thu Nov 16 19:30M-Shape TempUNAA
14581Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempUUWW
14580Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKVOA
14579Thu Nov 16 19:35M-Shape TempKNY0
14578Thu Nov 16 19:36Steady TempCYZV
14577Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKFKS
14576Thu Nov 16 19:35M-Shape TempKFBR
14575Thu Nov 16 19:35M-Shape TempKOKV
14574Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKCCR
14573Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKAUM
14572Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKCVX
14571Thu Nov 16 19:35M-Shape TempKLDJ
14570Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempKI68
14569Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempUKLI
14568Thu Nov 16 19:35Steady TempCYZH
14567Thu Nov 16 19:34Steady TempKBJJ
14566Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempUAUU
14565Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempROAH
14564Thu Nov 16 19:30M-Shape TempRJFF
14563Thu Nov 16 19:33M-Shape TempCYTR
14562Thu Nov 16 19:30M-Shape TempLESA
14561Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempLFOH
14560Thu Nov 16 19:30M-Shape TempLFMO
14559Thu Nov 16 19:33Steady TempCYPY
14558Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempEHVL
14557Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempLQTZ
14556Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempLZZI
14555Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempFOOL
14554Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempKQFT
14553Thu Nov 16 19:30Steady TempLDRI
14552Thu Nov 16 19:30M-Shape TempHSSS
14551Thu Nov 16 19:26Steady TempPFSH
14550Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempENWV
14549Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempLGSR
14548Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempEDMO
14547Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempLIBR
14546Thu Nov 16 19:20M-Shape TempESNQ
14545Thu Nov 16 19:23Steady TempCYTE
14544Thu Nov 16 19:20M-Shape TempEGPM
14543Thu Nov 16 19:20M-Shape TempEGJJ
14542Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempCWND
14541Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempCXSC
14540Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempEDDF
14539Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempEFKI
14538Thu Nov 16 19:22Steady TempPFNO
14537Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempPAFR
14536Thu Nov 16 19:12M-Shape TempMPMG
14535Thu Nov 16 19:21Steady TempPFKW
14534Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKCPU
14533Thu Nov 16 19:20Steady TempKQEI
14532Thu Nov 16 19:21Steady TempCYYW
14531Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempHELX
14530Thu Nov 16 19:19Steady TempPAKK
14529Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKVAF
14528Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKRYV
14527Thu Nov 16 19:16Steady TempKMLP
14526Thu Nov 16 19:14Steady TempPATC
14525Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKPPO
14524Thu Nov 16 19:16Steady TempPAZK
14523Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKPZQ
14522Thu Nov 16 19:18M-Shape TempKEIK
14521Thu Nov 16 19:14Steady TempKD95
14520Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKCAD
14519Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKAMN
14518Thu Nov 16 19:15Steady TempKACB
14517Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSBST
14516Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSBAN
14515Thu Nov 16 19:13Steady TempPAOM
14514Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempFDUS
14513Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempCWJX
14512Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempWALL
14511Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempYGEL
14510Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempUSNN
14509Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempUWKS
14508Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempCWMQ
14507Thu Nov 16 18:55M-Shape TempLIPS
14506Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempCZUM
14505Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempTDCF
14504Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempCYYC
14503Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempCYXS
14502Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempCYRJ
14501Thu Nov 16 19:01Steady TempCYXR
14500Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSEAM
14499Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempZGGG
14498Thu Nov 16 19:03Steady TempKSAC
14497Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSLTJ
14496Thu Nov 16 19:03Steady TempPAWS
14495Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempLETL
14494Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempLJCE
14493Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempLEBB
14492Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempLFBE
14491Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempVECC
14490Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempYBHM
14489Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempOITT
14488Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempOIAG
14487Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempOIAA
14486Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempYMEK
14485Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempLTAN
14484Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempKQEQ
14483Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempKFGX
14482Thu Nov 16 19:00Steady TempEPMO
14481Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempGMMX
14480Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempEDJA
14479Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSCPQ
14478Thu Nov 16 19:00M-Shape TempSCIP
14477Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempENBS
14476Thu Nov 16 18:58M-Shape TempK1BM
14475Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempKPVF
14474Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempKGUL
14473Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempEGQS
14472Thu Nov 16 18:56Steady TempETOU
14471Thu Nov 16 18:56Steady TempPAVA
14470Thu Nov 16 18:56Steady TempPAIK
14469Thu Nov 16 18:56Steady TempPASX
14468Thu Nov 16 18:56Steady TempPAPH
14467Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempK3D2
14466Thu Nov 16 18:54Steady TempKSLH
14465Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempKRNP
14464Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKGLR
14463Thu Nov 16 18:51Steady TempKCPW
14462Thu Nov 16 18:55M-Shape TempKQKG
14461Thu Nov 16 18:55Steady TempEHGR
14460Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKONZ
14459Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempENNA
14458Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempPAGY
14457Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempPACD
14456Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempENHE
14455Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempLIEE
14454Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKVUO
14453Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKHTL
14452Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKPAE
14451Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKBFI
14450Thu Nov 16 18:53Steady TempKBFD
14449Thu Nov 16 18:53M-Shape TempKAOO
14448Thu Nov 16 18:53M-Shape TempKTMB
14447Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempESNS
14446Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempESMT
14445Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempESMS
14444Thu Nov 16 18:52Steady TempPABA
14443Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempKQFB
14442Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempKQEY
14441Thu Nov 16 18:50Steady TempKQEV
14440Thu Nov 16 18:51M-Shape TempCYPQ
14439Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempLLSD
14438Thu Nov 16 18:50M-Shape TempLLBG
14437Thu Nov 16 18:46Steady TempPAED
14436Thu Nov 16 18:48M-Shape TempKMPO
14435Thu Nov 16 18:48Steady TempPATQ
14434Thu Nov 16 18:47Steady TempCYQL
14433Thu Nov 16 18:46Steady TempPALP
14432Thu Nov 16 18:45Steady TempETHA
14431Thu Nov 16 18:44Steady TempPARC
14430Thu Nov 16 18:42Steady TempCYBW
14429Thu Nov 16 18:40Steady TempKQFX
14428Thu Nov 16 18:40Steady TempKQEX
14427Thu Nov 16 18:41Steady TempKSFZ
14426Thu Nov 16 18:40Steady TempPAQT
14425Thu Nov 16 18:37Steady TempKSUU
14424Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempYSSY
14423Thu Nov 16 18:37Steady TempPAOT
14422Thu Nov 16 18:37Steady TempPAOR
14421Thu Nov 16 18:35Steady TempKAIG
14420Thu Nov 16 18:35Steady TempKBBF
14419Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempUWGG
14418Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempULAA
14417Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempUUDD
14416Thu Nov 16 18:35M-Shape TempKUKT
14415Thu Nov 16 18:35M-Shape TempKCKZ
14414Thu Nov 16 18:33Steady TempKBBB
14413Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempSBPF
14412Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempUACP
14411Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempZWWW
14410Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDIDL
14409Thu Nov 16 18:33Steady TempPALU
14408Thu Nov 16 18:30M-Shape TempLEVT
14407Thu Nov 16 18:30M-Shape TempLFLN
14406Thu Nov 16 18:30M-Shape TempLFRC
14405Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCXVM
14404Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempKQEP
14403Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempKQEL
14402Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempKQEJ
14401Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempWSSS
14400Thu Nov 16 18:30Steady TempCYMM
14399Thu Nov 16 18:29Steady TempPATE
14398Thu Nov 16 18:28Steady TempCYKF
14397Thu Nov 16 18:20M-Shape TempLTAP
14396Thu Nov 16 18:20Steady TempETMN
14395Thu Nov 16 18:20Steady TempETSA
14394Thu Nov 16 18:20M-Shape TempENHM
14393Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempHEAT
14392Thu Nov 16 18:21Steady TempPASL
14391Thu Nov 16 18:18Steady TempKCON
14390Thu Nov 16 18:19Steady TempCYSF
14389Thu Nov 16 18:15M-Shape TempKXLL
14388Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKXIH
14387Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKARV
14386Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKLCK
14385Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKBVS
14384Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKHAF
14383Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKLNN
14382Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKLHM
14381Thu Nov 16 18:15M-Shape TempKHZL
14380Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempUKLN
14379Thu Nov 16 18:14Steady TempKRZT
14378Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKMGN
14377Thu Nov 16 18:11Steady TempKI23
14376Thu Nov 16 18:14Steady TempKERY
14375Thu Nov 16 18:15Steady TempKCFS
14374Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempSBCX
14373Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempSBCO
14372Thu Nov 16 18:13Steady TempPAFA
14371Thu Nov 16 18:13Steady TempCYAH
14370Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFDMV
14369Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFKKR
14368Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFCBB
14367Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempSBCH
14366Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempUTNU
14365Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDNPO
14364Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDRRT
14363Thu Nov 16 18:08M-Shape TempKAVP
14362Thu Nov 16 17:52Steady TempCWHN
14361Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempGABS
14360Thu Nov 16 18:02Steady TempYPTN
14359Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempUSSS
14358Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempUUOO
14357Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFALW
14356Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempEGXZ
14355Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCWOD
14354Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempLIRT
14353Thu Nov 16 17:55M-Shape TempLICZ
14352Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDAAD
14351Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDAOR
14350Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCYKG
14349Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCYGV
14348Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCYQB
14347Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCYQA
14346Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempCYLL
14345Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempZSNJ
14344Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempUASP
14343Thu Nov 16 18:05M-Shape TempSPTU
14342Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLEHC
14341Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFAMM
14340Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempFACT
14339Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempDTTX
14338Thu Nov 16 17:55M-Shape TempLIRL
14337Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLRSM
14336Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLELN
14335Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLEMD
14334Thu Nov 16 17:53Steady TempPATK
14333Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLFML
14332Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempLFRL
14331Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempUTAV
14330Thu Nov 16 17:56M-Shape TempRJTY
14329Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempKQER
14328Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempEBFN
14327Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempEBBE
14326Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempKFVE
14325Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempGMML
14324Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempGMMI
14323Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempGMMB
14322Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempPKWA
14321Thu Nov 16 17:50Steady TempK2P2
14320Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempYMHB
14319Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempUBBB
14318Thu Nov 16 18:00Steady TempVHHH
14317Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempHTTB
14316Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHTBU
14315Thu Nov 16 17:55SaunaKQKG
14314Thu Nov 16 18:00M-Shape TempOEMA
14313Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempLTFH
14312Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempKJOT
14311Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempKASL
14310Thu Nov 16 17:56M-Shape TempKQBF
14309Thu Nov 16 17:56Steady TempETAD
14308Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempEGYM
14307Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempEGVO
14306Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempLSMP
14305Thu Nov 16 17:56Steady TempPAPO
14304Thu Nov 16 17:56Steady TempPAMH
14303Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempPAUT
14302Thu Nov 16 17:56Steady TempKESC
14301Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempEHWO
14300Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempEHEH
14299Thu Nov 16 17:55Steady TempEHRD
14298Thu Nov 16 17:53M-Shape TempKTWF
14297Thu Nov 16 17:54Steady TempKIZG
14296Thu Nov 16 17:50Steady TempEDHI
14295Thu Nov 16 17:53Steady TempPAMR
14294Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempLIPQ
14293Thu Nov 16 17:53M-Shape TempKLND
14292Thu Nov 16 17:53Steady TempKBEH
14291Thu Nov 16 17:53Steady TempPAWM
14290Thu Nov 16 17:55M-Shape TempORBD
14289Thu Nov 16 17:55M-Shape TempOAMS
14288Thu Nov 16 17:50Steady TempKQFV
14287Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempEVLA
14286Thu Nov 16 17:50M-Shape TempLSZS
14285Thu Nov 16 17:50Steady TempPAKP
14284Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFYWW
14283Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFYLZ
14282Thu Nov 16 17:46M-Shape TempKMKG
14281Thu Nov 16 17:46Steady TempCYMO
14280Thu Nov 16 17:44Steady TempCYPY
14279Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempHRYR
14278Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempVEBS
14277Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempUTNN
14276Thu Nov 16 17:37Steady TempKBAB
14275Thu Nov 16 17:34Steady TempEHLW
14274Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempYMLT
14273Thu Nov 16 17:35Steady TempKEFT
14272Thu Nov 16 17:35Steady TempK82C
14271Thu Nov 16 17:35Steady TempKHQI
14270Thu Nov 16 17:35Steady TempKOLG
14269Thu Nov 16 17:35M-Shape TempKW22
14268Thu Nov 16 17:35Steady TempKC29
14267Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempUNOO
14266Thu Nov 16 17:36Steady TempPFYU
14265Thu Nov 16 17:32Steady TempKCDI
14264Thu Nov 16 17:34M-Shape TempKBGM
14263Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempUTDK
14262Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempLEBL
14261Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempLFRZ
14260Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempLFRD
14259Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempLFLU
14258Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempLFGA
14257Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempLFQQ
14256Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempLFOA
14255Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempLQBK
14254Thu Nov 16 17:25Steady TempEBLB
14253Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempKQFT
14252Thu Nov 16 17:30Steady TempKQEW
14251Thu Nov 16 17:30M-Shape TempLZKZ
14250Thu Nov 16 17:20M-Shape TempLTAT
14249Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCXFM
14248Thu Nov 16 17:20Steady TempETNS
14247Thu Nov 16 17:25Steady TempPANI
14246Thu Nov 16 17:23Steady TempKTEW
14245Thu Nov 16 17:23Steady TempKDKK
14244Thu Nov 16 17:20M-Shape TempLIEO
14243Thu Nov 16 17:20Steady TempESOK
14242Thu Nov 16 17:20Steady TempEKEB
14241Thu Nov 16 17:20Steady TempESTA
14240Thu Nov 16 17:20M-Shape TempLSGC
14239Thu Nov 16 17:18Steady TempKRBL
14238Thu Nov 16 17:15M-Shape TempKT20
14237Thu Nov 16 17:17Steady TempPAFS
14236Thu Nov 16 17:13Steady TempEBFS
14235Thu Nov 16 17:15Steady TempKOLE
14234Thu Nov 16 17:15Steady TempKISQ
14233Thu Nov 16 17:15Steady TempCYQV
14232Thu Nov 16 17:10Steady TempKSUU
14231Thu Nov 16 17:14Steady TempCYQZ
14230Thu Nov 16 17:11Steady TempPANN
14229Thu Nov 16 17:12Steady TempPAKK
14228Thu Nov 16 17:10Steady TempKQFU
14227Thu Nov 16 17:10Steady TempKQEQ
14226Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDFFD
14225Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDRZA
14224Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempENHK
14223Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempYPCC
14222Thu Nov 16 17:07Steady TempKSAC
14221Thu Nov 16 17:08Steady TempCYXS
14220Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempUSRR
14219Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGYH
14218Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGXT
14217Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGDX
14216Thu Nov 16 16:55M-Shape TempLIMN
14215Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCWXL
14214Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempCWLP
14213Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCTNK
14212Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCPXL
14211Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCPSV
14210Thu Nov 16 17:01Steady TempEHVL
14209Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDAOV
14208Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDAUT
14207Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDAAJ
14206Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempCYQU
14205Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempCYKL
14204Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempCYZW
14203Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempEIME
14202Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLECV
14201Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLPST
14200Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempDTTF
14199Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFAPE
14198Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFAPP
14197Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFAKM
14196Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFAEL
14195Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempZGNN
14194Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLICB
14193Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLICA
14192Thu Nov 16 16:55M-Shape TempLIRV
14191Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLIMP
14190Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLEBG
14189Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLEBA
14188Thu Nov 16 17:03Steady TempKCCR
14187Thu Nov 16 17:04Steady TempCYPQ
14186Thu Nov 16 17:03Steady TempCYBW
14185Thu Nov 16 17:04Steady TempCYMT
14184Thu Nov 16 17:02Steady TempKMLP
14183Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempOTHH
14182Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempVERP
14181Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLEVX
14180Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLEIB
14179Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLFRO
14178Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempLFLY
14177Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempLFBZ
14176Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempOISS
14175Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempOIKB
14174Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempOIFM
14173Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempSYCJ
14172Thu Nov 16 17:00M-Shape TempFBSK
14171Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempPLCH
14170Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempKPOV
14169Thu Nov 16 16:55Steady TempKO22
14168Thu Nov 16 16:59Steady TempROTM
14167Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempLTFJ
14166Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLTCF
14165Thu Nov 16 17:00Steady TempKGRY
14164Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGXC
14163Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGVP
14162Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGUW
14161Thu Nov 16 16:55Steady TempPAAD
14160Thu Nov 16 16:56Steady TempEGVA
14159Thu Nov 16 16:55Steady TempKTYQ
14158Thu Nov 16 16:55Steady TempKAUN
14157Thu Nov 16 16:56Steady TempETIH
14156Thu Nov 16 16:56Steady TempKPHN
14155Thu Nov 16 16:57Steady TempKLWA
14154Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGWU
14153Thu Nov 16 16:54Steady TempKDRM
14152Thu Nov 16 16:55M-Shape TempKN03
14151Thu Nov 16 16:54Steady TempCYVO
14150Thu Nov 16 16:45M-Shape TempLIRP
14149Thu Nov 16 16:54Steady TempKHWD
14148Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGLL
14147Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempKUUU
14146Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempKSEA
14145Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempKPTK
14144Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempKOAK
14143Thu Nov 16 16:52Steady TempKIJD
14142Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempKDET
14141Thu Nov 16 16:54Steady TempPANA
14140Thu Nov 16 16:54Steady TempPAGM
14139Thu Nov 16 16:53Steady TempPABE
14138Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempEDTY
14137Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLOWI
14136Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEGSC
14135Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempESMK
14134Thu Nov 16 16:52Steady TempPAMH
14133Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempEKAH
14132Thu Nov 16 16:50Steady TempEKRK
14131Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempEFHK
14130Thu Nov 16 16:46Steady TempPATA
14129Thu Nov 16 16:50M-Shape TempLATI
14128Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFVHA
14127Thu Nov 16 16:44Steady TempEHLW
14126Thu Nov 16 16:44M-Shape TempEGDM
14125Thu Nov 16 16:43Steady TempPPIZ
14124Thu Nov 16 16:40Steady TempKQFW
14123Thu Nov 16 16:40Steady TempKQFB
14122Thu Nov 16 16:40Steady TempKQEI
14121Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempYBRM
14120Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempYHID
14119Thu Nov 16 16:39Steady TempKJMR
14118Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempGOOY
14117Thu Nov 16 16:35Steady TempKVBS
14116Thu Nov 16 16:35Steady TempKVQT
14115Thu Nov 16 16:35Steady TempKGHB
14114Thu Nov 16 16:37Steady TempCYPQ
14113Thu Nov 16 16:35Steady TempKUNI
14112Thu Nov 16 16:35Steady TempKRGK
14111Thu Nov 16 16:36Steady TempPABV
14110Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempDAUH
14109Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempDAAG
14108Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempEIWF
14107Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempUDSG
14106Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempUASK
14105Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempZSHC
14104Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLELL
14103Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLEVS
14102Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLERS
14101Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLEMH
14100Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLEPA
14099Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFMK
14098Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFMT
14097Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFBU
14096Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempLFGJ
14095Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFBP
14094Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFMN
14093Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempLFLL
14092Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFBC
14091Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempLFRJ
14090Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempLFSO
14089Thu Nov 16 16:25Steady TempEBBL
14088Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempEIKN
14087Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempKQEV
14086Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempKQEP
14085Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempKQEJ
14084Thu Nov 16 16:31Steady TempCYAH
14083Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempEPSC
14082Thu Nov 16 16:30M-Shape TempGMTT
14081Thu Nov 16 16:30Steady TempLBWN
14080Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempLTAU
14079Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempLTAZ
14078Thu Nov 16 16:18Steady TempKSKA
14077Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempCXDB
14076Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempETSI
14075Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempETSH
14074Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempETNH
14073Thu Nov 16 16:23Steady TempKASX
14072Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempEDLW
14071Thu Nov 16 16:15M-Shape TempLIPR
14070Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempENNM
14069Thu Nov 16 16:35M-Shape TempKMYJ
14068Thu Nov 16 16:22Steady TempPADE
14067Thu Nov 16 16:23Steady TempCYPY
14066Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempEGNC
14065Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempEGLF
14064Thu Nov 16 16:21Steady TempKBLU
14063Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempLHPA
14062Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempEDDW
14061Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempEDDR
14060Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempEDDM
14059Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempEKKA
14058Thu Nov 16 16:15M-Shape TempLMML
14057Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempLSGG
14056Thu Nov 16 16:20Steady TempLSZC
14055Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempLSZG
14054Thu Nov 16 16:20M-Shape TempLSGS
14053Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFNUE
14052Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHESC
14051Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHEBA
14050Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKVKY
14049Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKRPJ
14048Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKETB
14047Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHTMW
14046Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHTMU
14045Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHTKA
14044Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempHTDA
14043Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKY51
14042Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKSZT
14041Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKPBH
14040Thu Nov 16 16:14Steady TempKULM
14039Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempCYGV
14038Thu Nov 16 16:03Steady TempPGUA
14037Thu Nov 16 16:13Steady TempKGTB
14036Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFKKN
14035Thu Nov 16 16:13Steady TempKGHW
14034Thu Nov 16 16:13Steady TempKADG
14033Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempYSNW
14032Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempYBPN
14031Thu Nov 16 16:15Steady TempKSVE
14030Thu Nov 16 16:10Steady TempKQEL
14029Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempDXXX
14028Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempOEWD
14027Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFNCA
14026Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFKYS
14025Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFCPP
14024Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempUNTT
14023Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempVVCI
14022Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGXP
14021Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCZHY
14020Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCWQK
14019Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCYVT
14018Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCYET
14017Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCYHE
14016Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempCYCP
14015Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempCYCB
14014Thu Nov 16 15:55M-Shape TempLIMU
14013Thu Nov 16 15:51M-Shape TempOIIK
14012Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempUKOH
14011Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempDTTL
14010Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempDTTB
14009Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFAWK
14008Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFAWB
14007Thu Nov 16 15:55M-Shape TempLIRG
14006Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFAUT
14005Thu Nov 16 15:55M-Shape TempLIPF
14004Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempRKTU
14003Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempLEAG
14002Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLEXJ
14001Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFSL
14000Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFMV
13999Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFKB
13998Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempLFSN
13997Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempLFJL
13996Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFBO
13995Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFBL
13994Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLESO
13993Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLEGE
13992Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLEAS
13991Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFTW
13990Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempLFMD
13989Thu Nov 16 16:02M-Shape TempKWVI
13988Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempUTAA
13987Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempLDOS
13986Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempSBPA
13985Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempUKDD
13984Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempFNLU
13983Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempYTEF
13982Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempOMRK
13981Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempETHN
13980Thu Nov 16 16:00Steady TempLUKK
13979Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempLGMT
13978Thu Nov 16 15:59Steady TempCYXR
13977Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempKFWZ
13976Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempEHQE
13975Thu Nov 16 15:49Steady TempPAFB
13974Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempKVOA
13973Thu Nov 16 15:55M-Shape TempKHMZ
13972Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempKATP
13971Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGYD
13970Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGXW
13969Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGXV
13968Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGQM
13967Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGQL
13966Thu Nov 16 15:56M-Shape TempETIC
13965Thu Nov 16 16:00M-Shape TempSGAS
13964Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempKUBE
13963Thu Nov 16 15:57Steady TempKSJX
13962Thu Nov 16 15:56Steady TempPASK
13961Thu Nov 16 15:56Steady TempPAMK
13960Thu Nov 16 15:56M-Shape TempPAIW
13959Thu Nov 16 15:56Steady TempKEUL
13958Thu Nov 16 15:56Steady TempKMTW
13957Thu Nov 16 15:51Steady TempK9MN
13956Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempK8B0
13955Thu Nov 16 15:54Steady TempKCVX
13954Thu Nov 16 15:55Steady TempEHGR
13953Thu Nov 16 15:53Steady TempPABT
13952Thu Nov 16 15:53Steady TempKMSP
13951Thu Nov 16 15:53Steady TempKMIC
13950Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEDAC
13949Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempLIPH
13948Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempLIMC
13947Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGKA
13946Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGSH
13945Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGPK
13944Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempEGAA
13943Thu Nov 16 15:50Steady TempEFKU
13942Thu Nov 16 15:50Steady TempKQEX
13941Thu Nov 16 15:50Steady TempKQEN
13940Thu Nov 16 15:50Steady TempK2G4
13939Thu Nov 16 15:50Steady TempEKSP
13938Thu Nov 16 15:50M-Shape TempLSZA
13937Thu Nov 16 15:55M-Shape TempKIFA
13936Thu Nov 16 15:25Steady TempEHSA
13935Thu Nov 16 15:44Steady TempCYSF
13934Thu Nov 16 15:40Steady TempKQFV
13933Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLFQG
13932Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempUTSB
13931Thu Nov 16 15:40Steady TempCYKJ
13930Thu Nov 16 15:34Steady TempRCMQ
13929Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempWADD
13928Thu Nov 16 15:38Steady TempKGEG
13927Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempK57C
13926Thu Nov 16 15:35M-Shape TempK2G9
13925Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKUNU
13924Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKMRJ
13923Thu Nov 16 15:38Steady TempCYRV
13922Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempUWUU
13921Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKRYV
13920Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKBCK
13919Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCZEV
13918Thu Nov 16 15:36Steady TempPAMH
13917Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempVVCR
13916Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKOSA
13915Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKGDJ
13914Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKMGC
13913Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempUKWW
13912Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempUKKK
13911Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempDAON
13910Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKWYS
13909Thu Nov 16 15:36Steady TempKCQM
13908Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKCAD
13907Thu Nov 16 15:36Steady TempK4I3
13906Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKJRB
13905Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempKI19
13904Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKGOV
13903Thu Nov 16 15:34M-Shape TempKFIG
13902Thu Nov 16 15:34Steady TempKD95
13901Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempUDYZ
13900Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempKTVY
13899Thu Nov 16 15:33Steady TempKTOB
13898Thu Nov 16 15:33Steady TempKPWC
13897Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempLPAZ
13896Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempZSSS
13895Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempHEGN
13894Thu Nov 16 15:33M-Shape TempEGUL
13893Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLRBC
13892Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempLFCR
13891Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLFST
13890Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempLFRI
13889Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempLFKF
13888Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempLJPZ
13887Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLJMB
13886Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempVGHS
13885Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLYKV
13884Thu Nov 16 15:30Steady TempLQSA
13883Thu Nov 16 15:31M-Shape TempSEJD
13882Thu Nov 16 15:20M-Shape TempEGPU
13881Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempEPRZ
13880Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempHKMO
13879Thu Nov 16 15:35Steady TempK1P1
13878Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempUKOO
13877Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempWADL
13876Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempVOGO
13875Thu Nov 16 15:29Steady TempPFNO
13874Thu Nov 16 15:20Steady TempEFMI
13873Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCXAK
13872Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCXWM
13871Thu Nov 16 15:25Steady TempEHVK
13870Thu Nov 16 15:30M-Shape TempZMUB
13869Thu Nov 16 15:24Steady TempCYOD
13868Thu Nov 16 15:22M-Shape TempEGUN
13867Thu Nov 16 15:20M-Shape TempESPE
13866Thu Nov 16 15:20M-Shape TempESSP
13865Thu Nov 16 15:20Steady TempEDMA
13864Thu Nov 16 15:20M-Shape TempLGSA
13863Thu Nov 16 15:20M-Shape TempEGPC
13862Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCXTV
13861Thu Nov 16 15:19Steady TempEHEH
13860Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempHTMT
13859Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempVRMM
13858Thu Nov 16 15:20Steady TempLSZR
13857Thu Nov 16 15:20Steady TempLSZH
13856Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKGUL
13855Thu Nov 16 15:17Steady TempKGLR
13854Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKGHG
13853Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKRNH
13852Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempK3D2
13851Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempUGTB
13850Thu Nov 16 15:13Steady TempKSLH
13849Thu Nov 16 15:12Steady TempKIMS
13848Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKPWT
13847Thu Nov 16 15:13Steady TempKMOX
13846Thu Nov 16 15:13Steady TempKMGG
13845Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKD60
13844Thu Nov 16 15:14Steady TempKCKN
13843Thu Nov 16 15:15Steady TempKKY8
13842Thu Nov 16 15:13Steady TempKELO
13841Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempFWCL
13840Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempYLEC
13839Thu Nov 16 15:10Steady TempKQFU
13838Thu Nov 16 15:09Steady TempKTOL
13837Thu Nov 16 15:09Steady TempPAED
13836Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempHKJK
13835Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempFMCH
13834Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempOEBA
13833Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempOEYN
13832Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempOETB
13831Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempUSTR
13830Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempUUBC
13829Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempURMT
13828Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempDTKA
13827Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCXRL
13826Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCWPR
13825Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempFMNN
13824Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempCWHN
13823Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempCYRQ
13822Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCYRA
13821Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCYAZ
13820Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCYIN
13819Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempCYBD
13818Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempCYZR
13817Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempCYWK
13816Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempCZVL
13815Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempYBMA
13814Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempOIBL
13813Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempOINN
13812Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempRJGG
13811Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempVTBS
13810Thu Nov 16 14:58M-Shape TempKQD3
13809Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempLPHR
13808Thu Nov 16 15:03Steady TempCYPY
13807Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempYMML
13806Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempLROD
13805Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempLYVR
13804Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempLYUZ
13803Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempLYBE
13802Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempEPWR
13801Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempEPSY
13800Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempEPKT
13799Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempSGEN
13798Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempLBPD
13797Thu Nov 16 15:00M-Shape TempLZTT
13796Thu Nov 16 15:00Steady TempWIII
13795Thu Nov 16 14:59Steady TempPAEH
13794Thu Nov 16 14:57Steady TempEHKD
13793Thu Nov 16 14:55M-Shape TempFJDG
13792Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempLTFE
13791Thu Nov 16 14:56M-Shape TempKQVF
13790Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKBBF
13789Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKPPO
13788Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKJWY
13787Thu Nov 16 14:47M-Shape TempKPAO
13786Thu Nov 16 14:56Steady TempPFYU
13785Thu Nov 16 14:56Steady TempPASM
13784Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempCYHY
13783Thu Nov 16 14:55M-Shape TempKSCK
13782Thu Nov 16 14:56Steady TempPAFM
13781Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKUGN
13780Thu Nov 16 14:56M-Shape TempKEKO
13779Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKCOQ
13778Thu Nov 16 14:54Steady TempKDUH
13777Thu Nov 16 14:54M-Shape TempKJST
13776Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempKCAV
13775Thu Nov 16 14:55Steady TempK08D
13774Thu Nov 16 14:52M-Shape TempEGVA
13773Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempLGRP
13772Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempLGIR
13771Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempPAQT
13770Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempPANN
13769Thu Nov 16 14:54Steady TempKVVV
13768Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKSYN
13767Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKSTC
13766Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKRMY
13765Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKMFE
13764Thu Nov 16 14:54Steady TempKHZX
13763Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKHCD
13762Thu Nov 16 14:54Steady TempKFGN
13761Thu Nov 16 14:53M-Shape TempKBTM
13760Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKBTL
13759Thu Nov 16 14:53Steady TempKARB
13758Thu Nov 16 14:50Steady TempEDFM
13757Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempCPBT
13756Thu Nov 16 14:50Steady TempLOWS
13755Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempEGTC
13754Thu Nov 16 14:54M-Shape TempCZPC
13753Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempEGTK
13752Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempEGHE
13751Thu Nov 16 14:51Steady TempKNYC
13750Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempKIFP
13749Thu Nov 16 14:51Steady TempKORD
13748Thu Nov 16 14:50Steady TempEDDG
13747Thu Nov 16 14:50Steady TempLSZB
13746Thu Nov 16 14:50Steady TempKRDD
13745Thu Nov 16 14:49Steady TempRODN
13744Thu Nov 16 14:49Steady TempKAXN
13743Thu Nov 16 14:50M-Shape TempEYSA
13742Thu Nov 16 14:45Steady TempCWPF
13741Thu Nov 16 14:47M-Shape TempKSQL
13740Thu Nov 16 14:40Steady TempKCCR
13739Thu Nov 16 14:30M-Shape TempHKEL
13738Thu Nov 16 14:39Steady TempCYMO
13737Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKSTE
13736Thu Nov 16 14:37Steady TempPAOT
13735Thu Nov 16 14:30M-Shape TempULOO
13734Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKXIH
13733Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKSFY
13732Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKPLU
13731Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKLOT
13730Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKLCK
13729Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKJAQ
13728Thu Nov 16 14:37Steady TempKBAX
13727Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempUNEE
13726Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKLNN
13725Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKLNC
13724Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKINJ
13723Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempKHAF
13722Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKGCD
13721Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKENL
13720Thu Nov 16 14:34Steady TempPASC
13719Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKPAN
13718Thu Nov 16 14:34Steady TempKOZW
13717Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKMGN
13716Thu Nov 16 14:31Steady TempKI23
13715Thu Nov 16 14:34Steady TempKHQM
13714Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKGPC
13713Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKFRH
13712Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKACB
13711Thu Nov 16 14:34Steady TempKERY
13710Thu Nov 16 14:29Steady TempKCPW
13709Thu Nov 16 14:35Steady TempKATS
13708Thu Nov 16 14:34Steady TempPAKP
13707Thu Nov 16 14:30M-Shape TempUADD
13706Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempLTCS
13705Thu Nov 16 14:30M-Shape TempUMMS
13704Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempVOBM
13703Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempLRSV
13702Thu Nov 16 14:30M-Shape TempLYNI
13701Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempLYBT
13700Thu Nov 16 14:31Steady TempPAIK
13699Thu Nov 16 14:30Steady TempKLRD
13698Thu Nov 16 14:28M-Shape TempKELZ
13697Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempLTAF
13696Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempLCEN
13695Thu Nov 16 14:27M-Shape TempCYQL
13694Thu Nov 16 14:27Steady TempKIWD
13693Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempESSV
13692Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempLICJ
13691Thu Nov 16 14:20Steady TempEDXW
13690Thu Nov 16 14:20Steady TempEDNY
13689Thu Nov 16 14:24Steady TempCYMT
13688Thu Nov 16 14:22Steady TempCYAH
13687Thu Nov 16 14:20Steady TempEDDN
13686Thu Nov 16 14:20Steady TempPKWA
13685Thu Nov 16 14:20Steady TempPANW
13684Thu Nov 16 14:20M-Shape TempEVRA
13683Thu Nov 16 14:15M-Shape TempKTMT
13682Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKHHG
13681Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKFWC
13680Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKPVB
13679Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKMZZ
13678Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKTMK
13677Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKPEZ
13676Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKOXI
13675Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKMKN
13674Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKGLE
13673Thu Nov 16 14:16Steady TempPARC
13672Thu Nov 16 14:14Steady TempKY31
13671Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKVLL
13670Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKLDM
13669Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKHZE
13668Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKFFX
13667Thu Nov 16 14:15Steady TempKAQP
13666Thu Nov 16 14:12Steady TempKONZ
13665Thu Nov 16 14:14Steady TempKMJQ
13664Thu Nov 16 14:12Steady TempKFOZ
13663Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempCWBO
13662Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempSBBW
13661Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempUGKO
13660Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempWAHS
13659Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempWALL
13658Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempRCKH
13657Thu Nov 16 14:08Steady TempKBKX
13656Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempUUDL
13655Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempURWW
13654Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempURKK
13653Thu Nov 16 14:03Steady TempKSUU
13652Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempVTUI
13651Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempCYHA
13650Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempCYNC
13649Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempCYZY
13648Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempCBBC
13647Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempFDSK
13646Thu Nov 16 14:05Steady TempCYXC
13645Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempYBCG
13644Thu Nov 16 13:54M-Shape TempOIHH
13643Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIII
13642Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOICI
13641Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIBK
13640Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIZI
13639Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempUACC
13638Thu Nov 16 14:04M-Shape TempCYYJ
13637Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempZGKL
13636Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempUMMG
13635Thu Nov 16 13:46M-Shape TempRJNY
13634Thu Nov 16 14:01Steady TempCZUM
13633Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempLRTM
13632Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempVERC
13631Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempLFLS
13630Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempLFSG
13629Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIMN
13628Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIIE
13627Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOICC
13626Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempOIMM
13625Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempLQTZ
13624Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKCPU
13623Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempKAQO
13622Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempKLEB
13621Thu Nov 16 13:56M-Shape TempKBYH
13620Thu Nov 16 13:58Steady TempKMTC
13619Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempFQCH
13618Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempYMTG
13617Thu Nov 16 14:00Steady TempYWLM
13616Thu Nov 16 14:00M-Shape TempUBBN
13615Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempLTCB
13614Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempLTCJ
13613Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKTIP
13612Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKRNV
13611Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempK2P2
13610Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempEHKV
13609Thu Nov 16 13:58Steady TempKHOP
13608Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKJXI
13607Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKBVS
13606Thu Nov 16 13:55M-Shape TempKHII
13605Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKI68
13604Thu Nov 16 13:56Steady TempPAVA
13603Thu Nov 16 13:56Steady TempPAGA
13602Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKF05
13601Thu Nov 16 13:56Steady TempKEVM
13600Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempEHDL
13599Thu Nov 16 13:56Steady TempKKLS
13598Thu Nov 16 13:56Steady TempKPRX
13597Thu Nov 16 13:53Steady TempKRHI
13596Thu Nov 16 13:55M-Shape TempKOLE
13595Thu Nov 16 13:49M-Shape TempKMNH
13594Thu Nov 16 13:53Steady TempKD39
13593Thu Nov 16 13:54Steady TempKCFE
13592Thu Nov 16 13:54Steady TempK5SM
13591Thu Nov 16 13:48Steady TempK4BM
13590Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEGPD
13589Thu Nov 16 13:55Steady TempKMCJ
13588Thu Nov 16 13:49Steady TempKGDB
13587Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempENWV
13586Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEDMO
13585Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempENAL
13584Thu Nov 16 13:53Steady TempKSFF
13583Thu Nov 16 13:53M-Shape TempKBFD
13582Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempESNK
13581Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEGNH
13580Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempEGPA
13579Thu Nov 16 13:52M-Shape TempKREO
13578Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempEFPO
13577Thu Nov 16 13:52Steady TempKFWS
13576Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEKSB
13575Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempKBFD
13574Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempKQEN
13573Thu Nov 16 13:49Steady TempKATY
13572Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempEFTU
13571Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEFTP
13570Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEFHK
13569Thu Nov 16 13:50Steady TempEYKA
13568Thu Nov 16 13:50M-Shape TempOPMT
13567Thu Nov 16 13:28M-Shape TempOMFJ
13566Thu Nov 16 13:43Steady TempKGRK
13565Thu Nov 16 13:47Steady TempPAWN
13564Thu Nov 16 13:44M-Shape TempMMZO
13563Thu Nov 16 13:40Steady TempKQEQ
13562Thu Nov 16 13:40Steady TempCYOO
13561Thu Nov 16 13:30M-Shape TempOPLA
13560Thu Nov 16 13:40Steady TempKLYV
13559Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKHBV
13558Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKEHY
13557Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempK11R
13556Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempYBHM
13555Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempYGLA
13554Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKGGP
13553Thu Nov 16 13:39Steady TempKDVP
13552Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempUWKS
13551Thu Nov 16 13:30M-Shape TempURWI
13550Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKY23
13549Thu Nov 16 13:38Steady TempKDLZ
13548Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKCOM
13547Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempK6P9
13546Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKUYF
13545Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKHSP
13544Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempKWYS
13543Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKBKN
13542Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKS32
13541Thu Nov 16 13:34Steady TempKRQB
13540Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKISQ
13539Thu Nov 16 13:35Steady TempKIIB
13538Thu Nov 16 13:30M-Shape TempEIDL
13537Thu Nov 16 13:34Steady TempK04W
13536Thu Nov 16 13:34Steady TempPAHL
13535Thu Nov 16 13:33Steady TempKPEX
13534Thu Nov 16 13:30M-Shape TempUATE
13533Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempLROP
13532Thu Nov 16 13:30M-Shape TempOICK
13531Thu Nov 16 13:32Steady TempPFSH
13530Thu Nov 16 13:32Steady TempCYTZ
13529Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempKMLT
13528Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempKQFT
13527Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempLHSM
13526Thu Nov 16 13:30Steady TempLDZA
13525Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempFOOR
13524Thu Nov 16 13:28Steady TempPAIG
13523Thu Nov 16 13:28M-Shape TempYTNK
13522Thu Nov 16 13:25Steady TempEHVL
13521Thu Nov 16 13:20Steady TempETHF
13520Thu Nov 16 13:20M-Shape TempESNO
13519Thu Nov 16 13:20M-Shape TempESPA
13518Thu Nov 16 13:20M-Shape TempENBL
13517Thu Nov 16 13:20M-Shape TempLGRX
13516Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCXKM
13515Thu Nov 16 13:20Steady TempKSHV
13514Thu Nov 16 13:11Steady TempPAEI
13513Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKDKB
13512Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempK1F0
13511Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKHBE
13510Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKGYI
13509Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempRKSM
13508Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKSWW
13507Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKSCF
13506Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKRPD
13505Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKOLY
13504Thu Nov 16 13:16Steady TempKCRS
13503Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKMDZ
13502Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKHHV
13501Thu Nov 16 13:16Steady TempKXVG
13500Thu Nov 16 13:17Steady TempKLWA
13499Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKLHM
13498Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKRRL
13497Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKPMU
13496Thu Nov 16 13:16Steady TempKPHN
13495Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKJSV
13494Thu Nov 16 13:16Steady TempKETH
13493Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKASN
13492Thu Nov 16 13:14Steady TempKADC
13491Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempK3I2
13490Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKC35
13489Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKJYM
13488Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKJRB
13487Thu Nov 16 13:15M-Shape TempKFKL
13486Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKOWX
13485Thu Nov 16 13:14Steady TempKMRT
13484Thu Nov 16 13:10M-Shape TempK1V6
13483Thu Nov 16 13:15M-Shape TempKDNA
13482Thu Nov 16 13:13Steady TempKBBB
13481Thu Nov 16 13:12Steady TempKHOP
13480Thu Nov 16 13:11Steady TempKWRI
13479Thu Nov 16 13:12Steady TempKONA
13478Thu Nov 16 13:11Steady TempKLVN
13477Thu Nov 16 13:15Steady TempKVDF
13476Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempYDBY
13475Thu Nov 16 13:12Steady TempYMHB
13474Thu Nov 16 13:09Steady TempPAWI
13473Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempWIOO
13472Thu Nov 16 12:55M-Shape TempOAKN
13471Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempYLHI
13470Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempAYPY
13469Thu Nov 16 13:08Steady TempKMEM
13468Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempVMMC
13467Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOEWJ
13466Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempUUWW
13465Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempULAA
13464Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempUSHH
13463Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCXPC
13462Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempCWSK
13461Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempCWRT
13460Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCWLB
13459Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCWUS
13458Thu Nov 16 13:05Steady TempKFVE
13457Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCYMU
13456Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCYKG
13455Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCYZS
13454Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempCYWE
13453Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCYLU
13452Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempCYTR
13451Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempCYEG
13450Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempCYRV
13449Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempVIAR
13448Thu Nov 16 13:06Steady TempCYRQ
13447Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOIBS
13446Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOING
13445Thu Nov 16 12:50M-Shape TempOIMC
13444Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempRJOA
13443Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempVLLB
13442Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempZYHB
13441Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempZYCC
13440Thu Nov 16 13:04Steady TempPAVL
13439Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempFMEE
13438Thu Nov 16 13:04Steady TempPFYU
13437Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempZWWW
13436Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOIGG
13435Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOITT
13434Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOIKK
13433Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempKMPV
13432Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempVOBG
13431Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempKQEL
13430Thu Nov 16 13:00Steady TempLBBG
13429Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempOMAA
13428Thu Nov 16 12:55M-Shape TempRJOI
13427Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempSPYL
13426Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempSPJI
13425Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempMGMT
13424Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKOCQ
13423Thu Nov 16 12:55M-Shape TempOPKC
13422Thu Nov 16 12:58M-Shape TempRKJK
13421Thu Nov 16 12:58Steady TempKSKA
13420Thu Nov 16 12:57M-Shape TempKNSI
13419Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKRMN
13418Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKJAS
13417Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKAJG
13416Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKFOA
13415Thu Nov 16 12:55M-Shape TempKE38
13414Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKGHB
13413Thu Nov 16 12:53M-Shape TempKCQC
13412Thu Nov 16 12:56Steady TempK1CN
13411Thu Nov 16 12:56M-Shape TempPHBK
13410Thu Nov 16 12:50M-Shape TempMSSM
13409Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKSLR
13408Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKSEP
13407Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKRGK
13406Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKRCX
13405Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKOWP
13404Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKCMD
13403Thu Nov 16 12:56M-Shape TempPFWS
13402Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempPAUT
13401Thu Nov 16 12:50Steady TempKVWU
13400Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKLXY
13399Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKEDJ
13398Thu Nov 16 12:56M-Shape TempKQRH
13397Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempPALU
13396Thu Nov 16 12:54Steady TempKSBY
13395Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempKCLW
13394Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempK9D7
13393Thu Nov 16 12:54Steady TempKC07
13392Thu Nov 16 13:00M-Shape TempMGGT
13391Thu Nov 16 12:54Steady TempKMVL
13390Thu Nov 16 12:55Steady TempK2D5
13389Thu Nov 16 12:52Steady TempKOVL
13388Thu Nov 16 12:52Steady TempKLXL
13387Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempKSTS
13386Thu Nov 16 12:50Steady TempEDLV
13385Thu Nov 16 12:50M-Shape TempENFL
13384Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempKSMQ
13383Thu Nov 16 12:53M-Shape TempKHJO
13382Thu Nov 16 12:53M-Shape TempKGUP
13381Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempKABR
13380Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempKDCU
13379Thu Nov 16 12:53Steady TempKBAF
13378Thu Nov 16 12:50M-Shape TempEFKK
13377Thu Nov 16 12:50Steady TempEFJY
13376Thu Nov 16 12:52Steady TempKOTG
13375Thu Nov 16 12:51Steady TempKILG
13374Thu Nov 16 12:51Steady TempPASM
13373Thu Nov 16 12:51Steady TempCYMO
13372Thu Nov 16 12:50Steady TempKHQZ
13371Thu Nov 16 12:47Steady TempKADS
13370Thu Nov 16 12:48M-Shape TempKASG
13369Thu Nov 16 12:47M-Shape TempKAEG
13368Thu Nov 16 12:45Steady TempCYNM
13367Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempMNRS
13366Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempMNPC
13365Thu Nov 16 12:43Steady TempKPAE
13364Thu Nov 16 12:42Steady TempKPUW
13363Thu Nov 16 12:42M-Shape TempPAKN
13362Thu Nov 16 12:43Steady TempCZUM
13361Thu Nov 16 12:42M-Shape TempMMCS
13360Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKTBR
13359Thu Nov 16 12:36Steady TempKTGI
13358Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKAZE
13357Thu Nov 16 12:38Steady TempCYGW
13356Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempEHLW
13355Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKRPJ
13354Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempPAAD
13353Thu Nov 16 12:40Steady TempKGRY
13352Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKAIG
13351Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKETB
13350Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKC75
13349Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempULWC
13348Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempULMM
13347Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKTKV
13346Thu Nov 16 12:35M-Shape TempKECS
13345Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKOBE
13344Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKMNZ
13343Thu Nov 16 12:32Steady TempKACQ
13342Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKUOX
13341Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKRZL
13340Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKCFS
13339Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempCYOY
13338Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempSBTK
13337Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempSBUF
13336Thu Nov 16 12:30M-Shape TempVOMD
13335Thu Nov 16 12:33Steady TempKSKF
13334Thu Nov 16 12:30M-Shape TempUTDD
13333Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempUASP
13332Thu Nov 16 12:30M-Shape TempUAOO
13331Thu Nov 16 12:33Steady TempKSGS
13330Thu Nov 16 12:34Steady TempKPNM
13329Thu Nov 16 12:28Steady TempKMYP
13328Thu Nov 16 12:34Steady TempKGHW
13327Thu Nov 16 12:34Steady TempKFFM
13326Thu Nov 16 12:35Steady TempKCNC
13325Thu Nov 16 12:29Steady TempKCCU
13324Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempLRBS
13323Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempCMGB
13322Thu Nov 16 12:32Steady TempPADM
13321Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempCYVO
13320Thu Nov 16 12:30Steady TempKBLM
13319Thu Nov 16 12:26Steady TempKNOG
13318Thu Nov 16 12:29Steady TempKANE
13317Thu Nov 16 12:28Steady TempKFNT
13316Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVELR
13315Thu Nov 16 12:28Steady TempKMUO
13314Thu Nov 16 12:28Steady TempCYQA
13313Thu Nov 16 12:26Steady TempPAMC
13312Thu Nov 16 12:27Steady TempCYMT
13311Thu Nov 16 12:25Steady TempKGCN
13310Thu Nov 16 12:25Steady TempKDWH
13309Thu Nov 16 12:20M-Shape TempESNN
13308Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempEBAW
13307Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempENSB
13306Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempEDAH
13305Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempLGSR
13304Thu Nov 16 12:22Steady TempKHTL
13303Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempEFLP
13302Thu Nov 16 12:20Steady TempEDDE
13301Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempKGVT
13300Thu Nov 16 12:21Steady TempKLSF
13299Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKEZM
13298Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVASU
13297Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKF17
13296Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKRZN
13295Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempEHEH
13294Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKUBE
13293Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKT82
13292Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKSOA
13291Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKLWB
13290Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKATP
13289Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempK1H2
13288Thu Nov 16 12:16Steady TempPASK
13287Thu Nov 16 12:17Steady TempKY63
13286Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKRSV
13285Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKPSN
13284Thu Nov 16 12:16Steady TempKFKS
13283Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempKHVE
13282Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKHFY
13281Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempKGKJ
13280Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKAPS
13279Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempK4V0
13278Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKDNN
13277Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKCWC
13276Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKCDA
13275Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKBQP
13274Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKBDH
13273Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKMEH
13272Thu Nov 16 12:14Steady TempKULM
13271Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempKTSP
13270Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKGWR
13269Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempK33V
13268Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKCIC
13267Thu Nov 16 12:14Steady TempKAIT
13266Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempK8B0
13265Thu Nov 16 12:15Steady TempKSVE
13264Thu Nov 16 12:14Steady TempKFBL
13263Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSBAT
13262Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempYPBO
13261Thu Nov 16 12:13Steady TempCYRQ
13260Thu Nov 16 12:11Steady TempKSAC
13259Thu Nov 16 12:15M-Shape TempKANK
13258Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempKHBG
13257Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempK2G4
13256Thu Nov 16 12:11Steady TempPFKW
13255Thu Nov 16 12:11Steady TempCYQV
13254Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempUTFF
13253Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempPANA
13252Thu Nov 16 12:10Steady TempCYXR
13251Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVEBN
13250Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVYYY
13249Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVTPH
13248Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempMHLE
13247Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempWMKI
13246Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempUIBB
13245Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempUNAA
13244Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempUWGG
13243Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempUSCC
13242Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempSKIP
13241Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempCXCP
13240Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempCWQV
13239Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVTPP
13238Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempCYWG
13237Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempCYPX
13236Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempCYKF
13235Thu Nov 16 12:05Steady TempKHOP
13234Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempNZWN
13233Thu Nov 16 11:50M-Shape TempOITL
13232Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempUCFO
13231Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempUAII
13230Thu Nov 16 12:05Steady TempCYZH
13229Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempZSAM
13228Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempZBAA
13227Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempRKJB
13226Thu Nov 16 11:59Steady TempPAFB
13225Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVAAH
13224Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempSARF
13223Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempPAEG
13222Thu Nov 16 11:50Steady TempKBUU
13221Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempVOML
13220Thu Nov 16 12:00Steady TempKQEN
13219Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKVES
13218Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempYCCY
13217Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempMRPV
13216Thu Nov 16 12:00M-Shape TempSCJO
13215Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempKSXT
13214Thu Nov 16 11:58M-Shape TempRKSO
13213Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKUNU
13212Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKRWV
13211Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKMRJ
13210Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKLUD
13209Thu Nov 16 11:59Steady TempKJMR
13208Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKBKD
13207Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempK57C
13206Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempK2G9
13205Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempK0F2
13204Thu Nov 16 11:58Steady TempKXMR
13203Thu Nov 16 11:58Steady TempKHUA
13202Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempEHHW
13201Thu Nov 16 11:55M-Shape TempK0E0
13200Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKRYV
13199Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKOSA
13198Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKGBK
13197Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKJOT
13196Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKHHW
13195Thu Nov 16 11:50M-Shape TempEGOP
13194Thu Nov 16 11:56M-Shape TempKWJF
13193Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempPAGH
13192Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempPAAK
13191Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKPUJ
13190Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKMGC
13189Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempKFRM
13188Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKGWB
13187Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempKCQM
13186Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKEGV
13185Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKCDH
13184Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempK7N0
13183Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKARM
13182Thu Nov 16 11:56M-Shape TempKEND
13181Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempEHAM
13180Thu Nov 16 11:55M-Shape TempKSOW
13179Thu Nov 16 11:54M-Shape TempKSJN
13178Thu Nov 16 11:53M-Shape TempKSDL
13177Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempKMXO
13176Thu Nov 16 11:56Steady TempKHAI
13175Thu Nov 16 11:54M-Shape TempKEVV
13174Thu Nov 16 11:54M-Shape TempKDSV
13173Thu Nov 16 11:54Steady TempKD95
13172Thu Nov 16 11:54Steady TempKCAR
13171Thu Nov 16 11:54Steady TempKCAD
13170Thu Nov 16 11:52Steady TempKBJI
13169Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKAEL
13168Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempK6B9
13167Thu Nov 16 11:55Steady TempPASV
13166Thu Nov 16 11:58M-Shape TempKLFI
13165Thu Nov 16 11:53M-Shape TempKGGG
13164Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKSBM
13163Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKTRL
13162Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKBGM
13161Thu Nov 16 11:51Steady TempKCPW
13160Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKRNT
13159Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKPWC
13158Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKHOU
13157Thu Nov 16 11:53Steady TempKBTR
13156Thu Nov 16 11:54Steady TempKHCO
13155Thu Nov 16 11:43M-Shape TempMMZC
13154Thu Nov 16 11:52Steady TempKMKE
13153Thu Nov 16 11:52M-Shape TempKMHK
13152Thu Nov 16 11:50M-Shape TempEGPO
13151Thu Nov 16 11:52M-Shape TempKNHK
13150Thu Nov 16 11:50Steady TempEFKS
13149Thu Nov 16 11:50Steady TempEFHA
13148Thu Nov 16 11:50Steady TempEDDF
13147Thu Nov 16 11:52Steady TempKEST
13146Thu Nov 16 11:51Steady TempKBDL
13145Thu Nov 16 11:51Steady TempKALB
13144Thu Nov 16 11:45M-Shape TempKBAK
13143Thu Nov 16 11:45Steady TempCWPF
13142Thu Nov 16 11:47M-Shape TempKGYH
13141Thu Nov 16 11:44M-Shape TempMMTG
13140Thu Nov 16 11:40M-Shape TempMMIO
13139Thu Nov 16 11:44M-Shape TempPAII
13138Thu Nov 16 11:38Steady TempKBPT
13137Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKCVB
13136Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKVAF
13135Thu Nov 16 11:35M-Shape TempKRQO
13134Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKELA
13133Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKEHC
13132Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKCQF
13131Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKBIJ
13130Thu Nov 16 11:30Steady TempUSSS
13129Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKHDC
13128Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempK3D2
13127Thu Nov 16 11:36Steady TempKMQJ
13126Thu Nov 16 11:35M-Shape TempKBPC
13125Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKLHB
13124Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKIGQ
13123Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKHZL
13122Thu Nov 16 11:36Steady TempCYPY
13121Thu Nov 16 11:33Steady TempKAXV
13120Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKD60
13119Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKCPT
13118Thu Nov 16 11:34Steady TempKMGG
13117Thu Nov 16 11:30M-Shape TempVOHS
13116Thu Nov 16 11:30M-Shape TempUTDL
13115Thu Nov 16 11:34Steady TempPAQH
13114Thu Nov 16 11:33Steady TempKORB
13113Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKOLZ
13112Thu Nov 16 11:34Steady TempKGYL
13111Thu Nov 16 11:35Steady TempKBOW
13110Thu Nov 16 11:30Steady TempLFLY
13109Thu Nov 16 11:20M-Shape TempLGKC
13108Thu Nov 16 11:30Steady TempKMPO
13107Thu Nov 16 10:33M-Shape TempTJPS
13106Thu Nov 16 11:29Steady TempCYRQ
13105Thu Nov 16 11:25Steady TempEHMA
13104Thu Nov 16 11:25Steady TempEHFZ
13103Thu Nov 16 11:25Steady TempEHFD
13102Thu Nov 16 11:25Steady TempKPQL
13101Thu Nov 16 11:20Steady TempENLA
13100Thu Nov 16 11:20M-Shape TempENQA
13099Thu Nov 16 11:20Steady TempEDVK
13098Thu Nov 16 11:22Steady TempCZVL
13097Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKTMA
13096Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempK3N8
13095Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKCFD
13094Thu Nov 16 11:15M-Shape TempKW78
13093Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKSEF
13092Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKVDI
13091Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKPDC
13090Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKBBF
13089Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKGUL
13088Thu Nov 16 11:15M-Shape TempKLVL
13087Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKLNP
13086Thu Nov 16 11:14Steady TempEHEH
13085Thu Nov 16 11:16Steady TempPAMH
13084Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKLZZ
13083Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKPPO
13082Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempKJWY
13081Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTCT
13080Thu Nov 16 11:11Steady TempK21D
13079Thu Nov 16 11:15Steady TempK06D
13078Thu Nov 16 11:14Steady TempKFPK
13077Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVLVT
13076Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTST
13075Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSBVH
13074Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSBEK
13073Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVVNB
13072Thu Nov 16 11:14Steady TempKROX
13071Thu Nov 16 11:12Steady TempKLJF
13070Thu Nov 16 11:14Steady TempKHCD
13069Thu Nov 16 11:13Steady TempKELO
13068Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYGTH
13067Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYOLD
13066Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYNWN
13065Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYNBR
13064Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYNAR
13063Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYESP
13062Thu Nov 16 11:07Steady TempKNBG
13061Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTUL
13060Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVVPQ
13059Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTUK
13058Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTSG
13057Thu Nov 16 11:10Steady TempKOVE
13056Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTCL
13055Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempVTSF
13054Thu Nov 16 11:08Steady TempKSLK
13053Thu Nov 16 11:10M-Shape TempKGWW
13052Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempWMKM
13051Thu Nov 16 10:16Steady TempCWHN
13050Thu Nov 16 11:07Steady TempEHVK
13049Thu Nov 16 11:07M-Shape TempKHZY
13048Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSERO
13047Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempWBKL
13046Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempWBGR
13045Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSKVV
13044Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSKVP
13043Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempCWXA
13042Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempCXMM
13041Thu Nov 16 11:05Steady TempKHUL
13040Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempCYMM
13039Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempCYDQ
13038Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempCYUY
13037Thu Nov 16 10:50Steady TempOIBB
13036Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempRJCB
13035Thu Nov 16 11:05Steady TempPATE
13034Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempROAH
13033Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempRPLC
13032Thu Nov 16 10:50Steady TempENHF
13031Thu Nov 16 11:03Steady TempPABE
13030Thu Nov 16 11:03Steady TempKTRI
13029Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKFWB
13028Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempZSHC
13027Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempZBYN
13026Thu Nov 16 11:04Steady TempCYZE
13025Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSBPK
13024Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempLFLL
13023Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSUSO
13022Thu Nov 16 11:01Steady TempKLEE
13021Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYMEN
13020Thu Nov 16 10:50M-Shape TempKHSG
13019Thu Nov 16 11:01M-Shape TempMMPB
13018Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKRBO
13017Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempSECO
13016Thu Nov 16 11:00M-Shape TempYCAR
13015Thu Nov 16 10:59Steady TempKALW
13014Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempLBWN
13013Thu Nov 16 11:00Steady TempSEMT
13012Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempK5C1
13011Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempEHMG
13010Thu Nov 16 10:58Steady TempYSNF
13009Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKMIS
13008Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKC29
13007Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKJAQ
13006Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKTAZ
13005Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKSFY
13004Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKAYS
13003Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempK82C
13002Thu Nov 16 10:56Steady TempKRND
13001Thu Nov 16 10:56Steady TempPAPM
13000Thu Nov 16 10:56M-Shape TempPAJZ
12999Thu Nov 16 10:56Steady TempPFWS
12998Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKUKT
12997Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKRNH
12996Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKLNC
12995Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKINJ
12994Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKEOE
12993Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKHUM
12992Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKGPC
12991Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKCZL
12990Thu Nov 16 10:56Steady TempKMIB
12989Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempK3J7
12988Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempK4A6
12987Thu Nov 16 10:54Steady TempPAKN
12986Thu Nov 16 10:47M-Shape TempKBJC
12985Thu Nov 16 10:52Steady TempK9MN
12984Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKOZW
12983Thu Nov 16 10:54M-Shape TempKMRY
12982Thu Nov 16 10:50Steady TempENST
12981Thu Nov 16 10:50Steady TempENMS
12980Thu Nov 16 10:55M-Shape TempKPSO
12979Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKLOL
12978Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKMCK
12977Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKJEF
12976Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKHLN
12975Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKHLC
12974Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKDAN
12973Thu Nov 16 10:53Steady TempKELM
12972Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKCCR
12971Thu Nov 16 10:53M-Shape TempKAIA
12970Thu Nov 16 10:53Steady TempPANN
12969Thu Nov 16 10:50M-Shape TempENHM
12968Thu Nov 16 10:54M-Shape TempYABA
12967Thu Nov 16 10:52M-Shape TempKSUX
12966Thu Nov 16 10:52M-Shape TempKSGF
12965Thu Nov 16 10:52Steady TempKGLS
12964Thu Nov 16 10:55Steady TempKAIK
12963Thu Nov 16 10:52Steady TempKP69
12962Thu Nov 16 10:41Steady TempRJSA
12961Thu Nov 16 10:51Steady TempKMPV
12960Thu Nov 16 10:52M-Shape TempKMDH
12959Thu Nov 16 10:49Steady TempPAVL
12958Thu Nov 16 10:50Steady TempEFIV
12957Thu Nov 16 10:49Steady TempPAKI
12956Thu Nov 16 10:36Steady TempEHGR
12955Thu Nov 16 10:30M-Shape TempWIPP
12954Thu Nov 16 10:40Steady TempCBBC
12953Thu Nov 16 10:30M-Shape TempYBAS
12952Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKT35
12951Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKPRG
12950Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKW22
12949Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKMWC
12948Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKMKS
12947Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKHHG
12946Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKBHC
12945Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKHLX
12944Thu Nov 16 10:35M-Shape TempKHII
12943Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKMZZ
12942Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKMZG
12941Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKLVL
12940Thu Nov 16 10:35M-Shape TempKLGC
12939Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKRLD
12938Thu Nov 16 10:35M-Shape TempKPPA
12937Thu Nov 16 10:34Steady TempPATC
12936Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKFSO
12935Thu Nov 16 10:35M-Shape TempKFMM
12934Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKIKG
12933Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKW96
12932Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKY19
12931Thu Nov 16 10:30M-Shape TempKSTK
12930Thu Nov 16 10:34Steady TempKOEB
12929Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKADU
12928Thu Nov 16 10:30Steady TempK4BM
12927Thu Nov 16 10:29M-Shape TempK2V6
12926Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKCLS
12925Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKCKZ
12924Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKCDD
12923Thu Nov 16 10:34Steady TempKMFE
12922Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKLDM
12921Thu Nov 16 10:34Steady TempKIKW
12920Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKHYX
12919Thu Nov 16 10:35Steady TempKMWM
12918Thu Nov 16 10:34Steady TempKMJQ
12917Thu Nov 16 10:32Steady TempKTIW
12916Thu Nov 16 10:33Steady TempCYFC
12915Thu Nov 16 10:30Steady TempOIKB
12914Thu Nov 16 10:32M-Shape TempKNYC
12913Thu Nov 16 10:32Steady TempPAHL
12912Thu Nov 16 10:31Steady TempKFPR
12911Thu Nov 16 10:30Steady TempKMTN
12910Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempKCPC
12909Thu Nov 16 10:26Steady TempKGRF
12908Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempEHQE
12907Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempEHAK
12906Thu Nov 16 10:27M-Shape TempSBBE
12905Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempPACZ
12904Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempPABT
12903Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempEHGG
12902Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempPFYU
12901Thu Nov 16 10:20Steady TempETHS
12900Thu Nov 16 10:20M-Shape TempENQC
12899Thu Nov 16 10:20Steady TempEDTY
12898Thu Nov 16 10:23Steady TempPATL
12897Thu Nov 16 10:25Steady TempEHKD
12896Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCXLL
12895Thu Nov 16 10:21Steady TempKRMG
12894Thu Nov 16 10:20Steady TempEFKU
12893Thu Nov 16 10:21Steady TempCYZR
12892Thu Nov 16 10:20Steady TempEYVI
12891Thu Nov 16 10:18Steady TempEHWO
12890Thu Nov 16 10:16Steady TempKBAB
12889Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKMKJ
12888Thu Nov 16 10:15M-Shape TempKIDP
12887Thu Nov 16 10:17Steady TempKAGS
12886Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKVQT
12885Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKF44
12884Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKEFT
12883Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKD25
12882Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKBVS
12881Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempK6R3
12880Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKJYG
12879Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKOZA
12878Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKMZH
12877Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKLNA
12876Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKERV
12875Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempK6A1
12874Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKAXS
12873Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKAXH
12872Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempKSUU
12871Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempKY31
12870Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKSMS
12869Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKGCD
12868Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempKD39
12867Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKCNB
12866Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKAXA
12865Thu Nov 16 10:15M-Shape TempKAEJ
12864Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempK5H4
12863Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSBSM
12862Thu Nov 16 10:15M-Shape TempSBBG
12861Thu Nov 16 10:13Steady TempKTOB
12860Thu Nov 16 10:12Steady TempKMVE
12859Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKMCJ
12858Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempKJKJ
12857Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempCYWA
12856Thu Nov 16 10:13M-Shape TempKNRB
12855Thu Nov 16 10:15M-Shape TempSBCJ
12854Thu Nov 16 10:14Steady TempYHID
12853Thu Nov 16 10:15Steady TempKMAO
12852Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempWIEE
12851Thu Nov 16 10:05Steady TempKFDK
12850Thu Nov 16 10:11Steady TempCYHE
12849Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempWATT
12848Thu Nov 16 10:05Steady TempK7W6
12847Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempVTBS
12846Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempUSHH
12845Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempUWUU
12844Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempROMY
12843Thu Nov 16 09:50M-Shape TempEGOM
12842Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempWBGY
12841Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCWYL
12840Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCWDK
12839Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCWGW
12838Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYCO
12837Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYVL
12836Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYYZ
12835Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYYJ
12834Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYQY
12833Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCYMX
12832Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempCYAW
12831Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCYXR
12830Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempCYMT
12829Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempVTUU
12828Thu Nov 16 10:00Steady TempVDSR
12827Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempRJFM
12826Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempRPLI
12825Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSLRB
12824Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSLCP
12823Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSLRY
12822Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSLSA
12821Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSLJO
12820Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempRKSS
12819Thu Nov 16 10:02Steady TempKMMV
12818Thu Nov 16 10:03Steady TempPAWM
12817Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSUDU
12816Thu Nov 16 10:02Steady TempPASM
12815Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempBIEG
12814Thu Nov 16 09:58M-Shape TempKFEW
12813Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKSBO
12812Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKUES
12811Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKDBN
12810Thu Nov 16 09:50Steady TempEFMI
12809Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempCYTE
12808Thu Nov 16 09:57Steady TempKWRI
12807Thu Nov 16 09:56Steady TempEHVK
12806Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKPVF
12805Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKOPL
12804Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKGGP
12803Thu Nov 16 09:59Steady TempKDVP
12802Thu Nov 16 10:00M-Shape TempSBCB
12801Thu Nov 16 09:58M-Shape TempKLUF
12800Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKVJI
12799Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKOLG
12798Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKMQS
12797Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKDLL
12796Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKI35
12795Thu Nov 16 09:56Steady TempKDYS
12794Thu Nov 16 09:50M-Shape TempLGAV
12793Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKY51
12792Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKSUW
12791Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKJFZ
12790Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempK9A5
12789Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempK5R8
12788Thu Nov 16 09:56Steady TempPARS
12787Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKHMP
12786Thu Nov 16 09:56M-Shape TempKGUC
12785Thu Nov 16 09:56Steady TempPAKP
12784Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKASW
12783Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKS32
12782Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKRNP
12781Thu Nov 16 09:54Steady TempKPSF
12780Thu Nov 16 09:54Steady TempKC07
12779Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKBNL
12778Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKAUM
12777Thu Nov 16 09:50Steady TempENDU
12776Thu Nov 16 09:53Steady TempKSSF
12775Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKRQE
12774Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKLBF
12773Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKALI
12772Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKFAY
12771Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKIML
12770Thu Nov 16 09:55Steady TempKHZX
12769Thu Nov 16 09:53Steady TempKMKL
12768Thu Nov 16 09:53Steady TempKBLI
12767Thu Nov 16 09:50M-Shape TempLGTS
12766Thu Nov 16 09:53M-Shape TempKNIP
12765Thu Nov 16 09:52M-Shape TempKALS
12764Thu Nov 16 09:50Steady TempEGPL
12763Thu Nov 16 09:51Steady TempPAQT
12762Thu Nov 16 09:50Steady TempEFUT
12761Thu Nov 16 09:46Steady TempK2DP
12760Thu Nov 16 09:42Steady TempPFKT
12759Thu Nov 16 09:41Steady TempCZUM
12758Thu Nov 16 09:30M-Shape TempYPWR
12757Thu Nov 16 09:39Steady TempCYOJ
12756Thu Nov 16 09:30M-Shape TempYPLM
12755Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempK66R
12754Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKSTE
12753Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempFVWN
12752Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKTYQ
12751Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKSCF
12750Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKJXI
12749Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKHQI
12748Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKHHV
12747Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKEMK
12746Thu Nov 16 09:30M-Shape TempUHWW
12745Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempURMT
12744Thu Nov 16 09:36Steady TempETOU
12743Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKSZT
12742Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKPEZ
12741Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKLNL
12740Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKLHM
12739Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKJDD
12738Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKHYW
12737Thu Nov 16 09:36Steady TempKCBG
12736Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKC35
12735Thu Nov 16 09:36Steady TempKETH
12734Thu Nov 16 09:36Steady TempKLWA
12733Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKAMN
12732Thu Nov 16 09:33Steady TempKDRM
12731Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempKCCU
12730Thu Nov 16 09:30M-Shape TempUATG
12729Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempUACP
12728Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempSBPR
12727Thu Nov 16 09:35Steady TempKVDF
12726Thu Nov 16 09:32Steady TempKSYN
12725Thu Nov 16 09:32Steady TempKONA
12724Thu Nov 16 09:33Steady TempPALU
12723Thu Nov 16 09:32Steady TempPAKV
12722Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempLRBC
12721Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempLQSA
12720Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempLKPR
12719Thu Nov 16 09:31Steady TempKPTN
12718Thu Nov 16 09:24Steady TempKFME
12717Thu Nov 16 09:20M-Shape TempKLHZ
12716Thu Nov 16 09:30Steady TempCYPQ
12715Thu Nov 16 09:29Steady TempCYHK
12714Thu Nov 16 09:26Steady TempKMCF
12713Thu Nov 16 09:21Steady TempKMXF
12712Thu Nov 16 09:14M-Shape TempKEAN
12711Thu Nov 16 09:20Steady TempCYKL
12710Thu Nov 16 09:19Steady TempKLFT
12709Thu Nov 16 09:04M-Shape TempRJNG
12708Thu Nov 16 09:18Steady TempKCEF
12707Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempEHEH
12706Thu Nov 16 09:18Steady TempKPQL
12705Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKHBV
12704Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempK8A0
12703Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKT65
12702Thu Nov 16 09:11M-Shape TempYMML
12701Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKVKY
12700Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKBCK
12699Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKJZP
12698Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKGHB
12697Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKTNB
12696Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKSLR
12695Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKONP
12694Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKHQZ
12693Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKFWS
12692Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKJYL
12691Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKJMS
12690Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKBAC
12689Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempK22N
12688Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKF46
12687Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempKIIB
12686Thu Nov 16 09:13Steady TempKMYP
12685Thu Nov 16 09:15Steady TempK2D5
12684Thu Nov 16 09:13Steady TempKCPW
12683Thu Nov 16 09:13Steady TempKOSC
12682Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYHUG
12681Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYNTN
12680Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYCOM
12679Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYBOK
12678Thu Nov 16 08:00M-Shape TempSBIZ
12677Thu Nov 16 09:05Steady TempEHWO
12676Thu Nov 16 09:05M-Shape TempKDPL
12675Thu Nov 16 09:10Steady TempKQES
12674Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempWBKK
12673Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYPPH
12672Thu Nov 16 09:09Steady TempCYVO
12671Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYPTN
12670Thu Nov 16 08:25Steady TempCWHN
12669Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempUIII
12668Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempVTSP
12667Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempWBGB
12666Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempCWGY
12665Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempCZEL
12664Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempCWLB
12663Thu Nov 16 09:07Steady TempCYNM
12662Thu Nov 16 09:05Steady TempETAD
12661Thu Nov 16 09:03Steady TempKCOF
12660Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempCYPX
12659Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempCZSJ
12658Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempCYKF
12657Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempCYFS
12656Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempRJOM
12655Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempRCSS
12654Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempRCTP
12653Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempSARL
12652Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempZBTJ
12651Thu Nov 16 09:03Steady TempPAIG
12650Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempLFBI
12649Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempLFSX
12648Thu Nov 16 09:02Steady TempCYGW
12647Thu Nov 16 09:01Steady TempPASC
12646Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempKHSV
12645Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempK3T5
12644Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempTNCE
12643Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempSBUG
12642Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempYBWP
12641Thu Nov 16 08:55M-Shape TempKO22
12640Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempSCTN
12639Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempSCAT
12638Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempSBMA
12637Thu Nov 16 08:58M-Shape TempKINS
12636Thu Nov 16 08:58M-Shape TempK1OW
12635Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKEDC
12634Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKTBR
12633Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKPRO
12632Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempWAMM
12631Thu Nov 16 08:58M-Shape TempK1IW
12630Thu Nov 16 08:58Steady TempKCOQ
12629Thu Nov 16 09:00M-Shape TempSMZO
12628Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKETB
12627Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKCMY
12626Thu Nov 16 09:00Steady TempKCLI
12625Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKRCR
12624Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKPVB
12623Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempKY70
12622Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempK49A
12621Thu Nov 16 08:50Steady TempEGDX
12620Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempPAIW
12619Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempPAGH
12618Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempPATE
12617Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempPFCL
12616Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKOKV
12615Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKGYB
12614Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKDNV
12613Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempKCVO
12612Thu Nov 16 08:52Steady TempKACQ
12611Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKBKS
12610Thu Nov 16 08:56M-Shape TempRKSG
12609Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempCYET
12608Thu Nov 16 08:56Steady TempK1BN
12607Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempEHDL
12606Thu Nov 16 08:50M-Shape TempKHEQ
12605Thu Nov 16 08:54Steady TempKBWI
12604Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKMOP
12603Thu Nov 16 08:55Steady TempKSNC
12602Thu Nov 16 08:55M-Shape TempKBYS
12601Thu Nov 16 08:50Steady TempEDNY
12600Thu Nov 16 08:50Steady TempEDMA
12599Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKSNY
12598Thu Nov 16 08:53Steady TempKSEG
12597Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKONT
12596Thu Nov 16 08:53Steady TempKMLP
12595Thu Nov 16 08:53Steady TempKMGW
12594Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKMAE
12593Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKJBR
12592Thu Nov 16 08:54Steady TempKDXX
12591Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKDTW
12590Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKDLN
12589Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKDET
12588Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKDAB
12587Thu Nov 16 08:53Steady TempKCSV
12586Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKAOH
12585Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKANB
12584Thu Nov 16 08:53M-Shape TempKBMQ
12583Thu Nov 16 08:50M-Shape TempESNQ
12582Thu Nov 16 08:50Steady TempEGSH
12581Thu Nov 16 08:51M-Shape TempKCSG
12580Thu Nov 16 08:51M-Shape TempKCAK
12579Thu Nov 16 08:52Steady TempPASK
12578Thu Nov 16 08:51Steady TempKSNT
12577Thu Nov 16 08:00M-Shape TempCPIR
12576Thu Nov 16 08:45Steady TempKMQI
12575Thu Nov 16 08:50Steady TempCYWK
12574Thu Nov 16 08:48Steady TempKTTS
12573Thu Nov 16 08:48Steady TempKSUU
12572Thu Nov 16 08:45Steady TempCYYD
12571Thu Nov 16 08:40Steady TempROYN
12570Thu Nov 16 08:42Steady TempKLSF
12569Thu Nov 16 08:25Steady TempEHJR
12568Thu Nov 16 08:00M-Shape TempCWNL
12567Thu Nov 16 08:37Steady TempRJSA
12566Thu Nov 16 08:30Steady TempWALL
12565Thu Nov 16 08:30M-Shape TempWIBB
12564Thu Nov 16 08:35M-Shape TempKW99
12563Thu Nov 16 08:35M-Shape TempKW43
12562Thu Nov 16 08:30Steady TempKMFV
12561Thu Nov 16 08:30Steady TempKGVT
12560Thu Nov 16 08:00M-Shape TempGFLL
12559Thu Nov 16 08:39M-Shape TempKMTC
12558Thu Nov 16 07:00M-Shape TempMHTG
12557Thu Nov 16 08:38M-Shape TempKBPT
12556Thu Nov 16 08:30M-Shape TempYPJT
12555Thu Nov 16 08:30M-Shape TempYPPD
12554Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKTIP
12553Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKATW
12552Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKUNV
12551Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKSOA
12550Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKJYO
12549Thu Nov 16 08:30Steady TempUUDL
12548Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKTBX
12547Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKMER
12546Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKBQP
12545Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKGPM
12544Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempK7W4
12543Thu Nov 16 08:35M-Shape TempK3AU
12542Thu Nov 16 08:32Steady TempETNL
12541Thu Nov 16 08:30M-Shape TempVTBD
12540Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKGWR
12539Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempKPCM
12538Thu Nov 16 08:30M-Shape TempKBDU
12537Thu Nov 16 08:34Steady TempKGHW
12536Thu Nov 16 08:34Steady TempKFBL
12535Thu Nov 16 08:35Steady TempK8B0
12534Thu Nov 16 08:34Steady TempKPNM
12533Thu Nov 16 08:31Steady TempKLVN
12532Thu Nov 16 08:25Steady TempEBBE
12531Thu Nov 16 08:30Steady TempLFQB
12530Thu Nov 16 08:30