Welcome to the Event Detection Sample Application!

This sample application is a NodeJS (version v0.12.18) application bound to the Streaming Analytics service.


The purpose of this sample application is to show how a NodeJS application can utilize the Streaming Analytics service via its REST API. See the NodeJS application code that you downloaded for examples of REST API calls.

The Event Detection sample application uses the Streaming Analytics service to a analyze a stream of weather information from NOAA weather stations around the world. A variety of simple and complex event detection techniques are used to identify events as they occur.

Application Flow

The Event Detection sample application performs a series of steps using the Streaming Analytics service. The table below lists the tasks the application is performing and the status of each step.

1Extract the environment information required to use the Streaming Analytics REST API. Completed
2Check if the Streams instance is running and start the instance if necessary using the Streaming Analytics REST API.Completed - Instance was already running
3If the instance was already running, check if there is a Streams event detection job already running. If a job is running, cancel it.Completed - Existing job cancelled
4Deploy a Streams Application Bundle to the Streaming Analytics service using the Streaming Analytics REST API. The bundle contains a Streams application the analyzes weather data and performs event detection. Completed
5Process events detected by the Streams application, and display them on this web page. Processing Events
6Cancel the job corresponding to the Streams application that was submitted in step 4 after events are processed. Pending

Event Types

There are four types of events that the Streams application is monitoring for in the weather stream. Two of them are complex events, where patterns are recognized involving both the current data values for a weather station and previously analyzed values. The other two are simple events, which only require analyis of a weather station's current values.

M-Shape TempThis event occurs when the graph of the temperature readings from a weather station form an "M" shape. Detecting M-shapes in graphs illustrates the power of the Complex Event Processing toolkit in Streams, but it really has no use in a weather application. However, recognizing M-shape patterns in securities trading applications is very useful. An M-shape is called a double-top stock pattern in the trading world. See Partition and Compose: Parallel Complex Event Processing for more information on this complex event detection method, the double-top pattern and other patterns.
Steady TempThis event occurs when the temperature reported by a weather station changes by 1 degree or less per hour for eleven consecutive hours. In addition, the net change during the 11 hours cannot exceed 3 degress.
Dry HeatThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 105 degrees (F) and a relative humidity of less than 10%.
SaunaThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 90 degrees (F) and a relative humidity greater than 75%.

Application Results

Results from the Streams application are listed below. Weather data from the prior 24 hours is available when the Streams application is started. The application analyzes this data so event patterns that occur over multiple hours can be recognized. After this initial set of existing data is analyzed by the application, new data is processed in real-time as it is published by NOAA. Most weather stations update their readings only once per hour, so after the initial burst of events, new events will be detected less frequently.

In addition to detecting events, the Streams application also determines the highest and lowest current temperature reading from any weather station.

Max Temp (F)Weather StationMin Temp (F)Weather Station
102.2MMCV -18.399998BGTL
Event NumberEvent TimeEvent TypeWeather Station
2272Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempGMTA
2271Mon Mar 19 21:00Steady TempPAWM
2270Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempTKPK
2269Mon Mar 19 21:00Steady TempLBPG
2268Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempSBLO
2267Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempTAPA
2266Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempSCNT
2265Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempSPZO
2264Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempOEDF
2263Mon Mar 19 20:55M-Shape TempKMEZ
2262Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKTIF
2261Mon Mar 19 20:55M-Shape TempKTAZ
2260Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKPTT
2259Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempSBNT
2258Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempGVSV
2257Mon Mar 19 21:00M-Shape TempORBI
2256Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKPCZ
2255Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKC09
2254Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKANW
2253Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempK2A0
2252Mon Mar 19 20:55M-Shape TempKIKK
2251Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKVQT
2250Mon Mar 19 20:55M-Shape TempKCMD
2249Mon Mar 19 20:56Steady TempKJRB
2248Mon Mar 19 20:56Steady TempKFAM
2247Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKDLH
2246Mon Mar 19 20:57Steady TempYPXM
2245Mon Mar 19 20:55Steady TempKRGK
2244Mon Mar 19 20:54Steady TempPGUM
2243Mon Mar 19 20:55M-Shape TempKWWD
2242Mon Mar 19 20:54M-Shape TempKWAL
2241Mon Mar 19 20:53M-Shape TempKMLC
2240Mon Mar 19 20:50Steady TempLGKV
2239Mon Mar 19 20:54Steady TempCYPX
2238Mon Mar 19 20:52M-Shape TempKDPA
2237Mon Mar 19 20:50M-Shape TempBGGH
2236Mon Mar 19 20:50M-Shape TempBGSF
2235Mon Mar 19 20:50Steady TempEKRN
2234Mon Mar 19 20:52M-Shape TempKOWB
2233Mon Mar 19 20:51Steady TempKICT
2232Mon Mar 19 20:51Steady TempKLSF
2231Mon Mar 19 20:50Steady TempLSZR
2230Mon Mar 19 20:51Steady TempPTYA
2229Mon Mar 19 20:47Steady TempRJTY
2228Mon Mar 19 20:46M-Shape TempKNIP
2227Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKPNA
2226Mon Mar 19 20:38M-Shape TempKROG
2225Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKEBA
2224Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKDQH
2223Mon Mar 19 20:35M-Shape TempKDED
2222Mon Mar 19 20:35M-Shape TempKM21
2221Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempULLI
2220Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempURWW
2219Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKTHA
2218Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKEIR
2217Mon Mar 19 20:35M-Shape TempKFOA
2216Mon Mar 19 20:35M-Shape TempKAJG
2215Mon Mar 19 20:35M-Shape TempKPKV
2214Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKONZ
2213Mon Mar 19 20:36Steady TempKCGI
2212Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKLRJ
2211Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempUCFM
2210Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKMOP
2209Mon Mar 19 20:35Steady TempKBAX
2208Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempLRTC
2207Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempLPPD
2206Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempLFBZ
2205Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempLFRN
2204Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempLFMV
2203Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempLFMC
2202Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempLFPV
2201Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempLYKV
2200Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempEPKK
2199Mon Mar 19 20:30Steady TempKQFB
2198Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempSOCA
2197Mon Mar 19 20:30M-Shape TempPKMR
2196Mon Mar 19 20:25Steady TempEHDV
2195Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempLIPE
2194Mon Mar 19 20:20M-Shape TempETNW
2193Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempEDMA
2192Mon Mar 19 20:20M-Shape TempENKR
2191Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempENNE
2190Mon Mar 19 20:23Steady TempKOCF
2189Mon Mar 19 20:15M-Shape TempKHVS
2188Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempEGJB
2187Mon Mar 19 20:15Steady TempKLNP
2186Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempPATK
2185Mon Mar 19 20:20Steady TempLSZA
2184Mon Mar 19 20:15Steady TempK1K1
2183Mon Mar 19 20:15Steady TempKGBK
2182Mon Mar 19 20:15Steady TempKJCA
2181Mon Mar 19 20:15Steady TempKMZH
2180Mon Mar 19 20:14M-Shape TempKCSV
2179Mon Mar 19 20:13Steady TempPASA
2178Mon Mar 19 20:12Steady TempCYMU
2177Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempHESG
2176Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSBBW
2175Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempOEGS
2174Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempOEAO
2173Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempGQNO
2172Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempROYN
2171Mon Mar 19 20:05Steady TempKGNV
2170Mon Mar 19 19:55M-Shape TempLIBH
2169Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempCYVL
2168Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempUTAM
2167Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempWAMM
2166Mon Mar 19 20:05Steady TempPAKK
2165Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempUASK
2164Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempYSTW
2163Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempZWWW
2162Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempFAUP
2161Mon Mar 19 20:00SaunaFAKN
2160Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempFAPN
2159Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLRAR
2158Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLRBC
2157Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempLEMD
2156Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLFPN
2155Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLFRM
2154Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLFOB
2153Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLFBZ
2152Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempLKMT
2151Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempGMFO
2150Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempGMFM
2149Mon Mar 19 20:00Steady TempWSSS
2148Mon Mar 19 19:52M-Shape TempKNHK
2147Mon Mar 19 19:55M-Shape TempKMGR
2146Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempUBBY
2145Mon Mar 19 20:00M-Shape TempSCPQ
2144Mon Mar 19 19:58Steady TempKMBG
2143Mon Mar 19 19:50Steady TempLTFJ
2142Mon Mar 19 19:50M-Shape TempLTFC
2141Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempK57C
2140Mon Mar 19 19:55M-Shape TempKFHB
2139Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempEHFD
2138Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKAJR
2137Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempK3AU
2136Mon Mar 19 19:56M-Shape TempKQKR
2135Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKBFW
2134Mon Mar 19 19:56M-Shape TempKJAX
2133Mon Mar 19 19:55M-Shape TempKSCX
2132Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKDTL
2131Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKSUW
2130Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKSHL
2129Mon Mar 19 19:55M-Shape TempKASN
2128Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKAIT
2127Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempPACZ
2126Mon Mar 19 19:56M-Shape TempKVBT
2125Mon Mar 19 19:56Steady TempKMML
2124Mon Mar 19 19:56M-Shape TempETOU
2123Mon Mar 19 19:56Steady TempKMXF
2122Mon Mar 19 19:50Steady TempKHEQ
2121Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKTKC
2120Mon Mar 19 19:53M-Shape TempKSSI
2119Mon Mar 19 19:55Steady TempKHZX
2118Mon Mar 19 19:50M-Shape TempEDHI
2117Mon Mar 19 19:50Steady TempLIMC
2116Mon Mar 19 19:50Steady TempENWV
2115Mon Mar 19 19:50M-Shape TempEGPH
2114Mon Mar 19 19:45Steady TempLHKE
2113Mon Mar 19 19:50M-Shape TempEFPO
2112Mon Mar 19 19:52Steady TempKVTN
2111Mon Mar 19 19:51Steady TempEEKE
2110Mon Mar 19 19:40M-Shape TempKVLD
2109Mon Mar 19 19:35Steady TempKPPA
2108Mon Mar 19 19:39Steady TempPABA
2107Mon Mar 19 19:30Steady TempYHID
2106Mon Mar 19 19:35Steady TempKCNI
2105Mon Mar 19 19:35Steady TempKLXN
2104Mon Mar 19 19:35Steady TempKXPY
2103Mon Mar 19 19:35Steady TempK4R5
2102Mon Mar 19 19:35M-Shape TempKFWC
2101Mon Mar 19 19:35M-Shape TempKENL
2100Mon Mar 19 19:30M-Shape TempLEBA
2099Mon Mar 19 19:30M-Shape TempLFMI
2098Mon Mar 19 19:30M-Shape TempGMMX
2097Mon Mar 19 19:28Steady TempPAMD
2096Mon Mar 19 19:22M-Shape TempKDHN
2095Mon Mar 19 19:20Steady TempEGKB
2094Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKBWP
2093Mon Mar 19 19:15M-Shape TempK5M9
2092Mon Mar 19 19:18Steady TempCYYN
2091Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKEHA
2090Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKBEC
2089Mon Mar 19 19:15M-Shape TempKMZG
2088Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempK3K3
2087Mon Mar 19 19:15M-Shape TempKSCD
2086Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKK88
2085Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKSYN
2084Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKCNB
2083Mon Mar 19 19:20M-Shape TempLATI
2082Mon Mar 19 19:15M-Shape TempKGZL
2081Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSBCA
2080Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSBBI
2079Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSARF
2078Mon Mar 19 19:15Steady TempKPHN
2077Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempHEMA
2076Mon Mar 19 19:09Steady TempKMCK
2075Mon Mar 19 19:10Steady TempCYPR
2074Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempLPOV
2073Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDFFD
2072Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempOEKM
2071Mon Mar 19 19:00Steady TempURWI
2070Mon Mar 19 19:00Steady TempUWSS
2069Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAUE
2068Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAOY
2067Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDABT
2066Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAAE
2065Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAOB
2064Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempLIRL
2063Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAAY
2062Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempDAAS
2061Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempLIRE
2060Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempLIRX
2059Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempOIKO
2058Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempOIFK
2057Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempOISA
2056Mon Mar 19 19:00Steady TempROAH
2055Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempZHCC
2054Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempLEGT
2053Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempLELO
2052Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEGPU
2051Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempUADD
2050Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSBPB
2049Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempSBJP
2048Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempLEBZ
2047Mon Mar 19 19:00Steady TempLFOT
2046Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempOISY
2045Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempEINN
2044Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKCGE
2043Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempEBBE
2042Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempTNCE
2041Mon Mar 19 19:00M-Shape TempGMMZ
2040Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempKHFJ
2039Mon Mar 19 18:59Steady TempKMSL
2038Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKOCQ
2037Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKTOC
2036Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempK7W6
2035Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKVKY
2034Mon Mar 19 18:55M-Shape TempKDUA
2033Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKDSF
2032Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKHDE
2031Mon Mar 19 18:56M-Shape TempKQBF
2030Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEGUW
2029Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKOJA
2028Mon Mar 19 18:57M-Shape TempKQFR
2027Mon Mar 19 18:56Steady TempKLSF
2026Mon Mar 19 18:56Steady TempPAIN
2025Mon Mar 19 18:56M-Shape TempETAD
2024Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempKDXX
2023Mon Mar 19 18:55Steady TempYKRY
2022Mon Mar 19 18:53Steady TempPABR
2021Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEBAW
2020Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEGPO
2019Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEGPF
2018Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEGAC
2017Mon Mar 19 18:53M-Shape TempKJLN
2016Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempEFKI
2015Mon Mar 19 18:51Steady TempLEGR
2014Mon Mar 19 18:50M-Shape TempESNX
2013Mon Mar 19 18:50Steady TempEETN
2012Mon Mar 19 18:45M-Shape TempPAFR
2011Mon Mar 19 18:47Steady TempPALG
2010Mon Mar 19 18:44Steady TempPABV
2009Mon Mar 19 18:35M-Shape TempK28J
2008Mon Mar 19 18:41Steady TempCZVL
2007Mon Mar 19 18:40Steady TempPKWA
2006Mon Mar 19 18:35Steady TempKMDQ
2005Mon Mar 19 18:35M-Shape TempK0F2
2004Mon Mar 19 18:30Steady TempWMKK
2003Mon Mar 19 18:35Steady TempKX60
2002Mon Mar 19 18:35Steady TempKSZT
2001Mon Mar 19 18:30Steady TempNZCH
2000Mon Mar 19 18:35Steady TempKHCO
1999Mon Mar 19 18:35M-Shape TempKPTS
1998Mon Mar 19 18:30Steady TempLRIA
1997Mon Mar 19 18:32M-Shape TempSARI
1996Mon Mar 19 18:30M-Shape TempLEVX
1995Mon Mar 19 18:30Steady TempLFQA
1994Mon Mar 19 18:30Steady TempLJCE
1993Mon Mar 19 18:32Steady TempKRDR
1992Mon Mar 19 18:25M-Shape TempEBDT
1991Mon Mar 19 18:30M-Shape TempEIKN
1990Mon Mar 19 18:30M-Shape TempGMME
1989Mon Mar 19 18:29Steady TempPAOM
1988Mon Mar 19 18:26Steady TempKHRT
1987Mon Mar 19 18:25Steady TempEHPG
1986Mon Mar 19 18:25M-Shape TempEHEH
1985Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempETNT
1984Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempETNS
1983Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEDLN
1982Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEDLV
1981Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempENCN
1980Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempLIRA
1979Mon Mar 19 18:20Steady TempLIML
1978Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEBLG
1977Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEBCI
1976Mon Mar 19 18:23Steady TempCYVL
1975Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEGPL
1974Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEGPK
1973Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEGAE
1972Mon Mar 19 18:20Steady TempEGMD
1971Mon Mar 19 18:20Steady TempEGKA
1970Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEGNS
1969Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEDDW
1968Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempEDDH
1967Mon Mar 19 18:20M-Shape TempPAMR
1966Mon Mar 19 18:15Steady TempLHSN
1965Mon Mar 19 18:15Steady TempKGRN
1964Mon Mar 19 18:15Steady TempK7L2
1963Mon Mar 19 18:15Steady TempKCFS
1962Mon Mar 19 18:15Steady TempKDYT
1961Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempFGSL
1960Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempFKYS
1959Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempYBOK
1958Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDRZA
1957Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDRRN
1956Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempFTTA
1955Mon Mar 19 18:08Steady TempPASI
1954Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempVMMC
1953Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempOEAB
1952Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDAOV
1951Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempSARP
1950Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDAUU
1949Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempLIBV
1948Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempLIVR
1947Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempRJGG
1946Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempRJBB
1945Mon Mar 19 18:05Steady TempPAMD
1944Mon Mar 19 18:03Steady TempLEMO
1943Mon Mar 19 17:50Steady TempLIPO
1942Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempLICG
1941Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempLICD
1940Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempLIRS
1939Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempUMGG
1938Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDTTN
1937Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDTNH
1936Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempDTKA
1935Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempGCFV
1934Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempLEBL
1933Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempSLET
1932Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempLFAT
1931Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempLFQB
1930Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempLFLU
1929Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempLFLP
1928Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempOIZB
1927Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempOIFM
1926Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempBIAR
1925Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempKQEP
1924Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempGMMI
1923Mon Mar 19 18:00Steady TempEPKT
1922Mon Mar 19 17:55Steady TempKLVN
1921Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempOEMA
1920Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEEKE
1919Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempLTBO
1918Mon Mar 19 17:55Steady TempKJZP
1917Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempKOKM
1916Mon Mar 19 17:56M-Shape TempKQN3
1915Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempEHWO
1914Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempEHLW
1913Mon Mar 19 17:55M-Shape TempEHDL
1912Mon Mar 19 17:56Steady TempKDVL
1911Mon Mar 19 17:56Steady TempPAIK
1910Mon Mar 19 18:00M-Shape TempFAJB
1909Mon Mar 19 17:55Steady TempPATC
1908Mon Mar 19 17:54Steady TempPABA
1907Mon Mar 19 17:53M-Shape TempKRVS
1906Mon Mar 19 17:53Steady TempPAYA
1905Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEDVK
1904Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempENLK
1903Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEDLP
1902Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempENBN
1901Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEETU
1900Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempLOXZ
1899Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEBBR
1898Mon Mar 19 17:53Steady TempKAQP
1897Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempESSA
1896Mon Mar 19 17:50M-Shape TempEDDK
1895Mon Mar 19 17:48M-Shape TempPAWN
1894Mon Mar 19 17:43Steady TempPASK
1893Mon Mar 19 17:41Steady TempKECP
1892Mon Mar 19 17:38Steady TempKBIS
1891Mon Mar 19 17:30Steady TempRCTP
1890Mon Mar 19 17:35M-Shape TempKTQH
1889Mon Mar 19 17:35Steady TempKSPR
1888Mon Mar 19 17:35M-Shape TempKGCM
1887Mon Mar 19 17:35Steady TempK46D
1886Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempDABC
1885Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempDABB
1884Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempDTTA
1883Mon Mar 19 17:35Steady TempKPZQ
1882Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempUKWW
1881Mon Mar 19 17:27M-Shape TempSBGR
1880Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempLEPP
1879Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempLEGE
1878Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempLFLS
1877Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempLFBE
1876Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempLFRI
1875Mon Mar 19 17:30Steady TempPAKW
1874Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempEPWA
1873Mon Mar 19 17:30M-Shape TempUBBG
1872Mon Mar 19 17:30Steady TempLBPD
1871Mon Mar 19 17:28M-Shape TempSBFI
1870Mon Mar 19 17:20M-Shape TempETML
1869Mon Mar 19 17:20Steady TempEDTY
1868Mon Mar 19 17:20M-Shape TempENGM
1867Mon Mar 19 17:20M-Shape TempENRS
1866Mon Mar 19 17:20M-Shape TempENMS
1865Mon Mar 19 17:20Steady TempENSE
1864Mon Mar 19 17:20Steady TempLGLM
1863Mon Mar 19 17:14M-Shape TempSLCB
1862Mon Mar 19 17:20Steady TempLSGC
1861Mon Mar 19 17:20M-Shape TempEFMA
1860Mon Mar 19 17:15Steady TempKTIF
1859Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempKRUG
1858Mon Mar 19 17:15Steady TempK3D2
1857Mon Mar 19 17:17Steady TempCYKL
1856Mon Mar 19 17:15Steady TempKPQN
1855Mon Mar 19 17:15Steady TempKOSC
1854Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempHESH
1853Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempHEMM
1852Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempYGTE
1851Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempFKKR
1850Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempFKKD
1849Mon Mar 19 16:55M-Shape TempLICZ
1848Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempHKMO
1847Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempRCMQ
1846Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempDBBB
1845Mon Mar 19 17:08Steady TempPAAQ
1844Mon Mar 19 17:09Steady TempCYPR
1843Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempGOBD
1842Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempUMKK
1841Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempUNTT
1840Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempURKK
1839Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempFBMN
1838Mon Mar 19 16:55M-Shape TempLIVT
1837Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempDAUO
1836Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempWBSB
1835Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempVTSP
1834Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempCYIO
1833Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempLPMT
1832Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempLPMR
1831Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempLEBT
1830Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempLIBG
1829Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempLIPF
1828Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempLICB
1827Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempFQBR
1826Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempFALE
1825Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempLFRD
1824Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempLFPB
1823Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempLFTW
1822Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempYPGV
1821Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempOIMB
1820Mon Mar 19 17:01Steady TempKMCK
1819Mon Mar 19 17:00Steady TempYMML
1818Mon Mar 19 16:55M-Shape TempRJOI
1817Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempEBCV
1816Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempGMAT
1815Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempEPSY
1814Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempEPSC
1813Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempEPMO
1812Mon Mar 19 17:00M-Shape TempEPBY
1811Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempLTFD
1810Mon Mar 19 16:58Steady TempPASY
1809Mon Mar 19 16:55M-Shape TempKADH
1808Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempK9A5
1807Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempLGTG
1806Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempKSYF
1805Mon Mar 19 16:56Steady TempPMDY
1804Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempKCOQ
1803Mon Mar 19 16:50Steady TempEGPD
1802Mon Mar 19 16:53Steady TempKHLC
1801Mon Mar 19 16:55Steady TempKBAX
1800Mon Mar 19 16:53Steady TempKVIH
1799Mon Mar 19 16:53M-Shape TempKTUL
1798Mon Mar 19 16:53M-Shape TempPADQ
1797Mon Mar 19 16:50Steady TempENFB
1796Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempENSG
1795Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempENSD
1794Mon Mar 19 16:50Steady TempEGNJ
1793Mon Mar 19 16:50Steady TempEGMC
1792Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempPALU
1791Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempESGT
1790Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempEFKU
1789Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempEKCH
1788Mon Mar 19 16:48M-Shape TempFALA
1787Mon Mar 19 16:50M-Shape TempEYVI
1786Mon Mar 19 16:45Steady TempKTDR
1785Mon Mar 19 16:35Steady TempKCBK
1784Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempLFLW
1783Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempYPCC
1782Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempYBCS
1781Mon Mar 19 16:39Steady TempCYPR
1780Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempUUMO
1779Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempURML
1778Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempUUOO
1777Mon Mar 19 16:35Steady TempKGBK
1776Mon Mar 19 16:35M-Shape TempKSRE
1775Mon Mar 19 16:35M-Shape TempKRHP
1774Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempVVCI
1773Mon Mar 19 16:35Steady TempKDNN
1772Mon Mar 19 16:35Steady TempKCKN
1771Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempFMEE
1770Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempZBAA
1769Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempLJLJ
1768Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempLRBS
1767Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempLFQQ
1766Mon Mar 19 16:30Steady TempLFPO
1765Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempLFMU
1764Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempLZSL
1763Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempUKBB
1762Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempEPGD
1761Mon Mar 19 16:30M-Shape TempOBBI
1760Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempHTZA
1759Mon Mar 19 16:20Steady TempEGSH
1758Mon Mar 19 16:20Steady TempEDJA
1757Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempLICC
1756Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempENFL
1755Mon Mar 19 16:20Steady TempENQR
1754Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempESIB
1753Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempESGR
1752Mon Mar 19 16:23Steady TempCYPX
1751Mon Mar 19 16:20Steady TempEGPH
1750Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempCWZL
1749Mon Mar 19 16:15Steady TempLHPA
1748Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempEFHA
1747Mon Mar 19 16:21Steady TempKDVP
1746Mon Mar 19 16:20M-Shape TempEFRO
1745Mon Mar 19 16:15Steady TempPAAD
1744Mon Mar 19 16:15Steady TempKANW
1743Mon Mar 19 16:15Steady TempK9V9
1742Mon Mar 19 16:17Steady TempPAFM
1741Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempFCPP
1740Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempHEAX
1739Mon Mar 19 16:11Steady TempKRCA
1738Mon Mar 19 16:12Steady TempPAHL
1737Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUTNN
1736Mon Mar 19 16:09Steady TempPHLI
1735Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempYLHI
1734Mon Mar 19 16:00Dry HeatDRRN
1733Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOEBH
1732Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOEAH
1731Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOEYN
1730Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOETF
1729Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOESH
1728Mon Mar 19 16:08Steady TempCYGR
1727Mon Mar 19 15:55Dry HeatKQN3
1726Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUWOR
1725Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempUSPP
1724Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUUOB
1723Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUUDD
1722Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUUBW
1721Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempULMM
1720Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempCZUM
1719Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempCYFT
1718Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempYABA
1717Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempOIGK
1716Mon Mar 19 15:52M-Shape TempOICS
1715Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLFQG
1714Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempUKKK
1713Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempUKLI
1712Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempZUCK
1711Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempFAWB
1710Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLICR
1709Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLICA
1708Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLEHC
1707Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLESU
1706Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempLROP
1705Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLELL
1704Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempGCLA
1703Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLELN
1702Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempLFRG
1701Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLFMH
1700Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLFBO
1699Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempLFMK
1698Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempLFOE
1697Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOISF
1696Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempVABO
1695Mon Mar 19 15:45Steady TempLHSM
1694Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempFNMO
1693Mon Mar 19 16:00Steady TempUKLL
1692Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempOMSJ
1691Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempFAOR
1690Mon Mar 19 16:00M-Shape TempFWKI
1689Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKY19
1688Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLTAY
1687Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLTAR
1686Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLTFC
1685Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLTAF
1684Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKHHF
1683Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKD60
1682Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKBJI
1681Mon Mar 19 15:57Steady TempCBBC
1680Mon Mar 19 15:56M-Shape TempKTIK
1679Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKBFW
1678Mon Mar 19 15:55Steady TempKMOX
1677Mon Mar 19 15:56Steady TempKCVO
1676Mon Mar 19 15:55M-Shape TempEHGG
1675Mon Mar 19 15:53Steady TempKRSL
1674Mon Mar 19 15:53Steady TempPHKO
1673Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempEDNY
1672Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempENST
1671Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempENRO
1670Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLGSM
1669Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLGKO
1668Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempLGSO
1667Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempESKN
1666Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempESNV
1665Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempEFKI
1664Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempEFJY
1663Mon Mar 19 15:49Steady TempKTDR
1662Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempKPAM
1661Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempKQFX
1660Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempKQFW
1659Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempKQFB
1658Mon Mar 19 15:50Steady TempKQEY
1657Mon Mar 19 15:50M-Shape TempEYKA
1656Mon Mar 19 15:47Steady TempPAPG
1655Mon Mar 19 15:38Steady TempPAFB
1654Mon Mar 19 15:41Steady TempKTBN
1653Mon Mar 19 15:39Steady TempKJEF
1652Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempOIII
1651Mon Mar 19 15:36Steady TempKVUO
1650Mon Mar 19 15:35Steady TempK65S
1649Mon Mar 19 15:35Steady TempKK88
1648Mon Mar 19 15:12Steady TempKSMP
1647Mon Mar 19 15:35Steady TempKRGK
1646Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempUDSG
1645Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempUCFM
1644Mon Mar 19 15:34Steady TempK2V6
1643Mon Mar 19 15:32Steady TempPAHN
1642Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempLFRK
1641Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempLERS
1640Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempLFSX
1639Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempLFKS
1638Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempOITR
1637Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempOICC
1636Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempPACZ
1635Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempLKTB
1634Mon Mar 19 14:55M-Shape TempLIBA
1633Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempLHUD
1632Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempLDOS
1631Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempPAKH
1630Mon Mar 19 15:30Steady TempVHHH
1629Mon Mar 19 15:30M-Shape TempHSSS
1628Mon Mar 19 15:28Steady TempPAWI
1627Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempLTAP
1626Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempLCEN
1625Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempLTBR
1624Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempLTAI
1623Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempLTAC
1622Mon Mar 19 15:25Steady TempEHAK
1621Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempHEBA
1620Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempESPA
1619Mon Mar 19 15:23Steady TempKHRT
1618Mon Mar 19 15:26M-Shape TempSBCG
1617Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempESPE
1616Mon Mar 19 15:20Steady TempETHA
1615Mon Mar 19 15:24Steady TempKAKO
1614Mon Mar 19 15:20Steady TempLGPA
1613Mon Mar 19 15:20Steady TempLGSR
1612Mon Mar 19 15:20Steady TempEFJO
1611Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempEDDR
1610Mon Mar 19 15:20Steady TempLSZH
1609Mon Mar 19 15:20M-Shape TempEFIV
1608Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKW43
1607Mon Mar 19 15:19Steady TempPAOH
1606Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKHDE
1605Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKIBM
1604Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempK5H4
1603Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKD39
1602Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKCFE
1601Mon Mar 19 15:10Steady TempKHEQ
1600Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKROX
1599Mon Mar 19 15:13Steady TempKICR
1598Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLGEL
1597Mon Mar 19 15:15Steady TempKGPH
1596Mon Mar 19 15:10Steady TempKQEV
1595Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempVERP
1594Mon Mar 19 15:08Steady TempKDMO
1593Mon Mar 19 15:00Dry HeatFTTJ
1592Mon Mar 19 15:00Dry HeatDRRN
1591Mon Mar 19 15:08Steady TempPAPN
1590Mon Mar 19 15:06Steady TempPATK
1589Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempUMKK
1588Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempURMT
1587Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempCYKY
1586Mon Mar 19 14:53M-Shape TempOIHH
1585Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempOICK
1584Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempVAAH
1583Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempFMNM
1582Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempUTAV
1581Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempZSSS
1580Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempFACT
1579Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLIBF
1578Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempLECH
1577Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempLRTC
1576Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKVAF
1575Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKSCF
1574Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempLFCR
1573Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempLFTH
1572Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempLFCK
1571Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempLFBM
1570Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempLJMB
1569Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempUKLN
1568Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempUKON
1567Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOITZ
1566Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOISL
1565Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOINN
1564Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIKQ
1563Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIBA
1562Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIIE
1561Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIBK
1560Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIAA
1559Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIZI
1558Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOITT
1557Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIKK
1556Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIIK
1555Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOIBL
1554Mon Mar 19 14:55Dry HeatKQN3
1553Mon Mar 19 14:45Steady TempLHPP
1552Mon Mar 19 15:00Steady TempEPKK
1551Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKTMT
1550Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempHECA
1549Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOMRK
1548Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempOMAA
1547Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTCF
1546Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTCS
1545Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTAJ
1544Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTCC
1543Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTAG
1542Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLTCR
1541Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKY49
1540Mon Mar 19 15:00M-Shape TempUBBQ
1539Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempEHMA
1538Mon Mar 19 14:58Steady TempCYYN
1537Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKSUW
1536Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKPBH
1535Mon Mar 19 14:56Steady TempPASK
1534Mon Mar 19 14:56Steady TempKHYS
1533Mon Mar 19 14:56Steady TempKMML
1532Mon Mar 19 14:56Steady TempKIAB
1531Mon Mar 19 14:55Steady TempKFSE
1530Mon Mar 19 14:54Steady TempKMOT
1529Mon Mar 19 14:53M-Shape TempPAKV
1528Mon Mar 19 14:53Steady TempPAIL
1527Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempOAMS
1526Mon Mar 19 14:50Steady TempEDMA
1525Mon Mar 19 14:50Steady TempLICJ
1524Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempLLSD
1523Mon Mar 19 14:50M-Shape TempESNO
1522Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempCPEH
1521Mon Mar 19 14:52Steady TempKDDC
1520Mon Mar 19 14:52Steady TempKBIS
1519Mon Mar 19 14:50Steady TempPHTO
1518Mon Mar 19 14:50Steady TempLSZA
1517Mon Mar 19 14:50Steady TempKQEW
1516Mon Mar 19 14:45Steady TempLHKE
1515Mon Mar 19 14:49Steady TempKVTN
1514Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKS25
1513Mon Mar 19 14:46M-Shape TempPAGM
1512Mon Mar 19 14:46Steady TempKDVL
1511Mon Mar 19 14:44Steady TempKOCF
1510Mon Mar 19 14:43Steady TempPAIK
1509Mon Mar 19 14:41Steady TempCYQR
1508Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKDWX
1507Mon Mar 19 13:40Steady TempCWZQ
1506Mon Mar 19 13:55Dry HeatKQN3
1505Mon Mar 19 14:30M-Shape TempUTNU
1504Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKONL
1503Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKPMV
1502Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKCLS
1501Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKBIE
1500Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKACP
1499Mon Mar 19 14:30Steady TempUSNN
1498Mon Mar 19 14:30M-Shape TempURMO
1497Mon Mar 19 14:30Steady TempULOO
1496Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempK6S0
1495Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKDYT
1494Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKMZH
1493Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempPAYA
1492Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKFFM
1491Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKEVM
1490Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempKRRT
1489Mon Mar 19 14:30Steady TempLFSB
1488Mon Mar 19 14:34Steady TempKCCU
1487Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempK33V
1486Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempK2V5
1485Mon Mar 19 14:35Steady TempK14Y
1484Mon Mar 19 14:30M-Shape TempLEVC
1483Mon Mar 19 14:30M-Shape TempLEZG
1482Mon Mar 19 14:30Steady TempKMBG
1481Mon Mar 19 14:30M-Shape TempUGKO
1480Mon Mar 19 14:20M-Shape TempLTCJ
1479Mon Mar 19 14:24Steady TempKHRT
1478Mon Mar 19 14:27Steady TempCWSA
1477Mon Mar 19 14:25Steady TempKLAA
1476Mon Mar 19 14:20M-Shape TempLGBL
1475Mon Mar 19 14:20M-Shape TempLIMW
1474Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKVQT
1473Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKVBS
1472Mon Mar 19 14:20Steady TempEKRN
1471Mon Mar 19 14:19Steady TempKHVR
1470Mon Mar 19 14:15M-Shape TempKPVF
1469Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKBVN
1468Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKBMC
1467Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKDUX
1466Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempK9D7
1465Mon Mar 19 14:12M-Shape TempLEXJ
1464Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKSAZ
1463Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKHYX
1462Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKY63
1461Mon Mar 19 14:15Steady TempKXVG
1460Mon Mar 19 14:13Steady TempKAQP
1459Mon Mar 19 14:13Steady TempKAAF
1458Mon Mar 19 14:12Steady TempKTBN
1457Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUTSB
1456Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUTFN
1455Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempYHID
1454Mon Mar 19 14:08Steady TempKPIR
1453Mon Mar 19 14:00Dry HeatFTTJ
1452Mon Mar 19 14:00Dry HeatDRRN
1451Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUSCM
1450Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempOTBD
1449Mon Mar 19 14:06Steady TempKMCI
1448Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempCXCP
1447Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempCWGR
1446Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempCWBO
1445Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempCYED
1444Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempCYTE
1443Mon Mar 19 14:05Steady TempKHSI
1442Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempCWWU
1441Mon Mar 19 14:04Steady TempKIXD
1440Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempFIMR
1439Mon Mar 19 14:03M-Shape TempKMCE
1438Mon Mar 19 14:03M-Shape TempKBFM
1437Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUTDT
1436Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUAUU
1435Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempUCFL
1434Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempZSPD
1433Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempYMHB
1432Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempLFRH
1431Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempLFMN
1430Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempOINZ
1429Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempOINE
1428Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempOIBP
1427Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKBWP
1426Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempKQFV
1425Mon Mar 19 14:00Steady TempKQES
1424Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempLDZD
1423Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKHQG
1422Mon Mar 19 14:00M-Shape TempOPRN
1421Mon Mar 19 13:50M-Shape TempLTBA
1420Mon Mar 19 13:50M-Shape TempLTBU
1419Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempK3L4
1418Mon Mar 19 13:56Steady TempK8D3
1417Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKJYL
1416Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKIKG
1415Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKLUM
1414Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKCBF
1413Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempK2D5
1412Mon Mar 19 13:56Steady TempPAGA
1411Mon Mar 19 13:56M-Shape TempPAPO
1410Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKHON
1409Mon Mar 19 13:56Steady TempKOLU
1408Mon Mar 19 13:56Steady TempPABV
1407Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKGYL
1406Mon Mar 19 13:55Steady TempKMYP
1405Mon Mar 19 13:53Steady TempKVIH
1404Mon Mar 19 13:48Steady TempKC07
1403Mon Mar 19 13:53Steady TempKFTY
1402Mon Mar 19 13:50Steady TempLIME
1401Mon Mar 19 13:50M-Shape TempEEKA
1400Mon Mar 19 13:53M-Shape TempKALW
1399Mon Mar 19 13:53M-Shape TempKMAE
1398Mon Mar 19 13:53Steady TempKOJC
1397Mon Mar 19 13:52Steady TempKGLS
1396Mon Mar 19 13:52Steady TempKATL
1395Mon Mar 19 13:50M-Shape TempESSB
1394Mon Mar 19 13:50Steady TempKQEP
1393Mon Mar 19 13:50Steady TempKQEN
1392Mon Mar 19 13:51Steady TempKAWO
1391Mon Mar 19 13:50Steady TempKQFX
1390Mon Mar 19 13:49Steady TempKVUO
1389Mon Mar 19 13:49Steady TempKAIA
1388Mon Mar 19 13:45Steady TempPAUN
1387Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempVOBM
1386Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKEIR
1385Mon Mar 19 13:41Steady TempKCBM
1384Mon Mar 19 13:42Steady TempKTOI
1383Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKSBO
1382Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKO22
1381Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempVAUD
1380Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKCQM
1379Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKOLG
1378Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKOGA
1377Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKMRC
1376Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKM75
1375Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKBCK
1374Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKAHQ
1373Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKJAS
1372Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempUIUU
1371Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKEGV
1370Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKAIO
1369Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempK6A2
1368Mon Mar 19 13:36Steady TempKJMS
1367Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKDNS
1366Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKD57
1365Mon Mar 19 13:30Steady TempNZAA
1364Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempVTCC
1363Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKHCD
1362Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKTWM
1361Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKBEA
1360Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKBBB
1359Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKAEL
1358Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKLXL
1357Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKJKJ
1356Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempVASU
1355Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempLETU
1354Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempLEBR
1353Mon Mar 19 13:34Steady TempPFKT
1352Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempUAOO
1351Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempUAAH
1350Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempUAAA
1349Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempUCFO
1348Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempLETL
1347Mon Mar 19 13:32Steady TempPAKW
1346Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempLJPZ
1345Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempVOCB
1344Mon Mar 19 13:30M-Shape TempOAHR
1343Mon Mar 19 13:31Steady TempKTUP
1342Mon Mar 19 13:30Steady TempKGVL
1341Mon Mar 19 13:29Steady TempCYHK
1340Mon Mar 19 13:27Steady TempKMCK
1339Mon Mar 19 13:28Steady TempYPKU
1338Mon Mar 19 13:26Steady TempKPAH
1337Mon Mar 19 13:30Steady TempHLLB
1336Mon Mar 19 13:20M-Shape TempENLK
1335Mon Mar 19 13:20Steady TempEDMO
1334Mon Mar 19 13:20M-Shape TempLIRF
1333Mon Mar 19 13:20M-Shape TempENML
1332Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKBQX
1331Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKLBO
1330Mon Mar 19 13:20Steady TempKVPC
1329Mon Mar 19 13:20M-Shape TempESNL
1328Mon Mar 19 13:20Steady TempKQEY
1327Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKMGR
1326Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempK4R5
1325Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempK4M9
1324Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempK06D
1323Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKLUD
1322Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKALX
1321Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKSYF
1320Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKEZS
1319Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKRQB
1318Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKMJQ
1317Mon Mar 19 13:35Steady TempKMBY
1316Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKCOQ
1315Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKCBG
1314Mon Mar 19 13:12Steady TempK0CO
1313Mon Mar 19 13:15Steady TempKHZX
1312Mon Mar 19 13:13Steady TempKETH
1311Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempCWLP
1310Mon Mar 19 13:11Steady TempCYVL
1309Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempYCFS
1308Mon Mar 19 13:00Dry HeatFTTJ
1307Mon Mar 19 13:00Dry HeatDRRN
1306Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempULWC
1305Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempULAA
1304Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempURWW
1303Mon Mar 19 13:06Steady TempKPDK
1302Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempCWJC
1301Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempCWHL
1300Mon Mar 19 13:06Steady TempKLSF
1299Mon Mar 19 13:05Steady TempKHOU
1298Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempCYDP
1297Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempCYMO
1296Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempVLSK
1295Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempCYUA
1294Mon Mar 19 13:05Steady TempKSGT
1293Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempUASP
1292Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKGUL
1291Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKGHB
1290Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKGBK
1289Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKEMK
1288Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKDSF
1287Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKBBF
1286Mon Mar 19 13:03Steady TempPAIW
1285Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempVOBG
1284Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempVOTR
1283Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempLFBT
1282Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempLFBG
1281Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempKQEV
1280Mon Mar 19 13:00M-Shape TempVERC
1279Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKOPN
1278Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKCBK
1277Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempLDZA
1276Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempSCAT
1275Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKSXS
1274Mon Mar 19 12:57Steady TempKHEY
1273Mon Mar 19 12:55M-Shape TempOAJL
1272Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKOEO
1271Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKCAV
1270Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKRDK
1269Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKFET
1268Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKEZM
1267Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKETN
1266Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKAYS
1265Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKDTL
1264Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKRZR
1263Mon Mar 19 12:56M-Shape TempKQVF
1262Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKCZL
1261Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKPKV
1260Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKORG
1259Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempK1A9
1258Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKEDN
1257Mon Mar 19 12:57Steady TempCYPR
1256Mon Mar 19 12:56Steady TempKMCF
1255Mon Mar 19 12:56Steady TempPFSH
1254Mon Mar 19 12:56Steady TempKMYR
1253Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKIRS
1252Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKCKN
1251Mon Mar 19 12:56Steady TempPFEL
1250Mon Mar 19 12:56Steady TempPAVD
1249Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKLYV
1248Mon Mar 19 12:53Steady TempKLOR
1247Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKY70
1246Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKPQN
1245Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKMDS
1244Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKFMM
1243Mon Mar 19 12:54Steady TempK4BM
1242Mon Mar 19 12:53M-Shape TempKICT
1241Mon Mar 19 12:53Steady TempKDTS
1240Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKTKC
1239Mon Mar 19 12:53M-Shape TempKCLL
1238Mon Mar 19 12:53Steady TempKBPK
1237Mon Mar 19 12:50M-Shape TempENAN
1236Mon Mar 19 12:53M-Shape TempKP68
1235Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKSTF
1234Mon Mar 19 12:50Steady TempEGKA
1233Mon Mar 19 12:50Steady TempEGKK
1232Mon Mar 19 12:51Steady TempKVCT
1231Mon Mar 19 12:51M-Shape TempKJCT
1230Mon Mar 19 12:46Steady TempKPAM
1229Mon Mar 19 13:00Steady TempLWSK
1228Mon Mar 19 12:49Steady TempKGDV
1227Mon Mar 19 12:47Steady TempKCTB
1226Mon Mar 19 12:46Steady TempPAWI
1225Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKCCA
1224Mon Mar 19 12:55Steady TempKSIK
1223Mon Mar 19 12:40Steady TempK46U
1222Mon Mar 19 12:43Steady TempKRUE
1221Mon Mar 19 12:43Steady TempKJBR
1220Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempFMMI
1219Mon Mar 19 12:41Steady TempKCBM
1218Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempK5M9
1217Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempHRYR
1216Mon Mar 19 12:39Steady TempKCAE
1215Mon Mar 19 12:40Steady TempKDVP
1214Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempYBBN
1213Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempYBCG
1212Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempK8A0
1211Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempRJGG
1210Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKSMS
1209Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKHLX
1208Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKFGX
1207Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKETB
1206Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKMLE
1205Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKCKP
1204Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKAUH
1203Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKANW
1202Mon Mar 19 12:40Steady TempKOWI
1201Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKTHA
1200Mon Mar 19 12:36Steady TempKRWL
1199Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempURSS
1198Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKASW
1197Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKARW
1196Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKTFP
1195Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKOKZ
1194Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKROS
1193Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempK20V
1192Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempKRCA
1191Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempUTDL
1190Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempUASK
1189Mon Mar 19 12:33Steady TempKMHE
1188Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempVANP
1187Mon Mar 19 12:30Steady TempLJCE
1186Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempOICI
1185Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKSPA
1184Mon Mar 19 12:30M-Shape TempVOBL
1183Mon Mar 19 12:28Steady TempKVTN
1182Mon Mar 19 12:35Steady TempKGGE
1181Mon Mar 19 12:28Steady TempPATE
1180Mon Mar 19 12:28Steady TempCYKL
1179Mon Mar 19 12:27Steady TempKHLC
1178Mon Mar 19 12:28Steady TempCYBC
1177Mon Mar 19 12:27Steady TempKPWT
1176Mon Mar 19 12:23Steady TempKTOI
1175Mon Mar 19 12:20M-Shape TempLIRA
1174Mon Mar 19 12:20Steady TempENBO
1173Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKLFT
1172Mon Mar 19 12:18Steady TempKPOE
1171Mon Mar 19 12:17Steady TempKLRF
1170Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKIDP
1169Mon Mar 19 12:10M-Shape TempVCRI
1168Mon Mar 19 12:19Steady TempKICR
1167Mon Mar 19 12:20Steady TempCYNM
1166Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempKSMP
1165Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKO54
1164Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKFWB
1163Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKTMK
1162Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKOOA
1161Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempPAAD
1160Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKEBA
1159Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKD25
1158Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKCCO
1157Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempK4S2
1156Mon Mar 19 12:17Steady TempKTLH
1155Mon Mar 19 12:17Steady TempKCNU
1154Mon Mar 19 12:15M-Shape TempK5T9
1153Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKPCW
1152Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKLCG
1151Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKJWN
1150Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKBDH
1149Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKAFK
1148Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKM91
1147Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKDKX
1146Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKFYM
1145Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKSDA
1144Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKFMH
1143Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKCLI
1142Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempK46D
1141Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempCXLL
1140Mon Mar 19 12:16Steady TempKDIK
1139Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKAST
1138Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKMWM
1137Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKFKS
1136Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKACQ
1135Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKVVV
1134Mon Mar 19 12:16Steady TempKBIX
1133Mon Mar 19 12:05Steady TempKSTK
1132Mon Mar 19 12:20Steady TempKGNB
1131Mon Mar 19 12:12Steady TempPHOG
1130Mon Mar 19 12:15Steady TempKCKI
1129Mon Mar 19 12:10Steady TempPAIG
1128Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKFYG
1127Mon Mar 19 12:00Dry HeatFTTJ
1126Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempUNKL
1125Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempURMG
1124Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempUSRR
1123Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempVEGY
1122Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempVTUO
1121Mon Mar 19 12:05Steady TempKDHN
1120Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempCYPE
1119Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempCYQL
1118Mon Mar 19 12:04Steady TempPAWD
1117Mon Mar 19 12:03Steady TempKUNO
1116Mon Mar 19 12:02Steady TempKMCB
1115Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempLEPP
1114Mon Mar 19 12:01Steady TempKDMO
1113Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempKHBI
1112Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempKQEP
1111Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempKDEQ
1110Mon Mar 19 11:50Steady TempKD73
1109Mon Mar 19 12:00M-Shape TempSCAP
1108Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKPNT
1107Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKUXL
1106Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKTRK
1105Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKMDQ
1104Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKLWB
1103Mon Mar 19 11:50M-Shape TempLTCB
1102Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempKJNX
1101Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKEDE
1100Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKTNU
1099Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKORC
1098Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKLRJ
1097Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKGZL
1096Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKBVU
1095Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKBMT
1094Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKGRN
1093Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKASL
1092Mon Mar 19 11:50M-Shape TempOAKB
1091Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKGZS
1090Mon Mar 19 12:00Steady TempKEHO
1089Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKM08
1088Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempKJAX
1087Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempK65S
1086Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempKNMM
1085Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempK79J
1084Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKWWR
1083Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKPWC
1082Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempK3J7
1081Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKFFX
1080Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKCWV
1079Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKLNL
1078Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempPHTO
1077Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempPAMM
1076Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempPAMH
1075Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempKSVC
1074Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempKLZU
1073Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKLIC
1072Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKDLH
1071Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKCNK
1070Mon Mar 19 11:56Steady TempKAUO
1069Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKPNM
1068Mon Mar 19 11:55Steady TempKRZT
1067Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempPABT
1066Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempPAVL
1065Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempPATK
1064Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKHEI
1063Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKGLH
1062Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKGFK
1061Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKCDR
1060Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKARA
1059Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKABR
1058Mon Mar 19 11:53M-Shape TempKAUS
1057Mon Mar 19 11:52M-Shape TempKBLU
1056Mon Mar 19 11:52M-Shape TempKALS
1055Mon Mar 19 11:53Steady TempKRYY
1054Mon Mar 19 11:53M-Shape TempKPUC
1053Mon Mar 19 11:52Steady TempKISN
1052Mon Mar 19 11:52M-Shape TempKHRL
1051Mon Mar 19 11:52M-Shape TempCYEG
1050Mon Mar 19 11:51Steady TempKBVE
1049Mon Mar 19 11:50Steady TempEVVA
1048Mon Mar 19 11:50Steady TempKFAR
1047Mon Mar 19 11:49Steady TempKWRB
1046Mon Mar 19 11:48Steady TempKSZL
1045Mon Mar 19 11:55M-Shape TempK1S5
1044Mon Mar 19 11:44M-Shape TempKHNB
1043Mon Mar 19 11:38Steady TempRJFT
1042Mon Mar 19 11:36Steady TempKFME
1041Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKCTJ
1040Mon Mar 19 11:38Steady TempKCGS
1039Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKW43
1038Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempHKEL
1037Mon Mar 19 11:30Steady TempYPGV
1036Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKSEZ
1035Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKPVB
1034Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKBYL
1033Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKUBE
1032Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKLRO
1031Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempVIDP
1030Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKSXU
1029Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKI68
1028Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKCNC
1027Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKCIN
1026Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKFKR
1025Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKEDC
1024Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKJKA
1023Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKJCA
1022Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempVTBD
1021Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKDNN
1020Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKBTA
1019Mon Mar 19 11:37Steady TempCYMH
1018Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKMVE
1017Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKGHW
1016Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKCNB
1015Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempPAIL
1014Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKSLB
1013Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKMNI
1012Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKHNR
1011Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKHCO
1010Mon Mar 19 11:42Steady TempKEIK
1009Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempVEBS
1008Mon Mar 19 11:30Steady TempKHEQ
1007Mon Mar 19 11:36Steady TempKBDU
1006Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempCYQW
1005Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKOWX
1004Mon Mar 19 11:33Steady TempKORB
1003Mon Mar 19 11:31Steady TempRJOT
1002Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempVEMN
1001Mon Mar 19 11:30Steady TempKRAP
1000Mon Mar 19 11:30M-Shape TempVOBZ
999Mon Mar 19 11:30Steady TempKQFT
998Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVAID
997Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKRCM
996Mon Mar 19 11:25Steady TempEHFZ
995Mon Mar 19 11:25Steady TempEHFD
994Mon Mar 19 11:35Steady TempKMHL
993Mon Mar 19 11:26Steady TempPAUN
992Mon Mar 19 11:25Steady TempPASI
991Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempEGKB
990Mon Mar 19 11:26Steady TempCYXH
989Mon Mar 19 11:24Steady TempKDYR
988Mon Mar 19 11:20M-Shape TempESNG
987Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempEGLC
986Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempKEET
985Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempKVAD
984Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempPARY
983Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempK6R3
982Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKW63
981Mon Mar 19 11:20Steady TempKTGI
980Mon Mar 19 11:17Steady TempPAYA
979Mon Mar 19 11:18Steady TempKSGJ
978Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKHRJ
977Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKIKK
976Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKSRB
975Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKSHL
974Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempK5A6
973Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKAVK
972Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKBQK
971Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKDQH
970Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKENL
969Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKSUW
968Mon Mar 19 11:35M-Shape TempKMCX
967Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKJFX
966Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKCDN
965Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKBXA
964Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKSZT
963Mon Mar 19 11:15M-Shape TempKLHB
962Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKCMD
961Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKOLF
960Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKFSE
959Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKDXX
958Mon Mar 19 11:12Steady TempKCCU
957Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKGPH
956Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempYNWN
955Mon Mar 19 11:12Steady TempKSUX
954Mon Mar 19 11:12Steady TempKAHN
953Mon Mar 19 11:11Steady TempKBKV
952Mon Mar 19 11:12Steady TempPAJZ
951Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempWMKN
950Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempWMKD
949Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempWMKC
948Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVYYY
947Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVDSR
946Mon Mar 19 11:11Steady TempKPAM
945Mon Mar 19 11:11Steady TempKCBM
944Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKDCM
943Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKS32
942Mon Mar 19 11:10Steady TempKMSY
941Mon Mar 19 11:10Steady TempKBBW
940Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTSG
939Mon Mar 19 11:07Steady TempKXNO
938Mon Mar 19 11:08Steady TempKSXS
937Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTST
936Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTSR
935Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTUU
934Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTUL
933Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTUK
932Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVTPM
931Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempZLLL
930Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempZBHH
929Mon Mar 19 11:08Steady TempKRKP
928Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKBBG
927Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempCWQH
926Mon Mar 19 11:06Steady TempKTDR
925Mon Mar 19 11:00Steady TempCWZZ
924Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempCWPX
923Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempCYSC
922Mon Mar 19 11:00Steady TempCYGV
921Mon Mar 19 11:00Steady TempCYXE
920Mon Mar 19 11:00Steady TempCYYN
919Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempCYBQ
918Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempYBWX
917Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempVECC
916Mon Mar 19 11:05Steady TempCYGW
915Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempZSAM
914Mon Mar 19 11:04Steady TempKHDN
913Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempUACC
912Mon Mar 19 10:58Steady TempKLSF
911Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempOIGG
910Mon Mar 19 10:50M-Shape TempKHSG
909Mon Mar 19 10:50Steady TempKAZE
908Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKDWX
907Mon Mar 19 11:15Steady TempKLUL
906Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempK3N8
905Mon Mar 19 10:57Steady TempPAED
904Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKEAN
903Mon Mar 19 10:56Steady TempKRCA
902Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKOZS
901Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKONM
900Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKONL
899Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKFBR
898Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKELA
897Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKA08
896Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempK2J3
895Mon Mar 19 10:55M-Shape TempKSLR
894Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKI16
893Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKDBN
892Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKCFD
891Mon Mar 19 10:58Steady TempKLOR
890Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKCFE
889Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempK2A0
888Mon Mar 19 10:56Steady TempKFSD
887Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKAIK
886Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKCSQ
885Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKASN
884Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKHMP
883Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKDRI
882Mon Mar 19 10:55M-Shape TempKMFV
881Mon Mar 19 10:55M-Shape TempKLXY
880Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKSEM
879Mon Mar 19 10:56M-Shape TempKPRX
878Mon Mar 19 10:56M-Shape TempKEUL
877Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKOXV
876Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKMZH
875Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKDYT
874Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempK54J
873Mon Mar 19 11:00M-Shape TempZMUB
872Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKCOU
871Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempK2V6
870Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKSBS
869Mon Mar 19 10:54M-Shape TempKMGJ
868Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKLNK
867Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKQFR
866Mon Mar 19 10:50Steady TempEGHH
865Mon Mar 19 10:53Steady TempKMGM
864Mon Mar 19 10:53Steady TempKTCL
863Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKFAM
862Mon Mar 19 10:53Steady TempPAOT
861Mon Mar 19 10:54Steady TempKTQE
860Mon Mar 19 10:53M-Shape TempKAZO
859Mon Mar 19 10:53Steady TempKDCU
858Mon Mar 19 10:52Steady TempKMBG
857Mon Mar 19 10:52Steady TempKCFV
856Mon Mar 19 10:52M-Shape TempKBML
855Mon Mar 19 10:51M-Shape TempKPWM
854Mon Mar 19 10:51M-Shape TempKHDO
853Mon Mar 19 10:48Steady TempRJFK
852Mon Mar 19 10:49Steady TempKHEY
851Mon Mar 19 10:50Steady TempKHRO
850Mon Mar 19 10:49Steady TempKGGW
849Mon Mar 19 10:50Steady TempKVQQ
848Mon Mar 19 11:00Steady TempSBEG
847Mon Mar 19 10:46Steady TempKRDR
846Mon Mar 19 10:48Steady TempKLVJ
845Mon Mar 19 10:49Steady TempCYMT
844Mon Mar 19 10:55Steady TempKSPF
843Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKCEY
842Mon Mar 19 10:20Steady TempCWZQ
841Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempK18H
840Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKHZE
839Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKIYA
838Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKGAF
837Mon Mar 19 10:30M-Shape TempYPKG
836Mon Mar 19 10:35M-Shape TempKTSP
835Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKJES
834Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempK7W6
833Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKRCZ
832Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKBVN
831Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKIWA
830Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKHOE
829Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKSCR
828Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKM33
827Mon Mar 19 10:37Steady TempPASV
826Mon Mar 19 10:36Steady TempKSKF
825Mon Mar 19 10:36Steady TempPAKW
824Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKHEG
823Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKSCD
822Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKPLR
821Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKCKF
820Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempK7L2
819Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempK4A9
818Mon Mar 19 10:30M-Shape TempVLVT
817Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKONZ
816Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKY63
815Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKULM
814Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKUKT
813Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKOZW
812Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKM25
811Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKEVM
810Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKAXA
809Mon Mar 19 10:34Steady TempKSNY
808Mon Mar 19 10:36Steady TempKFTG
807Mon Mar 19 10:30M-Shape TempUAII
806Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKJMR
805Mon Mar 19 10:30Steady TempLRCV
804Mon Mar 19 10:30M-Shape TempLEVT
803Mon Mar 19 10:30Steady TempLFRC
802Mon Mar 19 10:33Steady TempKVBT
801Mon Mar 19 10:26Steady TempRJEC
800Mon Mar 19 10:28M-Shape TempOAKN
799Mon Mar 19 10:30M-Shape TempWSSS
798Mon Mar 19 10:30Steady TempKOTG
797Mon Mar 19 10:35Steady TempKLRY
796Mon Mar 19 10:27Steady TempKTOI
795Mon Mar 19 10:27Steady TempKPPF
794Mon Mar 19 10:24Steady TempKCEW
793Mon Mar 19 10:20Steady TempENLE
792Mon Mar 19 10:10Steady TempKVBS
791Mon Mar 19 10:22Steady TempKNRB
790Mon Mar 19 10:20Steady TempKONX
789Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKBWP
788Mon Mar 19 10:20Steady TempKNEW
787Mon Mar 19 10:20M-Shape TempKBCB
786Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKTIF
785Mon Mar 19 10:18Steady TempKPSX
784Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKOPL
783Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKARV
782Mon Mar 19 10:20Steady TempKIXA
781Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKRCR
780Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKMGG
779Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKM40
778Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKHJH
777Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKHDE
776Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKEBS
775Mon Mar 19 10:15M-Shape TempKE80
774Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKIKV
773Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKHZR
772Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKCBF
771Mon Mar 19 10:15M-Shape TempKBVU
770Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKADU
769Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempK3L4
768Mon Mar 19 10:15M-Shape TempKHVE
767Mon Mar 19 10:15M-Shape TempKRSV
766Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempK82V
765Mon Mar 19 10:16Steady TempKRVS
764Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKGDB
763Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempVVPB
762Mon Mar 19 10:15Steady TempKMOP
761Mon Mar 19 10:13Steady TempKCGI
760Mon Mar 19 10:11Steady TempPFWS
759Mon Mar 19 10:03Steady TempRJOT
758Mon Mar 19 10:08Steady TempRJFT
757Mon Mar 19 10:08Steady TempPAFR
756Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempYPJT
755Mon Mar 19 10:09Steady TempKHBG
754Mon Mar 19 10:08Steady TempKHOP
753Mon Mar 19 10:07Steady TempKBIS
752Mon Mar 19 10:07Steady TempKEND
751Mon Mar 19 10:06Steady TempKCBM
750Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempUIII
749Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempWMKA
748Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempWMBA
747Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempCYHU
746Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempCYUS
745Mon Mar 19 10:00Steady TempRJOA
744Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempVTSF
743Mon Mar 19 10:04M-Shape TempYPKU
742Mon Mar 19 09:45Steady TempLHSM
741Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempWSSL
740Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKEHY
739Mon Mar 19 10:00M-Shape TempYTEF
738Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKFQD
737Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKU68
736Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKRBO
735Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKOKM
734Mon Mar 19 09:55M-Shape TempKE38
733Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKUTA
732Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKTME
731Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKAHQ
730Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKMLJ
729Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKDNS
728Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKD57
727Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKC09
726Mon Mar 19 09:55M-Shape TempKRLD
725Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempK4A6
724Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempEHSA
723Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKM75
722Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKPVE
721Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempPAGL
720Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKIKW
719Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKLAL
718Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKCXU
717Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKAVC
716Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKARM
715Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempK22N
714Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempPADL
713Mon Mar 19 09:55M-Shape TempKMKG
712Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempKBVX
711Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempKBKX
710Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempKSGT
709Mon Mar 19 09:56Steady TempKLRF
708Mon Mar 19 09:54M-Shape TempKPSF
707Mon Mar 19 09:54M-Shape TempKPHF
706Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKAEL
705Mon Mar 19 09:54Steady TempKMOT
704Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKJKJ
703Mon Mar 19 09:50Steady TempLIML
702Mon Mar 19 09:50Steady TempEDTY
701Mon Mar 19 09:50Steady TempEDJA
700Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKVLD
699Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKFNB
698Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKPNS
697Mon Mar 19 09:53M-Shape TempKOSH
696Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKDHN
695Mon Mar 19 09:53Steady TempKEKY
694Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempK20U
693Mon Mar 19 09:48Steady TempKGTR
692Mon Mar 19 09:45Steady TempKOZR
691Mon Mar 19 09:55Steady TempKMBY
690Mon Mar 19 09:43Steady TempRJFF
689Mon Mar 19 09:44Steady TempCZUM
688Mon Mar 19 09:44Steady TempCYAH
687Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKBQX
686Mon Mar 19 09:31Steady TempRJOB
685Mon Mar 19 09:42Steady TempKDIJ
684Mon Mar 19 09:41Steady TempPAMH
683Mon Mar 19 09:40Steady TempKABY
682Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKMGR
681Mon Mar 19 09:30M-Shape TempYPPH
680Mon Mar 19 09:39Steady TempKHEY
679Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKPOY
678Mon Mar 19 09:35M-Shape TempKPEQ
677Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKBIE
676Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKBHC
675Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKAXH
674Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKHMZ
673Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempK4R5
672Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKLXN
671Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKJXI
670Mon Mar 19 09:37Steady TempKIEN
669Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKBJI
668Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKMVH
667Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKJZI
666Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKTEW
665Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKSYF
664Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKBFW
663Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKAFO
662Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempK4M9
661Mon Mar 19 09:30M-Shape TempVVTS
660Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKVTI
659Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempK42J
658Mon Mar 19 09:36M-Shape TempLESO
657Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKMJQ
656Mon Mar 19 09:35Steady TempKCOQ
655Mon Mar 19 09:28Steady TempKNBG
654Mon Mar 19 09:30M-Shape TempLEBB
653Mon Mar 19 09:30Steady TempLFRD
652Mon Mar 19 09:30Steady TempKECP
651Mon Mar 19 09:28Steady TempKSXS
650Mon Mar 19 09:23Steady TempPATK
649Mon Mar 19 09:20Steady TempENSB
648Mon Mar 19 09:20M-Shape TempENHE
647Mon Mar 19 09:18Steady TempPAED
646Mon Mar 19 09:22Steady TempKSAV
645Mon Mar 19 09:15M-Shape TempKGVT
644Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKACJ
643Mon Mar 19 09:20Steady TempPAMK
642Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKMYZ
641Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKHSP
640Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKPIM
639Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKOPN
638Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK11R
637Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKEXX
636Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKRNV
635Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKGUL
634Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKGHB
633Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKGBK
632Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKLCQ
631Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKJYR
630Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKDTL
629Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKDSF
628Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCFJ
627Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKATP
626Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK9V9
625Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK9A5
624Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKVUJ
623Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKVQT
622Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKVAF
621Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKTKX
620Mon Mar 19 09:15M-Shape TempKJHN
619Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKHYW
618Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKMRC
617Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKEMK
616Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKEIR
615Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCAV
614Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKBBF
613Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKAYS
612Mon Mar 19 09:00Steady TempK46U
611Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK2D5
610Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKRDK
609Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK3T5
608Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempK1A9
607Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCZL
606Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKPKV
605Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKOWP
604Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKORG
603Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKIIY
602Mon Mar 19 09:16Steady TempPAQT
601Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKLYV
600Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCFS
599Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKTWM
598Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKPQN
597Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKMDS
596Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKFFM
595Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCKN
594Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKBBB
593Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKADC
592Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempRPMR
591Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKFMM
590Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKTKC
589Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKPTS
588Mon Mar 19 09:12Steady TempCYPR
587Mon Mar 19 09:11Steady TempKPIB
586Mon Mar 19 09:11Steady TempKTBN
585Mon Mar 19 09:09Steady TempKRKP
584Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKHXD
583Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKCCA
582Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempURKA
581Mon Mar 19 09:06Steady TempKFSM
580Mon Mar 19 09:00Steady TempCZPC
579Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempCYKJ
578Mon Mar 19 09:00Steady TempCYNM
577Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempCYIN
576Mon Mar 19 09:05Steady TempPAMB
575Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempZBYN
574Mon Mar 19 09:00SaunaYARG
573Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempYABA
572Mon Mar 19 09:03Steady TempKLOR
571Mon Mar 19 09:01Steady TempKFRI
570Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempVOCL
569Mon Mar 19 08:51M-Shape TempKWDG
568Mon Mar 19 09:00Steady TempPABR
567Mon Mar 19 09:15Steady TempKSIK
566Mon Mar 19 08:59Steady TempKARA
565Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempK5M9
564Mon Mar 19 09:00M-Shape TempYTNK
563Mon Mar 19 08:58M-Shape TempKCWN
562Mon Mar 19 08:58M-Shape TempKFCS
561Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKOLG
560Mon Mar 19 08:58M-Shape TempKRIV
559Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempEHJA
558Mon Mar 19 08:58Steady TempKROG
557Mon Mar 19 08:57Steady TempKAMG
556Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKPXE
555Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKANW
554Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKMLE
553Mon Mar 19 08:58Steady TempKHUA
552Mon Mar 19 08:55M-Shape TempKW75
551Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKSNC
550Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKSAR
549Mon Mar 19 08:56Steady TempKOFK
548Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKJSV
547Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKBDN
546Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKAZC
545Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKARW
544Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempK6A2
543Mon Mar 19 08:57Steady TempPAJC
542Mon Mar 19 08:56Steady TempKLHW
541Mon Mar 19 08:56M-Shape TempKGUS
540Mon Mar 19 08:56Steady TempPAKK
539Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKCLS
538Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKY70
537Mon Mar 19 08:52Steady TempKCCU
536Mon Mar 19 09:06Steady TempKVTP
535Mon Mar 19 08:53M-Shape TempKTKI
534Mon Mar 19 08:53M-Shape TempKBMQ
533Mon Mar 19 08:53Steady TempKATY
532Mon Mar 19 08:53Steady TempKBYG
531Mon Mar 19 08:53Steady TempKBRO
530Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempK2V5
529Mon Mar 19 08:52Steady TempKCNU
528Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempK96D
527Mon Mar 19 08:50Steady TempEGJB
526Mon Mar 19 08:50M-Shape TempEFSI
525Mon Mar 19 08:50Steady TempCYMH
524Mon Mar 19 08:55Steady TempKBWW
523Mon Mar 19 08:30M-Shape TempVVDN
522Mon Mar 19 08:44Steady TempRJOT
521Mon Mar 19 08:43M-Shape TempKTLH
520Mon Mar 19 08:41Steady TempKCAG
519Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempRJEC
518Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKHVS
517Mon Mar 19 08:30M-Shape TempYPAD
516Mon Mar 19 08:30Steady TempYPKU
515Mon Mar 19 08:30M-Shape TempYBMA
514Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKOOA
513Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKM30
512Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKFWB
511Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKCCO
510Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKDKX
509Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKM91
508Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKLCG
507Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKJWN
506Mon Mar 19 08:35M-Shape TempKGOP
505Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKAFK
504Mon Mar 19 08:30M-Shape TempUHWW
503Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKSDA
502Mon Mar 19 08:35M-Shape TempKL08
501Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKK88
500Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempK5H4
499Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKECS
498Mon Mar 19 08:13Steady TempKSMP
497Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKACQ
496Mon Mar 19 08:35M-Shape TempKI19
495Mon Mar 19 08:42Steady TempKEIK
494Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKVVV
493Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKRNP
492Mon Mar 19 08:35Steady TempKHYX
491Mon Mar 19 08:30M-Shape TempZBTJ
490Mon Mar 19 08:30Steady TempLEVX
489Mon Mar 19 08:20Steady TempEGMD
488Mon Mar 19 08:25Steady TempEHKV
487Mon Mar 19 08:28Steady TempCYQW
486Mon Mar 19 08:25Steady TempKMLP
485Mon Mar 19 08:25Steady TempPAMD
484Mon Mar 19 08:20Steady TempENTC
483Mon Mar 19 08:22Steady TempKGZH
482Mon Mar 19 08:20M-Shape TempESNN
481Mon Mar 19 08:20Steady TempKOFF
480Mon Mar 19 08:29Steady TempKESN
479Mon Mar 19 08:20Steady TempK2G4
478Mon Mar 19 08:20Steady TempK79J
477Mon Mar 19 08:18Steady TempKOZR
476Mon Mar 19 08:15M-Shape TempKGGP
475Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKLRJ
474Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKGRN
473Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempK65S
472Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempK1M5
471Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKI75
470Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKGYB
469Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKCWV
468Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKCIR
467Mon Mar 19 08:13Steady TempKHEY
466Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKAIO
465Mon Mar 19 08:15M-Shape TempKGAO
464Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKD50
463Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKORC
462Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKJRB
461Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKAUO
460Mon Mar 19 08:12Steady TempK0CO
459Mon Mar 19 08:15M-Shape TempKONA
458Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempYEML
457Mon Mar 19 08:15Steady TempKMCJ
456Mon Mar 19 08:11Steady TempKAIA
455Mon Mar 19 08:11Steady TempKPAM
454Mon Mar 19 08:10Steady TempPFCL
453Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempWMKB
452Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempRJFG
451Mon Mar 19 08:00Steady TempCYNA
450Mon Mar 19 08:00Steady TempCYJT
449Mon Mar 19 08:00Steady TempRJFT
448Mon Mar 19 08:00Steady TempVMMC
447Mon Mar 19 07:50M-Shape TempENEV
446Mon Mar 19 08:00SaunaYARG
445Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempYPPD
444Mon Mar 19 08:03Steady TempKMGE
443Mon Mar 19 08:03Steady TempPAMH
442Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempYWGT
441Mon Mar 19 08:00M-Shape TempYSTW
440Mon Mar 19 07:55M-Shape TempKE38
439Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKT20
438Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKFZG
437Mon Mar 19 07:55M-Shape TempKMQS
436Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKSRE
435Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKSLB
434Mon Mar 19 07:55M-Shape TempKEHA
433Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKD60
432Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKXIH
431Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKHZD
430Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKHNR
429Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempK40J
428Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempK24J
427Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKCIN
426Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKJDD
425Mon Mar 19 07:56Steady TempKUIL
424Mon Mar 19 07:56Steady TempKJMS
423Mon Mar 19 07:56M-Shape TempKSPD
422Mon Mar 19 07:55M-Shape TempKPVJ
421Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKGZL
420Mon Mar 19 07:57Steady TempCYVL
419Mon Mar 19 07:56Steady TempPFEL
418Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKMVE
417Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKHCO
416Mon Mar 19 07:49Steady TempLHPA
415Mon Mar 19 07:52Steady TempKRND
414Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempEGLL
413Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempKPEA
412Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempEDNY
411Mon Mar 19 07:45Steady TempLIRP
410Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempLIEA
409Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempK2J9
408Mon Mar 19 07:52Steady TempKRAP
407Mon Mar 19 07:52M-Shape TempKOKC
406Mon Mar 19 07:55Steady TempK2C8
405Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempKVAD
404Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempKTBN
403Mon Mar 19 07:50Steady TempKQEP
402Mon Mar 19 07:48Steady TempKUNO
401Mon Mar 19 07:43Steady TempCYKL
400Mon Mar 19 07:42Steady TempKOLU
399Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempK5A6
398Mon Mar 19 07:35M-Shape TempKOUN
397Mon Mar 19 07:35M-Shape TempKIDP
396Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempK28J
395Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKVER
394Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKSBO
393Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKCKP
392Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKVDI
391Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKUES
390Mon Mar 19 07:35M-Shape TempKSJS
389Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKLOM
388Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKTEX
387Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKBQK
386Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKF17
385Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempUUOB
384Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempULWC
383Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKSHL
382Mon Mar 19 07:36Steady TempKMGM
381Mon Mar 19 07:35M-Shape TempKHUM
380Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKPHP
379Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempROAH
378Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKRRT
377Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKFSE
376Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLROP
375Mon Mar 19 07:32Steady TempKOWA
374Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLPPD
373Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLEZL
372Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLJLJ
371Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLRBS
370Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLEST
369Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFST
368Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFJL
367Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFSG
366Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFOE
365Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFOC
364Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFRK
363Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFGA
362Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFAQ
361Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFSX
360Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLFSI
359Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEBFS
358Mon Mar 19 07:31Steady TempKMEI
357Mon Mar 19 07:31Steady TempKCTB
356Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLYPG
355Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLYBT
354Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempEICK
353Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempEINN
352Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLQBK
351Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLZZI
350Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLZPP
349Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempLHPR
348Mon Mar 19 07:31Steady TempKSDY
347Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKS32
346Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempEPRZ
345Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLBGO
344Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLBBG
343Mon Mar 19 07:30Steady TempLZIB
342Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEHQE
341Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEHMG
340Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEHJR
339Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEHHW
338Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempEHDV
337Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempKTDR
336Mon Mar 19 07:21Steady TempKMIB
335Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempPAKW
334Mon Mar 19 07:26Steady TempCYTE
333Mon Mar 19 07:25Steady TempKLWT
332Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGSH
331Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGCC
330Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEDFH
329Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempLOWK
328Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempLOWW
327Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempLIPX
326Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEDSB
325Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEDMA
324Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempELLX
323Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEBOS
322Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEBBR
321Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEBAW
320Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGNJ
319Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGKK
318Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGCK
317Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEGAA
316Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEDDS
315Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEDDK
314Mon Mar 19 07:13Steady TempRJOT
313Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempLSZR
312Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEFMA
311Mon Mar 19 07:35Steady TempKLUL
310Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempK3N8
309Mon Mar 19 07:20Steady TempEETN
308Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKOZS
307Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempPAAD
306Mon Mar 19 07:15M-Shape TempKJWG
305Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKHII
304Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKFYE
303Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKDUB
302Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempK2A0
301Mon Mar 19 07:15M-Shape TempKUYF
300Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKTNU
299Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKSEM
298Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempK54J
297Mon Mar 19 07:15M-Shape TempK4V0
296Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKMAO
295Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKICL
294Mon Mar 19 07:10Steady TempKHEQ
293Mon Mar 19 07:12Steady TempKC07
292Mon Mar 19 07:14Steady TempK2V6
291Mon Mar 19 07:00M-Shape TempYGLA
290Mon Mar 19 07:00M-Shape TempYGEL
289Mon Mar 19 07:09Steady TempPANA
288Mon Mar 19 07:15Steady TempKMHL
287Mon Mar 19 07:06Steady TempKHEI
286Mon Mar 19 07:06Steady TempPAGS
285Mon Mar 19 07:00Steady TempCYYN
284Mon Mar 19 07:00SaunaYARG
283Mon Mar 19 07:00M-Shape TempUACK
282Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKIYA
281Mon Mar 19 07:01Steady TempPAKN
280Mon Mar 19 06:55SaunaFJDG
279Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempEBBL
278Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempEBBE
277Mon Mar 19 07:00M-Shape TempYWLM
276Mon Mar 19 06:59Steady TempKCFV
275Mon Mar 19 06:55M-Shape TempKCHK
274Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempK1K1
273Mon Mar 19 06:58Steady TempPASY
272Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKSEZ
271Mon Mar 19 06:55M-Shape TempKPVB
270Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKOSA
269Mon Mar 19 06:55M-Shape TempKRCR
268Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKBVN
267Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKHOE
266Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKADH
265Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempK18H
264Mon Mar 19 06:55M-Shape TempKTZR
263Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKCKF
262Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKOZR
261Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKLSF
260Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKCBM
259Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKNMM
258Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKHDN
257Mon Mar 19 06:56Steady TempKPIB
256Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKTOB
255Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempKMNH
254Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempEHGR
253Mon Mar 19 06:51Steady TempKIAB
252Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempKSPW
251Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempKHBG
250Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempKGCC
249Mon Mar 19 06:54Steady TempCZPC
248Mon Mar 19 06:52Steady TempKMBG
247Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempPAMD
246Mon Mar 19 06:53Steady TempKETH
245Mon Mar 19 06:55Steady TempKGGE
244Mon Mar 19 06:39Steady TempRJOA
243Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKRQO
242Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKLVN
241Mon Mar 19 06:30M-Shape TempYMML
240Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKVYS
239Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKLMO
238Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKHHW
237Mon Mar 19 06:30M-Shape TempGQNO
236Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKONP
235Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKCNC
234Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKJVL
233Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKHJH
232Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKGYY
231Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKAQR
230Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempK2LS
229Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKW75
228Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKRKR
227Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKOJA
226Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKLAM
225Mon Mar 19 06:35M-Shape TempKIGQ
224Mon Mar 19 06:36Steady TempKBDU
223Mon Mar 19 06:31Steady TempKSXS
222Mon Mar 19 06:31Steady TempKHEY
221Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKMOP
220Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKD95
219Mon Mar 19 06:30Steady TempLKMT
218Mon Mar 19 06:31Steady TempKTDR
217Mon Mar 19 06:35Steady TempKSPF
216Mon Mar 19 06:25Steady TempPAEM
215Mon Mar 19 06:22Steady TempKEUF
214Mon Mar 19 06:23Steady TempKOTG
213Mon Mar 19 06:22Steady TempKDIK
212Mon Mar 19 06:21Steady TempKPTN
211Mon Mar 19 06:20Steady TempKDHN
210Mon Mar 19 06:19Steady TempKODX
209Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKRBO
208Mon Mar 19 06:18Steady TempKPAM
207Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKALN
206Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKDNS
205Mon Mar 19 06:15M-Shape TempKBOW
204Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKBEC
203Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKMKS
202Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKM75
201Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKOGA
200Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempK3AU
199Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempK6S0
198Mon Mar 19 06:16Steady TempKNGP
197Mon Mar 19 06:17Steady TempPASV
196Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKARM
195Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKADU
194Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKSCD
193Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempK82V
192Mon Mar 19 06:00Dry HeatFTTY
191Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempKIIB
190Mon Mar 19 06:13Steady TempKAQP
189Mon Mar 19 06:15Steady TempK20U
188Mon Mar 19 06:07Steady TempKLOR
187Mon Mar 19 06:09Steady TempKMLP
186Mon Mar 19 06:10Steady TempCYAH
185Mon Mar 19 06:06Steady TempKPIR
184Mon Mar 19 06:05Steady TempKVTN
183Mon Mar 19 05:50Steady TempKFEW
182Mon Mar 19 06:00SaunaYARG
181Mon Mar 19 06:00M-Shape TempYMAV
180Mon Mar 19 06:00Steady TempUKDR
179Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKMGR
178Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKM21
177Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKMLJ
176Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKI16
175Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKFWS
174Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKF46
173Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKBIE
172Mon Mar 19 05:57Steady TempPHNG
171Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKRBW
170Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKSAZ
169Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKBFW
168Mon Mar 19 05:56Steady TempKGDV
167Mon Mar 19 05:56Steady TempPFWS
166Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempK4M9
165Mon Mar 19 05:48Steady TempRJOT
164Mon Mar 19 05:53Steady TempKSBS
163Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempKRGK
162Mon Mar 19 05:53Steady TempKABR
161Mon Mar 19 05:55Steady TempK14Y
160Mon Mar 19 05:53Steady TempKBFF
159Mon Mar 19 05:53Steady TempKBBW
158Mon Mar 19 05:53Steady TempPAPM
157Mon Mar 19 05:50Steady TempPAPN
156Mon Mar 19 05:48Steady TempKSXS
155Mon Mar 19 05:46Steady TempKLRF
154Mon Mar 19 05:45Steady TempPAOM
153Mon Mar 19 05:46Steady TempPAMB
152Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKFYG
151Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBBG
150Mon Mar 19 05:44Steady TempKHEY
149Mon Mar 19 05:43Steady TempKRAP
148Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBWP
147Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKACJ
146Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSUT
145Mon Mar 19 05:41Steady TempPAIW
144Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPRO
143Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKOPN
142Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKMYZ
141Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKIDP
140Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK1F0
139Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKW43
138Mon Mar 19 05:39Steady TempKTOI
137Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPIM
136Mon Mar 19 05:40Steady TempKDVP
135Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK17J
134Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKUXL
133Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKTIF
132Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKRNH
131Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKJXI
130Mon Mar 19 05:38Steady TempKEST
129Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKELA
128Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKDED
127Mon Mar 19 05:35M-Shape TempKPDC
126Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKONL
125Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKLUD
124Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKJYR
123Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKJKA
122Mon Mar 19 05:35M-Shape TempKJCA
121Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBMT
120Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBIJ
119Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKAUH
118Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKALX
117Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKA08
116Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK9V9
115Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK6A1
114Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK4R5
113Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKVQT
112Mon Mar 19 05:30Steady TempKVBS
111Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKVAF
110Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSPR
109Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSCF
108Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKEMK
107Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKEIR
106Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKDTL
105Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBQX
104Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBBF
103Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKATP
102Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK54A
101Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKMZG
100Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKGUL
99Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKGHB
98Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKGBK
97Mon Mar 19 05:37Steady TempPAUN
96Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKX60
95Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKULM
94Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKU42
93Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKTKX
92Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKTFP
91Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKCGC
90Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKBYY
89Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKAXA
88Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSUW
87Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSGS
86Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPQN
85Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKHYW
84Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKAIB
83Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK7L2
82Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK46D
81Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK2D5
80Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKEDN
79Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKD57
78Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKD39
77Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKCSQ
76Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPKV
75Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKOWP
74Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKMOX
73Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKMBO
72Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKM40
71Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKLYV
70Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKVNC
69Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKRDK
68Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPTS
67Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKORG
66Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKLHB
65Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKJFX
64Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKDYB
63Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK3T5
62Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempK1A9
61Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKTWM
60Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKROX
59Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKPHN
58Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKMDS
57Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKJKJ
56Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKGHW
55Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKFFM
54Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKDYT
53Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKDXX
52Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKCKN
51Mon Mar 19 05:34Steady TempKGRI
50Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKXVG
49Mon Mar 19 05:30Steady TempRJTT
48Mon Mar 19 05:30M-Shape TempLFRL
47Mon Mar 19 05:29Steady TempCYLL
46Mon Mar 19 05:27Steady TempKLBX
45Mon Mar 19 05:27Steady TempKCEW
44Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKHXD
43Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKCCA
42Mon Mar 19 05:23Steady TempKMAI
41Mon Mar 19 05:20M-Shape TempEGPO
40Mon Mar 19 05:35Steady TempKSIK
39Mon Mar 19 05:15M-Shape TempKI23
38Mon Mar 19 05:13Steady TempKAFF
37Mon Mar 19 05:14Steady TempKPRN
36Mon Mar 19 05:13Steady TempKCDR
35Mon Mar 19 05:02Steady TempRJOA
34Mon Mar 19 05:09Steady TempKPSX
33Mon Mar 19 05:08Steady TempCYQL
32Mon Mar 19 05:07Steady TempPASM
31Mon Mar 19 05:00SaunaYARG
30Mon Mar 19 04:55M-Shape TempKEBA
29Mon Mar 19 04:58Steady TempKLOR
28Mon Mar 19 04:55M-Shape TempKECU
27Mon Mar 19 04:55M-Shape TempKOEB
26Mon Mar 19 04:55Steady TempPATL
25Mon Mar 19 04:53Steady TempKGZH
24Mon Mar 19 04:54Steady TempPANW
23Mon Mar 19 04:53Steady TempPADE
22Mon Mar 19 04:53Steady TempUKDD
21Mon Mar 19 04:51Steady TempKHEI
20Mon Mar 19 04:50Steady TempCYVL
19Mon Mar 19 04:47Steady TempPAJZ
18Mon Mar 19 04:39Steady TempPAMO
17Mon Mar 19 04:35M-Shape TempKSWW
16Mon Mar 19 04:37Steady TempCYKL
15Mon Mar 19 04:35M-Shape TempKASW
14Mon Mar 19 04:35Steady TempPAGL
13Mon Mar 19 04:42Steady TempKEIK
12Mon Mar 19 04:28Steady TempKABY
11Mon Mar 19 04:22Steady TempCYAH
10Mon Mar 19 04:18Steady TempPAWM
9Mon Mar 19 04:00SaunaYARG
8Mon Mar 19 03:55M-Shape TempKGGP
7Mon Mar 19 03:58Steady TempKHEY
6Mon Mar 19 03:42Steady TempCYAY
5Mon Mar 19 03:35M-Shape TempKJOT
4Mon Mar 19 03:28Steady TempCYYN
3Mon Mar 19 03:27Steady TempPALG
2Mon Mar 19 03:00SaunaYARG
1Mon Mar 19 02:56Steady TempKRCA