Welcome to the Event Detection Sample Application!

This sample application is a NodeJS (version v0.12.18) application bound to the Streaming Analytics service.


The purpose of this sample application is to show how a NodeJS application can utilize the Streaming Analytics service via its REST API. See the NodeJS application code that you downloaded for examples of REST API calls.

The Event Detection sample application uses the Streaming Analytics service to a analyze a stream of weather information from NOAA weather stations around the world. A variety of simple and complex event detection techniques are used to identify events as they occur.

Application Flow

The Event Detection sample application performs a series of steps using the Streaming Analytics service. The table below lists the tasks the application is performing and the status of each step.

1Extract the environment information required to use the Streaming Analytics REST API. Completed
2Check if the Streams instance is running and start the instance if necessary using the Streaming Analytics REST API.Completed - Instance was already running
3If the instance was already running, check if there is a Streams event detection job already running. If a job is running, cancel it.Completed - Existing job cancelled
4Deploy a Streams Application Bundle to the Streaming Analytics service using the Streaming Analytics REST API. The bundle contains a Streams application the analyzes weather data and performs event detection. Completed
5Process events detected by the Streams application, and display them on this web page. Processing Events
6Cancel the job corresponding to the Streams application that was submitted in step 4 after events are processed. Pending

Event Types

There are four types of events that the Streams application is monitoring for in the weather stream. Two of them are complex events, where patterns are recognized involving both the current data values for a weather station and previously analyzed values. The other two are simple events, which only require analyis of a weather station's current values.

M-Shape TempThis event occurs when the graph of the temperature readings from a weather station form an "M" shape. Detecting M-shapes in graphs illustrates the power of the Complex Event Processing toolkit in Streams, but it really has no use in a weather application. However, recognizing M-shape patterns in securities trading applications is very useful. An M-shape is called a double-top stock pattern in the trading world. See Partition and Compose: Parallel Complex Event Processing for more information on this complex event detection method, the double-top pattern and other patterns.
Steady TempThis event occurs when the temperature reported by a weather station changes by 1 degree or less per hour for eleven consecutive hours. In addition, the net change during the 11 hours cannot exceed 3 degress.
Dry HeatThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 105 degrees (F) and a relative humidity of less than 10%.
SaunaThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 90 degrees (F) and a relative humidity greater than 75%.

Application Results

Results from the Streams application are listed below. Weather data from the prior 24 hours is available when the Streams application is started. The application analyzes this data so event patterns that occur over multiple hours can be recognized. After this initial set of existing data is analyzed by the application, new data is processed in real-time as it is published by NOAA. Most weather stations update their readings only once per hour, so after the initial burst of events, new events will be detected less frequently.

In addition to detecting events, the Streams application also determines the highest and lowest current temperature reading from any weather station.

Max Temp (F)Weather StationMin Temp (F)Weather Station
116.6DAUT 24.8YSCB
Event NumberEvent TimeEvent TypeWeather Station
1573Mon Jul 9 22:52M-Shape TempKPYM
1572Mon Jul 9 22:44M-Shape TempMMLP
1571Mon Jul 9 22:42M-Shape TempMMZO
1570Mon Jul 9 22:40M-Shape TempMMIA
1569Mon Jul 9 22:51M-Shape TempKSLK
1568Mon Jul 9 22:51M-Shape TempKPWM
1567Mon Jul 9 22:51M-Shape TempKPVD
1566Mon Jul 9 22:36M-Shape TempKFME
1565Mon Jul 9 22:39M-Shape TempKXNA
1564Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKCNI
1563Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempK8W2
1562Mon Jul 9 22:30Steady TempWADD
1561Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKJWN
1560Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKPMU
1559Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKXLL
1558Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKVES
1557Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKW96
1556Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKVWU
1555Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKTHA
1554Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKTEX
1553Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKRMN
1552Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKFEP
1551Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKF00
1550Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKIOB
1549Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKRGA
1548Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKPTB
1547Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKAHQ
1546Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempK40J
1545Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempK2F5
1544Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKSYF
1543Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKOQN
1542Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKELO
1541Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKLJF
1540Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKIGQ
1539Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKHMP
1538Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKBAC
1537Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKMJQ
1536Mon Jul 9 22:35M-Shape TempKMBO
1535Mon Jul 9 22:35SaunaKM40
1534Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKPLR
1533Mon Jul 9 22:36Steady TempKPHN
1532Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKADU
1531Mon Jul 9 22:36Steady TempK4BM
1530Mon Jul 9 22:34Steady TempK2V6
1529Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKRUG
1528Mon Jul 9 22:30M-Shape TempLRTC
1527Mon Jul 9 22:35Steady TempKIDI
1526Mon Jul 9 22:29M-Shape TempKPAM
1525Mon Jul 9 22:30M-Shape TempKECP
1524Mon Jul 9 22:30Steady TempOBBI
1523Mon Jul 9 22:30Steady TempVOMM
1522Mon Jul 9 22:20Steady TempLTCG
1521Mon Jul 9 22:28M-Shape TempKMKY
1520Mon Jul 9 22:24M-Shape TempKDMA
1519Mon Jul 9 22:25Steady TempPAYA
1518Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempVVPQ
1517Mon Jul 9 22:20Steady TempLIBR
1516Mon Jul 9 22:20Steady TempENHM
1515Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKW63
1514Mon Jul 9 22:20Steady TempKQFT
1513Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKJHN
1512Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKIJX
1511Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempKI16
1510Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKW81
1509Mon Jul 9 22:17M-Shape TempCYYB
1508Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKOPN
1507Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempKDKX
1506Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKMKJ
1505Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKLVL
1504Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKGGP
1503Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempKHCR
1502Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempK8A3
1501Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempK0R0
1500Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKOCW
1499Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempK57C
1498Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempK49A
1497Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKTVK
1496Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempKASL
1495Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempKOBE
1494Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCZDB
1493Mon Jul 9 22:17Steady TempKPOV
1492Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKN03
1491Mon Jul 9 22:15SaunaKM40
1490Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKSEM
1489Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKAXA
1488Mon Jul 9 22:15M-Shape TempK54J
1487Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKEVM
1486Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKCAD
1485Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBIC
1484Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKCFJ
1483Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSBUL
1482Mon Jul 9 22:15Steady TempKVVV
1481Mon Jul 9 22:10Steady TempKQEP
1480Mon Jul 9 22:10Steady TempKQEL
1479Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempWMAU
1478Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempDRRN
1477Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempUUYY
1476Mon Jul 9 21:50M-Shape TempMSAC
1475Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempGOSS
1474Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCXTP
1473Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCWPE
1472Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCMFM
1471Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCWBY
1470Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempVTBU
1469Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCYBK
1468Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCYXZ
1467Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCYNA
1466Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCYHZ
1465Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempCYDF
1464Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSKNV
1463Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSKRH
1462Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempVMMC
1461Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempVECC
1460Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempZBTJ
1459Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempDAUO
1458Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempVOTV
1457Mon Jul 9 21:47M-Shape TempKBCT
1456Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKEHY
1455Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempTBPB
1454Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKSHD
1453Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSBJP
1452Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempTNCA
1451Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempMDAB
1450Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempMDJB
1449Mon Jul 9 22:00SaunaOMAD
1448Mon Jul 9 22:00SaunaOMAA
1447Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSEMT
1446Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSPJR
1445Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempMHTR
1444Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempMGTU
1443Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSKCG
1442Mon Jul 9 22:00Steady TempFOOL
1441Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKLCK
1440Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKMQS
1439Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKEKS
1438Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKTIF
1437Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempSBCZ
1436Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKFBR
1435Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKE11
1434Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKTQH
1433Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKUNI
1432Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKJYR
1431Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKIZA
1430Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKAXV
1429Mon Jul 9 21:56M-Shape TempK7N0
1428Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKPAN
1427Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKCPT
1426Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKBBB
1425Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKRZL
1424Mon Jul 9 22:00M-Shape TempMYNN
1423Mon Jul 9 21:45M-Shape TempMMVA
1422Mon Jul 9 21:55M-Shape TempKAUM
1421Mon Jul 9 21:56Steady TempKROX
1420Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKPQN
1419Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempPTSA
1418Mon Jul 9 21:54M-Shape TempKEVV
1417Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKCIN
1416Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempK5SM
1415Mon Jul 9 21:42M-Shape TempMMTP
1414Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempTIST
1413Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempKTPA
1412Mon Jul 9 21:54M-Shape TempCYAH
1411Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempKMVY
1410Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempKCLM
1409Mon Jul 9 21:53M-Shape TempKAUG
1408Mon Jul 9 21:51M-Shape TempKFWS
1407Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempK1P1
1406Mon Jul 9 21:51M-Shape TempKSJT
1405Mon Jul 9 21:55Steady TempKPLD
1404Mon Jul 9 21:51M-Shape TempKNYC
1403Mon Jul 9 21:50Steady TempEKRN
1402Mon Jul 9 21:42Steady TempKBFW
1401Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKOYM
1400Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKORG
1399Mon Jul 9 21:39Steady TempPASA
1398Mon Jul 9 21:30Steady TempYPGV
1397Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKDLP
1396Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKCRX
1395Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKBGF
1394Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKM04
1393Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKIER
1392Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKOZA
1391Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKGAO
1390Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempK2G9
1389Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKOBE
1388Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKLAM
1387Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKBBD
1386Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempHEGN
1385Mon Jul 9 21:37Steady TempK4I3
1384Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKLRY
1383Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKEDC
1382Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKMKN
1381Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKADC
1380Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKRYV
1379Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKPNM
1378Mon Jul 9 21:30Steady TempZBAA
1377Mon Jul 9 21:26Steady TempRJSS
1376Mon Jul 9 21:35M-Shape TempKMAO
1375Mon Jul 9 21:35Steady TempKVTI
1374Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempLHPR
1373Mon Jul 9 21:30Steady TempVABB
1372Mon Jul 9 21:25Steady TempEHMA
1371Mon Jul 9 21:25Steady TempEHVL
1370Mon Jul 9 21:24M-Shape TempKINK
1369Mon Jul 9 21:20M-Shape TempETSI
1368Mon Jul 9 21:20M-Shape TempETHF
1367Mon Jul 9 21:24M-Shape TempKALK
1366Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKCGE
1365Mon Jul 9 21:20Steady TempKQEW
1364Mon Jul 9 21:10M-Shape TempRJOR
1363Mon Jul 9 21:18M-Shape TempKEVW
1362Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempGOOG
1361Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKEIR
1360Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKHSB
1359Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKCTY
1358Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKCPK
1357Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKSWW
1356Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKPUJ
1355Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKLNC
1354Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKULS
1353Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKBXA
1352Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKBDH
1351Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKHDC
1350Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKSRR
1349Mon Jul 9 21:15M-Shape TempKLXY
1348Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKDXX
1347Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKVNC
1346Mon Jul 9 21:12Steady TempK0CO
1345Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBLS
1344Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBBH
1343Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBVH
1342Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBKG
1341Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKMDS
1340Mon Jul 9 21:15Steady TempKBAX
1339Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCWDQ
1338Mon Jul 9 21:09M-Shape TempKLND
1337Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempWATT
1336Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempUSCC
1335Mon Jul 9 21:00Steady TempUHWW
1334Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempFABL
1333Mon Jul 9 21:00Steady TempVEBS
1332Mon Jul 9 21:00SaunaVIAR
1331Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCWOD
1330Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCXMY
1329Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCWHO
1328Mon Jul 9 21:00Steady TempROYN
1327Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCYGP
1326Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCYSB
1325Mon Jul 9 21:00Steady TempCYSY
1324Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempCYYT
1323Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSKPC
1322Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempFCBB
1321Mon Jul 9 21:01M-Shape TempCZUM
1320Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSAZM
1319Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSARL
1318Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSARC
1317Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempOIZJ
1316Mon Jul 9 21:00SaunaOIZJ
1315Mon Jul 9 20:50M-Shape TempKDKR
1314Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempMGMT
1313Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempMGQZ
1312Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBKP
1311Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempMPPA
1310Mon Jul 9 20:50M-Shape TempOOSH
1309Mon Jul 9 21:00SaunaOMDW
1308Mon Jul 9 21:00SaunaOMAD
1307Mon Jul 9 21:00SaunaOMAA
1306Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempMDPP
1305Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBRP
1304Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBLO
1303Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSAWH
1302Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSARF
1301Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempKMDJ
1300Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempKEDE
1299Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSBCJ
1298Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSKBG
1297Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempSKLT
1296Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKGHG
1295Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKF17
1294Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempEHKV
1293Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempK6I2
1292Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempK05U
1291Mon Jul 9 21:00M-Shape TempWAAA
1290Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKLNA
1289Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKCXU
1288Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempKSEF
1287Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKSOW
1286Mon Jul 9 20:56M-Shape TempKPVC
1285Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempKFGN
1284Mon Jul 9 20:56Steady TempPANW
1283Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKRQB
1282Mon Jul 9 20:55M-Shape TempKLUD
1281Mon Jul 9 20:55Steady TempKPHN
1280Mon Jul 9 20:50M-Shape TempENDU
1279Mon Jul 9 20:53M-Shape TempKPBI
1278Mon Jul 9 20:50Steady TempENOA
1277Mon Jul 9 20:53M-Shape TempKFOK
1276Mon Jul 9 20:53M-Shape TempKAAF
1275Mon Jul 9 20:53M-Shape TempKDFW
1274Mon Jul 9 20:50M-Shape TempESIB
1273Mon Jul 9 20:50M-Shape TempESNZ
1272Mon Jul 9 20:51M-Shape TempKCIU
1271Mon Jul 9 20:46M-Shape TempKPNS
1270Mon Jul 9 20:40M-Shape TempKHRT
1269Mon Jul 9 20:43M-Shape TempKOLS
1268Mon Jul 9 20:40Steady TempKQER
1267Mon Jul 9 20:35Steady TempKRBO
1266Mon Jul 9 20:30M-Shape TempYFRT
1265Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempYPXM
1264Mon Jul 9 20:35M-Shape TempKI19
1263Mon Jul 9 20:35M-Shape TempKDZB
1262Mon Jul 9 20:35Steady TempKCFD
1261Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempRJCC
1260Mon Jul 9 20:37Steady TempKDLZ
1259Mon Jul 9 20:35M-Shape TempKERY
1258Mon Jul 9 20:35M-Shape TempKJVW
1257Mon Jul 9 20:30M-Shape TempUACC
1256Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempKQFW
1255Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempKQFB
1254Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempZBYN
1253Mon Jul 9 20:30Steady TempVOCI
1252Mon Jul 9 20:27M-Shape TempKROW
1251Mon Jul 9 20:21Steady TempPASY
1250Mon Jul 9 20:23Steady TempBGTL
1249Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempETSB
1248Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempETNN
1247Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempETHB
1246Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempENRO
1245Mon Jul 9 20:20Steady TempENNE
1244Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempENFL
1243Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempENBR
1242Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempENDR
1241Mon Jul 9 20:17M-Shape TempKDLF
1240Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempEFSA
1239Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempESMT
1238Mon Jul 9 20:20Steady TempKQES
1237Mon Jul 9 20:20Steady TempKQEL
1236Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempKIAH
1235Mon Jul 9 20:20M-Shape TempKCDC
1234Mon Jul 9 20:15M-Shape TempKVKS
1233Mon Jul 9 20:15Steady TempKRAS
1232Mon Jul 9 20:15M-Shape TempKSLR
1231Mon Jul 9 20:15M-Shape TempKRKR
1230Mon Jul 9 20:15M-Shape TempKMNZ
1229Mon Jul 9 20:15Steady TempKOGS
1228Mon Jul 9 20:16M-Shape TempKMQJ
1227Mon Jul 9 20:15M-Shape TempKCGC
1226Mon Jul 9 20:15Steady TempPAMD
1225Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSBPF
1224Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSBPC
1223Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempSBCO
1222Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSBQV
1221Mon Jul 9 20:10Steady TempKQFX
1220Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempDIAP
1219Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempOETB
1218Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempLIPA
1217Mon Jul 9 20:06M-Shape TempKGWO
1216Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEGXE
1215Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEGOM
1214Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempVYYY
1213Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempCYGV
1212Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempVTCC
1211Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempLICT
1210Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempRKNY
1209Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempDAAG
1208Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempDAOI
1207Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempLRAR
1206Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempLFBO
1205Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempLEMD
1204Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempEINN
1203Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempYSCB
1202Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSENL
1201Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempKQEV
1200Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempGMTN
1199Mon Jul 9 20:00SaunaOMAD
1198Mon Jul 9 20:00SaunaOMAA
1197Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSBVT
1196Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKT20
1195Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKMDD
1194Mon Jul 9 19:56Steady TempKQDG
1193Mon Jul 9 20:00Steady TempVOCB
1192Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempLRTZ
1191Mon Jul 9 19:55Steady TempEHJR
1190Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKLCQ
1189Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKCEY
1188Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKBMT
1187Mon Jul 9 19:56M-Shape TempETIH
1186Mon Jul 9 20:00M-Shape TempSBNT
1185Mon Jul 9 19:56Steady TempPADL
1184Mon Jul 9 19:52M-Shape TempKADS
1183Mon Jul 9 19:55Steady TempKACQ
1182Mon Jul 9 19:55Steady TempKTFP
1181Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKM40
1180Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEGWU
1179Mon Jul 9 19:55M-Shape TempKPZQ
1178Mon Jul 9 19:42SaunaMMLT
1177Mon Jul 9 19:43M-Shape TempMMCU
1176Mon Jul 9 19:55Steady TempKFMH
1175Mon Jul 9 19:53M-Shape TempKBKV
1174Mon Jul 9 19:53M-Shape TempKDAL
1173Mon Jul 9 19:53M-Shape TempKGIF
1172Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempENOV
1171Mon Jul 9 19:53M-Shape TempKHWO
1170Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEGCN
1169Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEGPK
1168Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEFKE
1167Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempEFKU
1166Mon Jul 9 19:51M-Shape TempKRIW
1165Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempESTA
1164Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempLSMM
1163Mon Jul 9 19:50M-Shape TempKHOB
1162Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKRPH
1161Mon Jul 9 19:40Steady TempPKWA
1160Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKGNC
1159Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKBPG
1158Mon Jul 9 19:38M-Shape TempKMEM
1157Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempYBRK
1156Mon Jul 9 19:40Steady TempKIKT
1155Mon Jul 9 19:30Steady TempKFFA
1154Mon Jul 9 19:35Steady TempKBQX
1153Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKBKD
1152Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempK40J
1151Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempK2F5
1150Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKX60
1149Mon Jul 9 19:35SaunaKM40
1148Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempKINF
1147Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempK3T5
1146Mon Jul 9 19:30Steady TempVVDN
1145Mon Jul 9 19:35M-Shape TempCYYR
1144Mon Jul 9 19:30Steady TempZYTL
1143Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFJR
1142Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFSB
1141Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFPB
1140Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFOA
1139Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFRB
1138Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFLL
1137Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFLB
1136Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempLFRZ
1135Mon Jul 9 19:30Steady TempKQEW
1134Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempSOCA
1133Mon Jul 9 19:25Steady TempOPKC
1132Mon Jul 9 19:30M-Shape TempSPZO
1131Mon Jul 9 19:25Steady TempEHMG
1130Mon Jul 9 19:24M-Shape TempKBPT
1129Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempETSA
1128Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempETHL
1127Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempLIRA
1126Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempLIEE
1125Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempENML
1124Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempEGJJ
1123Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempEGFF
1122Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCWJO
1121Mon Jul 9 19:22Steady TempPAAK
1120Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempEFHA
1119Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempEFJY
1118Mon Jul 9 19:13M-Shape TempKCUL
1117Mon Jul 9 19:20M-Shape TempLSZR
1116Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempDNIL
1115Mon Jul 9 19:20Steady TempKMDS
1114Mon Jul 9 19:19Steady TempPAPN
1113Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKF45
1112Mon Jul 9 19:15Steady TempKMQI
1111Mon Jul 9 19:15Steady TempKLNA
1110Mon Jul 9 19:15Steady TempCWPF
1109Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKMEZ
1108Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKHEG
1107Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKGYB
1106Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKACB
1105Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempK1A9
1104Mon Jul 9 19:12Steady TempKRND
1103Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempK24J
1102Mon Jul 9 19:15M-Shape TempKCMR
1101Mon Jul 9 19:15SaunaKM40
1100Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempSBAF
1099Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCWUX
1098Mon Jul 9 19:10Steady TempKQFT
1097Mon Jul 9 19:04M-Shape TempKCBM
1096Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempOEHL
1095Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempEIME
1094Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempHETR
1093Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLIVT
1092Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLIEC
1091Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLIBV
1090Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLICF
1089Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGQK
1088Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGOV
1087Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGDM
1086Mon Jul 9 19:00Steady TempWMKK
1085Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCWBA
1084Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCWSG
1083Mon Jul 9 18:56Steady TempROTM
1082Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEEC
1081Mon Jul 9 19:00Steady TempVVPB
1080Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempFAKN
1079Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCYHK
1078Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempCYBG
1077Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLIRS
1076Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempUKLU
1075Mon Jul 9 19:00Steady TempZSOF
1074Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEGT
1073Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempLIPY
1072Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempLIPC
1071Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEBA
1070Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLKLN
1069Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLKCV
1068Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempDAUK
1067Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempDAAT
1066Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEBZ
1065Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFSL
1064Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFOT
1063Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEGR
1062Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLEBB
1061Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFRM
1060Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFRI
1059Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFOB
1058Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFLY
1057Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFSD
1056Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFBD
1055Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFBL
1054Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFLX
1053Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLFKS
1052Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempEIKN
1051Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempGMMX
1050Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempYMLT
1049Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempEPZG
1048Mon Jul 9 19:00SaunaOMAD
1047Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLDZA
1046Mon Jul 9 19:00Steady TempVGHS
1045Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLHBP
1044Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempLBPL
1043Mon Jul 9 19:00Steady TempVOML
1042Mon Jul 9 19:00Dry HeatOEMA
1041Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKBQP
1040Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKREG
1039Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKM08
1038Mon Jul 9 18:55Steady TempEHDV
1037Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempETAR
1036Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempEGVA
1035Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGVO
1034Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempETEB
1033Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempETIK
1032Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempETIC
1031Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempLSMP
1030Mon Jul 9 18:56M-Shape TempKP53
1029Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKJDD
1028Mon Jul 9 18:56Steady TempPFWS
1027Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGVN
1026Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempTXKF
1025Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKQZF
1024Mon Jul 9 18:55M-Shape TempKMBO
1023Mon Jul 9 18:55SaunaKM40
1022Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempLGIO
1021Mon Jul 9 18:49M-Shape TempLSZL
1020Mon Jul 9 18:53M-Shape TempKTMB
1019Mon Jul 9 18:53Steady TempPADQ
1018Mon Jul 9 18:55Steady TempKPHN
1017Mon Jul 9 18:53M-Shape TempKGLH
1016Mon Jul 9 18:53M-Shape TempKORL
1015Mon Jul 9 18:53M-Shape TempKHOU
1014Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempENAT
1013Mon Jul 9 18:50Steady TempENHE
1012Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEBBR
1011Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempESOW
1010Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempESNG
1009Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGCC
1008Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEGKB
1007Mon Jul 9 19:00M-Shape TempSBFN
1006Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEDDB
1005Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempLSMS
1004Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempESTL
1003Mon Jul 9 18:50Steady TempKQER
1002Mon Jul 9 18:50Steady TempKQEP
1001Mon Jul 9 18:50M-Shape TempEFIV
1000Mon Jul 9 18:35M-Shape TempKGYI
999Mon Jul 9 18:41Steady TempPAFM
998Mon Jul 9 18:40Steady TempKQFW
997Mon Jul 9 18:40Steady TempKQFB
996Mon Jul 9 18:35M-Shape TempKGLE
995Mon Jul 9 18:35M-Shape TempKAQR
994Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempUUEE
993Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempULLI
992Mon Jul 9 18:35M-Shape TempKE11
991Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempVVTS
990Mon Jul 9 18:35Steady TempKBAZ
989Mon Jul 9 18:33Steady TempPASY
988Mon Jul 9 18:35SaunaKM40
987Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempVTBS
986Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempKQES
985Mon Jul 9 18:28Steady TempBGTL
984Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempVOHS
983Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLPHR
982Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFLN
981Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFRV
980Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFQB
979Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLEVX
978Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFOJ
977Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFGJ
976Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempLFYR
975Mon Jul 9 18:30Steady TempKQEL
974Mon Jul 9 18:30M-Shape TempGMTT
973Mon Jul 9 18:29M-Shape TempKLEE
972Mon Jul 9 18:25Steady TempEHFD
971Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempETSN
970Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempETHN
969Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempETHA
968Mon Jul 9 18:20Steady TempENLE
967Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempLOWL
966Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempEDDR
965Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempEDDN
964Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempEFKI
963Mon Jul 9 18:20Steady TempKQFX
962Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempLSZG
961Mon Jul 9 18:20M-Shape TempEFTU
960Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKCVB
959Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKAPS
958Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKVQT
957Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempK11R
956Mon Jul 9 18:15Steady TempKEIR
955Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempHESH
954Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKPSN
953Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKF00
952Mon Jul 9 18:16Steady TempPATO
951Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKTME
950Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKSVC
949Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKCGC
948Mon Jul 9 18:15M-Shape TempKMKN
947Mon Jul 9 18:15SaunaKM40
946Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempFKYS
945Mon Jul 9 18:10Steady TempKQEV
944Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempHKWJ
943Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempDNAA
942Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLOAV
941Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempLIVR
940Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempLIED
939Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempLIBN
938Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempUUMO
937Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempUIAA
936Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempFBFT
935Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEGXU
934Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEGOS
933Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEGOP
932Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempCWPC
931Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempCYYY
930Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempROAH
929Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempVTBD
928Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLECV
927Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempUATE
926Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempZUUU
925Mon Jul 9 18:03Steady TempPAPB
924Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempZSPD
923Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLIRZ
922Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempLIRL
921Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempLIRH
920Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempDAOY
919Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempRKSI
918Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempDAOV
917Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempDAAS
916Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempUMGG
915Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLPCS
914Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLFPM
913Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLEVT
912Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLEST
911Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLEAL
910Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLFMY
909Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLFMC
908Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLFMI
907Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempLYUZ
906Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLYPG
905Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempKQEY
904Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempKQEN
903Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempDTTG
902Mon Jul 9 18:00SaunaOMAD
901Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempGMMI
900Mon Jul 9 18:00Dry HeatGMFK
899Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempEPRA
898Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempEPLB
897Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempEPKT
896Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempEPLL
895Mon Jul 9 17:45M-Shape TempLHPR
894Mon Jul 9 18:01Steady TempPFCL
893Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempLBWN
892Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEGUB
891Mon Jul 9 18:00Steady TempNCRG
890Mon Jul 9 18:00Dry HeatOEMA
889Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLTBH
888Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLTBQ
887Mon Jul 9 17:50Steady TempEGPB
886Mon Jul 9 17:55Steady TempEHAK
885Mon Jul 9 18:00M-Shape TempGBYD
884Mon Jul 9 17:55M-Shape TempKBVE
883Mon Jul 9 17:54Steady TempKMLF
882Mon Jul 9 17:55SaunaKM40
881Mon Jul 9 17:45M-Shape TempLHPA
880Mon Jul 9 17:50Steady TempENSL
879Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEDNY
878Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEDMA
877Mon Jul 9 17:53M-Shape TempKSSF
876Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEDMO
875Mon Jul 9 17:53M-Shape TempKAUS
874Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLGKF
873Mon Jul 9 17:50Steady TempENWV
872Mon Jul 9 17:50Steady TempENSE
871Mon Jul 9 17:50Steady TempENQR
870Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempENSS
869Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempESNX
868Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempEFKT
867Mon Jul 9 17:52Steady TempPABA
866Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLSZH
865Mon Jul 9 17:50M-Shape TempLSGC
864Mon Jul 9 17:40Steady TempKQEW
863Mon Jul 9 17:30Steady TempWIMM
862Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempDTMB
861Mon Jul 9 17:35Steady TempKSPR
860Mon Jul 9 17:35Steady TempKSCF
859Mon Jul 9 17:35Steady TempPAAD
858Mon Jul 9 17:35M-Shape TempKLNQ
857Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempULMM
856Mon Jul 9 17:25M-Shape TempEHFS
855Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempCWDT
854Mon Jul 9 17:35SaunaKM40
853Mon Jul 9 17:35M-Shape TempKSJX
852Mon Jul 9 17:33M-Shape TempCYTE
851Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempLPPT
850Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempLJCE
849Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempLFST
848Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempGCRR
847Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempLELL
846Mon Jul 9 17:30M-Shape TempLFBC
845Mon Jul 9 17:30Steady TempLFBZ
844Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempLTFC
843Mon Jul 9 17:26Steady TempCYXR
842Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempETNW
841Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempETGG
840Mon Jul 9 17:20Steady TempENQA
839Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempLGZA
838Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempLOXZ
837Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempEGHH
836Mon Jul 9 17:20Steady TempEFKU
835Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempESGG
834Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempDTTN
833Mon Jul 9 17:20Steady TempKQFT
832Mon Jul 9 17:20M-Shape TempEFHK
831Mon Jul 9 17:15M-Shape TempKHZR
830Mon Jul 9 17:15Steady TempKMDJ
829Mon Jul 9 17:15M-Shape TempKIER
828Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempSYEC
827Mon Jul 9 17:15SaunaKM40
826Mon Jul 9 17:11M-Shape TempKCLL
825Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFKKD
824Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFCPP
823Mon Jul 9 17:09M-Shape TempKLFT
822Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempWADD
821Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFYWB
820Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFYRN
819Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempOESK
818Mon Jul 9 16:55M-Shape TempLIVE
817Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempGGOV
816Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLTBG
815Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLTAD
814Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLTAB
813Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempUUBC
812Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempHESG
811Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempHESC
810Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempHESN
809Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempVDSV
808Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempVDSR
807Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempOJAI
806Mon Jul 9 17:00SaunaVIDP
805Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFAUP
804Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFAPE
803Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempFAPP
802Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempLERI
801Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLIBC
800Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempDABB
799Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempLRCK
798Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempLFBU
797Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempLFOH
796Mon Jul 9 17:00Dry HeatOIAG
795Mon Jul 9 17:02Steady TempPAMO
794Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempEICK
793Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempKQER
792Mon Jul 9 17:00Steady TempKQEP
791Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempLKKV
790Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempYSCB
789Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLOXT
788Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempUKDR
787Mon Jul 9 17:00Dry HeatGMMZ
786Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempGMMC
785Mon Jul 9 17:00Dry HeatGMFK
784Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempEPWR
783Mon Jul 9 16:55M-Shape TempKMGR
782Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempLBPG
781Mon Jul 9 17:00SaunaOMAD
780Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempTFFF
779Mon Jul 9 17:00M-Shape TempOERK
778Mon Jul 9 17:00Dry HeatOEMA
777Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLTAR
776Mon Jul 9 16:55Steady TempKBBF
775Mon Jul 9 16:56M-Shape TempKQD3
774Mon Jul 9 16:58Steady TempEKVG
773Mon Jul 9 16:55M-Shape TempKF46
772Mon Jul 9 16:55Steady TempKERV
771Mon Jul 9 16:55M-Shape TempEHEH
770Mon Jul 9 16:56M-Shape TempKCOF
769Mon Jul 9 16:56M-Shape TempKHYI
768Mon Jul 9 16:53M-Shape TempPTRO
767Mon Jul 9 16:55SaunaKM40
766Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempEGLL
765Mon Jul 9 16:56Steady TempYPXM
764Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLIMW
763Mon Jul 9 16:53Steady TempPAQT
762Mon Jul 9 16:53Steady TempPAMC
761Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLGKV
760Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempLGKL
759Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempENVD
758Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempEGSS
757Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempESPE
756Mon Jul 9 16:50M-Shape TempEKSB
755Mon Jul 9 16:50Steady TempKQFW
754Mon Jul 9 16:50Steady TempKQFB
753Mon Jul 9 16:46Steady TempCYSY
752Mon Jul 9 16:40Steady TempKQES
751Mon Jul 9 16:40Steady TempKQEL
750Mon Jul 9 16:34Steady TempPATL
749Mon Jul 9 16:35Steady TempKJAS
748Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempVIJP
747Mon Jul 9 16:35M-Shape TempKGBK
746Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempURWI
745Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempURKK
744Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempUIBB
743Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempUHHH
742Mon Jul 9 16:30SaunaVIDP
741Mon Jul 9 16:35SaunaKM40
740Mon Jul 9 16:35M-Shape TempKSPF
739Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempVORY
738Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempLRTM
737Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempLRTR
736Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempLFBD
735Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempLFOB
734Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempLFBM
733Mon Jul 9 16:30Dry HeatOIAW
732Mon Jul 9 16:30M-Shape TempDTNH
731Mon Jul 9 16:30Steady TempKQFX
730Mon Jul 9 16:28Steady TempPAEH
729Mon Jul 9 16:25Steady TempEHJA
728Mon Jul 9 16:25Steady TempEHHW
727Mon Jul 9 16:20M-Shape TempETNL
726Mon Jul 9 16:25Steady TempEHKD
725Mon Jul 9 16:20M-Shape TempEDLP
724Mon Jul 9 16:20M-Shape TempESKM
723Mon Jul 9 16:20Steady TempKQEV
722Mon Jul 9 16:10Steady TempKDKR
721Mon Jul 9 16:18M-Shape TempPTKR
720Mon Jul 9 16:15SaunaKM40
719Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFKKL
718Mon Jul 9 16:13Steady TempPATE
717Mon Jul 9 16:13M-Shape TempCYAY
716Mon Jul 9 16:10Steady TempKQEY
715Mon Jul 9 16:10Steady TempKQEN
714Mon Jul 9 16:12M-Shape TempLESU
713Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFEFF
712Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempHKNW
711Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempHKKI
710Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFYWH
709Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOEGS
708Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOEWD
707Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOESK
706Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOERF
705Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOEPA
704Mon Jul 9 15:55M-Shape TempLICZ
703Mon Jul 9 16:07Steady TempPAYA
702Mon Jul 9 16:07Steady TempPAVA
701Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempUWLW
700Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempCYRB
699Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempCZUM
698Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempRJGG
697Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFAMM
696Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFALE
695Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFAEL
694Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempFACT
693Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLIBG
692Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempDAUH
691Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempRKSS
690Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempLPMA
689Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempLJLJ
688Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempGCXO
687Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempLFRG
686Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOIZI
685Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOITR
684Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOITT
683Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOIII
682Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOIAW
681Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOIKQ
680Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOIAG
679Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempDTTX
678Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempPABE
677Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatGMMZ
676Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatGMFK
675Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempUGKO
674Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempUKBB
673Mon Jul 9 15:59Steady TempPACV
672Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOMAL
671Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempPKWA
670Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempUBBN
669Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLTCF
668Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOERK
667Mon Jul 9 16:00Dry HeatOEMA
666Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLTAJ
665Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLTCJ
664Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLTBU
663Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLTAP
662Mon Jul 9 15:55Steady TempKEHC
661Mon Jul 9 15:56M-Shape TempKQRH
660Mon Jul 9 16:00Steady TempSBPA
659Mon Jul 9 15:56Steady TempRODN
658Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempUBBQ
657Mon Jul 9 15:56M-Shape TempEGUN
656Mon Jul 9 15:55SaunaKM40
655Mon Jul 9 15:53Steady TempKLFK
654Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLIPK
653Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLIRQ
652Mon Jul 9 15:45M-Shape TempLIRP
651Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempLGSM
650Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempESIA
649Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempESNQ
648Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempESOK
647Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempEGTE
646Mon Jul 9 15:50M-Shape TempEDDV
645Mon Jul 9 15:51Steady TempPAMD
644Mon Jul 9 15:51Steady TempPAAK
643Mon Jul 9 16:00M-Shape TempOJAM
642Mon Jul 9 15:41M-Shape TempKRCA
641Mon Jul 9 15:38Steady TempPASY
640Mon Jul 9 15:30Steady TempYMAV
639Mon Jul 9 15:30Steady TempUHWW
638Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempUSTR
637Mon Jul 9 15:30Steady TempULPB
636Mon Jul 9 15:35SaunaKM40
635Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempUDYZ
634Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempLETL
633Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempLRBS
632Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempOISS
631Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempOIFM
630Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempOIAW
629Mon Jul 9 15:30Dry HeatOIAW
628Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempOICC
627Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempLDRI
626Mon Jul 9 15:30M-Shape TempLDDU
625Mon Jul 9 15:29Steady TempPASM
624Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempLTAG
623Mon Jul 9 15:27M-Shape TempBIRK
622Mon Jul 9 15:27Steady TempPAOU
621Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempETWM
620Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempLGAV
619Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempLOWI
618Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempEGNM
617Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempESUP
616Mon Jul 9 15:18M-Shape TempKXMR
615Mon Jul 9 15:17M-Shape TempCYWK
614Mon Jul 9 15:17Steady TempPAII
613Mon Jul 9 15:15SaunaKM40
612Mon Jul 9 15:20M-Shape TempLATI
611Mon Jul 9 15:13Steady TempPACD
610Mon Jul 9 15:10Steady TempKQER
609Mon Jul 9 15:10Steady TempKQEP
608Mon Jul 9 15:10Steady TempPARS
607Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempHKMO
606Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOEAO
605Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempOEYN
604Mon Jul 9 15:00SaunaOEWJ
603Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOESK
602Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOERF
601Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempUSNN
600Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempURMG
599Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempRJCC
598Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempFAKM
597Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempUTAV
596Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempZBYN
595Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempUACP
594Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempUDSG
593Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempUCFL
592Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempRKTN
591Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempRKTU
590Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempDAAG
589Mon Jul 9 15:03Steady TempPAIW
588Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempLRSM
587Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempLEGE
586Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempLEBB
585Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempOIZI
584Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOIZI
583Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOIZB
582Mon Jul 9 15:00SaunaOIBS
581Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempOIMD
580Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempOIAH
579Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOIAH
578Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempOIBK
577Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOIAW
576Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempKQFW
575Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempEGYM
574Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempLGLR
573Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempBIEG
572Mon Jul 9 14:56Steady TempRKSG
571Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatGMMZ
570Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatGMFK
569Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempWSSS
568Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempYBHM
567Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOERK
566Mon Jul 9 15:00Dry HeatOEMA
565Mon Jul 9 15:00M-Shape TempKVOA
564Mon Jul 9 15:00Steady TempHLLB
563Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempEGYD
562Mon Jul 9 14:56Steady TempPANW
561Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempLGEL
560Mon Jul 9 14:55SaunaKM40
559Mon Jul 9 14:55M-Shape TempOAHR
558Mon Jul 9 14:50Steady TempLIMJ
557Mon Jul 9 14:53Steady TempPASN
556Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempESKN
555Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempEGKK
554Mon Jul 9 14:50Steady TempKQES
553Mon Jul 9 14:50Steady TempKQEL
552Mon Jul 9 14:51Steady TempKHDO
551Mon Jul 9 14:50M-Shape TempEDDE
550Mon Jul 9 14:50Steady TempEFIV
549Mon Jul 9 14:30Dry HeatOIIE
548Mon Jul 9 14:40Steady TempKQFX
547Mon Jul 9 14:40Steady TempKQFT
546Mon Jul 9 14:35Steady TempKCVB
545Mon Jul 9 14:35SaunaKM40
544Mon Jul 9 14:30M-Shape TempUAOO
543Mon Jul 9 14:35Steady TempKVVV
542Mon Jul 9 14:30M-Shape TempLFKS
541Mon Jul 9 14:30Steady TempLFTH
540Mon Jul 9 14:30Steady TempLFKC
539Mon Jul 9 14:30Dry HeatOIAW
538Mon Jul 9 14:30Steady TempKQEV
537Mon Jul 9 14:31Steady TempPATO
536Mon Jul 9 14:29M-Shape TempCYKL
535Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempLTCG
534Mon Jul 9 14:20M-Shape TempLTAC
533Mon Jul 9 14:25Steady TempEHVL
532Mon Jul 9 14:26Steady TempPAKH
531Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempLGZA
530Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempENZV
529Mon Jul 9 14:15M-Shape TempLHSN
528Mon Jul 9 14:30M-Shape TempBKPR
527Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempKQEY
526Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempKQEW
525Mon Jul 9 14:20Steady TempKQEN
524Mon Jul 9 14:15Steady TempKEMK
523Mon Jul 9 14:15Steady TempKHQI
522Mon Jul 9 14:15Steady TempKEDC
521Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUTTT
520Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUTSK
519Mon Jul 9 14:10Steady TempPFWS
518Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOEAO
517Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOESK
516Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempOERR
515Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOERF
514Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUSCM
513Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempURWA
512Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUNOO
511Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUWKE
510Mon Jul 9 14:05M-Shape TempTISX
509Mon Jul 9 14:00Steady TempCYXR
508Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempUADD
507Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempZWSH
506Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempFQNP
505Mon Jul 9 14:00Steady TempUMGG
504Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempLRSV
503Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempLEMG
502Mon Jul 9 14:00Steady TempLFRT
501Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIIE
500Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIAW
499Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIAG
498Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIZI
497Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIZB
496Mon Jul 9 14:00SaunaOIBS
495Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOICM
494Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOIAH
493Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempLYPG
492Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempLQBK
491Mon Jul 9 14:00Steady TempPAPB
490Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatGMMZ
489Mon Jul 9 14:00Steady TempLDOS
488Mon Jul 9 13:55Steady TempKNOW
487Mon Jul 9 14:00M-Shape TempLHBP
486Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOERK
485Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatOEMA
484Mon Jul 9 13:56Steady TempPAKI
483Mon Jul 9 13:56Steady TempPFEL
482Mon Jul 9 13:53Steady TempKACV
481Mon Jul 9 13:55Dry HeatORBD
480Mon Jul 9 14:00Dry HeatORNI
479Mon Jul 9 13:50M-Shape TempESCF
478Mon Jul 9 13:50M-Shape TempESGJ
477Mon Jul 9 13:50Dry HeatOAMS
476Mon Jul 9 13:30Steady TempVASU
475Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempUTSS
474Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempUTSB
473Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempUWKD
472Mon Jul 9 13:37Steady TempPAOO
471Mon Jul 9 13:35Steady TempKALM
470Mon Jul 9 13:28Steady TempPASY
469Mon Jul 9 13:30Steady TempLFMD
468Mon Jul 9 13:30Steady TempVECC
467Mon Jul 9 13:30Dry HeatOIAW
466Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempFMMI
465Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempLBPD
464Mon Jul 9 13:20Steady TempLTAI
463Mon Jul 9 13:25Steady TempEHMG
462Mon Jul 9 13:25Steady TempEHDV
461Mon Jul 9 13:25M-Shape TempEHLW
460Mon Jul 9 13:20M-Shape TempEGSH
459Mon Jul 9 13:20Steady TempPALU
458Mon Jul 9 13:20M-Shape TempESIB
457Mon Jul 9 13:20M-Shape TempESNN
456Mon Jul 9 13:30M-Shape TempLWSK
455Mon Jul 9 13:20M-Shape TempEGCN
454Mon Jul 9 13:21Steady TempPAEM
453Mon Jul 9 13:15Steady TempKBQP
452Mon Jul 9 13:17Steady TempPAVA
451Mon Jul 9 13:10Steady TempKQFW
450Mon Jul 9 13:00Steady TempYCFS
449Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOESK
448Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOERF
447Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOEDM
446Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOEAO
445Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempUUBW
444Mon Jul 9 13:03Steady TempKSXS
443Mon Jul 9 13:00Steady TempEHKD
442Mon Jul 9 13:02Steady TempBGTL
441Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatORNI
440Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatORMM
439Mon Jul 9 13:00Steady TempROAH
438Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempUKOH
437Mon Jul 9 13:05Steady TempPFCL
436Mon Jul 9 13:05Steady TempCYMT
435Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempUTDT
434Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempUTDK
433Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempLRCL
432Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOIZI
431Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOIZB
430Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOIAG
429Mon Jul 9 13:00SaunaOIZJ
428Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOICM
427Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOIAH
426Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOIAW
425Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempFIMR
424Mon Jul 9 13:00Steady TempYSNF
423Mon Jul 9 12:55Steady TempPATC
422Mon Jul 9 13:00M-Shape TempVOML
421Mon Jul 9 12:55Steady TempKJAS
420Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOERK
419Mon Jul 9 13:00Dry HeatOEMA
418Mon Jul 9 12:50Dry HeatLTCL
417Mon Jul 9 12:50M-Shape TempLTBU
416Mon Jul 9 13:00Steady TempYPXM
415Mon Jul 9 12:55Steady TempK5R8
414Mon Jul 9 12:55Steady TempKERV
413Mon Jul 9 12:50M-Shape TempEGXC
412Mon Jul 9 12:56Steady TempKAQV
411Mon Jul 9 12:56M-Shape TempPFNO
410Mon Jul 9 12:55Dry HeatORBD
409Mon Jul 9 12:55Dry HeatOAKN
408Mon Jul 9 12:55Steady TempKORS
407Mon Jul 9 12:50M-Shape TempENKR
406Mon Jul 9 12:50Steady TempENLA
405Mon Jul 9 12:53Steady TempKLLQ
404Mon Jul 9 12:53M-Shape TempPAHO
403Mon Jul 9 12:53Steady TempKUIL
402Mon Jul 9 12:53Steady TempKCOT
401Mon Jul 9 12:50M-Shape TempLOWG
400Mon Jul 9 12:50M-Shape TempESSL
399Mon Jul 9 12:53Steady TempKETH
398Mon Jul 9 12:50Steady TempKQFX
397Mon Jul 9 12:50Steady TempKQFT
396Mon Jul 9 12:50Dry HeatOAMS
395Mon Jul 9 12:46Steady TempKMAI
394Mon Jul 9 12:45Steady TempCWPF
393Mon Jul 9 11:50M-Shape TempLTBI
392Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOEAO
391Mon Jul 9 12:41Steady TempPGUA
390Mon Jul 9 12:38Steady TempEHVL
389Mon Jul 9 12:43Steady TempCYYD
388Mon Jul 9 12:40Steady TempKQEV
387Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKPEQ
386Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKFHB
385Mon Jul 9 12:30Dry HeatUTST
384Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKSLR
383Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempK66R
382Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKBYY
381Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKLUD
380Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempVANP
379Mon Jul 9 12:30M-Shape TempUWOO
378Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKBDN
377Mon Jul 9 12:34Steady TempPPIT
376Mon Jul 9 12:33M-Shape TempCYPO
375Mon Jul 9 12:30M-Shape TempUAII
374Mon Jul 9 12:30M-Shape TempZWWW
373Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempRKSI
372Mon Jul 9 12:32Steady TempKHDO
371Mon Jul 9 12:32Steady TempPACV
370Mon Jul 9 12:30M-Shape TempVOTR
369Mon Jul 9 12:30Dry HeatOIAW
368Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempLYUZ
367Mon Jul 9 12:30M-Shape TempLYTV
366Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempKQEY
365Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempKQEW
364Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempKQER
363Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempKQEN
362Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempNTAA
361Mon Jul 9 12:35Steady TempKDYA
360Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempYHID
359Mon Jul 9 12:25Steady TempEHSC
358Mon Jul 9 12:25Steady TempEHFZ
357Mon Jul 9 12:25Steady TempEHAK
356Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempHLLB
355Mon Jul 9 12:30Steady TempOBBI
354Mon Jul 9 12:19Steady TempBGTL
353Mon Jul 9 12:24Steady TempKABR
352Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempENSL
351Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempENWV
350Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempENHM
349Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempENSE
348Mon Jul 9 12:20Steady TempENQR
347Mon Jul 9 12:20M-Shape TempEDDH
346Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKGNC
345Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempK6S0
344Mon Jul 9 12:18Steady TempKHEZ
343Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKMCD
342Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKE11
341Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempK2P2
340Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKTFP
339Mon Jul 9 12:17Steady TempPAKK
338Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKMNZ
337Mon Jul 9 12:12Steady TempKC07
336Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKLXL
335Mon Jul 9 12:12Steady TempPAMB
334Mon Jul 9 12:15Steady TempKLUM
333Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatUTST
332Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatUTSA
331Mon Jul 9 12:04Steady TempKRND
330Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOEDM
329Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOEAH
328Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOESK
327Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOERF
326Mon Jul 9 12:00M-Shape TempURMT
325Mon Jul 9 12:00M-Shape TempUIUU
324Mon Jul 9 12:00M-Shape TempUSSS
323Mon Jul 9 12:00M-Shape TempUMKK
322Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatORNI
321Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatORMM
320Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatUTAM
319Mon Jul 9 12:03Steady TempKHEY
318Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOIZI
317Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOIZB
316Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOIAW
315Mon Jul 9 12:00SaunaOIZJ
314Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOIYY
313Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOISL
312Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOIAH
311Mon Jul 9 12:02Steady TempPAMO
310Mon Jul 9 11:50Steady TempKHFJ
309Mon Jul 9 11:55Dry HeatOAKN
308Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKMDD
307Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOERK
306Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOEMA
305Mon Jul 9 12:00Dry HeatOEDR
304Mon Jul 9 11:56Steady TempPHHI
303Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKFXY
302Mon Jul 9 11:54Steady TempKBKB
301Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKF00
300Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKONP
299Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempK0R4
298Mon Jul 9 11:56Steady TempKM19
297Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKOEO
296Mon Jul 9 11:55Dry HeatORBD
295Mon Jul 9 11:53Steady TempKTYR
294Mon Jul 9 11:53Steady TempKTXK
293Mon Jul 9 11:53Steady TempPAWD
292Mon Jul 9 11:53Steady TempPASC
291Mon Jul 9 11:53Steady TempKGGG
290Mon Jul 9 11:50Steady TempKQEP
289Mon Jul 9 11:55Steady TempKCKM
288Mon Jul 9 11:50Dry HeatOAMS
287Mon Jul 9 11:41Steady TempKOZR
286Mon Jul 9 11:43Steady TempPAAK
285Mon Jul 9 11:30M-Shape TempVIDP
284Mon Jul 9 11:38Steady TempPASY
283Mon Jul 9 11:30Dry HeatUTST
282Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKFTN
281Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKF44
280Mon Jul 9 11:38Steady TempPADK
279Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKVKY
278Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKTMK
277Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKHZD
276Mon Jul 9 11:30M-Shape TempULOO
275Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKRYW
274Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKHDC
273Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKGDB
272Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKUOX
271Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKCPT
270Mon Jul 9 11:30Dry HeatOIAW
269Mon Jul 9 11:30Steady TempKQES
268Mon Jul 9 11:35Steady TempKM25
267Mon Jul 9 11:22Steady TempPAKH
266Mon Jul 9 11:13Steady TempKCUL
265Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKHQG
264Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKVDI
263Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKSJS
262Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKDED
261Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKRWV
260Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKPSN
259Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKGZS
258Mon Jul 9 11:15M-Shape TempKFMM
257Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKBPC
256Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempK4O4
255Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKEZM
254Mon Jul 9 11:15M-Shape TempKDLO
253Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKOBE
252Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKJWY
251Mon Jul 9 11:15M-Shape TempKIZA
250Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKGZL
249Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKHZX
248Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKOVL
247Mon Jul 9 11:13Steady TempKMEI
246Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatORMM
245Mon Jul 9 11:10Steady TempKQEL
244Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatUTST
243Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatUTSK
242Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatUTSA
241Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOEDM
240Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOEAO
239Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOESK
238Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOERF
237Mon Jul 9 11:00M-Shape TempUSPP
236Mon Jul 9 11:00M-Shape TempURWI
235Mon Jul 9 11:06Steady TempKPIB
234Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatUTAM
233Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIZI
232Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIZB
231Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIAW
230Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIYY
229Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIAG
228Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOICM
227Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOIAH
226Mon Jul 9 11:00SaunaOIZJ
225Mon Jul 9 11:00Steady TempKQFT
224Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempK42J
223Mon Jul 9 10:55Dry HeatORBD
222Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOERK
221Mon Jul 9 11:00Dry HeatOEMA
220Mon Jul 9 10:58Steady TempKLOR
219Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempK11R
218Mon Jul 9 10:57Steady TempKHBG
217Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKGOP
216Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKC65
215Mon Jul 9 10:53Steady TempKSXS
214Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempPAEH
213Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKCQB
212Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKUVA
211Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKBKS
210Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKMQB
209Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKJES
208Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKIKG
207Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKHMZ
206Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKADH
205Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKLJF
204Mon Jul 9 10:50Steady TempKSUA
203Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKJZI
202Mon Jul 9 10:55Dry HeatOAKN
201Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKMYJ
200Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKCNC
199Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempKISQ
198Mon Jul 9 10:56Steady TempKGYL
197Mon Jul 9 10:53Steady TempKDHN
196Mon Jul 9 11:15Steady TempKSIK
195Mon Jul 9 10:50M-Shape TempESMQ
194Mon Jul 9 10:50Steady TempKQFW
193Mon Jul 9 10:50Steady TempKQEV
192Mon Jul 9 10:55Steady TempK2J9
191Mon Jul 9 10:47Steady TempK79J
190Mon Jul 9 10:46Steady TempKEKN
189Mon Jul 9 10:55M-Shape TempKANK
188Mon Jul 9 10:50Dry HeatOAMS
187Mon Jul 9 10:44Steady TempKSKF
186Mon Jul 9 10:44Steady TempPACD
185Mon Jul 9 10:43M-Shape TempKRAP
184Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMPZ
183Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempKQEY
182Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempKQEW
181Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempKQER
180Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempKQEN
179Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMQI
178Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKHOE
177Mon Jul 9 10:30Steady TempKDKR
176Mon Jul 9 10:30M-Shape TempWIPP
175Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempPKWA
174Mon Jul 9 10:30Dry HeatUTST
173Mon Jul 9 10:30Dry HeatUTSA
172Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKIYA
171Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKCVB
170Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKAPS
169Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKTVI
168Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMMI
167Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMDJ
166Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKLNQ
165Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKJOT
164Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempK3F3
163Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempK17J
162Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKDSF
161Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKDQH
160Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKDLP
159Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKCOM
158Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKCEY
157Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBVS
156Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBQX
155Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKT82
154Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKSCF
153Mon Jul 9 10:40Steady TempKIKT
152Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKHQI
151Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKHLB
150Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKHHV
149Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKGUL
148Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKGRY
147Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKXIH
146Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKVQT
145Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKVKS
144Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKVAF
143Mon Jul 9 10:35M-Shape TempKBMT
142Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBHC
141Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBGE
140Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBBF
139Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBBD
138Mon Jul 9 10:35M-Shape TempK9V9
137Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKFOT
136Mon Jul 9 10:30Steady TempKFFA
135Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKF17
134Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKEMK
133Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKELA
132Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKEIR
131Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKEHC
130Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKRFI
129Mon Jul 9 10:35M-Shape TempKMVH
128Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempPPNU
127Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempPAAD
126Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKCMD
125Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBXA
124Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBIJ
123Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKAVQ
122Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempK6A2
121Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempK3R7
120Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMNE
119Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKL18
118Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKJDD
117Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKHCD
116Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKSLH
115Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKRSN
114Mon Jul 9 10:35M-Shape TempKBVU
113Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKBEA
112Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKUYF
111Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKJVW
110Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKERY
109Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKEDC
108Mon Jul 9 10:36Steady TempKTKC
107Mon Jul 9 10:36Steady TempKPNM
106Mon Jul 9 10:30SaunaVEBS
105Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKDEH
104Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKCFJ
103Mon Jul 9 10:30Steady TempKCCU
102Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempK3T5
101Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKMHL
100Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKM40
99Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKLNL
98Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKDNA
97Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKSTF
96Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKSHL
95Mon Jul 9 10:30Dry HeatOIAW
94Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKEGV
93Mon Jul 9 10:30M-Shape TempLDDU
92Mon Jul 9 10:35Steady TempKGPH
91Mon Jul 9 10:25Steady TempPASM
90Mon Jul 9 10:16Steady TempPHHI
89Mon Jul 9 10:20Steady TempKATW
88Mon Jul 9 10:17Steady TempKHSE
87Mon Jul 9 10:16Steady TempCYXS
86Mon Jul 9 10:12M-Shape TempTXKF
85Mon Jul 9 10:05Steady TempRJCH
84Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOEDM
83Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatUTST
82Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatUTSA
81Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOESK
80Mon Jul 9 10:00SaunaVEBS
79Mon Jul 9 10:00Steady TempRJCK
78Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatUTAM
77Mon Jul 9 10:00M-Shape TempVOBG
76Mon Jul 9 09:55Dry HeatORBD
75Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOIAG
74Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOICM
73Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOIAH
72Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOIYY
71Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOIAA
70Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOIZB
69Mon Jul 9 10:00SaunaOIZJ
68Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOERK
67Mon Jul 9 10:00Dry HeatOEMA
66Mon Jul 9 09:58Steady TempK0J4
65Mon Jul 9 09:55Dry HeatOAKN
64Mon Jul 9 09:55M-Shape TempEHLW
63Mon Jul 9 09:56Steady TempKJRB
62Mon Jul 9 09:55Steady TempKPHN
61Mon Jul 9 09:55Steady TempKONA
60Mon Jul 9 09:53M-Shape TempPAVL
59Mon Jul 9 09:50Dry HeatOAMS
58Mon Jul 9 09:45Steady TempKPOE
57Mon Jul 9 09:45Steady TempCMGB
56Mon Jul 9 09:45Steady TempPABA
55Mon Jul 9 09:45Steady TempCYAH
54Mon Jul 9 09:42Steady TempKNMM
53Mon Jul 9 09:30Dry HeatUTST
52Mon Jul 9 09:30Dry HeatUTSA
51Mon Jul 9 09:35M-Shape TempK4V0
50Mon Jul 9 09:37Steady TempK4I3
49Mon Jul 9 09:35Steady TempKOVS
48Mon Jul 9 09:36Steady TempKSJX
47Mon Jul 9 09:35Steady TempKJMR
46Mon Jul 9 09:32Steady TempPAYA
45Mon Jul 9 09:30SaunaVEBS
44Mon Jul 9 09:08Steady TempPASY
43Mon Jul 9 09:20Steady TempKQEL
42Mon Jul 9 09:15M-Shape TempKPBX
41Mon Jul 9 09:00SaunaVEBS
40Mon Jul 9 09:13Steady TempKLOR
39Mon Jul 9 09:13Steady TempKHEY
38Mon Jul 9 09:10Steady TempKQFT
37Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatUTST
36Mon Jul 9 09:10Steady TempCYGW
35Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatORMM
34Mon Jul 9 09:07Steady TempKHIB
33Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOESK
32Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOEDM
31Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOIZB
30Mon Jul 9 09:00SaunaOIZJ
29Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOIYY
28Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOIAH
27Mon Jul 9 09:00Steady TempKQFW
26Mon Jul 9 09:00Steady TempKQFB
25Mon Jul 9 09:00Steady TempKQEV
24Mon Jul 9 09:00Steady TempKQEP
23Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOERK
22Mon Jul 9 09:00Dry HeatOEMA
21Mon Jul 9 08:55Dry HeatOAKN
20Mon Jul 9 08:55Dry HeatORBD
19Mon Jul 9 08:55Steady TempKSQL
18Mon Jul 9 08:55Steady TempKPNM
17Mon Jul 9 08:50Steady TempKQEY
16Mon Jul 9 08:50Steady TempKQEW
15Mon Jul 9 08:50Steady TempKQES
14Mon Jul 9 08:50Steady TempKQER
13Mon Jul 9 08:50Steady TempKQEN
12Mon Jul 9 08:50Dry HeatOAMS
11Mon Jul 9 08:30Dry HeatUTST
10Mon Jul 9 08:19Steady TempKTOI
9Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOEDM
8Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOEAH
7Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOIZB
6Mon Jul 9 08:00SaunaOIZJ
5Mon Jul 9 08:00SaunaOIBV
4Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOICM
3Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOIAH
2Mon Jul 9 08:00Dry HeatOIAG
1Mon Jul 9 07:55Dry HeatOAKN