Welcome to the Event Detection Sample Application!

This sample application is a NodeJS (version v0.12.18) application bound to the Streaming Analytics service.


The purpose of this sample application is to show how a NodeJS application can utilize the Streaming Analytics service via its REST API. See the NodeJS application code that you downloaded for examples of REST API calls.

The Event Detection sample application uses the Streaming Analytics service to a analyze a stream of weather information from NOAA weather stations around the world. A variety of simple and complex event detection techniques are used to identify events as they occur.

Application Flow

The Event Detection sample application performs a series of steps using the Streaming Analytics service. The table below lists the tasks the application is performing and the status of each step.

1Extract the environment information required to use the Streaming Analytics REST API. Completed
2Check if the Streams instance is running and start the instance if necessary using the Streaming Analytics REST API.Completed - Instance was already running
3If the instance was already running, check if there is a Streams event detection job already running. If a job is running, cancel it.Completed - Existing job cancelled
4Deploy a Streams Application Bundle to the Streaming Analytics service using the Streaming Analytics REST API. The bundle contains a Streams application the analyzes weather data and performs event detection. Completed
5Process events detected by the Streams application, and display them on this web page. Processing Events
6Cancel the job corresponding to the Streams application that was submitted in step 4 after events are processed. Pending

Event Types

There are four types of events that the Streams application is monitoring for in the weather stream. Two of them are complex events, where patterns are recognized involving both the current data values for a weather station and previously analyzed values. The other two are simple events, which only require analyis of a weather station's current values.

M-Shape TempThis event occurs when the graph of the temperature readings from a weather station form an "M" shape. Detecting M-shapes in graphs illustrates the power of the Complex Event Processing toolkit in Streams, but it really has no use in a weather application. However, recognizing M-shape patterns in securities trading applications is very useful. An M-shape is called a double-top stock pattern in the trading world. See Partition and Compose: Parallel Complex Event Processing for more information on this complex event detection method, the double-top pattern and other patterns.
Steady TempThis event occurs when the temperature reported by a weather station changes by 1 degree or less per hour for eleven consecutive hours. In addition, the net change during the 11 hours cannot exceed 3 degress.
Dry HeatThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 105 degrees (F) and a relative humidity of less than 10%.
SaunaThis event occurs when a weather station reports a temperature greater than 90 degrees (F) and a relative humidity greater than 75%.

Application Results

Results from the Streams application are listed below. Weather data from the prior 24 hours is available when the Streams application is started. The application analyzes this data so event patterns that occur over multiple hours can be recognized. After this initial set of existing data is analyzed by the application, new data is processed in real-time as it is published by NOAA. Most weather stations update their readings only once per hour, so after the initial burst of events, new events will be detected less frequently.

In addition to detecting events, the Streams application also determines the highest and lowest current temperature reading from any weather station.

Max Temp (F)Weather StationMin Temp (F)Weather Station
100.4KFFZ -36.4KJZP
Event NumberEvent TimeEvent TypeWeather Station
2424Tue Jun 19 00:37M-Shape TempKGDP
2423Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKVDI
2422Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKARV
2421Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKHZR
2420Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKGNC
2419Tue Jun 19 00:36M-Shape TempKTEB
2418Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKMCD
2417Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKDQH
2416Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempK0R4
2415Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKIBM
2414Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKHDE
2413Tue Jun 19 00:30M-Shape TempURWI
2412Tue Jun 19 00:36M-Shape TempMMAS
2411Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKCSQ
2410Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKCAV
2409Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKBYL
2408Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKAUN
2407Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKATY
2406Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKSLH
2405Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKOJA
2404Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKMGN
2403Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKASN
2402Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKGCD
2401Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKECU
2400Tue Jun 19 00:34M-Shape TempKEWR
2399Tue Jun 19 00:34M-Shape TempKELZ
2398Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKDRI
2397Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKTNU
2396Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempCYCK
2395Tue Jun 19 00:35Steady TempKGNT
2394Tue Jun 19 00:30M-Shape TempUAII
2393Tue Jun 19 00:30Steady TempLFRL
2392Tue Jun 19 00:31M-Shape TempKHFD
2391Tue Jun 19 00:35M-Shape TempKGLY
2390Tue Jun 19 00:30Steady TempVTSM
2389Tue Jun 19 00:29M-Shape TempKBTV
2388Tue Jun 19 00:30M-Shape TempMMSP
2387Tue Jun 19 00:29Steady TempCYHU
2386Tue Jun 19 00:25Steady TempEHMA
2385Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempVEIM
2384Tue Jun 19 00:25Steady TempEHLW
2383Tue Jun 19 00:25M-Shape TempKBRO
2382Tue Jun 19 00:20Steady TempESSA
2381Tue Jun 19 00:20Steady TempESSD
2380Tue Jun 19 00:20Steady TempENNE
2379Tue Jun 19 00:20Steady TempEGPL
2378Tue Jun 19 00:10M-Shape TempKDKR
2377Tue Jun 19 00:20M-Shape TempKDAL
2376Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKW13
2375Tue Jun 19 00:19Steady TempPAEH
2374Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKMOR
2373Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKSHD
2372Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKMWA
2371Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSBIL
2370Tue Jun 19 00:15Steady TempKGHB
2369Tue Jun 19 00:15Steady TempKONL
2368Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKRHP
2367Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKRMN
2366Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempK9A5
2365Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempK49A
2364Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempK0VG
2363Tue Jun 19 00:16M-Shape TempKDYL
2362Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKBIJ
2361Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKASL
2360Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempGOOG
2359Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCXHA
2358Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCWUX
2357Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKTZR
2356Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKTTF
2355Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKHHF
2354Tue Jun 19 00:15Steady TempKACQ
2353Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempK82V
2352Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKCPT
2351Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKBOW
2350Tue Jun 19 00:14M-Shape TempKBDU
2349Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSBCO
2348Tue Jun 19 00:15M-Shape TempKPTS
2347Tue Jun 19 00:13M-Shape TempCYYQ
2346Tue Jun 19 00:11Steady TempKMLF
2345Tue Jun 19 00:11M-Shape TempKCDW
2344Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCYOY
2343Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSVMC
2342Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCZEL
2341Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCWTN
2340Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCTCK
2339Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCMFM
2338Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCWEU
2337Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCWZZ
2336Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCWRX
2335Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCYVO
2334Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempCYMT
2333Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempBKPR
2332Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempFAUP
2331Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempMROC
2330Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempOSLK
2329Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSYEC
2328Tue Jun 19 00:00Steady TempLEMH
2327Tue Jun 19 00:00Steady TempLFAT
2326Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempMNMG
2325Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSAZM
2324Tue Jun 19 00:00Steady TempLYUZ
2323Mon Jun 18 23:47M-Shape TempKTOA
2322Mon Jun 18 23:57M-Shape TempKFME
2321Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKNHK
2320Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempGMFK
2319Tue Jun 19 00:00Steady TempFOOL
2318Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSBRP
2317Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKCTJ
2316Mon Jun 18 23:50M-Shape TempMSSA
2315Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSKCG
2314Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSKBO
2313Mon Jun 18 23:50M-Shape TempKHSA
2312Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKFGX
2311Mon Jun 18 23:50M-Shape TempMUVR
2310Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSECU
2309Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempSPCL
2308Tue Jun 19 00:00M-Shape TempOPSK
2307Mon Jun 18 23:58M-Shape TempK1J0
2306Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKEKM
2305Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKTDF
2304Mon Jun 18 23:55Steady TempEHSC
2303Mon Jun 18 23:55Steady TempEHMG
2302Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCWKD
2301Mon Jun 18 23:40M-Shape TempMMMA
2300Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKEDE
2299Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempK7W6
2298Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKCBM
2297Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKQTC
2296Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKGSB
2295Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKCHS
2294Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKOZS
2293Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKMDT
2292Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKLNR
2291Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempK1A6
2290Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKCXY
2289Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKJWY
2288Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKHYA
2287Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKBJJ
2286Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKSBP
2285Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKPVW
2284Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKTIK
2283Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKOZR
2282Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempETEB
2281Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKPRN
2280Mon Jun 18 23:55Steady TempKHRX
2279Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKFIN
2278Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKF46
2277Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKCEY
2276Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempK54J
2275Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKW75
2274Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKNMM
2273Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKSGJ
2272Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKSRC
2271Mon Jun 18 23:55Steady TempKCVX
2270Mon Jun 18 23:56M-Shape TempKOCH
2269Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKM40
2268Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempK0S9
2267Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKPHF
2266Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKOFP
2265Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKVAY
2264Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKUIN
2263Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKSBY
2262Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKRIC
2261Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKBUY
2260Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKAKQ
2259Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempTXKF
2258Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempK12N
2257Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKDAN
2256Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKDAB
2255Mon Jun 18 23:53Steady TempKMSS
2254Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKMRB
2253Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKBAF
2252Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKAUS
2251Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKHKY
2250Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKHAO
2249Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKGZH
2248Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKGVL
2247Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKGSP
2246Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKPOU
2245Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKPMP
2244Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKJBR
2243Mon Jun 18 23:54M-Shape TempKISM
2242Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKFFC
2241Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKEQY
2240Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKTOI
2239Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKSSI
2238Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKSPW
2237Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKECP
2236Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKDTN
2235Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKCEW
2234Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKSFF
2233Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKS33
2232Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKPAH
2231Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKOWD
2230Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKORL
2229Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKODX
2228Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKTRL
2227Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKHZY
2226Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKHWO
2225Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKFTY
2224Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKMCN
2223Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKMBS
2222Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKMAI
2221Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKLVJ
2220Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKAMG
2219Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKALI
2218Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKAGS
2217Mon Jun 18 23:53Steady TempPAWD
2216Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKHBR
2215Mon Jun 18 23:55Steady TempEHKD
2214Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKVIH
2213Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKSGF
2212Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKMDH
2211Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKISN
2210Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKIAD
2209Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKBVO
2208Mon Jun 18 23:52M-Shape TempKBIS
2207Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKAIK
2206Mon Jun 18 23:50Steady TempESDF
2205Mon Jun 18 23:53M-Shape TempKOVS
2204Mon Jun 18 23:51M-Shape TempKPVD
2203Mon Jun 18 23:51M-Shape TempKILG
2202Mon Jun 18 23:51M-Shape TempKHTS
2201Mon Jun 18 23:55M-Shape TempKVTI
2200Mon Jun 18 23:51M-Shape TempKAHN
2199Mon Jun 18 23:50M-Shape TempBGSF
2198Mon Jun 18 23:52Steady TempCYBC
2197Mon Jun 18 23:50M-Shape TempKPTW
2196Mon Jun 18 23:51M-Shape TempKOXC
2195Mon Jun 18 23:43M-Shape TempKHEY
2194Mon Jun 18 23:45M-Shape TempCYQG
2193Mon Jun 18 23:46M-Shape TempKGPT
2192Mon Jun 18 23:45M-Shape TempKLBE
2191Mon Jun 18 23:45M-Shape TempKGYY
2190Mon Jun 18 23:44M-Shape TempKDPA
2189Mon Jun 18 23:30Steady TempVILK
2188Mon Jun 18 23:41M-Shape TempKVLD
2187Mon Jun 18 23:39M-Shape TempKHON
2186Mon Jun 18 23:30M-Shape TempKGVT
2185Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKEVU
2184Mon Jun 18 23:40Steady TempCYCK
2183Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKGYI
2182Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKGDJ
2181Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKFYJ
2180Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempK57C
2179Mon Jun 18 23:37M-Shape TempCYUL
2178Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKCOM
2177Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKBQK
2176Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKBBF
2175Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKUXL
2174Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKTSP
2173Mon Jun 18 23:37M-Shape TempKTPA
2172Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKOPN
2171Mon Jun 18 23:30M-Shape TempUWOO
2170Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKMGG
2169Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKSCD
2168Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKSAA
2167Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKINJ
2166Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKUOX
2165Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKOXV
2164Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKFBL
2163Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKPKV
2162Mon Jun 18 23:35Steady TempKMDS
2161Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempK0CO
2160Mon Jun 18 23:30M-Shape TempUATE
2159Mon Jun 18 23:35M-Shape TempKCKI
2158Mon Jun 18 23:30Steady TempZYTX
2157Mon Jun 18 23:30Steady TempLPPS
2156Mon Jun 18 23:30Steady TempLPPD
2155Mon Jun 18 23:31M-Shape TempKOLU
2154Mon Jun 18 23:31M-Shape TempKJHW
2153Mon Jun 18 23:25M-Shape TempKFQD
2152Mon Jun 18 23:26Steady TempFSIA
2151Mon Jun 18 23:25Steady TempEHVL
2150Mon Jun 18 23:24M-Shape TempKGTR
2149Mon Jun 18 23:23Steady TempKCRQ
2148Mon Jun 18 23:20Steady TempENAN
2147Mon Jun 18 23:20Steady TempENSL
2146Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKDMW
2145Mon Jun 18 23:20Steady TempKQEP
2144Mon Jun 18 23:19M-Shape TempKPIE
2143Mon Jun 18 23:17M-Shape TempRCKH
2142Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKARV
2141Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKIYA
2140Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKHQG
2139Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKDUB
2138Mon Jun 18 23:18M-Shape TempMMDO
2137Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKMDJ
2136Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKLVL
2135Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKU68
2134Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKRUQ
2133Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKAUH
2132Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKELA
2131Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKDWX
2130Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKRAS
2129Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempK0V4
2128Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKSCD
2127Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKBEA
2126Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempK1A9
2125Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKRYW
2124Mon Jun 18 23:16M-Shape TempKRFD
2123Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKPEZ
2122Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKMKS
2121Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKEDN
2120Mon Jun 18 23:17Steady TempCYHU
2119Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKAVC
2118Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKUTA
2117Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKRMY
2116Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKPTB
2115Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKPBH
2114Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKF05
2113Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKDUA
2112Mon Jun 18 23:15Steady TempKROS
2111Mon Jun 18 23:15M-Shape TempKBAC
2110Mon Jun 18 23:13M-Shape TempKMYP
2109Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSBCC
2108Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCXHF
2107Mon Jun 18 23:11M-Shape TempKCRE
2106Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempUTTT
2105Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempOEBA
2104Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempOERF
2103Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempHEAT
2102Mon Jun 18 23:00Steady TempZHCC
2101Mon Jun 18 23:06M-Shape TempKFNT
2100Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSKIP
2099Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSKMR
2098Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCWEB
2097Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCXBK
2096Mon Jun 18 23:00Steady TempCWSA
2095Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCYRT
2094Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempCYFB
2093Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSVBS
2092Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKTDR
2091Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKLTS
2090Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKSVN
2089Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempMHNO
2088Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempTQPF
2087Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempMPDA
2086Mon Jun 18 23:00Steady TempVABB
2085Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempTNCE
2084Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempTNCB
2083Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKSRB
2082Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempVOVZ
2081Mon Jun 18 23:00Steady TempVOML
2080Mon Jun 18 22:59M-Shape TempKAVX
2079Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempTKPK
2078Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSBCZ
2077Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSCTE
2076Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSPJR
2075Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSPJL
2074Mon Jun 18 22:52M-Shape TempMUCM
2073Mon Jun 18 22:50M-Shape TempMUSC
2072Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSECA
2071Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSERO
2070Mon Jun 18 22:50M-Shape TempMSSM
2069Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKT35
2068Mon Jun 18 22:55Steady TempKRBO
2067Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKPDC
2066Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempTAPA
2065Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSKSP
2064Mon Jun 18 23:00M-Shape TempSKLT
2063Mon Jun 18 22:55Steady TempKIKT
2062Mon Jun 18 22:50M-Shape TempTJBQ
2061Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKWWR
2060Mon Jun 18 22:55Steady TempKUBE
2059Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKPMU
2058Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKISP
2057Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKDIK
2056Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKCJR
2055Mon Jun 18 22:55Steady TempKCFE
2054Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKBED
2053Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempK8A0
2052Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKMQE
2051Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKNPA
2050Mon Jun 18 22:51M-Shape TempMMCZ
2049Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKPVC
2048Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKLNC
2047Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKOAJ
2046Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKADF
2045Mon Jun 18 22:56M-Shape TempKBLM
2044Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKRDK
2043Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKMBO
2042Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKICL
2041Mon Jun 18 22:55Steady TempKTKX
2040Mon Jun 18 22:54M-Shape TempKEWN
2039Mon Jun 18 22:54M-Shape TempKDSV
2038Mon Jun 18 22:54M-Shape TempKRDG
2037Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKWWD
2036Mon Jun 18 22:54Steady TempKIZG
2035Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKSFB
2034Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKUIL
2033Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKTXK
2032Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKELM
2031Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKDEW
2030Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKLAN
2029Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKICT
2028Mon Jun 18 22:55M-Shape TempKPRO
2027Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKMCO
2026Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKAMW
2025Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKPBG
2024Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKOPF
2023Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKBVY
2022Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKBBW
2021Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKFAY
2020Mon Jun 18 22:53Steady TempKGTF
2019Mon Jun 18 22:50Steady TempLICJ
2018Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKMSN
2017Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKGRR
2016Mon Jun 18 22:53M-Shape TempKBEH
2015Mon Jun 18 22:52M-Shape TempKHUT
2014Mon Jun 18 22:52M-Shape TempKTAN
2013Mon Jun 18 22:52M-Shape TempKPYM
2012Mon Jun 18 22:52M-Shape TempKNRB
2011Mon Jun 18 22:51M-Shape TempKERI
2010Mon Jun 18 22:51M-Shape TempKBHK
2009Mon Jun 18 22:51M-Shape TempKABE
2008Mon Jun 18 22:50M-Shape TempKEUF
2007Mon Jun 18 22:51M-Shape TempKOCF
2006Mon Jun 18 22:50M-Shape TempKMGJ
2005Mon Jun 18 22:47M-Shape TempKEVB
2004Mon Jun 18 22:48M-Shape TempKJDN
2003Mon Jun 18 22:48M-Shape TempKGCC
2002Mon Jun 18 22:45M-Shape TempKMWC
2001Mon Jun 18 22:45M-Shape TempKAPF
2000Mon Jun 18 22:43M-Shape TempKILM
1999Mon Jun 18 22:45M-Shape TempSBTF
1998Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempK42J
1997Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKGKT
1996Mon Jun 18 22:30M-Shape TempYBRM
1995Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKFZG
1994Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKTBR
1993Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempKTDF
1992Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKLXN
1991Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempKD25
1990Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempK9A5
1989Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempKBMT
1988Mon Jun 18 22:36Steady TempKY63
1987Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKMYJ
1986Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempKM40
1985Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKTEW
1984Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKRGA
1983Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKFMH
1982Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempKEVM
1981Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKJYL
1980Mon Jun 18 22:30Steady TempVTSP
1979Mon Jun 18 22:35Steady TempPAMD
1978Mon Jun 18 22:30M-Shape TempKSWF
1977Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKGYB
1976Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempCYSF
1975Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKRCM
1974Mon Jun 18 22:35M-Shape TempKPEA
1973Mon Jun 18 22:30Steady TempYSSY
1972Mon Jun 18 22:29Steady TempKRAC
1971Mon Jun 18 22:30M-Shape TempLDZD
1970Mon Jun 18 22:25Steady TempKFQD
1969Mon Jun 18 22:25Steady TempEHFD
1968Mon Jun 18 22:24M-Shape TempKALB
1967Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCWJO
1966Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKMNV
1965Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKM04
1964Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKLOT
1963Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKVKS
1962Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKSCX
1961Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKEVU
1960Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempK8W2
1959Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKVER
1958Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempPAAD
1957Mon Jun 18 22:20M-Shape TempKVOA
1956Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKT20
1955Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKOZA
1954Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKAYS
1953Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKACJ
1952Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempK3AU
1951Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKGUL
1950Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKAFK
1949Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempK5A6
1948Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKPOY
1947Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempPACZ
1946Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKPEX
1945Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKLVN
1944Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKBDH
1943Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCWXC
1942Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempFALA
1941Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKBYL
1940Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKAVC
1939Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKOZW
1938Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKOJA
1937Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempK8B0
1936Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempK7W4
1935Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempK0VG
1934Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKMHT
1933Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKMEZ
1932Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKLRY
1931Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKRCX
1930Mon Jun 18 22:11M-Shape TempKBAD
1929Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKBNL
1928Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKAQX
1927Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKMXO
1926Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKOVL
1925Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKJYG
1924Mon Jun 18 22:15Steady TempKTKC
1923Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSBHT
1922Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKAIO
1921Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCWDQ
1920Mon Jun 18 22:11M-Shape TempKOFK
1919Mon Jun 18 22:15M-Shape TempKCKM
1918Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSBMG
1917Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSBPJ
1916Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempDFFD
1915Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSAWG
1914Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempOESK
1913Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCTNK
1912Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempCYZV
1911Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCYYT
1910Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempCYJT
1909Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempCYDP
1908Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempZUCK
1907Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempVTUV
1906Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempDTTZ
1905Mon Jun 18 22:03Steady TempKBPT
1904Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempFAKM
1903Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempZSQD
1902Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempLZPP
1901Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempYBHM
1900Mon Jun 18 22:01M-Shape TempKRXE
1899Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSKPS
1898Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSKMD
1897Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempMGMT
1896Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempMGQZ
1895Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSLRY
1894Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSYCJ
1893Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSBJP
1892Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSBMQ
1891Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSBSN
1890Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSAZS
1889Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKIMM
1888Mon Jun 18 21:50Steady TempKHFJ
1887Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempKFOT
1886Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempMDPP
1885Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKPAM
1884Mon Jun 18 22:00Steady TempLZKZ
1883Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSPQU
1882Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKLWB
1881Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKFYJ
1880Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSECO
1879Mon Jun 18 22:00M-Shape TempSCCF
1878Mon Jun 18 21:50M-Shape TempLTBY
1877Mon Jun 18 21:59M-Shape TempMUCF
1876Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempK0V4
1875Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKRZN
1874Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKFWC
1873Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempMUGM
1872Mon Jun 18 21:50M-Shape TempKVUJ
1871Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKTHA
1870Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKEIR
1869Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKDSF
1868Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKBQX
1867Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempEHQE
1866Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKHHG
1865Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKFOA
1864Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKF44
1863Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKOLG
1862Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKLCG
1861Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKDQH
1860Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKNCA
1859Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKPWC
1858Mon Jun 18 21:54Steady TempMMPN
1857Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKUDG
1856Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKSOP
1855Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKRQB
1854Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKMKY
1853Mon Jun 18 21:56M-Shape TempKLCI
1852Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKFSO
1851Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempK04W
1850Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKLXY
1849Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKADU
1848Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempK3T5
1847Mon Jun 18 21:54M-Shape TempKORH
1846Mon Jun 18 21:54M-Shape TempKALO
1845Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKMWM
1844Mon Jun 18 21:54M-Shape TempKFIG
1843Mon Jun 18 21:54M-Shape TempKNKT
1842Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKWRL
1841Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKSEG
1840Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKMLB
1839Mon Jun 18 21:55M-Shape TempKMAO
1838Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKDCU
1837Mon Jun 18 21:55Steady TempKD55
1836Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKWST
1835Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKMCW
1834Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKEWB
1833Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKBIV
1832Mon Jun 18 21:42M-Shape TempMMMM
1831Mon Jun 18 21:43M-Shape TempMMEP
1830Mon Jun 18 21:40M-Shape TempMMMY
1829Mon Jun 18 21:53M-Shape TempKNIP
1828Mon Jun 18 21:52M-Shape TempKBDR
1827Mon Jun 18 21:51M-Shape TempKJFK
1826Mon Jun 18 21:44M-Shape TempMUHA
1825Mon Jun 18 21:44Steady TempCZUM
1824Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKCTZ
1823Mon Jun 18 21:41M-Shape TempKAIZ
1822Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKMGR
1821Mon Jun 18 21:40Steady TempKMDS
1820Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKTOC
1819Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKRPJ
1818Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKPVB
1817Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKCQF
1816Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKASL
1815Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKALX
1814Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempK2G9
1813Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKLKU
1812Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKBVN
1811Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKGGP
1810Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKRFI
1809Mon Jun 18 21:35Steady TempKCBG
1808Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKBYY
1807Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKY31
1806Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKTME
1805Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKSUW
1804Mon Jun 18 21:36Steady TempKGYL
1803Mon Jun 18 21:35M-Shape TempKJZI
1802Mon Jun 18 21:30Steady TempVVCR
1801Mon Jun 18 21:30Steady TempVYYY
1800Mon Jun 18 21:33M-Shape TempKTQE
1799Mon Jun 18 21:32M-Shape TempKGWO
1798Mon Jun 18 21:30Steady TempZYTL
1797Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempVAID
1796Mon Jun 18 21:31M-Shape TempKDAW
1795Mon Jun 18 21:31M-Shape TempKAVP
1794Mon Jun 18 21:30M-Shape TempKVSF
1793Mon Jun 18 21:30M-Shape TempKSLN
1792Mon Jun 18 21:30Steady TempKQEP
1791Mon Jun 18 21:30M-Shape TempEPWA
1790Mon Jun 18 21:30Steady TempWAMM
1789Mon Jun 18 21:30M-Shape TempCYBN
1788Mon Jun 18 21:28M-Shape TempKLNK
1787Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempDIBK
1786Mon Jun 18 21:27M-Shape TempKHRL
1785Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempGOGS
1784Mon Jun 18 21:26M-Shape TempKTOL
1783Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempFKKR
1782Mon Jun 18 21:20M-Shape TempETHF
1781Mon Jun 18 21:20M-Shape TempETHC
1780Mon Jun 18 21:20Steady TempENWV
1779Mon Jun 18 21:20M-Shape TempENQC
1778Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempGVSV
1777Mon Jun 18 21:17Steady TempKRZT
1776Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKMKJ
1775Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKJXI
1774Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKJVL
1773Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKPSN
1772Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKPCM
1771Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKHSG
1770Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKHJH
1769Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKGVE
1768Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKC29
1767Mon Jun 18 21:15Steady TempKC09
1766Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKSNK
1765Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKIRS
1764Mon Jun 18 21:16Steady TempKHZX
1763Mon Jun 18 21:15Steady TempKHCO
1762Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKBWI
1761Mon Jun 18 21:15M-Shape TempKJVW
1760Mon Jun 18 21:14M-Shape TempKSHR
1759Mon Jun 18 21:15Steady TempKJRB
1758Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSBLE
1757Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSBMK
1756Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSBBQ
1755Mon Jun 18 21:15Steady TempKCKI
1754Mon Jun 18 21:10Steady TempKQFT
1753Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCYQX
1752Mon Jun 18 21:10Steady TempPASD
1751Mon Jun 18 21:08M-Shape TempKVCT
1750Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempDXNG
1749Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempOETF
1748Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempOERR
1747Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempLIVR
1746Mon Jun 18 20:45M-Shape TempKUES
1745Mon Jun 18 21:07M-Shape TempKDBQ
1744Mon Jun 18 21:06M-Shape TempKENW
1743Mon Jun 18 21:00Steady TempVOCI
1742Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCWHQ
1741Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCPXL
1740Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCPRO
1739Mon Jun 18 21:00Steady TempVDSR
1738Mon Jun 18 21:05Steady TempCYNA
1737Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCYLU
1736Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempCYGP
1735Mon Jun 18 20:56M-Shape TempKWRB
1734Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempDAUL
1733Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempLPLA
1732Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempYPLM
1731Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSAAR
1730Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempORBI
1729Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempOIBB
1728Mon Jun 18 20:57M-Shape TempKFME
1727Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKONX
1726Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempMPMG
1725Mon Jun 18 20:54Steady TempKOLY
1724Mon Jun 18 21:05M-Shape TempKUSE
1723Mon Jun 18 21:00M-Shape TempSVVA
1722Mon Jun 18 20:40M-Shape TempK46U
1721Mon Jun 18 21:00Steady TempYTRE
1720Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKPTT
1719Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKEBS
1718Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKBUU
1717Mon Jun 18 20:55Steady TempEHDV
1716Mon Jun 18 20:55Steady TempKWBF
1715Mon Jun 18 20:55Steady TempKGBK
1714Mon Jun 18 20:56Steady TempEGVA
1713Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKEZM
1712Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKJES
1711Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKPLR
1710Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKHMP
1709Mon Jun 18 20:56M-Shape TempETOU
1708Mon Jun 18 20:56M-Shape TempKITH
1707Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKMZH
1706Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKBBP
1705Mon Jun 18 20:54M-Shape TempKAPN
1704Mon Jun 18 20:53M-Shape TempKMTH
1703Mon Jun 18 20:53M-Shape TempKAEX
1702Mon Jun 18 20:53M-Shape TempKDUJ
1701Mon Jun 18 20:50Steady TempENQA
1700Mon Jun 18 20:50M-Shape TempENAT
1699Mon Jun 18 20:55M-Shape TempKIDI
1698Mon Jun 18 20:52M-Shape TempKOMA
1697Mon Jun 18 20:50M-Shape TempETNG
1696Mon Jun 18 20:45M-Shape TempKAQV
1695Mon Jun 18 20:50Steady TempEFIV
1694Mon Jun 18 20:50Steady TempCYSC
1693Mon Jun 18 20:45M-Shape TempKATW
1692Mon Jun 18 20:46M-Shape TempKMSS
1691Mon Jun 18 20:40Steady TempKQES
1690Mon Jun 18 20:41M-Shape TempKGFL
1689Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempKSEF
1688Mon Jun 18 20:40M-Shape TempKMLJ
1687Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempKBPG
1686Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempK0R0
1685Mon Jun 18 20:35Steady TempPPNU
1684Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKHPT
1683Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempK57C
1682Mon Jun 18 20:39M-Shape TempKRUT
1681Mon Jun 18 20:35Steady TempKHHV
1680Mon Jun 18 20:35Steady TempKVKY
1679Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKSIF
1678Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempK66R
1677Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKCKF
1676Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKPMV
1675Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKASN
1674Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKOSC
1673Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKHYX
1672Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKCAD
1671Mon Jun 18 20:35Steady TempKACQ
1670Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKLUL
1669Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKFFX
1668Mon Jun 18 20:35SaunaKCIN
1667Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKCIN
1666Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempVOHS
1665Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempROAH
1664Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempRJTT
1663Mon Jun 18 20:32M-Shape TempCYXU
1662Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempZGGG
1661Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempRKSI
1660Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempLEAG
1659Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempLFOV
1658Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempLFBA
1657Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempLFOP
1656Mon Jun 18 20:25M-Shape TempKLAL
1655Mon Jun 18 20:35M-Shape TempKJSO
1654Mon Jun 18 20:31Steady TempKBPT
1653Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempKQFX
1652Mon Jun 18 20:30Steady TempKQFW
1651Mon Jun 18 20:25M-Shape TempEHFS
1650Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempUBBG
1649Mon Jun 18 20:30M-Shape TempSOCA
1648Mon Jun 18 20:25Steady TempEHSA
1647Mon Jun 18 20:25Steady TempEHJR
1646Mon Jun 18 20:25Steady TempEHHW
1645Mon Jun 18 20:20M-Shape TempETHB
1644Mon Jun 18 20:26Steady TempCYQA
1643Mon Jun 18 20:20M-Shape TempETSH
1642Mon Jun 18 20:20M-Shape TempETNT
1641Mon Jun 18 20:20Steady TempENLA
1640Mon Jun 18 20:20Steady TempENQR
1639Mon Jun 18 20:20M-Shape TempEDDK
1638Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKSYI
1637Mon Jun 18 20:20Steady TempKMVH
1636Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKMDQ
1635Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKRCZ
1634Mon Jun 18 20:15Steady TempKATP
1633Mon Jun 18 20:15Steady TempKLNA
1632Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKBTA
1631Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKETB
1630Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKELA
1629Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKCPK
1628Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempDAOF
1627Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKN03
1626Mon Jun 18 20:15Steady TempKMYJ
1625Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKCAV
1624Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKX07
1623Mon Jun 18 20:15M-Shape TempKDNS
1622Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempSBAX
1621Mon Jun 18 20:13Steady TempKICR
1620Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempDTMB
1619Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempHSNN
1618Mon Jun 18 20:11M-Shape TempCYZR
1617Mon Jun 18 20:00Steady TempRCKH
1616Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempOEKM
1615Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempFBMN
1614Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempFABL
1613Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempEGXZ
1612Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempEGXU
1611Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempEGQK
1610Mon Jun 18 20:00SaunaSVMC
1609Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempCXBI
1608Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempCXTP
1607Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempCXDI
1606Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempCYTE
1605Mon Jun 18 20:04M-Shape TempMMMD
1604Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempUDYZ
1603Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLKLN
1602Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempLIPY
1601Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempDAAV
1600Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempDAAE
1599Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLECH
1598Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLKPD
1597Mon Jun 18 20:00Steady TempVOTV
1596Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFPT
1595Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFRI
1594Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFCK
1593Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFSI
1592Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFSL
1591Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLFBO
1590Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempLPMR
1589Mon Jun 18 20:01M-Shape TempKSBM
1588Mon Jun 18 20:01M-Shape TempKCNK
1587Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKC65
1586Mon Jun 18 19:59M-Shape TempKTTF
1585Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKMYZ
1584Mon Jun 18 20:00Steady TempSCFT
1583Mon Jun 18 20:00M-Shape TempSCCI
1582Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempLTCB
1581Mon Jun 18 19:58Steady TempKGFA
1580Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKLCQ
1579Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempOAJL
1578Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKPXE
1577Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKBIE
1576Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKCTY
1575Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempEGQL
1574Mon Jun 18 19:56M-Shape TempETAD
1573Mon Jun 18 19:56M-Shape TempETIC
1572Mon Jun 18 19:55Steady TempKULM
1571Mon Jun 18 19:55Steady TempKSYN
1570Mon Jun 18 19:56Steady TempKROS
1569Mon Jun 18 19:56M-Shape TempKFOD
1568Mon Jun 18 19:56M-Shape TempKMJX
1567Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempEHAM
1566Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempMMAN
1565Mon Jun 18 19:55Steady TempKTWM
1564Mon Jun 18 19:55Steady TempKFBL
1563Mon Jun 18 19:54Steady TempKMLF
1562Mon Jun 18 19:54M-Shape TempKBKB
1561Mon Jun 18 19:55M-Shape TempKIIB
1560Mon Jun 18 19:53M-Shape TempKMCB
1559Mon Jun 18 19:53M-Shape TempKTVC
1558Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempELLX
1557Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempLIMC
1556Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempESSB
1555Mon Jun 18 19:52M-Shape TempKATL
1554Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempBGGH
1553Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempEDDB
1552Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempLSME
1551Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempLSMD
1550Mon Jun 18 19:50M-Shape TempKRST
1549Mon Jun 18 19:49M-Shape TempKCXO
1548Mon Jun 18 19:49M-Shape TempCYYZ
1547Mon Jun 18 19:45M-Shape TempKDKK
1546Mon Jun 18 19:46M-Shape TempCYKF
1545Mon Jun 18 19:43M-Shape TempKTWF
1544Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempCWEF
1543Mon Jun 18 19:40Steady TempKQEY
1542Mon Jun 18 19:40Steady TempKQEP
1541Mon Jun 18 19:40Steady TempPKWA
1540Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempYBRK
1539Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKHQI
1538Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempKVUJ
1537Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKVQT
1536Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKDLL
1535Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKFET
1534Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKBXA
1533Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempVANP
1532Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKPMH
1531Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempWMKK
1530Mon Jun 18 19:36Steady TempKPNM
1529Mon Jun 18 19:36Steady TempKMZH
1528Mon Jun 18 19:34M-Shape TempKLIT
1527Mon Jun 18 19:35Steady TempPAUT
1526Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempRJFF
1525Mon Jun 18 19:35Steady TempKD57
1524Mon Jun 18 19:35Steady TempKI69
1523Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempK1S5
1522Mon Jun 18 19:35Steady TempK1P1
1521Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempZSSS
1520Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLETL
1519Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLEST
1518Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFJR
1517Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFBU
1516Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempGCRR
1515Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempGCFV
1514Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFPG
1513Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFYR
1512Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFQB
1511Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFBG
1510Mon Jun 18 19:30M-Shape TempLFOA
1509Mon Jun 18 19:35M-Shape TempKBRY
1508Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempKQER
1507Mon Jun 18 19:31M-Shape TempKNFE
1506Mon Jun 18 19:30Steady TempYPXM
1505Mon Jun 18 19:25M-Shape TempKJAN
1504Mon Jun 18 19:25M-Shape TempEHWO
1503Mon Jun 18 19:25M-Shape TempEHVK
1502Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETSN
1501Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETSL
1500Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETSA
1499Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETNN
1498Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETHN
1497Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempETHL
1496Mon Jun 18 08:00M-Shape TempCXHR
1495Mon Jun 18 19:20Steady TempENFB
1494Mon Jun 18 19:20Steady TempENLE
1493Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempEDAC
1492Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempLIRF
1491Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempLIRA
1490Mon Jun 18 19:22M-Shape TempKHBG
1489Mon Jun 18 19:20Steady TempKQFT
1488Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempEDDT
1487Mon Jun 18 19:20Steady TempESGG
1486Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKAFP
1485Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIBQ
1484Mon Jun 18 19:20M-Shape TempLSGG
1483Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKW13
1482Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKJAU
1481Mon Jun 18 19:10M-Shape TempKDKR
1480Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKLCK
1479Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempHKKI
1478Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempWMKP
1477Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKSLK
1476Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKROC
1475Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKOLE
1474Mon Jun 18 19:16M-Shape TempCYRJ
1473Mon Jun 18 19:16Steady TempKTKC
1472Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKJYM
1471Mon Jun 18 19:15M-Shape TempKPZQ
1470Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempCXPC
1469Mon Jun 18 19:07M-Shape TempEGVN
1468Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDXXX
1467Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempVMMC
1466Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGOGG
1465Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIEB
1464Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIBA
1463Mon Jun 18 19:06M-Shape TempKMKE
1462Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempULPB
1461Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempCWOD
1460Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempCWBA
1459Mon Jun 18 19:07M-Shape TempCYZE
1458Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempVVTS
1457Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempVDPP
1456Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGOSS
1455Mon Jun 18 19:00SaunaSVMC
1454Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIPS
1453Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIBV
1452Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempCYMU
1451Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempCYVV
1450Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempCYGK
1449Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempHEMA
1448Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempRJCC
1447Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempEPZG
1446Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLELO
1445Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDTTG
1444Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDTTF
1443Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLIBP
1442Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLIPO
1441Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLIMP
1440Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLKKB
1439Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIRV
1438Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempLIRS
1437Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDAUO
1436Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDAUE
1435Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDAAP
1434Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempDAON
1433Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLJPZ
1432Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempLEXJ
1431Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFAQ
1430Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFMK
1429Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFPO
1428Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFRG
1427Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFKC
1426Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLFLX
1425Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempWSAP
1424Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempYSNF
1423Mon Jun 18 18:54M-Shape TempKNY0
1422Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempVERC
1421Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGMTA
1420Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGMML
1419Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLRCT
1418Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLRBO
1417Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKAVK
1416Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempK6I2
1415Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKN38
1414Mon Jun 18 19:00Steady TempKMDS
1413Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempUBBY
1412Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGQPP
1411Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempEBFN
1410Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLTBQ
1409Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLTBF
1408Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKSWW
1407Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKEMM
1406Mon Jun 18 18:58M-Shape TempKPOE
1405Mon Jun 18 18:55Steady TempEHPG
1404Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempK49A
1403Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEGUW
1402Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEGUB
1401Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEGQS
1400Mon Jun 18 18:57Steady TempCYIO
1399Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempLWSK
1398Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKCDH
1397Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempKSAA
1396Mon Jun 18 18:56Steady TempKMKT
1395Mon Jun 18 18:56M-Shape TempKMBL
1394Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempK3R7
1393Mon Jun 18 19:00M-Shape TempGVNP
1392Mon Jun 18 18:55M-Shape TempEHBK
1391Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEGWU
1390Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLSZL
1389Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLIML
1388Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEDHI
1387Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLGKF
1386Mon Jun 18 18:53M-Shape TempKSAV
1385Mon Jun 18 18:53Steady TempKLVM
1384Mon Jun 18 18:50Steady TempENML
1383Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEBOS
1382Mon Jun 18 18:50Steady TempENNE
1381Mon Jun 18 18:50Steady TempENOA
1380Mon Jun 18 18:52M-Shape TempKHIE
1379Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEGKB
1378Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempEDDH
1377Mon Jun 18 18:51Steady TempKMVL
1376Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLSMS
1375Mon Jun 18 18:50Steady TempKQES
1374Mon Jun 18 18:50M-Shape TempLSZH
1373Mon Jun 18 18:50Steady TempEKVG
1372Mon Jun 18 18:46Steady TempCZUM
1371Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLRTZ
1370Mon Jun 18 18:35Steady TempKLRO
1369Mon Jun 18 18:14M-Shape TempCYYY
1368Mon Jun 18 18:40M-Shape TempK2DP
1367Mon Jun 18 18:40Steady TempKQFB
1366Mon Jun 18 18:40Steady TempKQEW
1365Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempK8A3
1364Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempK2J3
1363Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempHESH
1362Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKJAS
1361Mon Jun 18 18:35Steady TempPAAD
1360Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKMRJ
1359Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKC29
1358Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKHYX
1357Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKGYB
1356Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKAJR
1355Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempK8B0
1354Mon Jun 18 18:35M-Shape TempKDRI
1353Mon Jun 18 18:30Steady TempRJAA
1352Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempUASP
1351Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFMV
1350Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFSB
1349Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFMU
1348Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFMT
1347Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFLY
1346Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLFRS
1345Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLKKV
1344Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempUKLL
1343Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempEPWR
1342Mon Jun 18 18:30M-Shape TempLZIB
1341Mon Jun 18 18:25Steady TempEHSC
1340Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempESNN
1339Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempESKN
1338Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempETHS
1337Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempEDJA
1336Mon Jun 18 18:20Steady TempENSE
1335Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempENHK
1334Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempLIPX
1333Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempLIPE
1332Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempLOWG
1331Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempLOWL
1330Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempEGMC
1329Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempEGPO
1328Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempCWWX
1327Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempEFET
1326Mon Jun 18 18:15M-Shape TempKFME
1325Mon Jun 18 18:20M-Shape TempKRME
1324Mon Jun 18 18:20Steady TempCYAH
1323Mon Jun 18 18:15Steady TempKDSF
1322Mon Jun 18 18:15Steady TempKDLP
1321Mon Jun 18 18:16M-Shape TempKBYI
1320Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLPMT
1319Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempGOOY
1318Mon Jun 18 18:12Steady TempMMZH
1317Mon Jun 18 17:55M-Shape TempLICF
1316Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempDNKN
1315Mon Jun 18 18:00Steady TempYHID
1314Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempOEPA
1313Mon Jun 18 17:55M-Shape TempLIVE
1312Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempCYAY
1311Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempCYSB
1310Mon Jun 18 18:00Steady TempCYLT
1309Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempDTTL
1308Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempDTTK
1307Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempEIME
1306Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempEIKY
1305Mon Jun 18 18:00SaunaSVMC
1304Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLERI
1303Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempDAAY
1302Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLICD
1301Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLEHC
1300Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLEBG
1299Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLIRZ
1298Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempDAOI
1297Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLKCV
1296Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLRBC
1295Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLRCL
1294Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLJMB
1293Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLFMO
1292Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempOICM
1291Mon Jun 18 18:01M-Shape TempKIAG
1290Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLTAD
1289Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempLZSL
1288Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempOPPS
1287Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempHSSS
1286Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempGMMI
1285Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempGMMB
1284Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempEPPO
1283Mon Jun 18 18:00Dry HeatOEMA
1282Mon Jun 18 18:00M-Shape TempOEMA
1281Mon Jun 18 17:55M-Shape TempKLNP
1280Mon Jun 18 17:55Steady TempKRBO
1279Mon Jun 18 17:56Steady TempPAHX
1278Mon Jun 18 17:55M-Shape TempKIOB
1277Mon Jun 18 17:56Steady TempPAGM
1276Mon Jun 18 17:55Steady TempKAMN
1275Mon Jun 18 17:55Steady TempKMJQ
1274Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLGSY
1273Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempEGPN
1272Mon Jun 18 17:53Steady TempPACD
1271Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLGSA
1270Mon Jun 18 17:53M-Shape TempKTMB
1269Mon Jun 18 17:53Steady TempKGLR
1268Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempEGPI
1267Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempEGNV
1266Mon Jun 18 17:50Steady TempKQEP
1265Mon Jun 18 17:50Steady TempKQEL
1264Mon Jun 18 17:50M-Shape TempLSZA
1263Mon Jun 18 17:48Steady TempCYNA
1262Mon Jun 18 17:40Steady TempKQEN
1261Mon Jun 18 17:30Steady TempRJGG
1260Mon Jun 18 17:39M-Shape TempCYQA
1259Mon Jun 18 17:35M-Shape TempKBQP
1258Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempULAA
1257Mon Jun 18 17:35Steady TempKLYV
1256Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempFCPP
1255Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempFKYS
1254Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempUKOH
1253Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLEBA
1252Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLRSV
1251Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLJCE
1250Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLEGR
1249Mon Jun 18 17:30Steady TempLEAS
1248Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLFRC
1247Mon Jun 18 17:30M-Shape TempLEPA
1246Mon Jun 18 17:31M-Shape TempKMVL
1245Mon Jun 18 17:29Steady TempKVTN
1244Mon Jun 18 17:26Steady TempCYXR
1243Mon Jun 18 17:24M-Shape TempKNEW
1242Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempLGAV
1241Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempENVA
1240Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempLIPH
1239Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempLGMT
1238Mon Jun 18 17:22M-Shape TempKJAC
1237Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempEFKT
1236Mon Jun 18 17:20Steady TempEFPO
1235Mon Jun 18 17:20M-Shape TempLSGC
1234Mon Jun 18 17:19Steady TempPAPN
1233Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempHTMW
1232Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempHTDA
1231Mon Jun 18 17:15M-Shape TempKRGA
1230Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempLIQC
1229Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempLIBN
1228Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLTAB
1227Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempFOON
1226Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempDNMM
1225Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempFYWW
1224Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempOEDM
1223Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempLICL
1222Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempLIED
1221Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempUHHH
1220Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUWKE
1219Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUWKD
1218Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUUYY
1217Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUUOO
1216Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempEGXT
1215Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempCWLS
1214Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempOJAI
1213Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLTBI
1212Mon Jun 18 17:06Steady TempPAKH
1211Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempCYAH
1210Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempCYEK
1209Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempTVSA
1208Mon Jun 18 17:00SaunaSVMC
1207Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempDTTB
1206Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempFQQL
1205Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempDTTJ
1204Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempHEGN
1203Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempHEAX
1202Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUATT
1201Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempZSAM
1200Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLIBG
1199Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLIBC
1198Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUKDE
1197Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUKHH
1196Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLICR
1195Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempDAOL
1194Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempDABS
1193Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempYBMA
1192Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLRTM
1191Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLPPT
1190Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLEGE
1189Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempLFMP
1188Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLFKF
1187Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempLFBH
1186Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempORER
1185Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempOISF
1184Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLPOV
1183Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempYMAV
1182Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempSBCP
1181Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempKQES
1180Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempEPLB
1179Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempUGTB
1178Mon Jun 18 17:00Steady TempVHHH
1177Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempLBGO
1176Mon Jun 18 17:00Dry HeatOEMA
1175Mon Jun 18 17:00M-Shape TempOEDF
1174Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLTAJ
1173Mon Jun 18 16:56M-Shape TempOTBH
1172Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempKSTE
1171Mon Jun 18 16:57M-Shape TempCYCY
1170Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempEHJA
1169Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempEHFZ
1168Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempEHFD
1167Mon Jun 18 10:58M-Shape TempKSUU
1166Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempKGRN
1165Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempKEFK
1164Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempEHVL
1163Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempKACQ
1162Mon Jun 18 16:56M-Shape TempK7N0
1161Mon Jun 18 16:55M-Shape TempK6B9
1160Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempEHKD
1159Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempKMOP
1158Mon Jun 18 16:55Steady TempKOGS
1157Mon Jun 18 16:53M-Shape TempKEYW
1156Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLIPQ
1155Mon Jun 18 16:53Steady TempPAPB
1154Mon Jun 18 16:54Steady TempCYGV
1153Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLCRA
1152Mon Jun 18 16:52Steady TempPKMR
1151Mon Jun 18 16:52M-Shape TempCYXU
1150Mon Jun 18 16:50Steady TempEGPI
1149Mon Jun 18 16:50Steady TempEGHC
1148Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempEGGW
1147Mon Jun 18 16:52Steady TempKRAP
1146Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempLSZG
1145Mon Jun 18 16:50M-Shape TempKDIJ
1144Mon Jun 18 16:45Steady TempCYXR
1143Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempYLHI
1142Mon Jun 18 16:40Steady TempKMVH
1141Mon Jun 18 16:38Steady TempKRXE
1140Mon Jun 18 16:20M-Shape TempKJSL
1139Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUWWW
1138Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUWGG
1137Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUUMO
1136Mon Jun 18 16:35M-Shape TempKFSO
1135Mon Jun 18 16:35Steady TempKMWM
1134Mon Jun 18 16:35SaunaKM40
1133Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUARR
1132Mon Jun 18 16:33M-Shape TempCYTR
1131Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempGMMN
1130Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempLDPL
1129Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUKOO
1128Mon Jun 18 16:27Steady TempCYGW
1127Mon Jun 18 16:30M-Shape TempUKBB
1126Mon Jun 18 16:25Steady TempEHQE
1125Mon Jun 18 16:25Steady TempEHMG
1124Mon Jun 18 16:25M-Shape TempEHEH
1123Mon Jun 18 16:20Steady TempENGC
1122Mon Jun 18 16:24M-Shape TempKHYI
1121Mon Jun 18 16:20M-Shape TempEGLF
1120Mon Jun 18 16:20M-Shape TempEGPH
1119Mon Jun 18 13:55M-Shape TempLIBH
1118Mon Jun 18 09:55M-Shape TempLIEC
1117Mon Jun 18 16:15M-Shape TempLHKE
1116Mon Jun 18 16:15M-Shape TempCWPF
1115Mon Jun 18 16:15Steady TempCZUM
1114Mon Jun 18 16:15Steady TempKHAF
1113Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempOOSH
1112Mon Jun 18 16:15Steady TempEKSP
1111Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFNUG
1110Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFNCA
1109Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempOAMS
1108Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFQCH
1107Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOEWD
1106Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOETR
1105Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOEHL
1104Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOEBH
1103Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempHESG
1102Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempULOO
1101Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempUWUU
1100Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempUWOO
1099Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempUWOR
1098Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFAOB
1097Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFALW
1096Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempCWBZ
1095Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempCWQK
1094Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempCYBQ
1093Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempORNI
1092Mon Jun 18 15:58M-Shape TempKHLR
1091Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempSBTE
1090Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempDTTN
1089Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLERT
1088Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempDTTX
1087Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempUTAT
1086Mon Jun 18 15:55M-Shape TempLIRH
1085Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLICB
1084Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOITT
1083Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempOIMQ
1082Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLYUZ
1081Mon Jun 18 16:00Steady TempKQEP
1080Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLQTZ
1079Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLQBK
1078Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempEPKT
1077Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempEPWA
1076Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempFQPB
1075Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLDSP
1074Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempGMFO
1073Mon Jun 18 15:55M-Shape TempK2P2
1072Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLBPL
1071Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLBSF
1070Mon Jun 18 16:00Steady TempPKWA
1069Mon Jun 18 15:55M-Shape TempFJDG
1068Mon Jun 18 16:00Dry HeatOEMA
1067Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLTBA
1066Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLTFG
1065Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempUBBQ
1064Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempNFTF
1063Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempLEJR
1062Mon Jun 18 15:55M-Shape TempKOSC
1061Mon Jun 18 15:55Steady TempKECS
1060Mon Jun 18 15:56Steady TempPAZK
1059Mon Jun 18 15:56Steady TempPAVC
1058Mon Jun 18 16:00M-Shape TempORSU
1057Mon Jun 18 15:55SaunaKM40
1056Mon Jun 18 15:50Steady TempLGSA
1055Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempENOL
1054Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempENEV
1053Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLOXZ
1052Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempESUP
1051Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempEGPK
1050Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempLLHA
1049Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempEDDW
1048Mon Jun 18 15:50M-Shape TempESMX
1047Mon Jun 18 14:55M-Shape TempLIMU
1046Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempLGLR
1045Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempRCTP
1044Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempFAPE
1043Mon Jun 18 15:35Steady TempKMZG
1042Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempULLI
1041Mon Jun 18 15:36Steady TempKTKC
1040Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempVTBU
1039Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempUKOH
1038Mon Jun 18 15:33M-Shape TempLTAY
1037Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempZWWW
1036Mon Jun 18 15:34M-Shape TempCYHU
1035Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempLFSD
1034Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempOIFM
1033Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempOIYY
1032Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempLTCO
1031Mon Jun 18 15:15M-Shape TempLHSN
1030Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempEPRZ
1029Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempPAPN
1028Mon Jun 18 15:30Steady TempYPXM
1027Mon Jun 18 15:28M-Shape TempCYOO
1026Mon Jun 18 15:20M-Shape TempETMN
1025Mon Jun 18 15:20M-Shape TempEDLP
1024Mon Jun 18 15:20M-Shape TempLGRX
1023Mon Jun 18 15:22Steady TempCYGW
1022Mon Jun 18 15:22M-Shape TempCYUL
1021Mon Jun 18 15:20M-Shape TempEDDG
1020Mon Jun 18 15:20M-Shape TempKQEN
1019Mon Jun 18 15:15Steady TempKCCB
1018Mon Jun 18 15:15Steady TempK6S0
1017Mon Jun 18 15:30M-Shape TempLWOH
1016Mon Jun 18 15:15Steady TempKRNH
1015Mon Jun 18 15:20Steady TempKEZS
1014Mon Jun 18 15:15M-Shape TempKHSG
1013Mon Jun 18 15:15M-Shape TempKERY
1012Mon Jun 18 15:15Steady TempKRRL
1011Mon Jun 18 15:15Steady TempKULM
1010Mon Jun 18 15:16Steady TempEKYT
1009Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempHDAM
1008Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempUTSK
1007Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempUTNU
1006Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOEAB
1005Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempHABD
1004Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempURMG
1003Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempCWRZ
1002Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempUTAV
1001Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempROAH
1000Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempRJTT
999Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempUATT
998Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempUAKK
997Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempLIRU
996Mon Jun 18 14:55M-Shape TempLIRG
995Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempUMMG
994Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLRBM
993Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempLEPP
992Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLELL
991Mon Jun 18 14:55M-Shape TempKNBG
990Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempLEIB
989Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOINR
988Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOICI
987Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIAM
986Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOISR
985Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIAH
984Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIZB
983Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOING
982Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIMM
981Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIAW
980Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOITR
979Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIIE
978Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIAA
977Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOIMB
976Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLYNI
975Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempBIAR
974Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempWSSS
973Mon Jun 18 14:45M-Shape TempLHPR
972Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLDRI
971Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempKFOT
970Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOMDW
969Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLBPG
968Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempLBWN
967Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempFMMT
966Mon Jun 18 15:00Steady TempSCAR
965Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOERK
964Mon Jun 18 15:00Dry HeatOEMA
963Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempLCEN
962Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempENBS
961Mon Jun 18 14:55Steady TempKUXL
960Mon Jun 18 14:55M-Shape TempKEMK
959Mon Jun 18 14:55Steady TempEHSA
958Mon Jun 18 14:55Steady TempEHJR
957Mon Jun 18 14:55Steady TempEHHW
956Mon Jun 18 14:55Steady TempEHAK
955Mon Jun 18 14:56Steady TempPAKH
954Mon Jun 18 14:56Steady TempPASD
953Mon Jun 18 14:56Steady TempPFCL
952Mon Jun 18 14:56Steady TempPAII
951Mon Jun 18 15:00M-Shape TempOKBK
950Mon Jun 18 14:50Steady TempLGRP
949Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempEDHK
948Mon Jun 18 14:53Steady TempKTVC
947Mon Jun 18 14:53Steady TempKCDR
946Mon Jun 18 14:53M-Shape TempKESF
945Mon Jun 18 14:53Steady TempKHHR
944Mon Jun 18 14:53Steady TempKBIL
943Mon Jun 18 14:50Steady TempLIEO
942Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempENSR
941Mon Jun 18 14:50Steady TempENQR
940Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempEGJB
939Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempEFLP
938Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempEDDK
937Mon Jun 18 14:50M-Shape TempEFTP
936Mon Jun 18 14:20Steady TempEHVL
935Mon Jun 18 14:37M-Shape TempLHPP
934Mon Jun 18 13:58Steady TempKBKF
933Mon Jun 18 13:55Steady TempKFEW
932Mon Jun 18 13:52Steady TempKSKF
931Mon Jun 18 14:43Steady TempKIML
930Mon Jun 18 14:40Steady TempKMDS
929Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempUTTT
928Mon Jun 18 14:35M-Shape TempKGBK
927Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempURWA
926Mon Jun 18 14:35Steady TempKSGS
925Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempUATE
924Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempUASP
923Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempLPAZ
922Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempLRCK
921Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempOIZH
920Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempLYTV
919Mon Jun 18 14:30Steady TempLCPH
918Mon Jun 18 14:15M-Shape TempLHPA
917Mon Jun 18 14:15M-Shape TempLHDC
916Mon Jun 18 14:30Steady TempGMME
915Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempLBPD
914Mon Jun 18 14:30M-Shape TempVABO
913Mon Jun 18 14:20M-Shape TempLTAU
912Mon Jun 18 14:25M-Shape TempLTFD
911Mon Jun 18 14:25M-Shape TempEHLW
910Mon Jun 18 14:20M-Shape TempLGIO
909Mon Jun 18 14:20M-Shape TempLIRN
908Mon Jun 18 14:20M-Shape TempENKB
907Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempPPNU
906Mon Jun 18 14:20Steady TempKVOA
905Mon Jun 18 14:15M-Shape TempKEIR
904Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempKE16
903Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempKOEO
902Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempKMDZ
901Mon Jun 18 14:12Steady TempKCPW
900Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempKWYS
899Mon Jun 18 14:15M-Shape TempKPZQ
898Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempFEFF
897Mon Jun 18 14:15Steady TempK6S2
896Mon Jun 18 14:11Steady TempPASI
895Mon Jun 18 14:11Steady TempCYFC
894Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUTST
893Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUTSS
892Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUTSB
891Mon Jun 18 14:10Steady TempSPRU
890Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOETB
889Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempOEMK
888Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOEKJ
887Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempOEAR
886Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempWMKL
885Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUNTT
884Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempURKK
883Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempFALE
882Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempFMEP
881Mon Jun 18 14:05Steady TempCYMT
880Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUAAA
879Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempUTDD
878Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOIAG
877Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOIAH
876Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOIAW
875Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempOINZ
874Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempLYKV
873Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempLCLK
872Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempVOBZ
871Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempOPRN
870Mon Jun 18 13:59Steady TempKAVX
869Mon Jun 18 14:00M-Shape TempOMFJ
868Mon Jun 18 13:50M-Shape TempLTDA
867Mon Jun 18 14:00Dry HeatOEMA
866Mon Jun 18 13:55M-Shape TempKATP
865Mon Jun 18 13:55M-Shape TempKIKT
864Mon Jun 18 13:55Steady TempKEAN
863Mon Jun 18 13:55Steady TempKY23
862Mon Jun 18 13:56Steady TempPAVC
861Mon Jun 18 13:56Steady TempPAOU
860Mon Jun 18 13:56Steady TempPAOH
859Mon Jun 18 13:56Steady TempKSUE
858Mon Jun 18 13:55Steady TempPAEH
857Mon Jun 18 13:55Steady TempKLMO
856Mon Jun 18 13:53Steady TempKLVJ
855Mon Jun 18 13:53Steady TempPASC
854Mon Jun 18 13:50Steady TempENHM
853Mon Jun 18 13:50M-Shape TempENSH
852Mon Jun 18 13:50M-Shape TempENLK
851Mon Jun 18 13:50M-Shape TempLIRF
850Mon Jun 18 13:50Steady TempKFTG
849Mon Jun 18 13:50Steady TempEKKA
848Mon Jun 18 13:50Steady TempCYPH
847Mon Jun 18 13:50M-Shape TempOAKB
846Mon Jun 18 13:48Steady TempKMTW
845Mon Jun 18 13:45Steady TempKATW
844Mon Jun 18 12:55M-Shape TempEBCV
843Mon Jun 18 13:37Steady TempRJCC
842Mon Jun 18 13:41Steady TempKOXB
841Mon Jun 18 13:42Steady TempPAMB
840Mon Jun 18 13:20Steady TempK46U
839Mon Jun 18 13:39Steady TempKVTN
838Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempYBCG
837Mon Jun 18 13:35Steady TempK82C
836Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempUNOO
835Mon Jun 18 13:35M-Shape TempKREG
834Mon Jun 18 13:30Steady TempVDPP
833Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempVAAH
832Mon Jun 18 13:34Steady TempKCUT
831Mon Jun 18 13:35Steady TempKTKC
830Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempUTDL
829Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempUTDT
828Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempUCFO
827Mon Jun 18 13:30Steady TempLPPS
826Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempLRBS
825Mon Jun 18 13:30Steady TempLEMG
824Mon Jun 18 13:30Dry HeatOIAW
823Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempLYPG
822Mon Jun 18 13:25M-Shape TempOPIS
821Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempVOTR
820Mon Jun 18 13:30M-Shape TempEPMO
819Mon Jun 18 13:29Steady TempKAIA
818Mon Jun 18 13:30Steady TempPADL
817Mon Jun 18 13:20M-Shape TempENVA
816Mon Jun 18 13:20M-Shape TempEFJO
815Mon Jun 18 13:20M-Shape TempESGG
814Mon Jun 18 13:20M-Shape TempEDDL
813Mon Jun 18 13:20Steady TempKSQL
812Mon Jun 18 13:15Steady TempKHCD
811Mon Jun 18 13:15Steady TempKTIF
810Mon Jun 18 13:15M-Shape TempKRYV
809Mon Jun 18 13:16Steady TempKBAX
808Mon Jun 18 13:15Steady TempKLNC
807Mon Jun 18 13:15Steady TempKCNB
806Mon Jun 18 13:15Steady TempKGHW
805Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOEKJ
804Mon Jun 18 13:09Steady TempKAKO
803Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOEDM
802Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOEAH
801Mon Jun 18 13:07Steady TempKIEN
800Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempVEGY
799Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempCWSF
798Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempUKLI
797Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempUKLR
796Mon Jun 18 13:04Steady TempKAPC
795Mon Jun 18 12:50M-Shape TempENOV
794Mon Jun 18 12:55M-Shape TempLIRL
793Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempLRCV
792Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOIAW
791Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOIAH
790Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOIAG
789Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempLYBT
788Mon Jun 18 13:01Steady TempKSAT
787Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempVEAT
786Mon Jun 18 13:00Steady TempNTAA
785Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempLDOS
784Mon Jun 18 12:55M-Shape TempKMEV
783Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempOMSJ
782Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempOMAD
781Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOERK
780Mon Jun 18 13:00Dry HeatOEMA
779Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempOEJN
778Mon Jun 18 12:50M-Shape TempLTAT
777Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKDSF
776Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempKCEC
775Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKAPS
774Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKANW
773Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempPAAD
772Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempPAPN
771Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempKBOK
770Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempKIWD
769Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKBAM
768Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempPAKI
767Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempPAJZ
766Mon Jun 18 12:56M-Shape TempPAIG
765Mon Jun 18 12:56Steady TempPADU
764Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKTOB
763Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempK0F2
762Mon Jun 18 13:00Steady TempOPPS
761Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKL18
760Mon Jun 18 12:54Steady TempK4BM
759Mon Jun 18 12:54Steady TempPAHN
758Mon Jun 18 12:55Steady TempKMDS
757Mon Jun 18 12:53Steady TempKRHI
756Mon Jun 18 12:53Steady TempKWVI
755Mon Jun 18 12:53M-Shape TempKVCB
754Mon Jun 18 12:53Steady TempKMYF
753Mon Jun 18 12:53Steady TempKGCC
752Mon Jun 18 12:50Steady TempEDHI
751Mon Jun 18 12:50Steady TempENOA
750Mon Jun 18 12:50Steady TempENLE
749Mon Jun 18 12:50Steady TempENSE
748Mon Jun 18 12:50M-Shape TempLIRA
747Mon Jun 18 12:50M-Shape TempLGPZ
746Mon Jun 18 12:50M-Shape TempLGEL
745Mon Jun 18 12:51Steady TempKATT
744Mon Jun 18 13:00M-Shape TempZMUB
743Mon Jun 18 12:50Steady TempEKYT
742Mon Jun 18 12:51Steady TempKSAN
741Mon Jun 18 12:47Steady TempCYVO
740Mon Jun 18 12:10M-Shape TempEBDT
739Mon Jun 18 12:42Steady TempKODX
738Mon Jun 18 12:30M-Shape TempHKEL
737Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKO69
736Mon Jun 18 12:35M-Shape TempK2LS
735Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKHBV
734Mon Jun 18 12:30Steady TempYPGV
733Mon Jun 18 12:35M-Shape TempLTAG
732Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKW43
731Mon Jun 18 12:38Steady TempPAGS
730Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKPOY
729Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKCFE
728Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKC29
727Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKMEZ
726Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempK9V9
725Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKEBG
724Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKY51
723Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKSLB
722Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempPAUT
721Mon Jun 18 12:30Steady TempKHEQ
720Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKCBG
719Mon Jun 18 12:35Steady TempKMWM
718Mon Jun 18 12:34Steady TempCYGV
717Mon Jun 18 12:32Steady TempKISW
716Mon Jun 18 12:33Steady TempEKSP
715Mon Jun 18 12:30Dry HeatOIAW
714Mon Jun 18 12:30M-Shape TempEPGD
713Mon Jun 18 12:29Steady TempCYLT
712Mon Jun 18 12:35M-Shape TempKSVE
711Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKRCE
710Mon Jun 18 12:26Steady TempKUTS
709Mon Jun 18 12:25Steady TempEHLW
708Mon Jun 18 12:25Steady TempCYOY
707Mon Jun 18 12:20Steady TempENNE
706Mon Jun 18 12:20Steady TempEDXW
705Mon Jun 18 12:20M-Shape TempLGKL
704Mon Jun 18 12:23Steady TempKROS
703Mon Jun 18 12:20Steady TempPKWA
702Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKF17
701Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKDUC
700Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKCQF
699Mon Jun 18 11:59Steady TempKACQ
698Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKSYN
697Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKPVJ
696Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKECS
695Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKLZZ
694Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKOSC
693Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKORC
692Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKBKS
691Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKSTK
690Mon Jun 18 12:20M-Shape TempLATI
689Mon Jun 18 12:15Steady TempKRNP
688Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempYBNA
687Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOEKJ
686Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOEAH
685Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempUSCC
684Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempVDSV
683Mon Jun 18 12:00Steady TempCZUM
682Mon Jun 18 12:00Steady TempCYPX
681Mon Jun 18 12:05M-Shape TempLIRI
680Mon Jun 18 12:05M-Shape TempLTBO
679Mon Jun 18 12:03Steady TempKSSF
678Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempZPPP
677Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempDABB
676Mon Jun 18 12:00SaunaVEAT
675Mon Jun 18 12:03Steady TempCYNM
674Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOIZB
673Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOIAM
672Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOIAH
671Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOIAW
670Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKPVF
669Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempFIMR
668Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempUGKO
667Mon Jun 18 11:59Steady TempKAUW
666Mon Jun 18 12:00M-Shape TempLDDU
665Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOERK
664Mon Jun 18 12:00Dry HeatOEMA
663Mon Jun 18 11:59Steady TempCYPH
662Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKPTT
661Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKVDI
660Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKORG
659Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKMGG
658Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKSZT
657Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKDZJ
656Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKMLJ
655Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKMFV
654Mon Jun 18 11:56Steady TempPAVD
653Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKAUM
652Mon Jun 18 11:56Steady TempKGXY
651Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKDXX
650Mon Jun 18 11:53Steady TempKBJC
649Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKPKV
648Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKRGK
647Mon Jun 18 11:54Steady TempKGED
646Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKFFM
645Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKLWA
644Mon Jun 18 11:53Steady TempKAPA
643Mon Jun 18 11:55Steady TempKANQ
642Mon Jun 18 11:53Steady TempKDLN
641Mon Jun 18 11:49M-Shape TempKGLS
640Mon Jun 18 11:50M-Shape TempEVRA
639Mon Jun 18 10:55M-Shape TempEBCV
638Mon Jun 18 11:42Steady TempKANB
637Mon Jun 18 11:40Steady TempKBFF
636Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKEKS
635Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKCCB
634Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempK6S0
633Mon Jun 18 11:38Steady TempKGRB
632Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKOPL
631Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKDLP
630Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKMDJ
629Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKJAS
628Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKHQI
627Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKXPY
626Mon Jun 18 11:35M-Shape TempKTRK
625Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKTDF
624Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKOGA
623Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKLJF
622Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKJOT
621Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKGDB
620Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKCKP
619Mon Jun 18 11:30M-Shape TempULPB
618Mon Jun 18 11:30Steady TempUNKL
617Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempK5R8
616Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKPQN
615Mon Jun 18 11:36SaunaKONA
614Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKHMP
613Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKHDC
612Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKEZS
611Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKLHB
610Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKIRS
609Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKIKG
608Mon Jun 18 11:36Steady TempKHZX
607Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKCLW
606Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKBCK
605Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKRRL
604Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKTME
603Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKSHL
602Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempK4M9
601Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKVVV
600Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKSQL
599Mon Jun 18 11:35SaunaKONA
598Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKLUX
597Mon Jun 18 11:30M-Shape TempZBAA
596Mon Jun 18 11:30SaunaVEAT
595Mon Jun 18 11:32Steady TempKEAU
594Mon Jun 18 11:30Dry HeatOIAW
593Mon Jun 18 11:31Steady TempKEKN
592Mon Jun 18 11:35Steady TempKCKM
591Mon Jun 18 11:31Steady TempKAQP
590Mon Jun 18 11:28Steady TempKOSH
589Mon Jun 18 11:29Steady TempKCOD
588Mon Jun 18 11:29M-Shape TempCYMO
587Mon Jun 18 11:25Steady TempEHJA
586Mon Jun 18 11:25Steady TempEHFZ
585Mon Jun 18 11:25Steady TempEHFD
584Mon Jun 18 11:26Steady TempKMRH
583Mon Jun 18 11:20M-Shape TempEDLV
582Mon Jun 18 11:20M-Shape TempEFET
581Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKCTZ
580Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKHZD
579Mon Jun 18 11:20Steady TempKFOT
578Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKF45
577Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKFYJ
576Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKUXL
575Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKA08
574Mon Jun 18 11:16Steady TempKAMN
573Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempVVPB
572Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempVTCH
571Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempVTUQ
570Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKTEW
569Mon Jun 18 11:17Steady TempPAPH
568Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKCIR
567Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKOOA
566Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKOLG
565Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKERV
564Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKUVA
563Mon Jun 18 11:00SaunaVEAT
562Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKMAN
561Mon Jun 18 11:16Steady TempKPNM
560Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKOZW
559Mon Jun 18 11:16SaunaKONA
558Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKDLZ
557Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKCKC
556Mon Jun 18 11:14Steady TempKBYG
555Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempVOBZ
554Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKFDW
553Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempK2V5
552Mon Jun 18 11:11Steady TempPANW
551Mon Jun 18 11:10Steady TempKCYS
550Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempUTNU
549Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOEKJ
548Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOEAH
547Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempVECC
546Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempUNTT
545Mon Jun 18 11:07Steady TempCYSC
544Mon Jun 18 11:06Steady TempKLBF
543Mon Jun 18 11:05Steady TempKAST
542Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempCYHY
541Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempCYHE
540Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempRJCK
539Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOIAW
538Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOIAG
537Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempGCXO
536Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOIAM
535Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOIAH
534Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempYPLM
533Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempK1F0
532Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempGMTT
531Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKMNV
530Mon Jun 18 11:00M-Shape TempLBGO
529Mon Jun 18 10:55M-Shape TempKPNA
528Mon Jun 18 11:00Steady TempKI35
527Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKHOE
526Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempK2J3
525Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOERK
524Mon Jun 18 11:00Dry HeatOEMA
523Mon Jun 18 10:50M-Shape TempLTCE
522Mon Jun 18 10:50M-Shape TempLTAP
521Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKRPH
520Mon Jun 18 10:55M-Shape TempKJTC
519Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKBQP
518Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempEHQE
517Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempEHMG
516Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKU68
515Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKGOP
514Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKFXY
513Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKF44
512Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempK0R4
511Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempKNUC
510Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempKNRS
509Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKGWB
508Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKAQX
507Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKCMD
506Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempPAVC
505Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempPAKF
504Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKMRT
503Mon Jun 18 10:56M-Shape TempKSKX
502Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempKETH
501Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKMJQ
500Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKFPK
499Mon Jun 18 10:56Steady TempKCIU
498Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempK9MN
497Mon Jun 18 10:54Steady TempKRST
496Mon Jun 18 10:53Steady TempKSBM
495Mon Jun 18 10:53Steady TempKTOI
494Mon Jun 18 10:53Steady TempKDTO
493Mon Jun 18 10:53Steady TempKDEN
492Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKCKI
491Mon Jun 18 10:53M-Shape TempKFYV
490Mon Jun 18 10:53Steady TempKBBW
489Mon Jun 18 10:50M-Shape TempENBO
488Mon Jun 18 10:50Steady TempENWV
487Mon Jun 18 11:15Steady TempKSIK
486Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKHXD
485Mon Jun 18 10:52Steady TempKEST
484Mon Jun 18 10:52Steady TempCYAM
483Mon Jun 18 10:50M-Shape TempEFKT
482Mon Jun 18 10:50M-Shape TempEFKI
481Mon Jun 18 10:46M-Shape TempKNXF
480Mon Jun 18 10:55Steady TempKGGE
479Mon Jun 18 10:51Steady TempPAMD
478Mon Jun 18 10:49Steady TempKRBD
477Mon Jun 18 10:43Steady TempEHVK
476Mon Jun 18 10:12Steady TempEHGR
475Mon Jun 18 10:40Steady TempENGC
474Mon Jun 18 10:43Steady TempKDWH
473Mon Jun 18 10:42Steady TempKRMG
472Mon Jun 18 10:42Steady TempCWSA
471Mon Jun 18 10:30Steady TempKSJS
470Mon Jun 18 10:34Steady TempKTGI
469Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKN38
468Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempPPNU
467Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKSYI
466Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKLOT
465Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKCVH
464Mon Jun 18 10:30M-Shape TempWMKK
463Mon Jun 18 10:37Steady TempPHKO
462Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKY49
461Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKRNH
460Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKAZE
459Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKAQR
458Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempK57C
457Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKGVE
456Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKRWV
455Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKRPD
454Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKONP
453Mon Jun 18 10:30M-Shape TempUSSS
452Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKALX
451Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKACB
450Mon Jun 18 10:35M-Shape TempKBJI
449Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKHYX
448Mon Jun 18 10:35M-Shape TempKBVU
447Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKLXL
446Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKFKA
445Mon Jun 18 10:35Steady TempKX60
444Mon Jun 18 10:30Steady TempFMEP
443Mon Jun 18 10:33Steady TempKY50
442Mon Jun 18 10:30Dry HeatOIAW
441Mon Jun 18 10:30Steady TempPACM
440Mon Jun 18 10:30Steady TempSOCA
439Mon Jun 18 10:20M-Shape TempLTBU
438Mon Jun 18 10:27Steady TempKFNL
437Mon Jun 18 10:25Steady TempEHEH
436Mon Jun 18 10:25Steady TempKAIA
435Mon Jun 18 10:24Steady TempKPIL
434Mon Jun 18 10:20M-Shape TempENKR
433Mon Jun 18 10:20Steady TempKVPC
432Mon Jun 18 10:20Steady TempKSBD
431Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKSZY
430Mon Jun 18 10:10Steady TempKSEF
429Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKSCX
428Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKPVE
427Mon Jun 18 10:20Steady TempCYPH
426Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK6B0
425Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKT82
424Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKRBO
423Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKHLX
422Mon Jun 18 10:18Steady TempKDWU
421Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKPVB
420Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKBFW
419Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKUKF
418Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKEAN
417Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKD39
416Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKBBD
415Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK40J
414Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKHSG
413Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKGRN
412Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKSYF
411Mon Jun 18 10:16Steady TempKPHN
410Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKOEB
409Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKHMZ
408Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKAIG
407Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK7W4
406Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK4R5
405Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK04W
404Mon Jun 18 10:12Steady TempKCPW
403Mon Jun 18 10:12Steady TempKC07
402Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempK33V
401Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKWYS
400Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKMOP
399Mon Jun 18 10:12Steady TempKAKO
398Mon Jun 18 10:12Steady TempCYZV
397Mon Jun 18 10:15Steady TempKDYB
396Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOEAH
395Mon Jun 18 10:00M-Shape TempURSS
394Mon Jun 18 10:00M-Shape TempUSNN
393Mon Jun 18 10:00Steady TempNZCH
392Mon Jun 18 10:05Steady TempKSTP
391Mon Jun 18 10:00Steady TempCYXR
390Mon Jun 18 10:00M-Shape TempVTSC
389Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOIAM
388Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOIAG
387Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOIAH
386Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOIAW
385Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKM08
384Mon Jun 18 10:00Dry HeatOEMA
383Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKXBP
382Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKT20
381Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKGYI
380Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKE16
379Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKSLH
378Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKW96
377Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKLKU
376Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKLCG
375Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKJDD
374Mon Jun 18 09:56Steady TempKNCA
373Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKSLR
372Mon Jun 18 09:55M-Shape TempKSAA
371Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKBYL
370Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKOLE
369Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKUYF
368Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKRFI
367Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKDTL
366Mon Jun 18 09:56Steady TempPAFM
365Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKSEM
364Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKRMY
363Mon Jun 18 09:55Steady TempKMDS
362Mon Jun 18 10:00Steady TempKFTG
361Mon Jun 18 09:55M-Shape TempKRUG
360Mon Jun 18 09:53Steady TempKGCC
359Mon Jun 18 09:50Steady TempENSL
358Mon Jun 18 09:53Steady TempKSPW
357Mon Jun 18 09:50M-Shape TempENNA
356Mon Jun 18 09:53Steady TempKEET
355Mon Jun 18 09:53Steady TempKDGW
354Mon Jun 18 09:53Steady TempKCDR
353Mon Jun 18 09:50Steady TempEGJJ
352Mon Jun 18 09:50M-Shape TempESUP
351Mon Jun 18 09:45Steady TempKGZH
350Mon Jun 18 09:32Steady TempROYN
349Mon Jun 18 09:40Steady TempKMFI
348Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKDPL
347Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKMMI
346Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKGDJ
345Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKSBO
344Mon Jun 18 09:30M-Shape TempYPEA
343Mon Jun 18 09:30Steady TempYBHM
342Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKULS
341Mon Jun 18 09:35M-Shape TempKTHA
340Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKHZR
339Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKADS
338Mon Jun 18 09:30Steady TempRJAA
337Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKRAS
336Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKDQH
335Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKJGG
334Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKHJH
333Mon Jun 18 09:35M-Shape TempKBXK
332Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempK66R
331Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempK2F5
330Mon Jun 18 09:30Steady TempUHWW
329Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKOBE
328Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKGPM
327Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKGHW
326Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKK88
325Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKJYL
324Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempK14Y
323Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKCAD
322Mon Jun 18 09:36Steady TempKBAX
321Mon Jun 18 09:30M-Shape TempVTCC
320Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKPNM
319Mon Jun 18 09:30M-Shape TempUACP
318Mon Jun 18 09:33Steady TempKRXE
317Mon Jun 18 09:30Steady TempLFAT
316Mon Jun 18 09:33Steady TempCYIO
315Mon Jun 18 09:30Dry HeatOIAW
314Mon Jun 18 09:27Steady TempKISW
313Mon Jun 18 09:27Steady TempKACY
312Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHSA
311Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHPG
310Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHKV
309Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHJR
308Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHHW
307Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempEHAK
306Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKMCJ
305Mon Jun 18 09:25Steady TempKFRM
304Mon Jun 18 09:14Steady TempRJCK
303Mon Jun 18 09:24Steady TempKAEL
302Mon Jun 18 09:22Steady TempKAGS
301Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKMQI
300Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKC65
299Mon Jun 18 09:20Steady TempKSQL
298Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKKY8
297Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKAPS
296Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKPPQ
295Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKOCW
294Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKDSF
293Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempPAAD
292Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKJWY
291Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKIER
290Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKTEX
289Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKSGS
288Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKPEX
287Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKTOB
286Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKMKN
285Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKLUD
284Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKLNC
283Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKLMO
282Mon Jun 18 09:35Steady TempKZPH
281Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKERY
280Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempK6A2
279Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKTKC
278Mon Jun 18 09:12Steady TempKBDU
277Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKAXA
276Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKMXO
275Mon Jun 18 09:13Steady TempKORB
274Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKMAO
273Mon Jun 18 09:11Steady TempKTOI
272Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKJSO
271Mon Jun 18 09:09Steady TempPAKW
270Mon Jun 18 09:00SaunaOEWJ
269Mon Jun 18 09:00Dry HeatOEAH
268Mon Jun 18 09:08Steady TempKRKD
267Mon Jun 18 09:08Steady TempKMKT
266Mon Jun 18 09:00M-Shape TempCWST
265Mon Jun 18 09:06Steady TempCYGW
264Mon Jun 18 09:00Steady TempCYHU
263Mon Jun 18 09:00M-Shape TempYCIN
262Mon Jun 18 09:05Steady TempCYPH
261Mon Jun 18 09:05Steady TempCYMT
260Mon Jun 18 09:00M-Shape TempVOBG
259Mon Jun 18 09:00Dry HeatOIAH
258Mon Jun 18 09:00SaunaOIKQ
257Mon Jun 18 09:00Dry HeatOIAM
256Mon Jun 18 09:00Dry HeatOIAW
255Mon Jun 18 09:00M-Shape TempYPPH
254Mon Jun 18 09:00Steady TempKQEN
253Mon Jun 18 09:00Steady TempKSUT
252Mon Jun 18 09:15Steady TempKSTF
251Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKCTJ
250Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKO69
249Mon Jun 18 09:00Steady TempKMVH
248Mon Jun 18 09:00Dry HeatOEMA
247Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKW43
246Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempK11R
245Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKFWS
244Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKDUB
243Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempPACZ
242Mon Jun 18 08:56Steady TempKTTF
241Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempK9V9
240Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKPOY
239Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKBVN
238Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKBHC
237Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKRCX
236Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKOXI
235Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKMCD
234Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKLXY
233Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKASW
232Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKARM
231Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKSNK
230Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKSEP
229Mon Jun 18 08:56Steady TempKJRB
228Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKMWM
227Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKFSW
226Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKFMM
225Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempPAUT
224Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempK6B9
223Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempK4BM
222Mon Jun 18 08:54Steady TempKEIK
221Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKSUA
220Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKWWD
219Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKICR
218Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKACV
217Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKMSP
216Mon Jun 18 08:55Steady TempKPEA
215Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKLND
214Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKFLD
213Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempKFCM
212Mon Jun 18 08:53Steady TempPAYA
211Mon Jun 18 08:48Steady TempKBYG
210Mon Jun 18 08:48Steady TempCZUM
209Mon Jun 18 08:39Steady TempEHWO
208Mon Jun 18 08:44Steady TempKCXO
207Mon Jun 18 08:40M-Shape TempKQEV
206Mon Jun 18 08:35M-Shape TempKO32
205Mon Jun 18 08:30M-Shape TempYPTN
204Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKTVI
203Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKT35
202Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKPNT
201Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKEMM
200Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKEHC
199Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKCQF
198Mon Jun 18 08:36M-Shape TempKBPT
197Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKBMT
196Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKELA
195Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempK49A
194Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKWWR
193Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKULM
192Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKORC
191Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKEGV
190Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKDNN
189Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempK4I3
188Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempK3I2
187Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKJYG
186Mon Jun 18 08:30Steady TempKSTK
185Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKSPF
184Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempKPHN
183Mon Jun 18 08:29Steady TempKBJC
182Mon Jun 18 08:32Steady TempK20V
181Mon Jun 18 08:35Steady TempK1P1
180Mon Jun 18 08:30Dry HeatOIAW
179Mon Jun 18 08:25Steady TempEBCV
178Mon Jun 18 08:30M-Shape TempOTBD
177Mon Jun 18 08:27Steady TempCYWK
176Mon Jun 18 08:23Steady TempKOXB
175Mon Jun 18 08:23Steady TempKAUW
174Mon Jun 18 08:17Steady TempEHLW
173Mon Jun 18 08:10Steady TempKDKR
172Mon Jun 18 08:25Steady TempKUSE
171Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKVDI
170Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKTBR
169Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKSCF
168Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKEIR
167Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKEDE
166Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKCXU
165Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKBDH
164Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKPCZ
163Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKMLE
162Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKMDZ
161Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKLRU
160Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKJES
159Mon Jun 18 08:20Steady TempKFBR
158Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKDZJ
157Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKMOX
156Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKMBO
155Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKINJ
154Mon Jun 18 08:16Steady TempKRZT
153Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKHCR
152Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKCWV
151Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKBIJ
150Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKJMR
149Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKANE
148Mon Jun 18 08:14Steady TempK2V6
147Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKHAI
146Mon Jun 18 08:15M-Shape TempKCIN
145Mon Jun 18 08:12Steady TempKMFI
144Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKANQ
143Mon Jun 18 08:15Steady TempKVDF
142Mon Jun 18 08:00SaunaOEWJ
141Mon Jun 18 08:08Steady TempKESC
140Mon Jun 18 08:04Steady TempKRND
139Mon Jun 18 08:00M-Shape TempVVCR
138Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKSHL
137Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKOLZ
136Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGWR
135Mon Jun 18 07:55M-Shape TempKDEH
134Mon Jun 18 08:00M-Shape TempZBAA
133Mon Jun 18 08:00Dry HeatOIAH
132Mon Jun 18 08:00Steady TempKQEP
131Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKHYW
130Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKEHY
129Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKEKS
128Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKCCB
127Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK6S0
126Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK2LS
125Mon Jun 18 08:00Steady TempKMDS
124Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKSFQ
123Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKOPL
122Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKDVK
121Mon Jun 18 07:58Steady TempKSAW
120Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK21D
119Mon Jun 18 08:00Dry HeatOEJN
118Mon Jun 18 07:50M-Shape TempLTAF
117Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKMIS
116Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKMDJ
115Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKJAS
114Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKIXA
113Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKISO
112Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKIKT
111Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKIKK
110Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKXPY
109Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKWBF
108Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKW81
107Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKVKY
106Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKSTE
105Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKSEE
104Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKBCK
103Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKARV
102Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK1A5
101Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKHQI
100Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGWW
99Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKDLP
98Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKCWA
97Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGHG
96Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGGP
95Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGDB
94Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKPVW
93Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKOKM
92Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKOGA
91Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKOEO
90Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKJKA
89Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKIBM
88Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKHTO
87Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKD25
86Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKUBE
85Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKTKV
84Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKSYN
83Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKPYX
82Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKCDA
81Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKC09
80Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKANW
79Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK9A5
78Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK6R3
77Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKMWC
76Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKLNL
75Mon Jun 18 07:57Steady TempCYMT
74Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKRGK
73Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKFSO
72Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKEZS
71Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKBYY
70Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKBBB
69Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKMVE
68Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKLUM
67Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK82V
66Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempK5R8
65Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKPBH
64Mon Jun 18 07:56Steady TempKOVL
63Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKL18
62Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKDXX
61Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKCNB
60Mon Jun 18 07:56Steady TempKHYI
59Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKHDC
58Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGIC
57Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKGAO
56Mon Jun 18 07:49Steady TempKMYP
55Mon Jun 18 07:54Steady TempKMNH
54Mon Jun 18 07:50Steady TempKHEQ
53Mon Jun 18 07:54Steady TempKCCU
52Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKPQN
51Mon Jun 18 07:54Steady TempKAQP
50Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKTWM
49Mon Jun 18 07:55Steady TempKHAF
48Mon Jun 18 07:53Steady TempKRMG
47Mon Jun 18 07:53Steady TempKMHE
46Mon Jun 18 07:45Steady TempKGED
45Mon Jun 18 07:36Steady TempSBSP
44Mon Jun 18 07:35Steady TempKVVV
43Mon Jun 18 07:35Steady TempKBAX
42Mon Jun 18 07:34Steady TempKOFK
41Mon Jun 18 07:31Steady TempCYVO
40Mon Jun 18 07:29Steady TempPAKI
39Mon Jun 18 07:19Steady TempCYOY
38Mon Jun 18 07:14Steady TempKISW
37Mon Jun 18 07:12Steady TempCYPH
36Mon Jun 18 07:08Steady TempKGRB
35Mon Jun 18 07:06Steady TempKEAU
34Mon Jun 18 07:00SaunaVEAT
33Mon Jun 18 07:04Steady TempKAKO
32Mon Jun 18 07:05Steady TempCYBC
31Mon Jun 18 07:00SaunaOIKQ
30Mon Jun 18 07:00SaunaOIBK
29Mon Jun 18 07:02Steady TempPAMD
28Mon Jun 18 06:55M-Shape TempKDLL
27Mon Jun 18 06:55M-Shape TempKFXY
26Mon Jun 18 06:56Steady TempKFSD
25Mon Jun 18 06:56Steady TempKSKF
24Mon Jun 18 06:53Steady TempKMIC
23Mon Jun 18 06:51Steady TempKPWM
22Mon Jun 18 06:50Steady TempKRST
21Mon Jun 18 06:49Steady TempPAOO
20Mon Jun 18 06:45M-Shape TempCWPF
19Mon Jun 18 06:38Steady TempEHLW
18Mon Jun 18 06:39Steady TempKSPW
17Mon Jun 18 06:40M-Shape TempKEHO
16Mon Jun 18 06:36Steady TempKONA
15Mon Jun 18 06:35M-Shape TempKW63
14Mon Jun 18 06:35Steady TempKTKC
13Mon Jun 18 06:35Steady TempKSQL
12Mon Jun 18 06:15M-Shape TempKJCA
11Mon Jun 18 06:15Steady TempKMDS
10Mon Jun 18 06:10Steady TempKQEP
9Mon Jun 18 06:11Steady TempCYMT
8Mon Jun 18 06:10M-Shape TempCYUL
7Mon Jun 18 06:00M-Shape TempKQFT
6Mon Jun 18 05:55M-Shape TempKGCY
5Mon Jun 18 05:41Steady TempEHVL
4Mon Jun 18 05:33Steady TempEHLW
3Mon Jun 18 05:09Steady TempCYGW
2Mon Jun 18 05:00SaunaVGEG
1Mon Jun 18 05:00Dry HeatSCEL